Welcome:Zoe Candace Wolf!

Mom and baby are doing great.


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Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation

Have you heard about the Paleo diet and were curious about how to get started? Or maybe you’ve been trying Paleo for a while but have questions or aren’t sure what the right exercise program is for you? Or maybe you just want a 30-day meal plan and shopping list to make things easier? Then Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation is for you.


  1. Tanja says

    Congratulations for the three of you! A little girl, with a very healthy life ahead of her… 😉

  2. June B. says

    Congratulations! Welcome Zoe! And begins the great adventure of your first kid. I hope you and Nikki enjoy every moment. Well, most of them! :) Now go get some sleep.

  3. Brad says

    Holy cats Batman. I didn’t even know. My wife are expecting…due May 29…named Zoe Elizabeth Y Nhi.

  4. Janine Troyer says

    Big congrats Robb on your “paleo baby.” She looks beautiful. I am wondering if you will tinker with the children’s paleo cookbook now? :) Best of luck to you and your family!

  5. Rick says

    ain’t nuthin better or more paleo or primal or more healthy. get back to us in a few months on your own evolutionary perspective and experien
    ce. you’ll be even wiser and smarter. oh and trade up from the atl atl. congratulations.

  6. Umm Musa says

    Mabruuuk, congratulations dearest Wolf family. May you stay safe, happy and healthy. This totally made my day :).
    I hope Keystone approves too…

  7. John M says

    Congrats to you both!!! I will look forward to some isight into raising a child on a paleo diet.

    She is beautiful!

  8. Chris Espinosa says

    HUGE congrats!! Glad to hear everyone is doing fine. I wish you guys complete happiness! :)

  9. says

    Congrats to you both! It’s the wildest and weirdest experience I’ve been through so far. They are miraculous and truly special and they teach you a lot about yourself. (I’m speaking from only 7 months experience, I can only imagine the years ahead.)

  10. MJD says

    Congratulations!! She is beautiful. If you guys are willing to share, I would love to hear the birth story.

  11. Mike Fuchs says

    Congrats to the wolf-pack from Germany! You opened a door into a new world. Just like the door that opened up because of the paleologic lifestyle.
    From now on, everything will be different. Belive me, my son was born just four short years ago.

  12. John Thompson says

    Awesome. Having a “Daddy’s girl” should be on Conan the Barbarian’s list of “what is best in life”!

  13. kiran says

    Congrats this is awesome.

    Dont worry I believe babys ARE primal even under strcict Paleo standards.

    • paleoslayer says

      the look is more of an emotionally charged awe. a personal witnessing of a miracle. a new insight gained. old ideas having to be reconsidered.

      but i guess its only natural for a dentist to see ‘fear’ :)

  14. Ted says

    Congratulations! Zoe is going to get a great start in life with smart, caring parents like Robb & Nicki.

  15. Cat Alberts says

    Congratulations! She looks tiny and wonderful.
    All the best wishes for years to come
    May she grow up to be healthy and strong.
    But I think dad Robb has that part covered…

  16. Redding Rob says

    Fantastic! Congratulations to all 3 of you. Thanks Robb for what you are doing and best of luck. It gets a little more complicated now… 8^) Another Redding Rob (father of 3)

  17. Jeff says

    Congrats to the three of you. Hope this is the beginning of a great new chapter in everyone’s life.

  18. raydawg says

    Congrats!!! You’re in for a lot of fun. :) She’s the cutest little Wolf I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait till you show her how to use an atlatl.

  19. Wendy says

    Welcome little Zoe, you’re one lucky little cave-baby! thanks for sharing her with us. Sleep when you can…

  20. says

    Congratulations! What a lucky girl to be brought into the world with two cool people like you and Nicky — courageous enough to take on something so important as this whole Paleo scenario. It’s going to be fun hearing your experiences about watching her grow up!

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