Episode 210

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  1. 1.     [4:05] Canola Oil In Food At Work
  2. 2.     [7:16] Aquatic Ape Theory
  3. 3.     [12:13] Swimming And Chronic Cardio
  4. 4.     [15:02] Seaweed, MSG, And Glutamic Acid
  5. 5.     [18:46] Paleo Business Investing
  6. 6.     [23:50] Sperm Health Effect On Baby Health
  7. 7.     [27:55] Male Fertility
  8. 8.     [31:48] Building Bone Health After Starvation
  9. 9.     [35:11] Feeding Adopted Ethiopian Child And Fitting In Workouts




1. There’s canola in my free food!

Kevin says:
Hey dudes – I am lucky enough to work for one of these newfangled tech companies that feeds me three meals a day. I love it and am not quitting my cushy job and time soon. It is often fairly easy to find paleo grub. However, many of the meat dishes are cooked using canola oil. I’ve spoken with the chefs about this, and unfortunately they are under the impression that canola oil is a healthy cooking fat, conventional wisdom and all, so it’s probably not changing any time soon.

Anywhoo, my options for avoiding canola in my free meals are: a) avoiding all meat, b) bringing my own chow from home, or c) just sucking it up and eating the food, but counteracting accordingly elsewhere. Hoping for your advice on option C. I know you’ve backed down from your fish oil recommendation, but maybe I should supplement more aggressively to make sure my ratios remain optimal? Obviously trying to keep my at-home food as low in Omega-6s as possible, but I do eat at least 1-2 meals/day at work.

Thanks for the podcast – you guys are truly  saving lives.



2. So…does this make it ok to pee in the pool?

Patrick Hallene says:
Hey Rob,

Just wanted to get your thoughts on this far out theory championed by Elaine Morgan.


Could this be an explanation why the archeological community has such a gap between our arboreal ancestors and us? Could it be possible that our direct lineage spent most of their time in areas that are not well suited for fossil formation? Part of me wants to right this theory off as crazy, but a part of me wants to believe it. They thought Alfred Wegener was crazy talking about continents moving around the planet. What do you think?


3. Swimming

Frank says:
Hey Robb
My email concerns swimming, specifically if it falls under chronic cardio.  I started swimming for body composition and have come to enjoy it.  I do it two days a week for about 30 to 45 minutes.  The details of the workout are I usually swim some laps at a high intensity and than in between I do some laps at a lower intensity and greater volume.  I know that you usually warn against cardio, but I feel swimming is a separate matter.  It is a full body exercise that requires that requires the use of muscle as well as having some stamina.
Thanks Frank
P.S.  Nor cal margaritas are the shit!!!!


4. Seaweed and MSG

Michael says:
Robb & Greg

Good podcast.

I always hear that MSG is to be avoided but wasn’t glutamic acid first discovered in Seaweed?  Seaweed is supposed to be good for me but is it a neurotoxin or are the levels of glutamic acid inconsequential?  And what’s your opinion on this umami taste?




5. Paleo Business Investing

Dan says:
Hi guys,
Thanks for all the hard work on the podcast and elsewhere.  I’ve covered episodes from 160ish onward and have yet to hear a question of this flavor.  With all the momentum the paleo movement has acquired recently, it seems inevitable that the expansion will continue and gain popularity.  That being said, how can someone take advantage of the exponential future trajectory of growth from a business standpoint?  I’d like to invest (something like stocks) in a grass fed farm, slow food, but don’t have enough money to be able to be an investor in a private company.  What are some options that will both A. allow me to get a potential decent return, and B. help finance this movement further?  Perhaps some put options on Monsanto or general mills are the best bet at this point.  Thanks.


