Lou Mars: Countdown to the Attempt!

We spent most of yesterday converting the Olympic Weightlifting area at NorCal Strength and Conditioning to a multi-drumset, multi-media headquarters for the upcoming Guinness Book of World Records attempt. Most of you might recall that Lou Mars has been training for over three months to prepare for his bid to break the Marathon Drumming record which is currently set at 120 hrs. Lou has been training at NorCal, has been eating food provided by Paleo Brands and in the process has lost nearly 30 lbs while dramatically improving his fitness.

Lou wanted to do this for two reasons:

1-He wanted to prove that scientific training and nutrition can dramatically improve the ability of musicians to perform at their absolute best. Lou feels that he is, quite literally, in the “best shape of his life”.

2-Lou was a hyper-active youth and by some stroke of genius someone set him free on a drum set. Drumming was both an outlet and a focus which has driven his very successful life. Lou is concerned that many kids never get an opportunity to channel their energies in the way he did so he teamed with Dixon Drums and Little Kids Rock to do something about it. Dixon has donated a set of Dixon Demon Urban Camo drums! This set is valued at $2,300 and it will be the set that Lou breaks the world record on.

Here is how you can help and have a chance to win a piece of history. Make a Donation and get entered to win the Drums. All proceeds go to Little Kids Rock. It’s that easy!

We will kick things off at 7:30 am (PST), this Thursday, January 14th. Lou will be streamed live so you can follow his progress and ask him questions or just lend your support. I’ll get those links us just as soon as they are live.

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Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation

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    I don’t even like to be awake for more then 14 hours, let alone having to do some activity for record time. Big ups to Lou and NorCal.

    And just wanted to let you know Robb that today we officially kicked off our first paleo challenge, and thanks to the knowledge that i’ve gained from you and others, am able to lead these people to feeling better already. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    Another success story, and this not even directly through myself, but rather a client of mine. This is his direct quote from email…

    I am still on your program. I have to tell you that a friend of mine who lives in Las Vagas and is my age has the same problem I have. He is athletic and had a heart attach 10 years ago and looks fit like me but has to deal with the coronary attery disease. He has a couple of stents but no by passes. So he emailed me a few weeks ago and said he just had an angiogram, had some angina going on. The doctors say he is getting clogged up but can’t stent the problem and that it is not quit bad enough for bypasses. We always compare medicines and such. I told him about “The Paleo” program and that it doesn’t include medicine just alot of will power. Within just a couple of weeks he calls me to say howmuch better he feels and has more strength in his legs. Just thought you might
    need to know I value your philosphy about the Paleo, it appears to work.

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    This seems to be a good “uniting the clans” cause–linking the evolutionary/ancestral fitness movement with people besides elite athletes. (That’s a category I definitely fall into.) I’ve made a donation to the cause, and this fortuitous synchronicity has caused me to accelerate a short post I did on drumming and piping, inspired by Brent Pottenger of Healthcare Epistemocrat and Foerich’s Exuberant Animal. The post is linked above.

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