Framework Matters

I’m generally an optimistic guy. I see the good in people and I USUALLY think we can change the world for the better. A few recent events have seriously shaken my faith in both the goodness of people and the ability for us to “crowd source” our way out of a serious pickle. I’m going to talk about these events/observations and in that talking I’m going to likely piss some of you off. Heck, it might even be worse than getting one Spanish language RSS feed or tweet per week (kind of an obscure joke…ask me about it sometime when I’ve been drinking.) Not only will I piss some folks off, I will also destroy any hope I have of getting on several mainstream TV shows. Sometimes the right thing to do is neither popular nor profitable, so here goes:

Welcome to the Land of Oz

The current Time Magazine features a piece called “The Dr. Oz Diet.” The whole text is not available unless you are an online subscriber, but many people have commented on the good Dr’s thoughts about the paleo diet. He describes it as “Alterna-Atkins” and cites as the major failing of the paleo concept the fact our ancestors lived short lives: “it’s worth remembering that cavemen often died in their forties because their diet did not give them the ability to fight off infection (or sabre tooth tigers)”.

Now, you might excuse Dr. Oz on his lack of anthropological understanding (which in fact we should not, this lack of evolutionary biology in medicine is right at the heart of our woes) but he has been given extensive information on the paleo diet concept.

From me.

Via a mutual acquaintance Dr. Oz and his production crew were given an extensive primer on the paleo diet, pertinent research and perhaps most importantly this story: One of Oz’s production assistants has a close relative who developed Multiple Sclerosis at an early age. She had extensive neurological involvement and clear demylenation of her neurons, as evidenced by brain imaging. I was introduced to this girl with early, aggressive MS and recommended that she try the autoimmune protocol of paleo (freely available as a download in the quick start guide). After a few months she showed no signs or symptoms of MS, and her CT scans showed a remarkable reversal in the inflammation indicative of active multiple sclerosis. All of this is clearly known by Oz and the production staff. The closest I came to getting on the show was potentially being part of a panel on “ancient diets which would have included the “Ancient Egyptian diet”. That same one that seems to have given all the Egyptian mummies heart disease. Great company to keep!

So, these people are clearly aware of the paleo diet, have a compelling story from literally within their midst’s…and the ancestral diet concept does not rank better than “cave men died young.” Again, you might excuse this until you consider some of the “distinctions” Dr. Oz has received, including his 2nd Pigasus award by noted skeptic and debunker, James Randi. You can read how the Pigasus came about on the James Randi site, but here is the specific Pigasus Award bestowed upon Dr. Oz:

The Media Pigasus Award goes to Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has done such a disservice to his TV viewers by promoting quack medical practices that he is now the first person to win a Pigasus two years in a row. Dr. Oz is a Harvard-educated cardiac physician who, through his syndicated TV show, has promoted faith healing, “energy medicine,” and other quack theories that have no scientific basis. Oz has appeared on ABC News to give legitimacy to the claims of Brazilian faith healer “John of God,” who uses old carnival tricks to take money from the seriously ill. He’s hosted Ayurvedic guru Yogi Cameron on his show to promote nonsense “tongue examination” as a way of diagnosing health problems. This year, he really went off the deep end. In March 2011, Dr. Oz endorsed “psychic” huckster and past Pigasus winner John Edward, who pretends to talk to dead people. Oz even suggested that bereaved families should visit psychic mediums to receive (faked) messages from their dead relatives as a form of grief counseling.

Faith healers, mediums and known hucksters DO make the guest list, someone talking about Evolutionary Medicine and a protocol which appears to reverse Multiple Sclerosis (in a family member of the production staff), Rheumatoid Arthritis and a host of other ailments, does not. And this guy is “America’s doctor.” Apparently I need a better publicist.

That should be enough to thoroughly bum a person out, but there is more. It’s been an interesting few days.

Dr. Melina…I presume

They say no press is bad press so I guess from that perspective the past few days have been good for paleo/ancestral health. On the other hand it takes the starch out of one’s britches to realize our TV “medical experts” are sell outs. Case in point: CNN online recently had a piece “Is the Paleo Diet healthy?” 

CNN’s medical correspondent, Dr. Melina Jampolis responded to the question. Now, I’m sure Dr. Melina is a nice person, but she summarily dismisses the Paleo diet (and perpetuates the damnable myth that this way of eating is expensive…will tackle this soon in another post) while wrapping up her critique with a recommendation to “eat less processed food, eat food in it’s natural state…”

Maybe it’s just me, but I sense a disconnect here.

Quite a number of ancestral-diet-savvy folks piled onto the comments section, not dissimilar to what we saw with the US News top diets piece which saw many thousands of people praising the paleo diet for it’s effects on their health and wellness. This despite the last place ranking via the US News experts, who apparently did NOT rank things as reported by US News. 

So, this is not specifically what made me lose hope in all things good. This is just another example of an MD who remembered her flow charts long enough to pass boards and has never been exposed to evolutionary biology concepts in the context of medicine. You know, business as usual. I can’t even get too spun up about Dr. Melina’s abomination of a nutrition bar which could only be made worse if gluten and depleted uranium were added to the mix.


No, this did not get me. What did get me was the response on my Facebook page when I tweeted “It looks like Dr. Melina does not believe Evolution applies to humans.” I saw quite a number of people comment something to this effect:

“The paleo way of eating has transformed my life, healed many an ill. There is tons of science to back it, but evolution is just bunk…”

That friends, is what made me seriously consider scrapping this whole project.

Here are the things we are up against:

  1. Modern refined foods are both damn tasty AND likely addictive. It takes a serious desire for change to bypass these foods.
  2. Billions of dollars are spent in the marketing and advertising of these foods. We are assailed from every direction, every day.
  3. Our “medical experts” have agendas far removed from health. General Mills, Monsanto, Farm subsidies are all playing the background music of “dollars from heaven” for those willing so sell out.
  4. It’s not likely you will get an audience with the media if you are selling legitimate health. Faith-healers and “nutrition” bars, yes. Remedy for Multiple Sclerosis, no.
  5. When I, or people like me try to take the fight to these “people” (a term of endearment ala Al Swearengen seems more appropriate here…) I can expect less than 16% of America to have my back in this fight. Folks may think paleo eating is just ducky, but man did not come from ape.
  6. Without a comprehensive, epistemological base to stand upon, the medical community, academia etc. will continue pushing the same erroneous bull-shit. Without this epistemology based approach, we are reduced to what is effectively urban warfare, clearing house to house (“their” study vs “our” study) with no hope of winning or really changing things.

I know I’m going to piss-off and alienate some people but…this is the same character flaw that got me bounced from CrossFit. I knew that smart CF + paleo eating was saving lives. I tried like crazy to get the leadership to acknowledge that fact but you know how that turned out. So…

Here are two interestingly similar quotes:

“One need not believe in God to receive help from God.”


“One need not believe in science for science to work in our lives.”

Both are obviously belief systems. Science tries to “have all the answers” but never will. One place that certain science oriented people miss the boat is trying to bring science to bear on the question of faith or religion. By definition this is the realm of the supernatural and science is not well suited to comment on this topic. On the other hand we have religious doctrine which appears to be at odds with certain scientific concepts. Likely the most prominent modern case, that evolution is not a fact. In the past, religion felt set upon by the teachings of Galileo which conflicted with the view that the earth was the center of the universe. Science has largely won this argument,  although there are still people who believe in a Flat Earth. Might evolution see the same vindication? Galileo was put on house arrest for his ideas in the 1600’s. He was formerly exonerated by the church in 2000. I guess we can expect broad acceptance of evolution sometime in the 2360’s if we can use the first example as a guide.

At the end of the day, I do not give two-shits about this stuff relative to the desire to simply help people. I’ve meet too many people whose lives have either been transformed by this paleo diet concept to just let it drop. Here is a funny thing: as a non-religious, non-spiritual guy I feel a MORAL IMPERATIVE to help as many people as I can because I’m pretty sure I have information rattling between my ears that can save lives. I by no means have all the answers but a firefighter does not need to know the ins and outs of thermodynamics to save a family in a burning house. I (and most all of you) know enough about this paleo shtick to literally transform the world as we know it.

As a scientist I am forced to constantly reevaluate my belief system. When someone shows me something that helps people better than an evolutionary biology oriented approach to health and medicine, I’ll be the first person in the pool. Until then I’m going to push what I’ve seen to be the most beneficial, be it evolutionary biology or Libertarian economic ideas. It’d be nice to have y’all on the team because we have a serious scrap ahead of us and I do not expect Dr’s Oz or Melina aiding our cause.

Framework Matters

Several years ago I asked Prof. Cordain to write a critique of The China Study as this is an influencial pro-vegan book which seems to implicate animal products in a host of ailments, including cancer. Instead of a simple critique of T.Colin Campbells book, Loren suggested a debate between himself and Campbell on the roll of protein in degenerative disease. The result of this idea was The Protein Debate. We paid Prof’s Cordain & Campbell to make their case for the roll of protein in health & disease, be allowed a counter point, then a counter to the counter point. This was while I was still part owner of the Performance Menu and initially the idea was that this protein debate would be a sale-able item. After I read the introduction by Prof. Cordain I knew that I could not charge for this piece because what Loren had to say on the state of nutrition and research as it relates to evolution (or more specifically, the lack of a comprehensive, binding theory as is common to find in other disciplines) was too important to not make it freely available. I’m no philanthropist, I love making money, but this was another choice life presented me in which I had to figure out what was right & wrong for the greater good. Making this work free was the right thing to do. This is an excerpt from the debate:

In mature and well-developed scientific disciplines there are universal paradigms that guide scientists to fruitful end points as they design their experiments and hypotheses. For instance, in cosmology (the study of the universe) the guiding paradigm is the “Big Bang” concept showing that the universe began with an enormous explosion and has been expanding ever since. In geology, the “Continental Drift” model established that all of the current continents at one time formed a continuous landmass that eventually drifted apart to form the present-day continents. These central concepts are not theories for each discipline, but rather are indisputable facts that serve as orientation points for all other inquiry within each discipline. Scientists do not know everything about the nature of the universe, but it is absolutely unquestionable that it has been and is expanding. This central knowledge then serves as a guiding template that allows scientists to make much more accurate and informed hypotheses about factors yet to be discovered.

The study of human nutrition remains an immature science because it lacks a universally acknowledged unifying paradigm (11). Without an overarching and guiding template, it is not surprising that there is such seeming chaos, disagreement and confusion in the discipline. The renowned Russian geneticist Theodosius Dobzhansky (1900-1975) said, “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution” (12). Indeed, nothing in nutrition seems to make sense because most nutritionists have little or no formal training in evolutionary theory, much less human evolution. Nutritionists face the same problem as anyone who is not using an evolutionary model to evaluate biology: fragmented information and no coherent way to interpret the data.

Apparently I contributed some of this section in a conversation I had with Loren in 2001. I do not remember the talk specifically, but Loren has reminded me of it a few times in our talks and I’m honored I could contribute to not only this piece but also my mentors thinking on this subject.

Just as the work of Galileo and Newton form the basis of astronomy, physics and cosmology today I believe the research/thinking from people like Loren Cordain, Boyd Eaton, Staffan Lindeberg etc will be central to nutritional science in 200-300 years. It’s remarkable to think about…but an awful long time to wait.

“When ignorance reigns life is lost.” — RATM

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  1. says

    It’s all pretty horrendous Rob, I’ve got to agree with you there. I think we are talking in terms of decades before this stuff becomes even remotely widely accepted, and as you say, with profit-making companies in the fight it may never happen.

    Perhaps all we can hope for is that this information is available to those who desperately need it, when they need it. The rest of the work will be done by word of mouth, through families and communities. And since those who know will live longer than the rest, maybe we’ll have an evolutionary advantage 😉

    • Dr Greg says

      As a “Maximized Living” chiropractor I deliver a 5 Essentials to health paradigm for patients. (5 essentials: Max Mindset, nervous System, Nutrition, Exercise, and Minimized Toxins) i continually speak in front of tens or hundreds of people on the basics of what is (kind of) a paleo diet and how it is all grounded in nervous system. (Hard to digest the best foods on the planet if you don’t have nervous system function to your small intestine). We believe that we have an answer to our healthcare delivery for the entire planet and it is what we are dedicated to.

      Like Robb’s MS patient, it doesn’t matter how many people get their health back. It doesn’t matter that a patient’s prostate cancer went into remission when his low back was adjusted over a period of time and his spine restored to it’s proper posiition – this can’t happen with an adjustment or two. It doesn’t matter that a colleague with a patient who was a triathlete diagnosed by the medical community as ALS end-stage with 3 months to live is now back and running 8 weeks later.

      This is a HUGE paradigm shift and it is going to take commitment and guts to bridge the gap. We are persecuted for fighting the good fight. There are huge forces with big pockets that want to keep eyes wide shut.

      What would the health of Americans be like if instead of giving annual exams that tell NOTHING about a patient’s real health MD’s started testing for Vitamin D levels above 25 OH? pH levels above 7.0? Omega 6 to 3 ratios at 4:1 or better? The link between total health and proper neck curvature is astounding although few people realize it: test for a spinal neck curvature of 35 – 45 degrees would indicate a huge health benefit for people. If we committed to changing how testing was done, what then would be created? What kind of awareness would have to happen?

      What if Americans had an incentive like a big tax break if they met certain health parameters like the ones mentioned above? Revolution? Recognition? Complete transformation of the health care system?

  2. Amy Kubal says

    That. Was. Awesome. Keep fighting the good fight – every one person that we ‘get’ through to is a victory. Small as it may be – it’s forward progress and one less person buying Dr Melina’s nutrition bars!! 😉

    • Maj Heath Woockman says

      Amy, wish I had spoken with you more before you left ellsworth. I have been pushing this hard and have started arguements at ProStaff. As a Public Health Officer you would not believe the light bulb that went on after I read Taubes and Wolf. I was almost sick to my stomach when thinking of all the worthless nutrition and health advice I have pushed to airmen and my family. It is a constant uphill fight trying to convince sick people that they are sick because they ARE following current medical advice. If it makes a difference to Rob I have five young boys and my wife and I are trying to make Paleo a way of life for them. So seven more folks who think Dr. Oz is a quack and won’t be buying cereal bars.

      • LtCol Steve Grotjohn says

        What? We had a nutrionist who “gets it” at an Air Force Base? Refreshing. Good to know there’s a few of us waging the campaign from within.

        • Capt Ian Lucas says

          Gentlemen, I’ve been eating Paleo in Afghanistan since January and I just love it when the fat guy that work out every day tell me how fat they’d get eating what I do (as I effortlessly maintain my loss of 75 pounds). Can’t tell you how much I enjoy sitting in the DFAC watching every single person poison themselves and wondering which one will be the straw that breaks the health care system’s back.

