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Jan '13

We Lost Weight, Though We Gained So Much More

Written by: Leanna Cappucci About 12 months before I went Paleo, my brother started Crossfitting, and I drowned out every word he said about it. But, as a good brother does, he understood my stubborn side better than anyone in the universe, and as such, he let it sink in Read more…

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Living the Paleo Lifestyle Has Put My RA in Remission AND Helped Me Drop 30 lbs!

Testimonial written by: Michelle One morning in January 2011 I woke with a nasty elbow pain. After a day or so with little range of motion the other elbow began to have the exact same pain. I went to my doctor and explained this bizarre symptom. She ordered blood work Read more…

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Healing Crohn’s Disease: I Feel Absolutely Normal And Well For The First Time In 10 Years

Written by James Waller: Hi guys, I wanted to share my experience and success I’ve had this far with the Paleo diet, and how I’ve reduced the symptoms of my Crohn’s disease pretty much 100%. I really hope anyone reading this who currently has Crohn’s and has recently been diagnosed Read more…

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“This Has Changed My Entire Life, Everything. All of it.”

Written by: Jessica Zaneis It seems strange that I am excited to type this story to you about what was a life changing illness for me considering how sick I was. It is even more strange that I am so willing to share such a personal story about what many Read more…

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Paleo: A Lifestyle Change That Changes Your Life

Written by: Wes Gross My name is Wes and I am NOT going to tell a heroic story of overcoming obesity or serious illness. What I’d like to relate is the feeling I now have of being in total control of my health and fitness. Something I haven’t felt since Read more…

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TPM After Photo1

My Journey to Health: From Low-Carb to Paleo to the Autoimmune Protocol

Written by: Sarah Ballantyne   I used a standard low-carb diet to successfully lose 100 pounds.  But, I had to lose those 100 pounds twice.  Even though low-carb helped me to lose weight, it did not help me to get healthy. My name is Sarah Ballantyne.  I was a medical Read more…

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What the Paleo World Eats – Our Food In Pictures

What better way to kick off the New Year than with a look at what other paleo households and families are eating. Back in September we announced Round 2 of our “What the Paleo World Eats” feature.  The submissions from the first round received so much great feedback and many of Read more…

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Finding “Joy” In The Paleo Life

By: Joy Gannon Being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, having PCOS (an endocrine disorder), debilitating migraines you could practically pencil into the calendar, having high blood pressure, living as a morbidly obese person, a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions, lectures from my doctor,  and having a personal trainer did absolutely nothing to Read more…

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Tom at age 50. 22 months into a paleo diet.

Getting My 21 Year Old Body Back!

Written by: Tom Watson At the age of 40 years old I had gone from the 185 lb 21 year old athletic former Marine, benching 320, squatting 405 and running 3 miles in under 18 minutes, to the puff weight of 223 lbs.   It was then that I decided Read more…

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Paleo Brought Brandon Out Of His Shell

Written by: Paul Robinson Hi guys, My name is Paul Robinson. I’m an Aussie and a proud husband and father of two awesome boys aged 10 and 8. My eldest boy, Brandon, has Vitiligo, which in it’s simplest form means he has patches on his skin with no pigmentation. Vitiligo Read more…

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