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The Female Athlete Triad

As a dietitian, I’ve worked with a variety of individuals (ranging from those with eating disorders to  neurological conditions) improve their health through nutrition and other lifestyle modifications.  Often times when I meet with clients, the desired goal is weight loss, but when it comes to women that can come Read more…

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Clay - before and after paleo

Paleo For The Whole Family!

Written by: Andi Cohen My husband was the first to switch to Paleo- after experiencing a heart attack and heart catheterization….and realizing he’d put on close to 40 pounds. I think his moment was in the ER when his blood pressure was skyrocketing and some 12 year old doctor came Read more…

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magdalena pons

Testimonio: “Lo principal es sentirse bien con uno mismo, hagas lo que hagas…”

Mi experiencia paleo empieza un mes de febrero de 2013 en el que cae en mis manos el libro “La dieta Paleo”. No cae por casualidad, mi vecino y amigo lleva ya un par de años con este estilo de vida y decidí, finalmente, probar…..pero antes quería saber lo que Read more…

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50lbs Lost in 3 Months!

Written by: Bob Daniels I work EMS and gained a few extra pounds. Long days and nights. Coupled with improper eating habits had left me sore and miserable. One day a coworker asked me if I had heard of this guy Robb Wolf and the paleo solution. After reading the Read more…

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Nestor - Before and After Paleo

Paleo: AWESOME for Teens!

Written by Laurie: I went paleo myself about 7 years ago and lost over 100lbs and reversed diabetes and a whole host of other ailments. But my youngest son is a vegetarian who eats little else other than grains. So after a miserable summer of food battles a few years Read more…

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Amazed After Only 11 Days!

Written by: Patti Dear Robb: I have been following the basic Paleo plan for slightly over one week now.  My first week, I lost 8.5 pounds.  Where this might be typical, I also have Scleroderma (Progressive Systemic Sclerosis) and a multitude of other maladies.  I noticed a HUGE difference in Read more…

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Feeling Healthy For The First Time In My Life!

Written by Andy: Dear Robb Just wanted to give you a short feedback on my Paleo experience and how you changed my life. I downloaded the Quick Start Guide, but I had downloaded your book about a year ago on our Honeymoon. I can’t even remember why I did so Read more…

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olivier martins

6-Letter Word

Written by: Robert My pregnant paleo-wife ran into the bathroom crying. The phone call from the doctor’s office informed her she failed the glucose-tolerance test, looks like gestational diabetes. Second test will confirm this. If she can’t control her blood sugar through dietary changes or insulin injections, baby will be Read more…

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A Short Discourse on My Experience with the Paleolithic Diet.

Written by: Theodore (Ted) F. Berthelote In early September 2011, during my habitual reading on the subject of  individualism, I came across an interview by Lew Rockwell with a woman who advocated a “hunter-gatherer” approach to human nutrition and it caught my attention. The ideas discussed in said interview were Read more…

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Kepa photo good

I Know That This Information Would Have Saved My Parents Lives

Written by: Kepa Hi guys, My story isn’t quite like the other testimonials I’ve read on here, so congrats to all the other paleople (paleo people). Back in 2009 after my second daughter was born, I got to my heaviest ever weight 80 kg. Now I know that might not Read more…

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