          Robb, since Kevorkian kicked it, I’ve taken to referring to Dr. Oz as Doctor Death. Also, you should take it upon yourself to read everything Arthur Jones ever wrote (, as he fought analogous battles to yourself within the exercise community for 20+ years. Your lamentations are very similar. Don’t let yourself die a bitter man like he did. :-)

          • Ken Bolland says

            Thanks to you and all the others for your service. And, yes, Arthur Jones was a great man!

            I’ve known about Paleo since I read The Paleolithic Prescription in the 80’s and thought it made total sense. Why oh why did I not start following it seriously until, very recently, I read Michael Rose’s work?

            There’s a tremendous amount of woo out there, coming from all directions. If you think you get fed up with creationists on the Republican side, try reading the drivel on the Huffington Post. Acckk.

        • Guy Jones, Maj, USAF Ret says

          I’m with you Steve. How do we clone Heath and place one at every base or clinic in the AF? Thankfully there are health professionals that have the guts to move beyond their initial education. **Sorry for bringing up cloning. I’m not sure where that bit of science actually falls in the debate above. 😉

        • Jeremy says

          Great to see Paleo making in-roads for the military. If I had known about Paleo when I was in the Air Force it would have an impact on my decision to separate. I got tired of having to run 60 minutes 5+ days a week to try and get my body to maintain my max allowed weight. I was well over that weight when I separated at the end of my enlistment and put on some extra after becoming a DoD contractor. I just finally dropped below my max allowed AF weight, but doing it paleo made it feel effortless and I am continuing to shed the poundage. I currently weigh less than I did the majority of the time I was enlisted and have a better body composition than I did when I was at this weight back then. I have a goal weight that is lower than I weighed after BMT! Thanks to Robb, Mark, Loren Cordain, and all the other Paleo Pioneers out there!

          All that just to say keep it up and you will change lives! The military needs people pushing for real nutrition guidance instead of the CW crap that leads many to give up.

      • Siobhan Barrett (Former USAF Active Duty) says

        I served in the Air Force from 2003-2010, seven years of which I’m very proud! Unfortunately, most of them were the unhealthiest of my life. Eating what was offered at our dining facilities (starting with basic) certainly didn’t help start me on that path. (I’m not sure how they are now, but they didn’t offer the most nutritious options at the time…) After the birth of my son half-way through my enlistment, I struggled to get back in shape. I attended every PT session, but dealt with persistent exhaustion even during my thinner times, which affected my exercising. Eventually I made it to the “fat program” by lagging 3 seconds on my run and maxing out my height/weight requirement. I wasn’t obese by any means, just unhealthy and depleted. Standing in front of my commander to have to answer whether or not I was trying to be kicked out was humiliating, and a reality check for my lifestyle…

        By then, I actually appreciated being sent to nutrition classes … despite the fact our exercise/nutrition “education team” was composed of a severely obese man, and a painfully rail-thin female vegetarian. It was hard to take them seriously, but I genuinely wanted to make a change. I was raised in a household with zero concept of truly healthy eating, and unfortunately carried those habits with me into my adult life. Although as an adult I didn’t sit around eating donuts or smoking all day, I did chow down Subway, brown rice, and whole wheat anything like it was going out of style.

        In accordance with the program, I closely followed the traditional “pyramid” diet and portions laid out by my nutritionist, which led to limited weight loss, more exhaustion, and I certainly didn’t feel healthier. I even bought my own gym membership at a place in town to work out in “my own space”, and began dragging my own airman out to run a few times a week in addition to regular PT (with the lure of “you won’t look like that forever if you keep eating the way you are… trust me!” I passed my next test, but felt incredibly frustrated and disheartened with how I felt (and looked) physically, and was told repeatedly by the (tiny) nutritionist to keep at it, and “add more fiber: WHOLE GRAINS” to my diet.

        A couple years after failing that test, BARELY skating by on the ones which followed, and looking pretty much the same as always, I decided to dump the plan set for me and start over. I chose to eat what I felt my body NEEDED. Basically I ate Paleo without realizing it, and within eight months lost 40 pounds and several inches, shaved four and a half minutes off my run time, and maxed out the push-up/sit-up portion of the test. Amusingly, my nutritionist disapproved of my change in diet based on the lack of whole grains and dairy, and said she didn’t believe it was a truly healthy choice because I “needed every group”. *(Since being introduced and switching to full Paleo a little over a year after my enlistment ended, I’ve lost an additional 45 pounds. I feel way healthier and fitter than I was while Active Duty; you can bet I’m never going back to that damn pyramid!)

        ALL THIS TO SAY: I’m also glad a nutritionist in the Air Force gets it. I wish, WISH Paleo had been preached at those classes, or at least offered as an alternative diet to follow… I kew many airmen in similar positions who were equally as frustrated with hearing the same thing and seeing poor results. (It’s not always because they’re little piggies.) Here’s to hoping something changes for our men and women who might not yet be enlightened to what our bodies ACTUALLY need!

  3. says

    Thank you so much for writing this article! I was reading it on Monday and went completely ballistic. I even wrote in an e-mail to you and Greg about this very topic. It’s great to see your keeping up to date with the new articles being written. Keep up the great work

  4. says

    It’s funny, as a devout – albeit mostly private – Christian, I never really felt the conflict of the evolution debate with Paleo ideals. I.E. Why couldn’t evolution just be a part of some larger plan that began at creation anyway? It is certainly the foundation for a better understanding of the cause of most of our modern ailments. I went to a more forward thinking Non-Denominational Christian College and I believe that a general attitude of openness at this school helped and is helping to turn the tide of people who seem pretty blind to the difference between fact and fiction. In the interim I think, Robb, that all you do makes an enormous difference for every single person I have counseled in any kind of Nutrition at my affiliate and I, like you, feel that I simply can’t charge people enough for the good that eating this way can do them – so free works great. :) Keep up the great work. Whether or not we say it, that 16% is learning a LOT from you and very grateful for your commitment to good science AND that “moral obligation”.

      • Maj Heath Woockman says

        Rob new article when interpreted correctly backs the evolutionary position you defend, see below. If cause and effect is placed in proper sequence using EVOLUTION it makes total sense.

        Adiposity and Type 2 Diabetes: New Linkages, More Questions
        Ali Torkamani, PhD

        Obesity, or more specifically adiposity, is a major risk factor for the development of type 2 diabetes. Elevated body mass index (BMI) is typically used as an indicator of obesity and performs well as a generalized predictor of disease risk. Although a number of genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified more than 30 genetic loci associated with BMI,[1-3] they account for a small fraction of the variability in BMI. This measure does not distinguish between lean and fat body mass.
        Reasoning that body fat percentage can better distinguish between lean and fat body mass, an international consortium of investigators set out to determine whether genetic loci associated with body fat percentage may more directly predict adiposity, and thereby provide insight into genetic variations that are involved in the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes.
        The GWAS involving 36,626 European and Asian Indian individuals first identified genetic variations associated with body fat percentage; the 14 most significant variations were then studied in 39,576 European individuals whose body fat percentage was measured either by bioimpedance analysis or dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry to confirm the association.
        Three independent loci near FTO, SPRY2, and IRS1 (insulin receptor substrate 1) were significantly associated with body fat percentage. IRS1 encodes a key protein involved in insulin signaling, but the loci were not associated with BMI.
        By analyzing previously generated GWAS data, the IRS1 allele associated with reduced body fat percentage was found to be associated with higher triglycerides, lower high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, increased insulin resistance, and increased risk for both type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease. Of note, although low levels of adiponectin normally correlate with increased body fat and insulin resistance, the IRS1 allele was associated with low adiponectin levels.
        More detailed studies of body fat distribution showed that the IRS1 allele was associated with reduced subcutaneous fat in men but not in women, and had no impact on visceral fat. Finally, the IRS1 allele was associated with reduced IRS1 expression in subcutaneous and omental adipose tissue but not in brain, liver, or blood tissue.
        Thus, although the IRS1 allele was associated with reduced overall body fat percentage, it also resulted in adverse distribution of body fat and disordered metabolic measures, which resulted in an increased risk for type 2 diabetes.

    • says

      I’m right there with you, Erin. I’m a devout Christian, but I see serious problems with the ideals of the institutional church. I can’t get on board with facts derived from tradition. Creationism just doesn’t make sense; there are too many irreconcilable ideas. But just because the idea of creation the church likes to believe in isn’t true, doesn’t mean that God isn’t true, and that history isn’t true. It just means that we CAN reconcile science with a God that created us; He just didn’t create us in the way the church likes to think.

      I really appreciate this article, Robb.

        • says

          Sean Carrol PhD, makes this point specifically in “The making of the fittest”. Evolution SHOULD NOT take away from the belief in a universal god/being/creator, it SHOULD strengthen it. But the naysayers are just, well…stupid.

          • Uncephalized says

            Why would evolution push your belief in a deity one way or the other at all? It’s just a consequence of the laws of physics and mathematics, just like chemistry and neuroscience and anything else.

          • JP says

            I don’t see how evolution should strengthen a belief in God and/or a creator.

            Science does not address the supernatural. However, evidences show that supernatural claims done by religions/churches/guru are just not true.

            The belief in a supernatural being is a selected trait itself. Thus, belief is evolutionary driven.

        • James Orr says

          The creation interpretation of Genesis 1 just isn’t very good or scholarly to begin with. It’s a creation myth in direct opposition to the Mesopotamian creation myth.

          God created the world all on his own.

          God did it peacefully.

          God created humanity intentionally and desired to be in relationship with it.

          This is in direct contract to the popular worldview of the time. That the world was created accidentally as the byproduct of a fierce battle. That no one God figure was powerful enough to do that on its own. That humanity wasn’t valuable.

          It’s not about the way the world was created. It has a social purpose, not a scientific one.

          • Wylie says

            Many people confuse evolution with adaptability. I believe we were created, however our bodies have the ability to adapt to many and varied situations. This adaptability is one of the things that confirms in my mind that we were created by some intelligent being. In some cases, these adaptations can be permanent, in others the long term adaptation would reuslt in harm to ourselves – each person is different.

            The mathematical likelihood of evolution should be enough to cast serious doubts in most people’s minds.

            What confuses most christians/atheists, is that the bible account of creation says how we were created perfect (my interpretation of this is that we would then have had perfect adaptability), however at some point the human race was subjected to imperfection. As a result, we get sick, grow old, and die. Each reproductive cycle brings with it the imperfections of the last. Its kind of like a cake tin with a dint in it – there is no way you will ever get a perfectly shaped cake out of that tin. Each cake inherits the charachteristics of the mould. Some people refer to this as evolution – it is simply imperfection.

            I believe that the underlying science of paleo is spot on – myself, I am on the auto-immune protocol as opposed to being dead at this point. Like Rob says, THIS STUFF WORKS, but I dont believe evolution is the scientific basis for why it works. I believe that when humans get involved in something and try and make it “better”, they invariably do not have the foresight to realise the long term impact their stupidity causes on humanity.

            This does not mean that Rob and other paleo luminaries’ work is in vain – the dietary/nutritional/biological etc science is backed up 100% with excellent results. Keep up the good work guys.

        • Scott says

          Hey Robb, is it possible to believe in evolution without believing that man evolved from apes? Leaving aside the religious and scientific arguments on the pros and cons, I see no reason that an acceptance of evolution requires acceptance of man’s descent from apes. Especially as it relates to the paleo diet. We’re not trying to eat like original apes! We’re trying to east like ancestral humans. So do we need to setup a barrier by making ape-descent a religious mandate for membership in the pale community?

          Thanks for your podcasts and the good work you’re doing Robb. I appreciate it.

          • says

            I’m not recommending that anyone believe anything. Call it paleo, believe that it works, and believe that the earth is 6,00 years old. I’m not interested in THOSE debates. In my 20’s yes. Now, no. Where this get’s hard however is if WE want to walk together through the science. things will get complicated pretty quickly. For many, many people this is best left at “Black Box” levels of understanding. It just works, we don’t really know why.

          • Steve says

            That’s like saying I want to believe in physics, but I have a problem w/ the whole gravity thing. Plus, we didn’t descend from apes; apes and humans share a common ancestor. Does that soften the blow? Is it more palatable to go farther back to an earlier mammalian ancestor?
            Just because we’re all primates doesn’t mean we need to eat like them and they need to eat like us; we are completely different species now.
            If you’re going to believe it evolution, don’t tie a bunch of conditions to it or put blinders on. Reconcile it, don’t take our genetic past as an insult.

          • Susan says

            Even in the Bible, grains were Plan B!

            As for reasoning from evolution for diet details, I see it as very speculative and unnecessary. Seems enough to say that modern agricultural food is not our native diet, but beyond that, I prefer the science that studies the living. I surmise that humans at some point became adaptable enough so as to escape the selective pressures, and by extension, the evolutionary narratives that hope to settle the scores between competing diet camps. A case in point, some humans, at least, are reproducing probably at higher rates(!) on the worst diets in history- diets which didn’t exist a hundred years ago.

            So the whole thing still begs the question of whether grains or whatever is good for our diet today and that is ultimately decided by studying modern humans, not ‘Grok’ OR ‘Adam and Eve’. I admit a hankering for dogma now and then, but just can’t see this diet standing or falling on the origins debate or even armchair speculation about how our diets might have evolved.

            (I’ll grant Common Descent, but even if I saw a time lapse movie of evolution, I would still be wondering how an organism with enough randomness to come up with the occasional significant and relevant innovation could also be stable enough to reproduce and occupy a particular environment without evolving past it. Just sayin’).

          • Xenocles says

            It’s a common misconception that we “evolved from apes.” We evolved in parallel with apes, with both groups having a common ancestor.

        • Meghan Dorman says

          With 363 comments on this topic, I don’t know if you will even see this comment, but I just wanted to echo Ben’s thoughts above. Thank you for writing this post, Robb! I know impassioned rebuttals to emotional issues must take a lot of time to craft. For what it’s worth, I love and worship the God who I believe created us all, and by that I mean, He set an intricate evolutionary pattern into motion. I just don’t see why there can’t be room for both.

          • says

            Robb is one of the most kick ass dudes on this planet. The more I read this blog the more I believe we can save the world by 2020. Not every individual but, MOST. 50.00001%. Even though he said his views have shifted… they will get right back on track.

            Reading these posts motivate me like you could never believe. People tell me all the time how “inspirational” OI am… I wish to get into public speaking. Maybe I can draw Obama type crowds and make a real difference…

      • LXV says

        I will try to keep this short(ish), and sorry I’m late to the party.