6. Healthy sperm = healthy baby?

Grace says:
I am an absolute convert! I’ve forsaken my evil ways and joined the paleo community. I’ve been eating paleo for 5 months now and I’ve NEVER felt better.
My question is in regard to a discussion my husband and I have been having about our future babies. We want to start having kids in a few years and I am determined to have the healthiest babies ever! We know that my diet will have a huge impact on our growing fetus, but have been having a debate on how his diet will impact his sperm’s contribution to the pregnancy.
A little background on him: He is 27, lean and fit. He’s in the Military (about to go to special forces selection in a few days) so he has little say in his diet most of the time.
He goes through periods of time where he’s eating MREs for breakfast, lunch and dinner which I’m pretty sure we can all agree is not optimal baby making material. During the time he is home, he can eat however he likes (typically paleo because I do all the grocery shopping). Do you think it would make a difference in the health of our child if we conceive after he has some time to eat the way humans were meant to eat? If you have any insight that can help us have the healthiest children in the whole world I will be eternally grateful. :)


7. Male infertility and freaking out.

Weldon says:
Thank you so much for all you do. I’ve lost roughly 40lbs since starting ketogenic paleo without training. I’ve become very strict I’ve been eating grass fed beef, pastured pork, chicken and a ton of eggs. I supplement with magnesium, vitamin d3 and zma. Prior to going paleo my wife and have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years. I saw a urologist and found out that I have a supper low sperm count.I had verocicilli surgery on my testicles to see if the temp change would increase the count below are some of my numbers.
FSH 19.9mlu/ml, lh 9.0 mlu/ml, testostrone 242ng/dl and believe free test is 2.4. I’m a 36 year old man, who weighs 200lbs and have a bodyfat of roughly 21%. My urologist said my fsh and lh are very high but has no idea of how to change any of these number for the better. Also forgot my sperm count is below 1 million. How could I go about changing things if unable to become fertile how could I begin to lean out.


8. Bone health and starvation

Amanda says:
Hey rob
I am a 21year old female, have been a competitive athlete since a young age (equestrian, snow sports, swimming, etc.) and last year made the decision to compete in fitness modelling (god knows why- I have already been quite successful with paid photographic, but unfortunately the vanity and competitive nature of my 20 year old brain took over).
My coach starved me (below 600cals/day and I am a 6ft female ) and over trained me- not uncommon sadly.

Since then I have rebounded after a post competition metabolism shut down, and using paleo protocols repaired my metabolism, but despite this I have suffered more serious bone injuries since this time than ever before (ostrochondral fissure in my patella from box jumping at crossfit, and now a fractured fibula from simply sitting on my leg at an odd angle). Obviously my bone health is not great right now! What do you suggest to get this back – I used to be so resilient pre starvation diet!

Your help is so massively appreciated!!


9. Father / Daughter Paleo

Chris Bryner says:
Rob & Greg,

Thanks for everything you do.  When my dad was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in 2011, I decided to get serious about my health.  I discovered paleo through Rob’s book and when I’m sticking to it, I feel great and perform better than ever.  Herein lies the challenge:

I’m a new dad of an adopted 2 year old from Ethiopia.  Life is good.  However, it’s been tough providing her with the nutrition she needs to catch up in her growth after life in an orphanage.  On the plus side, she loves avocados, sweet potatoes, turkey dogs, and bacon.  She’s used to white bread, powdered milk, and cereals.  What’s the best way to feed a picky, iron deficient kid, going through a growth spurt?

Secondly, life as a dad is seriously cramping my workout time.  Other than sneaking in the occasional 10-15 minute mobility or bodyweight workout, I’ve only got about two, one hour workout days a week.  What’s the best bang for my buck?  My goal is general fitness.  As the 42 year old dad of a two year old, I want to be around as long as possible.

All the best,

Chris Bryner
Sitka, Alaska


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  1. Andrew says

    Hey Robb,
    I’m really jealous of your daughter! She doesn’t know how lucky she is to grow up having such nutritiously health conscious parents. Liver and fish oil… that’s awesome! I often question, what difference it would have made in my development (maybe a significant IQ gain, ability to fly?)if my nutrition would have been optimal growing up. All joking aside, I think I turned out ok, but still… who knows what I would have been with better foods, than spaghetti o’s, ramen (Everybody Loves Ramen), hotdogs, pb&j, bologna sandwiches, frozen pizza and all that jazz…

    Nice job to you are your wifey!

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