Half Dead To Half Marathon

Here is an update from our friend Dan who had a featured testimonial on the blog last year. He has now been eating paleo for over a year and sent us an update:


Written by: Dan

Good afternoon everyone at Robb Wolf!  I posted my testimonial back in August and I wanted to provide you with an update to my story.  February 23rd marks my 1 year anniversary of going Paleo.  This has been the most life changing year I could imagine.  Last February, I was 300lbs and couldn’t run a half mile without getting winded.  Also my laboratory values looked like a person ready for a triple bypass.  My wife and I found paleo and everything changed, as I spoke too in my original testimonial.  Overall, I have lost around 80 pounds and found a solid weight at 220lbs (I’m 6’6″ tall).  I’ve decreased my body fat percentage and increased muscle tone.  This past fall I trained for and completed my first half marathon, which is something I never though would be possible for me to complete.  I’ve kept up with my CLEAN eating habits and not only do I feel great, I’m no longer headed down the dark path to heart disease and diabetes.  I’ve seen a swift decline in my triglycerides and HbA1c from my clean eating and a much needed jump in my HDL.

Before Paleo
Trigs: 300+
HbA1C: 6.3%
HDL: 28
BP: 140-150/80-90

After 6 months of Paleo:
Trigs: 51 (yes 5-1)
HbA1c: 5.4%
BP: 115-125/70-80

I am truly blessed to have found this way of life and I hope others in need can see how much benefit they can get from simply making an effort to put the right things in their body.

Thanks a million,



Dan's picture from his original post.

Dan’s picture from his original post.


Dan Before: dan1 dan2



Dan Now:

dan3 dan4 dan5

Keep up the good work Dan!

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  1. Elenor says

    Wow. Your pix just surprised a delighted “wow” out of me — out loud! And I’m home alone! Way to go!

  2. says

    Such an inspiration to someone who is just starting to change over to paleo. I’m already a runner and I’m glad to know it won’t hold me back!

  3. Mara says

    Wowzer! Nice job Dan! I know what you mean about life changing! Good for you, and you can see all your dedication and hard work results! Amazing. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. Tierney O'Connor says

    Your transformation is truly inspiring! You show that not only is weight loss possible, but you can gain some muscle at the same time!! Keep on pushing!

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