        If you were to take an ancient man, one who was well educated but still a tent-maker by trade, and walk him up a mountain and show him the beginning of all things, then science and the beginning of Genesis neatly intersect. As long as you don’t force a literal 24 hour day.

        If you imagine standing on where Mt. Sinai would be, then what Moses writes in Genesis 1 is actually very in tune with modern physics and astronomy. (Especially if you imagine billions of years of activity sped up to be observed within a few weeks and still have time to carve some laws into rocks)

        “Day” 1: There is a nothingness. Then there is light. (Which appeared 10^35 seconds after the big bang.) This is already a huge departure from every other creation myth that presupposes some form of world existing.

        Day 2: The planet begins to form. That which is ground is “seperated” from that which is the air. The air is still full of the detritus of the plant and water vapor. No stars or sun visible.

        Day 3: The planet settles down and land appears. Continents slide around and glaciers move back and forth, gathering the lands. Seed plants appear (as opposed to say, algaes)

        Day 4: The atmosphere clears. Now we can see the stars, moon, and sun.

        Day 5: Animals appear. Birds and fish.

        Day 6: Land animals, livestock, and man.

        The creation of man is another interesting thing. If you were living a few thousand years BC and you observed the process of evolution, then it would look a lot like God forming man out of muck (starting with single cell organisms, algae like substances, and the like). The breath of life is that unique thing that made us human and separated us from the primates that were co-evolving. (Able to have a sense of right and wrong, able to have a relationship with our Creator, able to reason, etc).

        There are some parts of the story I do think are allegory. Like the rib thing. (Although given that humans have much more sexual dimorphism than most primates it would make sense that woman seemed to be created afterword.) The Garden of Eden is another such thing. At the time humans had every animal and every plant for food. It was as God intended. The something happened and it went against God’s intention. I have my own pet theory that it was going from the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and into agriculture. (Good and evil become institutionalized or “known.” Human health takes a beating and childbirth becomes harder. Man begins an adversarial relationship with nature. And of course, food now has to be grown under hardship.) But I can’t really back that up theologically. What is known is that agriculture is a punishment and when Cain tried to offer the fruits of his labor (he was the farmer) to God, the sacrifice was rejected.

        When you look at how finely tuned the universe is to keep from imploding or exploding. How perfectly balanced all of the elements and forces are to create planets capable of sustaing life. Then multiply that by the incredible odds of life forming and thriving here…. the mathmatics are beyond staggering. To make it work you pretty much have to presuppose the infinite – infinite time, infinite universes, or an infinite creator.

        TL;DR: I’m an old-earth creationist who believes in evolution. Miraculous, beating the odds, glorious evolution. (And I totally grok what James Orr is saying up there)

    • Dana says

      I’m not Christian but I agree with you. I see no reason God couldn’t have kicked off an evolutionary process. And here’s the thing? Evolutionary theory DOES NOT TEACH how life BEGAN. It only teaches how life DEVELOPED into what it is today. The very word implies growth, *not* beginning. That’s a whole nother ball of wax and nobody really has any answers on that count, only ideas and some evidence.

      So the whole creation vs. evolution thing is a non-argument anyway. And yet I see people on both sides of the debate arguing as if Charles Darwin posited where life comes from or how it began, and he… didn’t. Ever. That I know of, anyway.

      Ranks right up there with the idea that we come from monkeys. That’s a completely different branch of the primate family tree. It’d be like saying your cousin is your mother. Unless you come from a *really* friendly part of the country, that’s not the case for the vast majority of us. And yet I see pro-evolution people arguing the point rather than shooting it down: “No. We do not come from monkeys. We *share an ancestor* with monkeys.” I don’t see that said a lot. It makes me nuts.

      • daniel says

        lol we came from monkeys is the exact phrase i use to describe what is the epitome of ignorance! love it! and more people do need to hear that. and seriously, robb, i feel your pain i really do. just dont get all jaded, i hate jaded people. it’s so weak. not that you will, i’ve just got to say that. you change who and what you can, screw the rest. the starfish parable comes to mind. and hey, i’m as hardcore as Richard Dawkins on evolution and atheism and i can still admit that if you take science(or anything else for that matter) back as far as it can possibly go, you will end up finding faith. the big bang is something that, short of time travel or something that somebody much much more intelligent than myself discovers, is basically impossible to prove. we probably aren’t even supposed to know “how it began”. in fact, beyond just a scientific curiosity, i think that “how did it begin” is a stupid, pointless question to ask. that’s like if one day you woke up in a moving car. you’re in the back seat, it’s like walled off so you cant see the driver and only one window is transparent and it’s cracked just a little bit. but instead of (or even worse actually, at the same time as)using what you can to learn about where you are and quite possibly where you may be going, all you do is claw at the wall and shout, “how did I get here?” and , “what does this all mean?” weak! lol

    • Ian Lucas says

      Never have understood the division, either. Apparently, neither did Francis Collins, the evangelical Christian who led the Human Genome Project. 😉

    • says


      A bit of info for you as you seem like an open-minded Christian. An unavoidable fact of evolution is that it is random; utterly, completely random. Many scientists have tried to prove the hypothesis you state, that perhaps a creator “designed” evolution but when faced with the fact that it is utterly random, had to give that hope/thought up. Why? Because any “design” would inevitably be non-random. While this may seem hard to get intuitively, it is absolutely so. If evolution itself was “designed”, there would be an artifact of that design found in the patterns of how it works, but there is none. It gets worse. Evolution only works because its random. It is subject to natural selection, and accordingly adaptations that are more successful in a given environment get the chance to reproduce, but there is no system/pattern to all of this.

      If you really want to understand the philosophical implications of evolution along the lines I’ve described, Daniel Dennett wrote a life-changing book on the topic called Darwin’s Dangerous Idea. It’s what dashed my same belief in the idea you stated.

  5. Wes says

    “Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still.” All you can do is make the information available and hope people take their blinders off. The success stories are probably the most powerful tool, especially for those who don’t geek out on the biochemistry. You’re doing a great job (Robb and team) and I’ve seen the influence slowly spreading.

  6. Emily says

    THANK YOU!!! That is all I can say. Thank you for pushing forward and fighting for our health and wellbeing!! I keep thinking you and Sarah need to do your own reality show where you take overweight people and do a 30 day Paleo Solution and prove that it makes a HUGE difference!! Show that you don’t have spend hours on the elliptical and eat rice cakes to lose weight and get healthy!

    • says

      The MAN OF THE YEAR. Chuck, to the degree this blog helps anyone you from this day forward get all the credit for it. had your voice of reason not popped up the blog would be gone today. A “gone coconut farming” sign would be on the fornt end and I;d have never uttered a word on this topic again.

      Wait…I think you may have ruined my life! Seriously though, THANK YOU.

      • says

        It was my honor, bub. Please, keep up the good work. Know that you are helping. My wife is a Whole9 success story, my daughter’s PDD is mitigated, my sister is on lower doses of RA meds, my mom has Fibro and (when she listens to me and follows the diet) feels better…and that’s just my immediate family.

        I know that your emotional connection to this runs deep. You should know, however that you have created a community of practice; and if people want to ignore the roots of your argument or the science, or the results in the form of both hard data and anecdote that support them – but they still follow the diet *shrug* who the f*ck cares? Who cares if their blinders can’t allow them to support two, (supposedly) conflicting ideas and still operate? I find it especially heartening that, despite their ‘disbelief’ in the scientific roots of the work, they continue to spread the word because ‘the science is there, time after time.’

        The only reason you should be listening to any of these fringe voices is to learn how to better shape the discussion to overcome, circumvent or go around the barrier to adoption in the next person that peeks through your office door.


  7. Claudia says

    Incredible post, love your honesty. And I think what you need to remember is that you can’t change the minds of people who aren’t willing to listen or learn, but there are a shit load of us out there who are ready for a change and have seen the light (in my case, a bout of breast cancer at 24). You can’t lose hope because although the world seems to be going down the shitter – and I’ll admit that in many ways it is – there’s a whole lot of people benefiting from the work you do and knowledge you share.

    I’m unsure if things will ever truly change, the business of food is just so great and the profits so huge that it really has nothing to do with what people ACTUALLY believe – it’s just about what will make them money.

    Point being, we’re making changes even if they’re small. I’ve been Paleo since January and have turned on a close friend to it (she’s been on mood stabilizers and other drugs for years) and her husband (a severe diabetic in his late 20s) and both of them have seen dramatic results and are feeling better than ever. They will hopefully share their stories with others and we’ll just carry on in this small way.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing, we love you!!

  8. Allan Edwards says

    We’re a little bit quicker on this one. Mendel was an Augustian monk after all.

    “In his encyclical Humani Generis (1950), my predecessor Pius XII has already affirmed that there is no conflict between evolution and the doctrine of the faith regarding man and his vocation, provided that we do not lose sight of certain fixed points….Today, more than a half-century after the appearance of that encyclical, some new findings lead us toward the recognition of evolution as more than an hypothesis. In fact it is remarkable that this theory has had progressively greater influence on the spirit of researchers, following a series of discoveries in different scholarly disciplines. The convergence in the results of these independent studies — which was neither planned nor sought — constitutes in itself a significant argument in favour of the theory.”

    Just hoping to reassure you as one who finds no conflict between the Paleo POV and his faith.

  9. Cristina says

    Consider me on the team! You had my back and lifted me up this past week on my “little” blog and I have your back too. (thanks for you comments, BTW). I will go forward and keep trying to reach people. This was an awesome post!

  10. Sarah Russell says

    Robb, it’s the truth and you’re the only ones with the cajones to say it. Thank you for continually telling the truth even when it’s unpopular, labeled as false or dismissed. Not everyone can handle the truth but that doesn’t make it any less right. You are a forward thinker that is ahead of many other’s “time”. Do not let this discourage you. You are exactly what the world needs, whether or not the world realizes it. You personally gave me answers to my cancer that my team of doctors could not or would not and I am forever indebted to you and your willingness to share your wisdom. You also enlightened me to an evolutionary approach that I hadn’t been exposed to anywhere else. I’d suggest you run for President if it wouldn’t be a complete waste of your intelligence and personality. Amen. No, wait. Godspeed. No, oh, you know what I mean!

  11. says

    HUGE! Well said, and agree 100% that the strength of paleo is in its heart, not head. This is coming from an evolution-believing Christian – so maybe I can give you hope on that end :)

    Truth is truth, and as long as the truth is *allowed* to be spoken, then this movement will grow. It’s the “allowed” part that I fear for in our future and why I also take the Libertarian bent.

    Keep at it Robb.

    • says

      Second this Kenny. Just cause you’re Christian doesn’t mean you can’t believe in what Science has to offer, or that you can’t be non-conservative/libertarian (back home I would be chastised for this)

      Although I’m starting to take on the more of F’ the rest of em approach. Getting very tired of repeatedly beating a dead bush with continued proof whilst explaining this better way of eating to people. I used to be super aggressive and eager when talking to people, now I’m like ultra passive and am hording the knowledge for myself. The weakness of some people to be unable to commit to something boggles my mind – are soda and candy bars really that addictive? Do you HAVE to eat that bread with that meal? Will you die if you don’t? Ironically, more like if you do.

      Keep up the good work Robb, although I’m not gonna lie, probably gonna keep most of this wonderful information for my own gains (Although the wifey is slowly turning, that’s one front i won’t give up on)

    • Bryan L says

      I could have hitched a ride on any of a dozen of the other replies, or written my own. I’m feeling pretty much “yeah, what they said,” with Kenny and Chris, though. You yourself predicted pushback. Congratulations, we have critical mass. (And you may have thought the battles with The Couch were big. Buckle up.)

      On a related note, though, your post makes me nervous. I think it’s time you, Nicki, and Amber put in some sort of failsafe process to protect yourself from the occasional dark moment. Maybe you could all three have to simultaneously turn keys in order to blow it all up.

      • says

        HA! I like the NORAD/Nuclear Armageddon imagery. You know, I learned a lot about why I do this stuff. I LOVE being of service. I like knowing (are at least thinking) that what I do matters and that it helps people. But i also realized I could walk away and be perfectly happy. I could go to medical school in Grenada, open a clinic in the backwaters of central america and be just as happy so long as what I was doing mattered. The other day…I had a period of time where I did not feel that it mattered anymore and seriously contemplated bagging the whole operation. It was liberating in a way because I’m NOT attached to all this. I can think of a million ways to help people, but at the end of the day I really DO like doing this stuff. I think sometimes it’s really good to go to that dark place and not only question everything you are doing, but be willing to burn it all down and see what’s left. When I contemplated that scenario what was left was me, still working to help people.

        It’s been an interesting couple of days!

        • says

          It’s great to see you pour heart into this. I’ve had similar experiences and feelings of hopelessness in this challenge to help others, but every once in awhile I’m able to help one person and my drive in this is strengthened even greater than before.

          Are you really unattached to this? Didn’t you use Paleo to overcome your ulcerative colitis? That’s a big deal. The pain and suffering you’ve experienced and the freedom of your new found health. It changes you to the core, I would think. At least for me it has. It’s impossible to walk away and not pay it forward.

          No matter how bad it gets, I know you’ll soldier on.

  12. says

    Damn, it’s a good day to be a Druid.
    That was epic and well said. I have rarely been more pleased to have a religion that, by definition, cannot conflict with nature.

    And seriously, someone ought to shut Dr. Oz right up.

  13. says

    I’m a firm believer in the paleo way of eating, but I am constantly addicted to these refined foods. I know it is mostly because they are easy, but I really feel like it is an addiction. Robb’s book has really helped me and I am trying to get things back on track but it is so hard. I need a kick in the rear and im glad Robb is still willing to fight for people like me.
    Oh and don’t even get me started on Dr Oz, that man just screams sellout.

  14. David Klatte says


    You seem surprised that many people are ignorant sheep. I’m surprised that you are surprised.

    The fact that many followers of the paleo concept are in fact treating it as a fad diet is not only not surprising, but it almost must be true. Lots of people try diets (even knowing they are fads) in the hopes that they will find something that will work because SAD doesn’t. Or in the hopes that it will be one more trip down on the diet roller coaster.

    There are certainly plenty of people who think I am on a fad diet.

    These aren’t the people we need to convince. These aren’t the people who are going to help build that broad base of knowledge and experience that might make a real difference.

    So don’t worry about it. Keep thinking critically and keep making sense and eventually things will start to change. I think they already are changing.

    On the other hand, I was just listening to This Week in Tech while I was typing this and at the end they actually mentioned the paleo diet. But in the context of not having tasty food. Sigh. All of my food is tasty. One step at a time.


