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Dr. Harrison

The Benefits of the Paleo Diet in Post Operative Care

Guest post written by: Dr. Levi Harrison Orthopedic Surgeon   As an orthopedic surgeon, I have been a strong advocate of the Paleo Diet for my patients. I highly recommend this type of lifestyle eating strategy for patients before and after surgery. I discuss this nutritional plan with them and they present it to… Continue Reading


Does Gluten Intolerance Exist?

Hey folks, just a quicky here on the recent news pieces talking about research indicating gluten intolerance may not exist. I’m earlobe deep in City Zero stuff so this will not be a long breakdown but it should help put some of this into context. First, what is gluten intolerance? Unlike Celiac which is an… Continue Reading


Carbohydrates: Let’s All Take a Breath

Guest post written by: Amy Berger   Dr. David Perlmutter’s appearance on episode 200 of the Paleo Solution podcast stirred up a bit of controversy. It was disconcerting to hear one of the premier clinicians in the field of neurology present a hardline stance concerning carbohydrate consumption. With many of us consuming higher amounts of… Continue Reading


Prostate Cancer and Omega-3 Fats

Howdy folks! This is going to be quick and likely full of type-o’s, I just want to get this posted and I’m not even going to pester Squatchy with a proof-read, so please accept it, warts and all. I’ve been hammering on the nutrition cert and the only way I get any work done on that is… Continue Reading

Serotonin Deficiency and Food Cravings

Written by: Kevin Cann             The more I meet with people and get to know them the more I have realized that we may have another epidemic here in America that is not often addressed, serotonin deficiency.  Antidepressants are the most common medication prescribed in the United States (Olfson, 2009).  Understanding the mechanisms on how… Continue Reading

Antioxidants And Pesky Free Radicals

Written by: Kevin Cann             We have all heard about free radicals and antioxidants.  Understanding the mechanisms of both within our bodies is an important factor when we are deciding the foods to make as staples of our diets.  All diseases increase free radicals.  So this means if we up the vitamin c supplementation then… Continue Reading

Stress and The Food Reward System

Written by: Kevin Cann   Understanding the dynamics of weight loss has always been a hot topic in the literature, and will continue to be until we can fully understand the dynamic components of the disease.  Most people will attempt various diet and/or exercise programs in feeble attempts to shed unwanted pounds.  Nutrition programs and… Continue Reading