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Thank You From A Medical Provider

hello! This is a long winded thank you… I have to say I love listening to your podcasts, and thoroughly enjoy the candid banter!  I am a Physician Assistant/medical provider for the Department of Defense, and let me tell you, I am dealing with all of the issues you discuss Read more…

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Down 65lbs With Paleo!

What is the Paleo question? I didn’t know the Paleo question when I started this journey with my wife, Sylvie. Here is what I did know: I felt slow and sluggish. I got winded easily. My joints hurt. The vision in my right eye was getting worse. I was on Read more…

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Diagnosed With MS – Now Stronger And Healthier Than Ever!

Testimonial written by Becky Chadwell: I can’t begin to say enough thanks to the paleo world out there. In November of 2012, after a heavy workout, my pinky and ring finger on each hand started tingling. I thought to myself, “Great, turn 32 and I’m falling apart from lifting 60 Read more…

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I’m Not Going Back. Ever.

Testimonial written by: Jean I would just like to take a moment to mention that Robb Wolf’s book changed my life. It was in 2012, between Christmas and New Year. I was a college student in software programming who had recently gone from 145 lbs to 175 lbs in an Read more…

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I Wish I Would Have Read This Book Years Ago!!

Testimonial written by: Wendy Jones I spent 2010-2011 in Iraq. While I was deployed, I did cross fit regularly and managed to get in decent shape and lose some weight. When I returned home, I stopped working out as much, gained some weight, and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. My Read more…

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I Just Feel…Better!

Testimonial written by: Rich   I just wanted to thank Robb Wolf for helping me become a healthier person and to live a healthier lifestyle. I began my Paleo conversion a little more than a month ago after reading The Paleo Solution while on vacation. At 50 yrs. old, I Read more…

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Multiple Sclerosis and Paleo – No More Meds!

Testimonial written by: Rebecca B.   In 2009, my life forever changed, and not for the better.  I had been struggling with vision problems, muscle issues, extreme fatigue and tingling in my extremities. My life was pretty typical of most, wife, mother and working full time as a lab technician. Read more…

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Quick Note from Robb: Howdy folks! We normally run testimonials on Mondays and today is no exception, but the format is a bit different. My good friend and former client of NorCal Strength & Conditioning is celebrating the release of her album, so this is at once both a testimonial Read more…

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Paleo, It’s For Dogs Too!

Written by: David Lewis Thank you for all of your hard work. Two years ago, my girlfriend’s dog used to be quite lame – he’s a Rottweiler/Mastiff/and probably several other breeds rolled into one. Anyway, for most of his life, he ate the standard dog chow from the grocery store. Read more…

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In The Best Shape of My Life!

Written by: Christopher E. Anthony Dear Robb Wolf, My better half explained the Paleo diet to me in a very simple way.  She said, “Look, you’re a nomad with a sharp stick. You can eat anything you can dig up, knock off a tree, or kill.”    I said, “OK, I’ll Read more…

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