      • Cathryn says

        I can’t believe anyone would find paleo eating not tasty. My husband and I are in heaven at each and every meal. And now having incorporated much of Paul Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet, we both look and feel better than ever. How many 60 year old women look at themselves in the mirror and think, “Damn! I’m HOT!” That is, unless they are having a menopausal flash.

        If you ever come to Eugene, Oregon, you can come to my house for dinner and and I’ll make a lemon pasta dish (with rice vermicelli, lemon and coconut milk) to rival the wheat version they serve in Italy that is pretty much to die for (literally, I now realize). Don’t worry, there will be a big meat thing of some sort, too.

        I love you. I wish you were my son!

    • says

      Maybe they got exposed to my uncle who eats “paleo”. I really don’t recognize it as paleo though.

      All he eats are grassfed meats, organic veggies, and will not eat any spices, salt, pepper, nada.

      Even more interesting, there’s no fruit, and he rotates meats and 2 different veggies every day, with a 4 day rotation cycle.

      I’m kind of worried that he’s giving us a bad name…

  15. Another Paleo Convert says


    If it’s 16% that “have your back” now, it will be 17% soon…then 20%…then 30%…

    I’ve been Paleo for 9 months and, quite literally, have had friends sit me down simply to find out “…what the heck I’ve done” to lose weight, gain energy and just look so good. One by one, person by person, a wave is taking place.

    I feel your frustration, but your work, your story and your dedication does not go unnoticed. Rest assured. Keep up the good work and we’ll all continue to move forward.

    The Day the Great Dr. Oz has the balls to debate Dr. William Davis about wheat is the first day I will even consider anything out of Oz’s mouth to be anything close to the truth.

    He’s another main-stream, media-(Oprah, in his case) created, talking head idiot.

    Great post. Glad you vented.

    • says

      I had to piggy back ride on this comment because I truly believe that 16% will be higher by next year! I too have seen the LIFE CHANGING of Paleo, I believe in your cause whole-heartedly, and Ive shared it not only here but to anyone that will listen…really listen

      I have many people that know that for over a decade Fibromyalgia made my life a living hell and I am now on top of the world, and in better shape than anyone around me! I already have family members asking, friends requesting links, and diet plans..they all want to know what is Paleo and I am more than happy to tell them and encourage them to start living this way. I also will tell anyone who gives me 3 minutes of their time (every one at Trader Joes and Sprouts knows me now) ha!

      I can only say we got your back Robb, keep fighting the good fight! we got you covered!

      ::puts on helmet:: BRING IT!

    • Ian says

      Robb, you only need a handful of people to cover your broad back if each of those few have people behind them too, and so on..

      It only took one person to tell me about paleo, I have passed it on now to more people than I can remember and in several countries. It is simple maths to show that this ‘pyramid scheme’ will soon cover the world.

      • Uncephalized says

        This is only true if some competing ideology(ies) do(es) not prove strong enough to occupy some large percent of the meme pool in vulnerable people, but I do hope you’re right, because paleo freakin’ rocks my Grok-socks.

  16. Bill Carroll says

    Fantastic post. And, anyone who can quote RATM while delivering good hard scientific evidence … well, I’m impressed :)

  17. Andy says

    I agree with the notion that TV and medicine and the mixture of the two are money driven and corrupted health concepts. Everything boils down to the almighty dollar and what insurance will cover. The paleo diet can help on many fronts regarding health. However, to say that people are not or cannot be healed by faith is ignorance. Results do not lie. I have family that were sick and healed by the Holy Spirit. There is a spiritual realm. To claim something can’t or doesn’t exist because you cannot perceive it with your 5 senses is not legitimate.
    There are natural laws and there are spiritual laws. I’m not trying to get preachy here, there is so much to learn about these that an attempt here would be futile. I like the diet, the science and searching for whats best, but to say this is all we are, eating and exercisin, is small. I don’t attempt to persuade your thinking at all through this, but would just hope all healing methods are not lumped together under ‘quack’ medicine, just as you don’t want Paleo thrown under those buses. That being said, It’s your site. Appreciate your hard work. Never give up the good fight!

    • says

      Andy, Not once did I preach Naturalism. NOT ONCE. You read what you wanted into this. I said clearly that science has no place commenting on religion, did you miss that? That I hammered Dr. oz for promoting mediums and faith healers is no commentary on YOUR or anyone else’s spirituality or beliefs. My question is this: Is Oz time better spent promoting that or talking about this way of eating? Which one do you think is going to benefit mroe people?

    • Jared says

      How exactly do you know they were healed by the holy spirit and not that they just got better?

      Let’s say they were healed with the holy spirit, shouldn’t the holy spirit then be measurable, since they did a measurable thing?

      Just because you don’t understand what happened doesn’t mean bob did it, or god, or whomever you use to explain things you don’t understand.

  18. Jennie says

    Great post. You are making a difference. Now that I’m aware of Paleo (7/10/11 start date) I see it blossoming. My smallish town, local health food store just did a preview of Paleo diet concepts in their monthly newsletter. The news is spreading.

  19. says

    It’s ridiculously disheartening to watch mainstream TV and read mainstream media and realize that THIS is where the American public is getting their information from. But if you keep doing what you’re doing, we’ll remain in the 16% of folks who always, unfailingly will have your back. And I have to believe that our collective efforts ARE making a difference.

    Melissa & Dallas

  20. Kate says

    Despite being a godless heathen agnostic myself, I feel compelled to point out an area of concern for me in how you’re using the stats you’re quoting from the Gallup poll on evolution and intelligent design.

    You’re right, 16% of the population will have your (paleo) back if you take God out of the equation – but an additional 38% agree that humans evolved from less intelligent life, they just also believe that a higher power was involved. The 40% who believe that we just sprang up, fully formed, 10,000 years ago – well, I got nothin’. But the number of people who do believe in evolution is more than half. If this movement is limited just to people who base their values systems solely on reason and take faith completely out of the equation, you’re right – that’s a pretty limited bunch and you can’t do much with that. If you allow for people to include faith in with their reason and understanding of evolutionary biology, that’s a much broader swath of the population, and you CAN do a lot with that. There’s hope!

    Re: Dr. Oz and Melina, that’s just appalling – I can’t believe Time would publish that bunk.

    • says

      I was in a pretty dark place…I kinda cherry-picked my data on this. I did not feel like much of anyone gave a shit about this! Keep in mind, I REALLY almost shut the blog and podcast down this weekend. Had Chuck Carbanau not showed up in my Facebook thread on this I would have. I was DONE. 10 gallons of done.

      • Karen says

        And remember that you have helped people not just in America (which is wonderful), but in many other countries where acceptance of evolution is the norm.

        More people probably have your back than you might think, so please reach out for a bit of much-deserved support again next time you’re tempted to pull the plug.

  21. Lauri says

    Hi Robb. Dr. Oz is just for entertainment. I watched a show of his where he had a guest on that had written a book about a diet similar to yours, only no fruit. Dr. Oz was so rude to this man.
    While I do not believe in evolution, I do find your way of eating to be right. In fact I have two cats and two dogs. I put them on a grain free diet back in April called Taste of the Wild. One of my cats weighed 18 pounds for 10 years. I just fed him regular dry cat food. After I put him on the grain free dry food he now weighs 8 pounds!! I can also tell he has more energy.
    If people want to eat grains and other unhealthy foods that is their choice. Dr. Oz, other doctors, and food companies are only looking at the almighty dollar! I have seen a difference in my life and my pets lives so I’m sold on Paleo.

  22. says

    I say just keep educating those wanting to learn and fuck the rest. Thanks to the information I’ve received(for free, I might add) from you and Mark Sisson I’ve gone from 250+(and I’m only 5’9″) and waiting to die early from heart disease and diabetes like my father to 170(and that’s after adding a good bit of muscle) and being in better shape now than I have ever been. To those that want to hear my story I’m more than happy to tell it. I don’t have time for the rest.

    People like Dr. Oz are a poison to society, but people like that do a good job of exposing themselves for what they really are without much help. He will spout whatever his advertisers want him to.

    It’s funny, I have even heard how evolution is fake from the same people I buy my grass-fed beef from. It’s an organic buying club where most of the members are very religious WAPF followers. That’s fine, but they still show plenty of physical signs of eating plenty of grains and sugar, even if they are from “healthy” sources. They always act so shocked when my order is nothing but 50 pounds of beef and a quart of tallow. I’ve explained to them about Paleo and they say “Wow, you seem really healthy. It really works for you, but you know evolution is false.” I want to snap, but they sell me grass fed beef at a good price, so I keep my mouth shut.

    • chuck says

      I am curious to see how the WAPF people react to the book Wheat Belly. They go through all the trouble to “properly prepare” their grains yet still have lingering health and body comp issues. Now they are going to have to find heirloom, artisinal grains to properly prepare. gonna be spensive and time consuming. On the whole, I believe they are a smart group an will take Wheat Belly seriously.

        • Katy says

          As someone whom follow the work of both Robb and WAPF and integrates them into my life, I feel (in a small way) qualified to answer this.

          WAPF has done some amazing work. But in some ways, I feel like there can be a “dogmatic” attitude toward new information and change among WAPFers if it comes from outside the foundation. Honestly, I don’t understand that since going from CW to WAPF is just as life changing as going paleo. In a large part, I think this attitude is perpetuated by the organization and it can be pretty nasty sometimes.

          Second, as Chris Masterjohn also points out, WAPF doesn’t REQUIRE the consumption of grain, but if you are going to eat them, they do push for properly preparing them. Though, they don’t go out of their way to say that grains don’t need to be part of a healthy diet.

          Overall, though, I think the paleo/primal, WAPF and low-carb communities would all be best served to concentrate on how they are the same rather than how they are different. All 3 groups (in general) fight for food quality, sustainability, local/seasonal eating of REAL food.

          • chuck says


            I believe you are right regarding WAPF and Paleo being pretty closely aligned. The low carb group could care less about food quality and sustainability imo.

          • Katy says


            maybe it is just the low carb people I who’s work I tend to follow. You are probably right that the movement as a whole isn’t as interested.

        • chuck says

          You seem skeptical. I believe the WAPF people will be very interested to know that the wheat they eat today is very different than what was consumed by traditional cultures Weston Price studied.

  23. Trevor Timbeck says

    “If everyone is thinking alike, somebody isn’t thinking”. I appreciate that you are taking the time to actually *think* about these things and sharing your thoughts. Unfortunately we are fighting this battle on multiple fronts, each of which goes against some deeply help beliefs (evolution vs religion) and life long habits (nutrition). No one likes to hear they are wrong, especially on fundamental things. All you can really do is focus on the evidence/outcomes and hope that people start *thinking* for themselves.

  24. Andrew Close says

    Iv’e been “fighting” a similar battle with family and friends, and i’m pretty sure Robb Wolf has been more successful then me, despite societies still bashing of real evidence and this article, and i’m still looking at the bright side. They’ve even resorted to verbally attacking my GF without me, when i’m the one who they should be talking too. Two overweight and increasingly unhealthy people attacking increasingly healthy people. I forgot who said this, but I guess its true what they said, we are in stage III where the mainstream is attacking us before they accept us.

    If paleo does fail, then we can all move into an island together and be those creepy caveman people and drink kool-aid, haha, then no one would ever believe us.

    But seriously, keep up the good work that you have been doing. You at least keep the people who are already paleo going stronger everyday. I don’t think this is an issue that is going to be resolved soon, it needs time.

  25. Carly says

    Thank you. We all appreciate what you do greatly, your passion has undoubtedly improved 1000s and 1000s of lives and must ba a good feeling having that knowledge. I do however find it frightening that so many people don’t beleive in human evolution. WTF?!?!! I just….words escape me.

  26. Corey says

    Robb. Thank you for all your hard work in this area. I can only imagine how difficult it is to continually battle those that simply “look the other way”. As a Christian I can say that what draws me to the paleo lifestyle is not the evolutionary part of it, but the results that are gained from the lifestyle.

    I’m a 53 year old guy that has suffered from being overweight my entire life, going back to my childhood. I’ve had numerous health issues. I can’t remember a point in time where I went a complete day without ANY pain somewhere in my body. I’ve battled heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, border line diabetes, migraines, allergies and whole host of “aches and pains”.

    Last fall my wife and I launched into yet another round of “diet and exercise” to take off the massive amount of weight we had gained over the years. I’m 5’10” and my weight had ballooned to 260.

    I’ve always been athletic and was into weightlifting/body building as a younger man. I’ve always given in to the “burn more than you consume” mentality, but this time was different. In the past I was able to make quick gains at loosing weight (does that sound oxymoronic?).This time was different. We started in October last year, and by August 2011 I had lost a whopping 15 lbs! This after being in the gym working like a dog 5-7 days a week. I had just given up and wasn’t in the gym as much any more.

    In late July, early August I bumped into paleo through a “random” series of events. I ended up on Mark’s Daily Apple and began reading. and reading…and reading. I was led to your site, and continued to read. I’ve read Tuabs, I’ve read Prmal Body…, I’ve read Dr. Eads and myriad others.

    I started slowly at first, but I’m currently in about my 5th or 6th week of being more strict in my diet and I’ve lost 15 lbs! Oh, and I’ve been in the gym a total of 4 times! I cannot tell you how profound this has been on my thinking and my life. The symptoms I mentioned above are going away. My mind is clear. I used to feel “foggy” all the time and had trouble concentrating. That’s gone. My heart beats without issue. My aches and pains are subsiding and I can say that I’m pain free. I haven’t had a migraine in all of this time. It’s allergy time here and I am symptom free, while my wife is totally congested.

    All I can say is that people need to educate themselves. For too long people have just blindly followed the government policies, or the “tv” doctors, or un-educated doctors (uneducated to the ways of how the body really functions) without bothering to get themselves educated. I was in that category, but no longer.

    My point in all of this is to say that people need to take responsibility for their own lives, and you and others like you have opened my eyes to the possibility of a healthy life without walking around starving all day!

    I am profoundly grateful to you and people like you that have taken up this fight.

    Keep fighting the fight! It’s having an impact.

      • Corey says

        Thank you. I think the work that you are doing is so important to the world. I really appreciate what you do and will continue to look to you for information as I work my way through the lifestyle.

    • says

      Agreed. I’m a Christian too. Found this site, as well as others. Love your podcast and site Robb, your knowledge and experience combined with Richard Nikoley’s “free the animal” and Dr. Kruse’s blog has led to a lot of n=1 that has benefited my life in almost too many ways to appreciate.

