Paleo: AWESOME for Teens!

Written by Laurie:

I went paleo myself about 7 years ago and lost over 100lbs and reversed diabetes and a whole host of other ailments. But my youngest son is a vegetarian who eats little else other than grains. So after a miserable summer of food battles a few years back, I finally went back to ancestrally prepared grains for him. However, that means they’re available to ALL (3) boys and my 17 y/o had gotten quite chubby. Last year at Thanksgiving he asked me to help him change over to ”truly paleo” and has since lost over 40 lbs.

I really didn’t think he’d stick with it, I mean, a teenager turning down chips and sandwiches and ice cream? I just didn’t believe it. But he surprised us all- he is still going strong and getting leaner every day. He takes a ”personal fitness” class at school (which is a modified crossfit program) and he does a ”Combat Training” class twice a week with a similarly high intensity level- and with the exception of the first 2 weeks or so, his performance and energy are great! He is over 6’2” and down under 200lbs, and there is a new confidence in his step. The ’moobs’ he’d developed are gone and he no longer hunches over in his effort to disguise them.

Surprisingly, his friends take it in stride too and are supportive of his food choices and don’t give him crap about eating a Caesar salad with meat for lunch or a handful of almonds for a snack rather than a bag of chips.

He started off 100% compliant and is now somewhere around 85% I’d guess. He is able to have a pizza or ice cream with friends once or twice a week and still keep it all in perspective.

Today as I uploaded pictures from my camera to make room on the memory card, I was dumbstruck by what he looked like on the first day of school compared to now. We went outside so I could take another picture in the same place and he could SEE how dramatic the difference is.

Nestor - Before and After Paleo

Laurie’s son Nestor – Before and After Paleo

Anyway, I just wanted to share a story that demonstrates that even TEENS who seem to have the most food challenges among us, can be VERY successful on a Paleo diet.



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  1. Tamara Griffith says

    My youngest, started also paleo when us aduts did. Girls did too but still they don’t stick to it long. He had issues with looking chubby despite being quite fit and capable in physical activities he did well in early trial football, still loved skateboarding, but never losing those love handles etc. switching to paleo for him was tough school wise, he was in 6-7 th grade at the time, school also doesn’t offer options outside of the standard lunch so not even a salad bar..yet that first summer he radically changed so much just from his diet that several of his friends (who are similarly chubby) parents had to ask. Needless to say a few of his friends ended up joining him n the new diet. He started Crossfit a year ago, he quit the football, and now his skateboarding is so improved he loves it he looks in much better shape than most of his classmates as they enter high school now…and can do more pull ups than his former football team. Think girls are noticing, but coaches have definitely noticed his changes and he represented paleo in health class with his before and after paleo, then before and after Crossfit. Health teacher might not be totally convinced but least gave a fair grade.

  2. Ashlie says

    I just bought a book from Barnes and Nobles. Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso. I am 36 years old with two small children. I have always been fit and healthy until I had my second child. I don’t feel that great about myself. Reading this book made me realize that it is time for me to take control of what I put in my mouth. I am two or three sizes bigger than my normal size. So, this is my new journey! I am pretty excited to do this!!!! Wish me lots of luck!!!

  3. Pru Johnson says

    I have just bought the book and started my journey too. Trying to get off asthma steroids! The success stories really help and give me hope.

  4. Marilyn says

    My 37 year-old daughter was diagnosed with a rare tumor and was told she needed three ribs and part of her lung removed. She’d always been physically active and thought she was a healthy eater. She looked into alternative medicine and was advised to adopt a Paleo lifestyle. Two months later, the tumor had shrunk (it had been expected to grow) and she still has all her ribs and lungs. I started eating Paleo myself and even though I haven’t started the “activities” Robb recommends, I have lost 12 pounds, my hair quit falling out, and I’ve had a bit of libido for the first time in years. Thanks, Robb!

  5. Rae Lyn says

    I bought Everyday Paleo a couple of years ago, I love that its oriented toward families but can easily be adjusted for smaller meals if necessary. I have also read the Paleo Solution, great read! Gives you the “Science”, but also tells you in terms you can understand. I love eating this way and the feeling you get, unfortunately I fell off the wagon, but tomorrow is a new day for me. Wish me luck with kicking the sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy addiction. :)

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