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Go Down Swinging…

This post was written by Russ Blanck, a 56-year old police officer who adopted CrossFit and a Paleo lifestyle as a means to maximize his functional fitness.  CrossFit and Paleo have helped him achieve his goals.  He works and trains alongside officers 20 to 30 years younger than him.  As a certified emergency manager he provides logistical… Continue Reading

Dr. Harrison

The Benefits of the Paleo Diet in Post Operative Care

Guest post written by: Dr. Levi Harrison Orthopedic Surgeon   As an orthopedic surgeon, I have been a strong advocate of the Paleo Diet for my patients. I highly recommend this type of lifestyle eating strategy for patients before and after surgery. I discuss this nutritional plan with them and they present it to… Continue Reading

Thank You From A Medical Provider

hello! This is a long winded thank you… I have to say I love listening to your podcasts, and thoroughly enjoy the candid banter!  I am a Physician Assistant/medical provider for the Department of Defense, and let me tell you, I am dealing with all of the issues you discuss on your program on a… Continue Reading

Medical Waste

Guest post written by: Anonymous   In my third year of medical school, I nearly failed one of the notoriously easier clerkships: family medicine.   My preceptor – a morbidly obese, overworked woman – had urged me repeatedly over the course of the six-week rotation to speed up my office visits.  She insisted that I… Continue Reading


What Is The Origin of Cancer?

Written by: Travis M Christofferson It is cancer biology’s Most Fundamental question:  What is the origin of cancer?   The symbols are everywhere.  Pink ribbons, Yellow LIVESTRONG bracelets, billboards advertising Race’s for Cures, T-shirts, and media reports hinting at blockbuster new drugs that are always just around the corner.  All of them, taken together, give… Continue Reading


Dentistry in Harmony with Nature

By Alex Shvartsman, DDS, MAGD, AIOMT   I have been following the Paleo Diet since 2001, after reading Lauren Cordain’s The Paleo Diet. As a Biology major, and student of human evolution it just made sense. I have fallen off the wagon many times, succumbing to sugars sweet and deadly call. But Robb Wolf’s The… Continue Reading

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Evolutionary Medicine Talk Via Specialty Health

Hey folks! Just wanted to let y’all know that I’ll be doing a talk with former US Navy SEAL Kirk Parsley MD. I’ll be covering a greatly expanded Evolutionary Medicine talk while Doc Parsley will cover his experience using EM in the SEAL population. Date: Friday, June 7th Time: 6:30 Pm Place: Nevada Museum of Art Cost: $20 Presentation… Continue Reading

olivier martins

6-Letter Word

Written by: Robert My pregnant paleo-wife ran into the bathroom crying. The phone call from the doctor’s office informed her she failed the glucose-tolerance test, looks like gestational diabetes. Second test will confirm this. If she can’t control her blood sugar through dietary changes or insulin injections, baby will be so big she will need… Continue Reading