      I know this evolution thing is hard for some Christians to grasp. I used to be a young earth creationist, and now I’m noticing adaptation and evolutionary changes in the species. I’m still not sure how I would combine thoughts on creation with the big bang or any of the other theories, but I’m not worried about it. I’ve drastically changed my thinking to ignore pet “theories” and instead am caring about the hard science and what really makes us tick. And you know what? Whether we evolved from the big bang and other species, or were created, we’re still not adapted to eat certain things.

      I think it’s stupid to ignore the science, to ignore the differences in how I feel, to how I live, to how I perform doing paleo. There’s no way I would abandon heavy weights, crossfit style metabolic workouts, and the awesome things that bacon and an a leptin reset has done for me.

  27. says

    I feel you there. I can’t believe the changes that switching to paleo with crossfit has made in my life and others. All I needed was actual exposure to it to see the obvious difference. I had never heard of “the paleo diet” until recently. Upon seeing the changes in others going paleo, my next steps were obvious and simple. Keep fighting the good fight. Someone has to…

  28. PaulL says


    Thanks for the rant! Well done! I read your book right before last Christmas, then bought a second copy so I could lend it out. I’ve had huge success with this pseudo-scientific paleo thing, to the point of, after converting myself, and then my entire family (candy-loving kids and all! as I wrote about on Sarah’s site) I’m now firmly of the belief that this thing might just work someday! 😉

    Seriously, though, keep up the good work, me and the other 5 listeners have your back (6 listeners is still < 16% of the population :)

    I'm sure many of us are doing what we can, which sometimes amounts to little more than saying, "Here, read this awesome book, then visit Robb's website!" But for us to do that, you have be here. So don't give up quite yet.

    Thanks again for what you do, it's important, and truth wants to be free. Someday, we will be a Paleo society with more free-range, grass-fed animals roaming around than not.

  29. says

    Thanks Robb. As always, you have succinctly worded what I (and I’m sure many others) have long felt in our struggle to explain ancestral nutrition to friends, family, and clients. Your post reminds me of the idiom “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. For those with the information “rattling between our ears” the picture is clear (and so is our health), I can not say the same for the skinny, pale vegan telling me I shouldn’t eat animals.

    As Amy said above: Keep fighting the good fight! Keep holding the torch high so that others will see the light.

  30. Judith says

    I won’t bother with my story, it is similar to so many others. After many years of not feeling well but the medical community telling me that nothing was wrong I decided I had to make a change. I found Paleo and took Robb’s advice to try it for 30 days. So I did and while I don’t have all my ducks in a row with the stress and sleeping, I am losing weight and feel more able to cope with my recent breast cancer diagnosis. Keep up the great work, I’ve been screaming through your podcasts and have listened to about 60% of them. Thank you for ethics and your desire to help people!

  31. ddbigshoots says

    Don’t back down

    Corporate america is running Dr Oz and the government. What if tomorrow the FDA said that eggs were healthy and eat as much as you want? The grain industry would be up in arms because their RTE (ready to eat) meals would lose market share. BTW I eat 2 dozen eggs per week.

    Take a look at “Wheat Belly” you had the author on your podcast and now he is being ridiculed by the grain industry with personal attacks. Any chance he will see mainstream america TV? Not without someone losing their job!

    To help save my kids, we have switched to Paleo and ditched the cable TV for Netflix and hulu. The only propaganda exposure they see now is an insurance commercial from hulu.

    Don’t back down

  32. says

    Maybe I’m just being overly optimistic and living in a bubble, but I honestly think change is coming faster that it seems sometimes (especially from the crap on TV). A young couple that we are very close to were both raised as SDA and vegetarians. They would send us creationism propaganda, and try to get us to embrace their fake meat meals. But now they are pissed off because they realize how they have been duped for so many years. She is almost 30 years old, and had meat for the first time in her life this year. And she called me the other day asking for salmon recipes! My mother (72 years old) just told me she was in a bookstore yesterday, and looked for a book on “that way you eat”.

    I know the greater part of this battle will be fought by people like you, “and Loren Cordain, Boyd Eaton, Staffan Lindeberg etc”. But there’s a lot of us who wholeheartedly “believe” in evolution and the paleo shtick, but do not possess the strong scientific background. So is there anything you see that people like me could be doing to help us get there before 2360?

  33. Alex says

    Dude, seems like you needed to get that shit off your chest – but now you’d better just press on for all our sakes. There’s enough honest folk floating round in the sea of faeces to eventually send those cocksuckers scurrying into their holes.

  34. Judith says

    I echo Amy’s comment. Found you book and podcast recently, have read one and listened to about 60% of the other. After feeling lousy for the last several years and being told by the medical community that nothing was wrong with me, I finally needed to change something. My friend told me about Paleo. Up to this point I was dabbling with the Weston Price philosophy but Paleo was so much easier (for me). Thanks for the information, thanks for the ethics, thanks for showing me a way to be leaner and healthier.

  35. Madina says

    Please don’t give up!!!

    I get mad when every time I hear “Dr.Oz said…” I’ve always know Dr. Oz was a quack and he is promoting gastric bypass surgeries (from his interview with Prevention magazine”:

    PM: What health issue do you think can be solved in our lifetime?

    Dr.Oz: Obesity. I really do think we can get ahead of it. It’s easier to cure obesity than cancer. And it drives most of the heart disease and a good amount of the autoimmune issues we have. I also think gastric bypass surgery will play a big role. We probably do only 1% of the gastric bypass surgeries we should do.

    PM: So you’re a proponent of gastric bypass?

    Dr.Oz: Yes. Listen, if you’re one hundred pounds overweight at age fifty, you have the same mortality rate as if you have a solid cancer. Would you operate for cancer? Yeah. So if you cannot lose that weight, get one of these procedures. You have to do it with counseling and full awareness of what you’re doing, of course. But if you get people to start losing 5% of their excess body weight, you’re really taking a big whack out of the two-thirds of Americans who are overweight or obese right now.”

    • Bevie says

      Are you SERIOUS? I have never been so glad of my tendency to automatically put down any magazine that has that individuals name featured prominently. I know a couple that were both seriously overweight and had the surgery and now have a great deal MORE (and more severe)health problems that when they were fat. And the fat is creeping back too. Gastric Bypass is one of the more idiotic surgeries that a doctor can recommend and I am appalled that Oz has the nerve to compare cutting out a part of a vital organ to removing cancer.

      • PaulL says

        Robb, Being both religious and libertarian, I have survived working in Cambridge, MA (The People’s Republic of Cambridge). You have NOTHING to worry about. Nothing you said could even remotely be interpreted as anti-religious. Anti-stupid, yeah, but, well, there are stupid people everywhere, of all races, religions, and political beliefs. And we need more anti-stupid rants anyway.

        Keep on keepin’ on :)

          • PaulL says

            Most religious people aren’t bad. Some are stupid (see above) but mostly well meaning. I’m religious, but also scientific (there are more of us with that combination than you think :) Evolution and Creationism (in it’s most basic form) can co-exist in the sense that God created everything. But that doesn’t mean He created everything exactly as it is right now…

            It’s not a huge leap (if we’re talking about faith, after all) to believe He created the environment in which evolution could exist :)

            And don’t mind the liberals so much. They have a purpose; to prove the conservatives were right, and to be voted out !

    • Corey says

      Absolutely! People need to do the research and educate themselves on what works and what doesn’t, then make their plans accordingly.

    • Paula B says

      I agree!

      I wish that this way of eating and living had been dubbed “ancestral” instead of “paleo.” We all have ancestors, whether religious or not, whether creationist or evolutionist or any combination thereof.

      I was primed for paleo, as so many were, by several things in my quest to feel better and fight several health problems:
      –a presentation by a veterinarian about dog nutrition and grain dangers
      –several friends following an anti-Candida diet
      –several friends losing weight and feeling better on wheat free or grain free low sugar diets
      –reading Jordin Rubin’s “The Maker’s Diet” which is actually more similar to paleo than to SAD because of its emphasis on clean unprocessed foods, even though it includes soaked, sprouted grains and excludes pork (gasp!)
      –concern with chemicals, pesticides, GMO foods, hormones in milk, etc
      –and finally the encouragement of my son & DIL, who recommended your book and website, Robb. My son leaned out with CrossFit and paleo and saw a great improvement in allergies, blood sugar mood swings, etc. I only wish I’d know about this when my children were babies.

      Robb, your book and website along with Everyday Paleo is what really gelled things for me and made me think I could actually do this. I can, and I have, and I will. 42 pounds so far, no allergy meds for the first time in over 50 years, acid reflux gone, blood sugar normalized…and that’s just for starters. Don’t get discouraged. You are helping people.

  36. says

    And once upon a time they thought the world was flat! This doesn’t matter. You are having a TREMENDOUS impact. Keep blooming where you are planted! Focus your energies! The results will eventually gain critical mass. Too many people as living proof will be impossible to ignore. Keep calm and carry on. Have an NCM and cheer the heck up! If you croaked today, you have ALREADY done a HUGE service to your fellow man. Be proud of what you have accomplished! :-)

  37. dylan says

    My dad always told me these situations are “not about winning or losing, but living up to your own standards and trying hard enough that you can look yourself in the mirror regardless of the end result” its some of the best advice I’ve ever had. You have helped a lot of people, and started the nutrition ball rolling in an important direction. You should be proud of the effort regardless of whether dr. Oz or anyone else can make money on what your doing.


  38. Rella says

    A lot of good points in this, thanks for writing such a great rally call. But I have two quibbles. Most minor: it is James Randi, not Randy. More importantly, evolutionists are the majority: from that Gallup poll 40% don’t believe in evolution at all, but 38% + 16% do (with or without God’s help) So 40% no, 54% yes, 6% no response

    Thankfully scientists of all disciplines overwhelmingly believe in evolution. (From 1997 Gallup, 44% general pop do not believe but only 5% of scientists – I can’t find more recent numbers quickly this morning, but Google “Project Steve” for a laugh.) Please keep working on getting scientists and medical community on board with this.

    My friend is dying of cancer yet won’t give up eating sugars and grains even when I tell her that is the primary (possibly only) food for the cancer cells in her body. Perhaps when the advice comes direct from the doctors people will listen.

  39. says


    I just want to first thank you for popularizing and spreading the message on the paleo diet. I know there is truth in it.

    Just a short snippet of my story. I weighed 195 lbs Fall 2010. I lost 40 lbs doing all the wrong things (losing strength and muscle) but then I discovered the Paleo Diet and I was able to get ripped, gain strength, and have more energy (I even leaned out to 146.2 lbs).

    I also know that there is so much bad conventional wisdom concerning diet and nutrition. I wonder what doctors and scientist would be saying if money wasn’t involved?

    So I commend you for fighting the good fight even though all this bad press is happening and people trying to bring you down. Keep fighting because there is the “small” group of followers who tried the paleo and have your back!

    Tom Chon aka Be Ninja

  40. says


    A great rant, and one to which you are certainly entitled.

    One point, if you really drill into that flat earth societies site, it MUST be a joke. Read their “what we are doing” page, and it describes their currently underway plan to infiltrate the school systems. If it’s not a gag, than I’m glad they exist for the humor valor.

    Thanks for all you do.


    • says

      they are “real” and have been around a loooong time. I frequently reference them when faced with a situation in which it’s impossible to sway people with facts.

  41. Derek says

    Great bit… I experience much the same frustration in my professional life. For some of us, it will take an entire career of effort to produce the sort of results that we would like to see… but that doesn’t mean the effort isn’t worth it. Keep up the good fight.

  42. Launie says

    Keep your chin up Robb! I am a changed person since I read your book, in more ways than just the physical. You inspired me to take a much closer look at the popular beliefs that I’ve carried for many, many years. I’ve learned to be much more analytical and have delved deeper into the science, evolution, anthropology than ever before. (This coming from someone who was raised in a very strict religion for half of her life) It’s taught me to be a much more critical thinker instead of just blindly accepting what the conventional system has to say. Your courage and wisdom to take a stand on health is having an impact and I admire your integrity on not selling out like so many have. Keep up the fight Robb and know that so many of us are fighting right along side of you!

  43. Roland says

    Hi Robb, keep up the good work and don’t forget that some people do not want to be saved – don’t waste your time on them! The world is over populated as it is and I for one would rather have Robb be sane 😉

  44. Rachel says

    I agree with Amy. Do not let the bull-headed ignorance of others sway you. We are out here and we are listening. Teach us Yoda :}

  45. Jose Zeballos says

    Great post!
    Thank you so much Robb, it´s incredible how many scientists lack the basic scientific approach!
    Keep your fight. You (and a handful of other real nutritional scientists – Sisson, Harris, etc. ) are making history!

  46. Rob says

    How about trying in a different country. The UK has the NHS and it’s in their interest that people aren’t sick unlike the health system in the US. The BBC is also more likely to give an unbiased view since they’re not funded by advertising.

    When something gets traction in Europe especially in regards to health usually the US takes notice.

  47. Peter says

    In my view, it will take time until the Paleo eating principles will be more well-known around the world. For example, in Czech republic and Slovakia, not one book about Paleo was translated yet (and I see lots of other dieting books in the shelves). I discovered Paleo just be accidental web-browsing after reading the “Four Hour Body” book. In other words, it is still all very young and needs time to enter public consciousness.

    Robb, thank you for promoting Paleo way of eating, and please don’t be discouraged by occasional bad publicity in media. We shouldn’t overestimate the effect of bad publicity.

    One example: I’ve been practicing a Chinese meditation system called Falun Gong for about 10 years. After it became popular, Chinese Communist Party decided that it could potentially challenge them and tried to completely eradicate it. They spent obscene amount of effort and state resources to spread propaganda and imprison its adherents in China, but in effect they didn’t achieve that much… The practice is still striving both in China and abroad. This is somehow similar…the truth will ultimately prevail, since many people actually benefited from it and no amount of bad publicity can eradicate that. We just should not give up.

  48. Phil Bear says

    Firstly, let me say that I love fractionated palm kernel oil, so I’m glad to see the ol’ doc put it in her bars.

    Secondly, thanks for standing up for science and evolution – and not just in the post. For those who have read any of your past articles, or listened to your podcast, it should be blatantly clear where you stand on this issue.

    As you make clear when reading your book – you can skip the nerdy explanations of where the diet came from and jump right in, but that doesn’t make the nerdy explanations any less scientifically sound.

    We are born of primates, people. Embrace it.

