Easy Paleo Chicken Wings

Submitted by: Richard Hammond

Servings: Serves 10-12 as an Appetizer

Ingredients: 9 – 10 lbs. whole chicken wings (2 lg. pkgs.)
High quality fine sea salt  (optional)
2 (11 x 16) baking sheets
1 tbsp solid EV coconut oil, divided
Chipotlé or cayenne to taste (optional)
Heavy duty aluminum foil

Instructions: Pre-heat oven to 525° F

Using kitchen shears cut the tips off the wings and add to the stockpot if you are making chicken broth the same day or freeze the wing tips for the next time you make broth…

Line the baking sheets with foil and grease both trays with the coconut oil.  Using a chef’s knife or cleaver split all the drumettes from the wingettes.  Arrange them evenly on the two trays placing them skin-side up.

Season the cut-up wings liberally with salt if desired and place both trays in the upper third of the pre-heated oven for about 50-55 minutes until well-browned and crispy.  Rotate and reverse the two trays after about 25 minutes unless you are using a convection oven.

Season the wings with ground chipotlé or cayenne pepper as soon as they come out of the oven if you like them spicy.  The wings will release from the foil after they rest for about five minutes, but then serve them right away if you like them crunchy or serve them at room temp or chilled if you like them chewier.

If you prefer to skip the heat, you may sprinkle the hot wings with Spanish smoked paprika (pimentón) but if you are avoiding nightshades completely, simply leave out the dried chile peppers of any kind.

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  1. says

    Yep these make really great finger food for a buffet party and I would put out different trays with mild, spicy Mexican or Italian seasonings for some variety. If you really like wings though this dish serves 4-5 adults as dinner with a big salad!

  2. Craig says

    Woah! Coconut oil at 525?? I am cooking these right now and my oven is billowing smoke like cheech and chong. I looked up the smoke point of coconut oil and it is 450. Just a word to the wise…

  3. says

    Craig thank you for pointing this out, you are absolutely correct and I should modify my directions. This is not a recipe just on paper I actually make these often but do not experience the same smoking effect as you did…

    Amber if you are watching these comments today since I obviously have not published a safe and reliable oven temp for this recipe I think it only fair to disqualify the entry so please if you wouldn’t mind simply pull this entry from the voting today at 1pm and Craig thank you again for catching this error.

    • Craig says

      Welcome. I would like to point out I knocked it down to 450 and the smoking stopped. They were also done after around 40 minutes. But they turned out great, I’m making a full batch tonight for a Christmas potluck at work tomorrow :)

  4. says

    Very good Craig thanks for the follow-up, good to know it worked for you finally. My oven must be running low because when I switch the trays after 30 minutes they still have about 1/2″ of liquid from the wings which keeps the CO from scorching.

    Also my bad, the instructions are careless because the reality is I don’t use a tablespoon of CO to grease the pans. In actual practice it is much more like a teaspoon, that is I rub maybe a half tsp very lightly over the foil on each pan to make a thin coating.

    Thanks again for the feedback, enjoy your Christmas potluck and I hope you make a big hit!

    Chef Rick

  5. Michelle says

    These were very yummy!

    We tossed them in some melted coconut oil and Frank’s hot sauce for the last bit of time.

    Too good.

  6. Mehgan Rodney says

    These are sooooo good! I also had the problem with the smoke the first time I tried this recipe, but used Craig’s suggested temperature the second time and did not set of the fire alarm 😉
    This is my new go to reciipe when I am craving pub wings and there even better than I could get when I did eat out! Thank you Rick for sharing!

  7. Marcy Anderson says

    Just my 2 cents: These smoked the first time I cooked them (according to the recipe) but were the most amazingly delicious wings ever. This time I’m baking them using the convection option at 450 degrees and I’m just watching them… They’re at about 55 minutes and counting, but are not smoking, smell divine, and are going to be the NEXT most amazingly delicious wings ever. Thanks for the great idea; I’ve been looking for a good, crispy wing recipe for a long time.

  8. Anne says

    Fabulous! I made these for dinner tonight. When they came out of the oven, and sat for a couple minutes, they released from the foil, just like you said. I had melted some butter, mixed with hot sauce. (I’m sure coconut oil w/hot sauce, or just hot sauce would have worked too). I tossed them in the sauce. They were absolutely delicious and perfectly crispy! Thank you so much for posting this!

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