Best Of – Episode 62: Everday Paleo (Sarah Fragoso)

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Hey all! Don’t worry, we didn’t give up the podcast and start farming coconuts yet. We have some good interviews lined up and should be coming out with some new episodes soon.

We’re back with another “Best Of” Episode. Episode 62, featuring Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo fame!

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Show Topics:

  1. Keeping Paleo Fun
  2. School Lunches
  3. Pizza Day At School
  4. Breastfeeding
  5. Breastfeeding Part 2
  6. Starting A Family Paleo
  7. Kids & Cooking
  8. Any Specific Problems Women Notice
  9. How To Do Paleo Without Being Neurotic
  10. How To Handle Kids At School
  11. Day Care Workers
  12. Kid Doesn’t like Veggies
  13. PMS / Teens

Show Topics – The_Paleo_Solution_Episode_62


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