  49. Johnathan Wallach says

    Actually the the big bang (and the expansion of the universe) are not “indisputable facts”, they are based on the theory of red shift; a highly debatable concept that has been shown to be incorrect by such modern day Galileos as Halton Arp and Hans Alvfen. Google them for more info, but basically if red shift is wrong, then big bang theory is wrong. Likewise evolution has been set on its ear by new evidence of spontaneous DNA mutation, the discovery of not one common ancestor but as many as five geographically unique species, and the recent fossil findings that will radically rewrite the timeline for human developement…

    That being said, I do totally agree with what you are say in principle, I just think you chose a couple of bad examples to illustrate it. Basically there are “paleo” like movements in all areas of science right now; each with their own controversial “Galileos” turning the existing dogma upside down. It’s like the bullshit removal squads have suddenly come out of the woodwork to clean up modern scientific thinking (google extreme pleomorphism if want another good example this one for biology).

    Keep up the critical thinking and good work!


  50. Jake says

    The fact that so many seemingly “incurable” diseases can be beaten by such simple changes is astounding. The fact that people will yet not listen to you is insane.

    Thank you for everything you have done!

  51. Heather C says

    Well said. Thank you. Many of us are in the battle with you, watching the dismissive looks/blank stares/disbelief when we answer the question “You look great, what’ve you been doing?” I always begin with ‘eating paleo’ and depending on how long I can keep their attention try to refer them to your website, share your book, bring up the “good” MD’s websites who are behind this movement.

    I work in a high school and was behind the fight eight years ago to remove pop and candy from the vending machines. I have been trying since then to make changes to the food program. BRICK WALL. We all just have to keep doing and talking and supporting the effort. And for the record, Physical Anthropology during my undergrad years was the first time the world made sense. Only 16%, really?

    Thank you again. I can say that in a few languages, but it still won’t express how grateful I am for your message and tenacity.

  52. says

    Hi Rob,

    If you’re looking for support, you got it. If you’re looking for people to help spread a message that we too can literally save lives and improve the quality of life for hundreds of millions of people, you got it. If I could only have a sound bite as a call to action it would be “I by no means have all the answers but a firefighter does not need to know the ins and outs of thermodynamics to save a family in a burning house”.

    Your community is growing and I’m sure you have the stats to back it up. We’ll help you fight ignorance whether it’s from our father who thinks we’re going to kill ourselves with our diets (OK, maybe just mine does) or from mainstream media personalities. Please continue on this wonderful path that has been set upon you and that you’ve set upon us.

  53. Spencer says

    I see the information you presented as a motivator rather than a reason to give up. I love a good challenge, and we are facing one that seems impossible right now. This was a very timely piece as some friends and I will be starting an ancestral health club at my university this semester. Hopefully, we can get some great speakers (you, Matt, Mark, etc.) to come out and help us spread the word.

  54. Matt Swartout says

    “Things that desperately need to be said…” — By Robb Wolf.

    Great Op-Ed Robb. The evidence is mounting and in many areas, I see people are starting to smell the stench of the Bullshit around them.

    This stuff has changed my life and many others around me. I love how your opinion changes with the evidence. A sign of honesty and integrity in the face of a smart hypothesis sitting atop an infant scientific field of study being viewed by a “1984” public.

    If history has taught us anything, change to blind consensus takes time to root and grow.

  55. Joseph says

    Hi Robb,

    Any chance you could extend the paleo-physicians network to encompass countries like Ireland? Have tried signing up, but only 5 or so countries to select from.

    Keep up the great work by the way.

      • Joseph says

        Excellent. Thanks :)

        I’m always interested in ways we can do things better and like what you’re doing here. The majority of colleagues wouldn’t be quite so open, to put it politely, an experience you also have had first hand no doubt!

  56. John Harris says

    Awesome post Robb! We will win, eventually. It’s inevitable that better ideas are adopted in the long term. Things just never happen quickly enough to suit us (at least me).

    There is an expression that the “The pioneers get the arrows and the settlers get the land”. Thanks for taking the arrows. This movement is viral and it won’t stop.

    I’ve given away 7 or 8 copies of your book and maybe 3 of those have been read past the 2nd chapter. But, at least one recipient has purchased and given away 5 or 6 more copies. She now teaches a free fitness class and counsels her friends on how diet and exercise telling the story of how she removed grains and dairy from her children’s diet and cured a myriad of health problems. The results make this message so sticky that it will never go away.

    Thanks for all that you do. You are changing lives.

  57. says

    Nobody at any time in history has ever had the entire population agree with them. You’re up against a bigger machine, but when you keep getting the results, they can poo-poo it all they want, but they’ll get passed by eventually.

    Or not.

    Either way, you’re right.

  58. Rick says

    Robb – you rock.

    Illegitimae non carborundum est! (Don’t let the bastards get you down!)

    I am forever grateful to you and your work – keep it up!

    – Rick Faulkner, CT

  59. Joe says

    Thank you for your leadership. Leadership is not easy, and you are doing a great service for so many others. We do appreciate it and the 16% will grow.

  60. Holly says

    Robb. Your motivation for the truth is what sets you apart. I was sitting at my desk this morning thinking how great these paleo lifestyle changes have me feeling and doing. I took a peek at your site and read your “Framework Matters”. SO conincidental I was thinking about how awesome paleo changes have been to me, what a great morning it is and then I read what you have been up against! Keep going…. cause the truth does matter!

    Many thanks!

  61. Jenn R. says


    You are not alone in this fight, and as many have said before me, that 16% is growing. We who are living the Paleo/Primal WOE are touching the lives of everyone around us. Our doctors are amazed at our blood work changes. Our mothers don’t recognize us at our birthday parties, and the hoodies they bought us are too large! Our friends, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances stop and ask us how we lost weight/got fit/got healthy/got happy. And WE TELL THEM. They don’t believe at first. But the longer we stay in touch, the more credence they give us.

    **Paleo, Intermittent Fasting – pshaw, they say at first. “I’ll keep my bagel and oatmeal, thanks.” 2 months later and 5 lbs heavier on their part, they look at my lunch plate and shake their head. “You’re going to have a heart attack if you keep eating all that fatty stuff.” 6 months later, we chat again about how I’m out in my yard in 105 F heat, under the noon-day sun edging my lawn, weeding my garden, while they relate that they got out of breath hauling plastic grocery bags into the house in that awful heat. “I don’t know how you’re out there working in that heat,” they say.

    And that is ALL the opening I need. If they give me the tiniest hint that they are envious of my success, I offer them a 30 day challenge. I offer to go shoping with them at the all-local farmer’s market 2 miles from my office. I offer to help them plan a menu. I send them your website and others I respect, who are doing the harder work of distilling the science into entertaining and valuable chunks of data that make it easier for me to stay on track.

    Keep on keeping on, Robb. Your efforts are making positive changes in peoples lives. So many of them just don’t post to say thank you.

    So, THANK YOU!

  62. says

    Robb, I would not have nearly the amount of info about the paleo lifestyle that I do if it weren’t for your podcast. Whenever I’m having a conversation with a skeptic, their questions (especially from my more scientifically-minded friends) focus on the why and how that you’ve covered from readers’ questions. Thank you. I don’t think I’d have done all the research necessary to get the information I’ve received from your podcast and book, partly because I wouldn’t have known how to do the right searches. Your efforts have convinced me and enabled me to convince a few of my friends to eat and live this way.

  63. says

    Robb: I don’t even know what to say. Your book changed my life and my wife’s life forever. I went from a sickly 250 pounds last December to a healthy, energetic 185 today (I’m about 6′ tall). The book and your website, along with Mark’s Daily Apple, as really made a difference. I feel your pain though. I have so many people ask me what I’m doing to lose weight. After I spend 30 minutes explaining the basic concepts and how easy it is, they look at me and say, “I could never give up bread.” I don’t know what I believe on evolution, but I believe we could all get by with eating what our ancestors ate, whether it’s 10,000 years ago or 200 years ago.

    I want to help people more to but I don’t know how.

    Until I figure it out, I’ll just keep living the dream and eating lots of healthy, delicious foods.

    Saying good-bye to Twinkies.


  64. kevin says

    Just to let you know I have been accused of having a paleo cult at my work. One by one they are joining. Just like the other reader said 16% today 20 % tomorrow. I have (because of you) been responsible for over 300 lbs of weight loss and several medications removed and one local farmer having more customers for his grass fed beef.
    Keep plugging away! We are making a difference

  65. says

    Dude, it’s a “Bullshit Bubble” and thanks to guys like you and the folks listed above it’s starting to deflate.

    The Mainstream Media gets it’s money from corn flakes and chez mix – same as the politicians. Don’t ever expect them to bite the hand that feeds them.

    Lucky for us, people are finding the right sources to get healthy again and they’re coming with their wallets because what they paid for from their doc’s damn near killed them.

    It might take 300 years, but folks will get here sooner or later – you just gave to keep doing what you’re doing.

  66. AJ says

    Burn baby burn!!

    People still look at my like I’m an alien when I try and describe the Paleo lifestyle changes I’ve made… even though they SEE the physical and mental positive changes going on in my life.

  67. Rachel says

    Robb, your book and podcast have literally saved my life, a life that was headed straight for an early death of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. You and the work of many others are slowly chipping away at the mountain of dogma built around nutrition and health. I can literally see it crumbling when biggest proponents’ best defenses are “because the government tells us fat is bad” and “the paleo diet is too expensive.” People are seeing through the glossy shimmer provided by big pharma, big business, and uninformed doctors and researching the science themselves. Eventually, like all houses built on poor foundations, the dogma will crumble. Thank you for being on the front lines!

  68. Jessica says

    As a long time reader/listener & lurker, I am happy to read this post.

    I am uncharacteristically optimistic in that I truly believe that things are changing. I am seeing the people around me seeking alternatives to the conventional ideas being put out there by “authories” like Oz & Jampolis. Doing “everything right” and having nothing to show for it leaves people very, very confused and very, very defeated. After seeing the progress made by my husband & I, the older adults in our lives have come to us, asking what “our secret” is.

    I joke that the only secret I have in my repertoire is my library card (and maybe access to the internet). It is crucial that people like you & others in the “community” continue to put out information that remains accessible and user-friendly. Those who believe in and have reaped the benefits of a biologically appropriate diet are perhaps the most vocal, as evidenced by the comments on this blog post.

    I just can’t help but shake my head at Oz, though. If I were to follow his advice, I would have underwent gastric bypass surgery less than a year ago. Instead, I found paleo and lost 75+ pounds while eliminating a laundry list of chronic health conditions including IBS, mental health/mood issues, and severe migraines.

    Thank you for all you do Robb!

    • says

      Jessica! that’s awesome. Libertarian food at it’s best: Save your own ass. Oz is interesting…does he REALLY not know better at this point? After the material I gave them, the story…it’s so damn perplexing.

      Keep me posted on your progress and thanks for the kind words.

      • Jessica says

        Save your own ass, indeed! I learned very early on that doctors were not to be treated as the authorities they are held up to be.

        A doctor first put me on hormonal birth control at age 15 to force menstruation. Shortly after, I diagnosed myself as having (very, very) obvious symptoms of PCOS. I am in my twenties now and, for the first time in my life (!), have a regular cycle without hormonal birth control.

        Reading about the whole Oz situation both saddens and infuriates me. Knowing he has had Taubes on the show makes the whole thing particularly interesting, though… he and his editors would clearly have to work hard to make you look like a nutjob. Paleo is too damn rational!

  69. Marcheline says

    Robb, I have only been eating paleo for four months, and I already have at least three people researching paleo for themselves, and two others who have signed on and are gung-ho paleo.

    If I have affected this many people in such a short time, YOU are affecting millions! That will show, in time, as each person spreads the word to their friends and family.

    The fact that CNN is doing articles about it (even suck-ass articles like the one you mentioned) shows that the masses are waking up to it, starting to ask questions, and becoming aware…. which is the first step.

    Keep marching! We’re all behind you.

  70. Jeremy says

    I really apprecite the lengths you have gone to in order to improve life for so many people. I understand the scientific process and accept your requirement to have some set truths that you work from. I do not personally believe in macroevolution, but I think it comes down to what many others have said in regards to close mindedness. Too many people will allow your basic truths to keep them from going any further in understanding the data that is presented. It’s a “throw the baby out with the bathwater” situation. People believe different things and we have to understand it’s part of life and accept people wherever they are in life. Just because you would consider my views on creation as foolish doesn’t mean you would invalidate everything I have to say. The problem comes when we take these things personally. My beliefs are not a personal attack against you just as I don’t see your belifs as a personal attack against me. Keep up the great work because there are children suffering from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis everywhere that need studies done!

  71. chuck says

    Keep on keeping on. I saw a silver lining in Oz’s Time article. Fat is no longer the enemy. Oz is evolving just like humans have. He will come around as more unignorable evidence continues to mount against some of his antiquted stances.

  72. Jeff says

    This got me riled up. I bristle every time someone says whether or not they “believe in” evolution. Do you “believe in” gravity too? You are being nice when you say that science has no place commenting on spiritual matters (what Gould called “non-overlapping magisteria”). I understand the point, but it only works if it’s a two-way street. “They” certianly don’t pay us the same courtesy when dogma stands in the way of progress.

    But on a more positive note — we all come to your web site every day. You provide us with awesome tools to take charge of our lives. We, in turn, turn others onto these concepts. That is changing lives. And if it falls on deaf ears, it’s no less worth saying. I agree that the movement will best succeed if people take the time to understand the concepts and the science or at least the logic behind it. But ultimately what I like about the crossfit/paloe/primal lifestyle is that it is up to the individual to take charge of their own business.

    • Jeff says

      Oh yeah, and since we are collecting quotes, here’s another good one:

      Richard Dawkins: “If the history-deniers who doubt the fact of evolution are ignorant of biology, those who think the world began less than ten thousand years ago are worse than ignorant, they are deluded to the point of perversity.”

    • says


      I am with you here, Jeff. The truth does not speak for itself, it needs humans to speak for it.

      Including the FACT of biological evolution. It’s a theory the way gravity and plate tectonics are “theories”.


      I love you man!

      You are the Sachem (leader by common assent) of the paleo movement.

      Why beat your head against the wall and get angry or depressed? Didn’t we discuss this last friday? I thought we agreed that it was a waste of time to help those who don’t want it.

      16% is plenty for me, personally.

      As far as OZ, the chance of appearing on his show and not ending up being used as a prop or having your message disemboweled and set on fire while it is still alive is basically zero.

      Why not stay just stay who you are – the talented and sincere indy rock band that has a good chance of turning into U2 with time and hard work.

      Leave OZ and his circus to the cultural Lady Gagas and Katy Perrys.

  73. says

    Never believe for a minute you aren’t making a difference in people’s lives. You’ve changed mine for the better, in myriad ways. You helped my brother in law heal his ulcerative colitis so now he can be a fully functional dad to my adorable nephew. You’ve got hundreds of people with the same story or better. Keep your chin up, as they say, in the end, truth will out.

