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Free From Fibromyalgia Pain, and Living Life To The Fullest!

Written by: Sarah Tobias It has been a year since I started the Paleo diet. I’m amazed by all the wonderful changes that have taken place. The first two weeks were the hardest. I went through some withdrawal symptoms. My regular headaches got pretty extreme, and felt like I was Read more…

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Jump In With Both Feet and Don’t Look Back!

Written by: Chadwick Roland I guess the story starts in April of 1987, I was born a healthy giant baby. Somewhat average life ,average ability, lost my parents and brother to cancer at the age of 12-13. I kept through the awkward teen years terrified of girls, playing sports, and Read more…

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I’ve Been Paleo For 5 Months, And Am Never Looking Back

Written by: Sarah ElRaheb   Dear Mr. Robb Wolf, Your book changed my life. That’s not an exaggeration or a snazzy opener to grab your attention; it’s the sober, honest truth. Beginning in July 2011, I began to have bouts of nausea and vomiting in the mornings, seemingly unrelated to Read more…

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Paleo Saved My Life

Written by: Mim Haigh It’s a simple story. I was diagnosed with MS at 35 and within 4 years I had gone from being a healthy active mum with a toddler to being riddled with spasticity my limbs twisted up on themselves to the point where no function was possible. Read more…

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We Lost Weight, Though We Gained So Much More

Written by: Leanna Cappucci About 12 months before I went Paleo, my brother started Crossfitting, and I drowned out every word he said about it. But, as a good brother does, he understood my stubborn side better than anyone in the universe, and as such, he let it sink in Read more…

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Living the Paleo Lifestyle Has Put My RA in Remission AND Helped Me Drop 30 lbs!

Testimonial written by: Michelle One morning in January 2011 I woke with a nasty elbow pain. After a day or so with little range of motion the other elbow began to have the exact same pain. I went to my doctor and explained this bizarre symptom. She ordered blood work Read more…

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Healing Crohn’s Disease: I Feel Absolutely Normal And Well For The First Time In 10 Years

Written by James Waller: Hi guys, I wanted to share my experience and success I’ve had this far with the Paleo diet, and how I’ve reduced the symptoms of my Crohn’s disease pretty much 100%. I really hope anyone reading this who currently has Crohn’s and has recently been diagnosed Read more…

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“This Has Changed My Entire Life, Everything. All of it.”

Written by: Jessica Zaneis It seems strange that I am excited to type this story to you about what was a life changing illness for me considering how sick I was. It is even more strange that I am so willing to share such a personal story about what many Read more…

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Paleo: A Lifestyle Change That Changes Your Life

Written by: Wes Gross My name is Wes and I am NOT going to tell a heroic story of overcoming obesity or serious illness. What I’d like to relate is the feeling I now have of being in total control of my health and fitness. Something I haven’t felt since Read more…

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My Journey to Health: From Low-Carb to Paleo to the Autoimmune Protocol

Written by: Sarah Ballantyne   I used a standard low-carb diet to successfully lose 100 pounds.  But, I had to lose those 100 pounds twice.  Even though low-carb helped me to lose weight, it did not help me to get healthy. My name is Sarah Ballantyne.  I was a medical Read more…

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