Testimonial: Paleo Remission Of Severe RA

Testimonial written by: Laura Peck

I was diagnosed with RA in 2002. I am a second generation RA sufferer so I looked to my mother for guidance. She had advanced RA (which means that her joints had twisted) within 4 years of onset and traditional treatment by a Rheumatologist. In desperation she had researched the new internet and found the Minocin treatment. This protocol had finally put her in remission. So following her advice, I started minocin right after my initial diagnosis. I saw moderate success in slowing the progression and controlling the symptoms – and was still considered ’early stage’ (which means some joint erosion apparent in xrays but no twisting) as of the summer of 2009.

Around Thanksgiving of 2009, my pharmacist and the insurance company (via major hiking of copays for name brand meds) convinced me to go generic minocin. By Christmas of that year I was bedridden and unable to even dress myself. 90% of my joints were swollen to twice their size and not even hydrocodones controlled the agony. At this time I finally went to a Rheumatologist.

Although he pressured me to take methotrexate – I refused, knowing in my heart that I just had to make it until the generic minocin prescription ran out and I could get back on name brand. So we agreed on a prednisone treatment plan. I noticed steady improvement again as I took the name brand minocin – but the ’super flare’ had taken out my muscle tone and the continued use of both prednisone and Nexium (I had developed IBS and Acid reflux from all the painkillers) were slowly depleting my bones and causing a massive weight gain.

By the fall of 2012, I was obese and miserable. The RA was controlled to the point I could finally get of prednisone. But the tight tendons and weak muscles made it hard to work 60 hours a week. I knew I had to change!

January 1st, 2013 – I joined the workplace biggest loser contest, started the paleo diet and started walking at night. Within three days I suffered my first (of 3 that year) stress fracture. The doctor recommended to only exercise in a pool. So I joined a small local gym. By Feb 1st, 2013 – I noticed that I had absolutely NO RA pain! I quit taking those meds. By March 1st, 2013 – I realized my Acid reflux and IBS symptoms had disappeared. So the Nexium prescription went unfilled forever more.

I was in 100% natural remission (no drugs) until July 2013. I also lost 10 dress sizes and stabilized at a size 6. I began to re-introduce food groups at that time and began having RA flares again. Through comparing food journals and symptom journals I began to identify the foods that caused my RA. From Chocolate, Cheese, & Bananas causing immediate major flares to Daily wheat consumption causing ’build up’ flares – I’ve learned how to stay in remission by taking control and ownership of what I eat.

This week I have an appointment with an Allergist to pin point specific food allergies. So as an 11 year RA veteran with 3 scientific degrees (earned during my years with RA) – I can tell you what researchers have already studied and published – the source of most RA inflammation begins in the intestines. Furthermore it can be treated and controlled by what you choose to introduce to your intestines.

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  1. says

    Thank you for your story! I was diagnosed in 2001 with rheumatoid arthritis and it has been a long path. My rheumatologist put me on all the lower class of drugs, none of them helped but I did get all the weird side effects. Having always had food sensitives, I had discovered a link between certain foods and flares, when I asked my doctor about a connection between foods and RA I was told there was no relation and biologic modifier drugs were my only option. That was the last appointment I had with that doctor and started seeing a naturopathic doctor. Paleo has been the best way to control my symptoms as well. Oddly enough, I can’t tolerate bananas any longer either.

  2. Genevieve S. says

    Thanks for the article Laura. I’ve been recently diagnosed and it’s been a tough transition. It’s good to hear of some hope.

  3. Diane says

    Great to hear of your ability to be in remission. I am a fellow RA sufferer. I like your idea of a symptom tracker. Can you share how you logged your symptoms?

  4. Sharlene Vowels says

    My husband and I started the 30 day paleo diet January 1st. We have been strict with our diet and already notice felling better, We started because of swelling, stiffness and pain in our joints.
    Last night we went to eat at a local restaurant. We had salad and steak, Seemed OK. We both woke up in the night with pain and stiffness, very shocking difference. Anyone have suggestions on what may have caused this change.

    • Amy Kubal says

      It’s highly likely that the meal was contaminated with gluten from the kitchen -it may have been seasonings or cross contamination. When you go out be VERY specific about your order and your dietary requirements to help prevent this from happening. I hope you’re both feeling better!

      • Paul says

        I’d say that’s the most likely explanation. Here in Australia where I live, the restaurant and catering industry is much more aware of these issues. Often you will see menu items with the code “GF” for ‘gluten free’ beside them Unfortunately it seems that the U.S. has a fair bit catching up to do here

    • Andreea says

      Sharlene, whenever you go out to eat be very aware most food is cooked in some kind of vegetable or industrial seed oil – those bad boys are pretty much ubiquitous in restaurants as they are very mild in taste and very cheap and cheerful. They are highly inflamatory however so it’s best to avoid them. It’s highly likely that the steak was cooked in them or the salad was dressed with them in some shape or form. I would suggest asking for the steak to be cooked in butter, avocado oil, coconut oil (any good fat you like), and really insisting on it, as well as always get your vegetables without any added dressing and dress the salad yourself with some good olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Hope that helps. Get well soon.

    • Sarah G says

      Many restaurants also pre-cut their salad lettuce and soak it in water with a powdered chemical preservative to keep it from turning brown. If you do some research you may find that was your problem – I know many folks who can’t eat commercially prepared salads.

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