  74. Derek says

    Robb… quote from John Locke:

    “It is one thing to show a man that he is in an error, and another to put him in possession of the truth.”

    Thought you might find it encouraging…

  75. Harvey says

    Well I was going to put my 2 cents of libertarian, pro-evolution charm to support you, but I got tired scrolling through all the comments. It’s damn clear you have an army of supporters. This thing may never go mainstream, but you’ve helped a shitload of people. You’re kinda like the Ron Paul of the diet movement :-) You should be damn proud!

  76. Ian says

    Sometimes I get really pissed off at Jehovah’s Witnesses calling at my door and telling me about the end. Then I think; if these people genuinely believe that I will burn in hell come judgment day, which they do; then the only decent thing to do is go and tell people. So this softens how I feel.

    As you hold lots of information (I would say truth) and you are a very decent person, I don’t see how much choice you have but to put the word out. It has to be frustrating at times but as you can see above there is lots and lots of love out there for you. Keep going, keep going, keep going.

    You have affected me more than I can say, I have affected lots of people as a result of this, they are now affecting lots more, I can feel the Robb Wolf inspired Paleo tsunami sweeping the UK as I type.

  77. says

    I am in my second year of Naturopathic school and this is the kind of stuff that is mind blasting to me. I feel especially embarrassed that Bastyr naturopathic college recently bestowed Dr. Oz with an honourary degree in natural medicine. It is unfortunate that he is a celebrity first and a doctor second and I do find he pushes things that aren’t even wholistic in the long run (juicing) while clearly turning away from the science that supports paleo nutrition.

    I also love your line “Sometimes the right thing to do is neither popular nor profitable,” as I feel the same. I spread the paleo word as much as I can however aside from a handful of intelligent peers that looked into it, took it on, and are loving the results, the vast majority of my peers choose to remain ignorant to the facts while then starting arguments with me over it (with absolutely no time having been devoted to actually doing some reading. I guess it’s easier to get belligerent than actually do some research, and it’s easier to milk your patients for money than actually help them heal). I always refer them to look at the research and the books for themselves. I obviously have no where near the educational level you do, or the long-term experience you and Sisson have with it. However even here in the more holistic world we have people in denial of the facts. And other people who then become less popular for presenting them.

    • says

      Hmmm…not sure if you know this but I did a year in the ND program at Bastyr. it’s fascinating, but the “natural” medicine purveyors are completely antagonistic to the evolutionary biology perspective. I received much more support for these ideas form the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson. Isn’t that weird!? Weird is too milk-toast a word…it is fucked up. I had someone ask me to come give a talk at Bastyr, so perhaps I’ll get to meet you sometime soon.

      • says

        I’m at CCNM (Toronto) but everyone in the ND world looks to Bastyr as the Best of the Best and I recently saw that video of the Dr. Oz award. My biggest complaint is that docs really don’t learn all that much science, maybe it’s different at Bastyr, but I suppose not, based on what you’re saying – and yes I read your book, I was vegetardian and all that jazz and IBS-afflicted (similar scenario in some ways). I’ve been tempted to drop out as well! But I think I can do good things by infiltrating this system. It is fucked up. They talk about nature all the time yet they are completely ignoring our development in nature. Anyways the sooner the paleo program is up and running for docs I hope to be there!

      • Stephanie says

        Funny you bring up Bastyr. I live 3 miles away and thought I could go there to find a new doctor. When I went to the website and saw the USDA food pyramid bullshit I knew I had to look elsewhere.
        I did find a doctor (she is listed on the Paleo Physicians Network and also on Jimmy Moore’s list of low carb docs.) and I am going to drive 80 miles each way to work with her.

        Oh and BTW, Robb Wolf, thank you for all you do.

      • Lark says

        I’ve considered a second career as an ND but wouldn’t go with Bastyr. Just the fact that their campus cafeteria is vegetarian was a huge red flag.

  78. says

    Robb, thank you so much. For all of it.

    I really think we need to start turning the tables on CW and SAD purveyors like “Dr.” Oz. To start owning the fact that Paleo is the voice of reason. My mother-in-law once said something to the effect that “we eat funny,” and I said, “Ask your great-grandmother which of us is eating funny.” Even though we’re outnumbered, we are not the outliers, they are. Nabisco and Kellogg’s are not normal. CAFOs are not normal. We are fighting for sanity and reason with a loud and insane world. But it’s time it started paying notice.

    For example, the whole time I was reading Dr. Melina’s rant, I was thinking, “But we’re following all the advice every nutritionist has ever given.” I’m shocked she couldn’t even see how contradictory her statements were. That’s the lovely thing about Paleo, it really makes you eat what you believe.

    The larger forces at work here deserve our pity, our judgment, and our ire. And whether they know it or not, they need our help. I like to believe J. Stanton’s position that the fact that they have noticed us and are attacking us is only proof of our success. The next phase is them listening to us.

    Keep on keeping on!

    • says

      Good stuff Karen. I hope you are right…I KNOW you are right. Paleo diet passed Vegan diet as a search term on google nearly a year ago. the cat’s out of the bag, no one person owns this way of eating…it’s our collective human heritage. that will not go away.

  79. says

    Robb, Thanks for writing this post. I just finished reading Everything I Want to do is Illegal by Joel Salatin and this post added to my own growing pessimism. The work that you are doing helping people on the nutrition side is great. My opinion is that putting some focus on sustainability via permaculture concepts is incredibly important. Shifting some of your focus towards permaculture and away from the PSS highlights your integrity. I guess what I am getting at is another thing we are up against is the BS idea that eating Paleo is unsustainable and I think as Paleo gains mainstream popularity sustainability will come up more often.

    • says

      You are spot on amigo. And this is why I’m shifting so many resources to addressing sustainability and building relationships with folks like Joel. this will only change from the bottom up.

  80. Eric Lester says

    You hit the nail on the head when you pointed out epistemology as the problem. For the general population the problem is much deeper than rejecting science.

    We do not teach our children how to make or evaluate an argument. In k-12 it’s unlikely you are exposed to logical fallacies unless you take a debate class.

    Consider this, at most public universities students are required to take a PE class as part of a liberal arts education (we played kickball in mine) but no Introduction to Logic class. Does this make sense?

    Dr. Oz can get away with having such shills on his show because most people do not have the tools to compare science to magic.

    I am one of those readers who believes in the Paleo Diet but have had trouble kicking the grain addiction. You are making progress, Robb, just do a google for “Paleo blog” and consider what few results that search would have gotten you only a few years ago.

  81. Steve says

    Maybe you should start advertising ‘I can cure MS!!’.

    That might get you invited to the Dr Oz show…

    Enjoy your writings..

  82. Andy says

    The next Mortal Combat game is going to feature Robb Wolf using Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Crouching Tiger Hidden Gato techniques to decimate Dr. Oz.

    More seriously… I’ve been Paleo for about 1 year now, having almost killed myself as a vegan (literally… my thyroid level was 10) but with the help of grass-fed beef and coconut oil I’m all corrected now, and I can’t give the diet enough praise.

    The work that you (Robb Wolf) and many others do is invaluable to the ignorant masses are willing to learn.

    Currently grinding through a RD program so hopefully I can help fight the good fight soon!

  83. Missy says

    I feel so lucky to be one of the 16%. I have read about nutrition for some time, trying to improve my health. I’d read books, articles on the web, anything I could find. I finally read your book, Robb, and Mark Sisson’s book, and started Paleo the day I came back from vacation in January. Finally I was convinced of the information and that it was the right thing to do.

    My aches and pains are gone. I dropped some weight, and am finally gaining real strength. Symptoms of IBS are gone. I have asthma, and recently after a mold exposure had to resort once again for meds. (I had gotten myself off all meds a few years prior.) My return doctor visit ended in argument over the meds and the flu shot. He could not see why I would refuse a flu shot. I’m stuck in the dilemma of risk of meds vs risk of another asthma attack, with no advice into what else I can do to improve the disease. But, I know what to do.

    Now I am reaching friends and family, giving them needed resources, support, and whatever else I can. My mom has autoimmune disease, Parkinson’s, dad has autoimmune disease too. Now, if only I can convince them.

    Each of us is out here in the “field”, reaching more and more people. It is a formidable task. We won’t win some. Some dear friends have passed away that I’m sure could have been helped by this diet, nutrition information, and lifestyle. I hope to reach my parents and I never stop trying. But in the end, it is their choice, just as it is mine.

    I work for pharma, and it’s such a moral dilemma coming into work everyday. There must be something more that I, as well as others in the same situation, can do. More doctors to reach, more research, more people suffering from a multitude of modern illnesses caused by their diet and lifestyle.

    You are out there making a difference for so many people. For those of us already in the 16%, a sincere thanks. And for those not yet reached, keep working at it. They too will thank you.

  84. Laurent says


    As an evolution believing Christian, trust me, I totally understand where you are coming from. I can’t tell you how much it breaks my heart to see someone start buying into eating healthy, but then dismiss it because it’s based on evolution, which means obviously it’s wrong.

    As far as reaching the crowd of people that say science/evolution and faith are incompatible, I just point at Dr. Francis Collins, director of the human genome project, who is a devote Christian and strong supporter of evolution. His website, tries to bridge this gap.

    And in closing, let me say this… if people want to be unhealthy and continue killing themselves, fine, whatever. Zombie’s have to come from somewhere, and as long as it’s the slow and sick, rock and roll. ;-P

  85. Jaro says

    what are you going to do Robb? Some people just don’t like evolving. No pun intended. I think. LOL. But in all honesty keep that head up, there exists those few of us that aren’t completely ignorant and blinded by the media, so there is some hope :)

  86. says

    Thank you for this post. My husband and I only recently adopted a paleo lifestyle, and I am so happy you are hanging in there with this website. Since beginning to shift this direction I cannot begin to say how much healthier I am. (I am severely gluten- and dairy-intolerant and used to be vegan… with chronic pain, debilitating anxiety, and fatigue.)

    I’m also pretty religious and still don’t understand how people could ignore science. (Also, science and religion work just fine together, thankyouverymuch.) I truly appreciate that you’re using science to help better others’ lives.

    And re: Melina and Oz? Eff ’em. As a libertarian I’m far beyond listening to what people say because they’re getting money from the machine. :) Those “nutrition” bars? Kind of horrifying, actually.


  87. Krista says

    I totally agree…you need to accept evolutionary theory before you can seriously investigate biology.

    I’m currently getting my MPH, and had an interesting class in Cancer Epidemiology, where they mentioned that for a while in the 1950s or so you couldn’t convince the medical community that smoking causes cancer, because the earlier way of proving a cause for a disease was isolating a particular agent from a diseased person, growing it in medium, and then reinfecting a healthy person with it. It took many many years for statistics and probability to be accepted as a form of proving causation.

    I think that someday in the future people will learn. Don’t give up hope!

  88. says

    Hey there

    I think that the work you do is incredibly important, promoting something as against the current as a paleo diet and your book really brought together a lot of things for me after a year and a half of being low carb to lose weight and accidentally stumbling upon the fact that most of my digestive and energy issues disappeared. I suddenly understood why – for that, thanks.

    Now, I’m going to get a bit nerdy.

    I don’t think the problem is exactly a question of having a framework, or, rather, a framework doesn’t eliminate debate, including about the framework. Take the Big Bang theory. This isn’t an unchallenged “truth” – it’s been the dominant hypothesis for 50 or 60 years but still remains one amongst a number of hypotheses. Halton Arp, a very important astronomer, did important work on “intrinsic red shift” that calls into question the idea of an expanding universe. Even amongst those who accept Big Bang there are still big debates about important details.

    Similarly, accepting evolution as the foundation for nutrition doesn’t solve a whole number of questions – for instance, evolutionary biologist Dr. Michael Rose, a proponent of the paleo lifestyle (for those over age 35), argues that there has been sufficient time for post-agricultural metabolic adaptations. This leads him, for complex evolutionary reasons related to aging and natural selection, to recommend a diet including grains for young people. (see his 55 Theses:

    Nerdy point-scoring aside, what’s my point? It’s that the problem with N. American nutrition is not fundamentally about evolution vs creationism it’s about historical, political and economic forces that have led to pathology (decline in US wages over past 3 generations, concurrent campaign against fat in the diet, subsidies for grains, rise of massive processed food industry, etc).

    I am, however, sympathetic to your arguments about nutrition, as an atheistic, philosophical materialist. :)

  89. Thomas Hardy says

    WOW! AWESOME POST! Thanks for giving me some more ammunition for all the naysayers! I’ve come to the realization that some people you just can’t change. As the old saying goes…” You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink..” It all just comes down to the $ money $ in the end! Most people are just sell outs! The way I look at it is….Because I eat paleo + crossfit smart I am running on racing fuel compared to all who follow SAD diets and listen to the garbage that Dr. Oz puts out and others like him! Thanks Robb for all you do!

  90. Mike says

    Great post. I have had a lot of those thoughts myself lately as well. I don’t think we can ever expect a 180 on this titanic problem from the government or bureaucracy – there is just too much face [or money] to be lost. I think the only way this wins is house by house, family by family.

    In a similar vane, my father-in-law got myself and my wife a Dave Ramsey book on finances a few Christmas’s ago. At the time, we were like everyone else; not a lot of savings, credit card debt, loans, paycheck to paycheck kind of thing, etc. In looking back on the past two years, that book changed our lives and how we view finances. We don’t ever argue about money, are 100% in sync in our decisions, and are exponentially better off for it than we were. It all happened because my father-in-law lives his life that way, it has served him VERY well, and he wanted to pass it on to us. We didn’t ask for it…he just gave it to us. That is the reason this movement will never stop because its all of us getting your book, Mark Sisson’s book, or a list of other books out to family and friends.

    If the government would do a 180 it would save a whole lot of time and money, but I don’t expect that.

    I hope you continue to change lives as you have done in the past.

      • Stacey says

        Dave Ramsey and Paleo… What if everyone did both?

        Robb, Hang in there! Started Paleo about a year ago due to Crohn’s. Didn’t know much about it before my dx. GI doc here in North Alabama told me about Cordain’s book and then your website. Your book and website are my main resources! Paleo has really changed my life. The whole family has lost our “wheat belly.” My teenage boys are super fit!
        The word is spreading around here in small town Alabama.

      • Mike says

        I have often thought of Dave Ramsey’s FPU as the financial ‘Paleo’. If I told my great grandfather about Dave Ramsey’s ideas, he would tell me that is common sense. If I told him about the Paleo/Primal approach to eating, he would also tell me that it is common sense. Amazing how quickly our common sense has changed. Maybe we should start calling it uncommon sense…

  91. Ron Kelley says

    Rob, As an atheist, laissez faire capitalist and paleo dieter (Almost 7 years now. Yeah, I’ve been at this a while), I’m in your corner. I very much understand your frustration. You deal with these things on a much higher level than I do. You’re a leader in the movement. Big picture stuff. I’m just a guy – a regular guy that has steered many friends and family to this lifestyle. I watched as they made dramatic improvements in their health. Then, almost all of them fell back into eating crap, resulting in poor health and lots of fat. Despite seeing such dismal results from my influence, I’m still standing. I’m the ongoing, never failing example, even if alone, of the benefits of the paleo/evolutionary/ancestral approach to health in my little world.

    Keep going Robb. You may not change the world in your lifetime, but you are laying the foundation for the change after you are gone. That’s a very noble achievement.

  92. Raul Johnson says

    It’s a shame that so many Christians choose to embarrass their faith by speaking out against evolution. There are many of us who see no conflict between evolution and our faith. Also, I’m not Catholic, but the official position of the Catholic Church has been for some time that evolution is compatible with faith.

  93. Gordon says

    I was a vegetarian for 16 years until I stumbled upon the protein debate article a year ago. Because of it, 16 years of fatigue and depression are over. I am forever indebted to you for making it freely available. Thank you.

  94. Kathy says

    Where to start?

    Your post brought me to tears. The level of frustration and disappointment was palpable, but so was the level of support from those who commented before me.

    I believe in God, was raised a Christian, but now feel that all organized religions are too “narrow” – as in “if you don’t share my beliefs, you’re all going to hell”.

    I believe in evolution as strongly as I believe that I’m sitting here at my keyboard. And this in no way diminishes my belief in God.

    I read somewhere that one should live his life so that every night, God is glad He let you live another day. And you’re still here. You can read whatever you want into that.

    You and those who share your views have vastly improved my life – weight down *almost* to a healthy BMI, off 5 of the 6 meds I was on a year ago, many other less-easily-measured improvements. But most importantly, I’m just a happier, healthier, more content 63 year old woman.

    So, thank you, Robb. As my grand-daughter would say, You Rock!

    • says

      Kathy, I feel the same way as you do but I guess I’m in the minority of the Catholic-school educated who actually were called to doubt, challenge and question their faith. Judeo-Christian values are all about empowering the community through individual faith formation. I found it interesting to recently learn Israel literally means “struggle with God” I have my former Catholic school teachers/clergy and Dennis Prager to thank for my security in my faith as a scientist in training.

  95. Risa says

    Just hang on another 30-50 years Robb (should be easy on a Paleo diet) and all the major naysayers will have passed on as a direct result of their inflammatory diet. We will be left with an even more awesome dichotomy between the ever-growing numbers of individuals who have adopted a paleo diet and those who have not. At some point the results will be too stark to ignore and suppress.

    I believe this is the necessary route for any social shift. Even free-love took a while to develop. :o)

  96. Tom says

    I wonder how many people on this string ever thought they’d be giving a pep talk to Robb Effing Wolf? I never did. Looks like your “6 listeners” plus a hundred or so more.

    On the acceptance of evolution: baby steps, man! By the comments, people are finding that paleo is the answer whether or not they buy into its evolutionary biology foundation. For an individual the health benefit should be the same regardless of belief, and to me that looks like progress.

    A thing or two about the medical community, from my perspective as a physician (and proud member of the Paleo Physicians’ Network): physicians really do want to help people become healthy, but our training has mostly to do with using medications and surgical or other treatments to address problems after they have occurred. Prevention is harder, partially because people seem to prefer taking, say, a cholesterol-lowering pill to changing their diet or exercise pattern. But we also don’t know how to “do” prevention: of all the dietary programs out there, for example, which one to use? You’ve been extremely influential in getting Paleo included in the discussion if not completely accepted, and I think that’s a huge accomplishment especially when you’re competing with generations of grain-based tradition which is reinforced by the USDA Food Pyramid or My Plate or whatever they’re calling it now. Maybe I’m a cup half-full guy, but I also think that as more and more people come around to this diet and lifestyle, more docs will come around and start recognizing that it makes scientific sense.

    So for God’s sake (ha!) don’t shut down the website on account of a douchecanoe like Oz or because some people don’t accept evolution.

  97. Dave says

    There are times when conviction takes precedence over all else and we must speak our minds and the truth. I have watched changes in myself and others through food change alone and it is absolutely amazing. The overall effect of nutrition and exercise has even led me back to school for Chiropractic. I read this in your book or blog.

    Health for all who want it.
    Help for those who need it.
    Patience with those who are not ready yet.

    Rings true in my life. I would really like to arrange for you to visit our school and have a Paleo talk. How do I go about contacting you? I emailed through your blog a while back but no answer and suspect lost in the shuffle.

    Keep up the good work.

  98. Rieland Rigg says

    Thanks for writing this post, Robb. I clearly hear your frustration. But hang in there – I am very new to LCHF (January 2011), Paleo (Aug 2011), and anti-wheat (last week!). Your message is getting through to some of us (include my boyfriend in that collective “we”), and we appreciate what you, and all of the other Paleo-believers, are telling us. Problem is, we’ve been indoctrinated into “fat is bad, healthy whole grains GOOD” for SO frickin’ long, it’s hard to do a complete 180. I always tell people “you know the story about eggs? 1. Eggs are great! 2. ooh, eggs are bad! 3. ok, so maybe eggs aren’t that bad, but not good enough to eat every day. 4. Eggs are great!” That’s how it is with fat and grains, too. Researchers are wrong, just like they were with eggs.

    I’ve become a sort of crusader to my family and friends on Facebook, I believe in this so much. In a short period of time, I’ve gotten half a dozen people to at least start checking this out for themselves by testifying to my own success: lost 37 lbs so far, no more (undiagnosed but certain it was arthritis) joint pain, no adult acne since January – the list is quite lengthy, and my boyfriend’s list is even better. My boyfriend’s list is even better: off BP meds for the first time in 20+ years, complete abatement of celiac symptoms, no joint pain from diagnosed arthritis, no more relentless allergies – his list goes on and on.

    The message is spreading! Don’t leave us, because us newbs need the information you have!

  99. Tim S. says

    Hey Rob,

    I have never posted before wanted thank you because reading this post and your responses to post sounds like you were dead serious on hanging it up.

    I stumbled across Mark Sisson’s website a little over a year ago and read your book at about the same time. I am in my mid-twenties, 6′, and at the time about 200lbs (skinny fat). I wasn’t as drastically sick/overweight as others inspirational stories here but I came across this information because of family health history.

    My father died of a sudden and massive heart attack at 38. His older brother (my uncle)died of a massive heart attack at 40 and his younger brother (my uncle died of a massive heart attack at 48. Being in my mid-twenties I started thinking holy shit my life is likely half over. I joked to people that if I lived to 50 I would be exact and that my genes were skulls and cross bones. However inside my own head I was scared as shit. I would tell people I never wanted kids because they would leach money from me. But in reality I feared having a child and not being around because my early demise.

    After reading Mark and your book and making a lifestyle change to eating paleo and doing smart CF. I look and feel better (mid 170’s and never been stronger) But the switch really has given me the confidence and knowledge that I don’t need to be tied to my family history. Thanks to your help I know I am doing everything I can to live a HELL of a lot longer than 50.

    This post has become a lot longer than I anticipated but I wanted to share with you my story. This community will continue to grow, learn, and become healthier because of your great work.

    Tim S.

    PS- If ever in Harrisburg, PA you have a free meal coming your way. I now have a great meat guy at a local market.

  100. Shannon says

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve been in a recent funk about how people close to me view what I’m doing, and this is just what I needed to hear. I’ve been paleo for about six months, but limiting grains for about 10 years, and started a Whole 30 Sept. 1. At the same time, I’ve lost enough weight that people are really starting to notice and ask questions. The reactions have been anything from frustrating to downright mean, which is exactly the opposite of how paleo living makes me feel. I love your site because it’s a voice of reason and support when everyone else seems to be waiting for me to fail.

    And we really do need that voice. My older son is a first grader, and their two big ways of raising money for his school is selling processed frozen food and collecting tabs on boxes of things like corn-syrup “fuit” snacks, and then rewarding the big sellers with candy. sfjriwkjg (head to keyboard) I need a resource like this for when I write my nutrition screeds on the back of the order forms for frozen pizza and chicken nuggets. Last year, they changed the reward to extra recess time after I got a few other moms to speak out with me.

    Baby steps, but it IS progress. Keep up the good work.

  101. says

    Very well said Robb!! I’m with you all the way.

    The fact that you always keep it real, is what drew me to your podcast and your book in the first place. I respect you above all others in the field, because your scientific beliefs are fluid and dynamic, instead of static and stale like others. Over the last few years I have seen you turn 180 on things you already had an opinion on, because science showed you the truth. Like you’ve said before, you have to be ready to accept new science. You continue to be dynamic in that respect, and yet you remain unwavering in your integrity…..and that my friend is why people love, appreciate, and trust you so much.

    Thanks for doing what you do!

  102. says

    As a Christian who tries to get everyone around him to at least TRY Paleo for 30 days, this reminded me of what I tell other Christians who challenge it based on the evolutionary basis.

    “If you don’t believe in evolution, that’s fine. But then you must believe in creation. In the beginning we were stuck in a GARDEN with animals. Sounds like plants and meat to me. It wasn’t the Waving Fields of Grain Eden, it was a garden.”

    It usually gets a laugh and then I point out that the bread part came about AFTER the fall of Adam and Eve. Seriously. It’s right there in Genesis 3:19. “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread…”

    So even a bible-thumping creationist can see that in the beginning we had plants and animals, and grain is part of the curse for original sin!

    Have fun with it and you’d be amazed how you can get someone to open up!

    • Eric Anondson says

      “and grain is part of the curse for original sin!”

      I love it! Never noticed that before . . . , I like the cut of your jib!

    • says

      Bill, that’s really cool. Here’s another one for you…Gen 4:3-5
      And in the process of time it came to pass that Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground to the Lord. 4 Abel also brought of the firstborn of his flock and of their fat. And the Lord respected Abel and his offering, 5 but He did not respect Cain and his offering.

      Why? LOL

  103. erikJ says

    Great one Robb, I personally have had to deal with this everyday in the yoga community where the idea of vegetarianism is meshed with religious purity, a trap I fell into for 6 years and watched my health go from a little flabby to serious medical issues. Watching my fellow yogis fall for the same sham grinds my gears like nothing else. Fit men and women turned into gaunt, stressed weaklings only to be praised for their flexibility and devotion. A whole magazine devoted to Kashi cereal bars, and bean and rice recipes. This has, at present, caused me to distance myself from a community that I have been a part of for the better part of a decade.
    The bright side for me has been people like you Robb, and very specifically you. I literally feel you and your book, have saved my life. Now I do my best to teach what and who I can about paleo and ancestral health. I recently have helped a few yogis who have come to me looking to understand why they are always bloated and inflammed, not to mention stressed out and conflicted. Your book is always at the top of the list.
    I think spiritual ideas can have their place in life, but they need to be fully understood as an addition to quality observation and experimentation(Science) not a replacement. And even that should be questioned, Often.
    I believe there is an exponential growth pattern for this movement and you are a spark for that movement. Thank you for your hard work, Your an inspiration for many of us.

  104. Julian says

    Robb, What you’ve done thus far is nothing short of amazing. Your podcast, your book, your website, this post…everything.

    Your quote of my favorite band in the world was just the last straw, I HAD to write something to express my gratitude towards what you do.

    First off, NEVER GIVE UP

    You have an army of people whose lives you’ve changed and would give their time and energy towards this cause. I’m one of those people…and your message didn’t even save my life, it just cured me of a mild skin problem! Imagine all those people whose lives you DID save!

    I’ve been spreading paleo concepts as best I can to everyone I know, with great results…even among family, in fact especially among my family.

    I want to reach more people in my circle of influence, mainly my fellow engineers/co-workers who respond very well to scientific and logical discussion. I have a strong desire to become knowledgeable enough in these concepts to be able to stand up in front of an audience and give a presentation on it. Like you, I too feel a moral obligation to do this, and am willing to do this for free.

    To that end, I can’t wait for your paleo-certification stuff to materialize. In the meantime I am doing what I can with the time and resources I have, starting up a blog, making my own liberty garden, etc. Let me know if there is any way I can help.

    Keep fighting the good fight. I’m going to go listen to some RATM now.

  105. says

    Robb – What an amazing post. I couldn’t agree more with you. It’s always going to be an uphill battle fighting against media warriors and propaganda but it’s definitely worth the good fight because we will see change albeit slowly. Every week I speak with people who finally found something that has worked for them and I am constantly referring them here to read what you have to say. Keep up the great work. Thanks for what you do!

  106. Dean says


    Despite the frustration I (and I’m sure many others) envy what you do. I wish I my life was as useful as yours – helping people the way you do. And I know you know this, and at the end of the day that’s what matters.

  107. Nicholas says

    Well, if you ever blow a fuse and elope, you’re more than welcome to come to Sweden. In a 2006 survey, only 14% of participants characterized Intelligent Design as a real science. We’re pretty short on coconuts, but we got plenty of moose!

  108. says

    “Galileo was put on house arrest for his ideas in the 1600′s. He was formerly exonerated by the church in 2000.”

    Actually Rome was very tolerant of Galileo and his work up until he went a little too far and attacked the Pope personally. It is a myth that the Church (in this case Roman Catholic) is against science. In fact, fellow astronomers were the first and most violent enemies of Galileo (sound familiar?). The Church (RC)was very tolerant and supportive of truth and science then and continues to be today.

  109. says

    Thank you Chuck, whoever you are. We could not live without you Robb. I am also a Christian who believes in evolution… so, thankfully, do not fall into the category of totally unenlightened people.

    The Paleo lifestyle is the life for me, too. January 18 is my Paleoversary! I don’t remember the day I stopped smoking, or the day I stopped drinking, but January 18, 2011 is etched into my memory! I am 35 pounds leaner, no longer retain fluid due to liver disease, and am still making performance gains at 50 years of age.

    It is just amazing how much information is avaliable for FREE! What is even more amazing is that as new information becomes available, you continue to distribute it for FREE.

    I did purchase a copy of The Paleo Solution, and I know you don’t mind that my friends and family are benefitting from my purchase, though you are not. I have shared my copy with upwards of 10 people now… shipped a copy to a friend in New York (I live in Texas) and she shared it with her mother, hopefully her mother will pass it on to her friends, etc.

    Thanks again, Robb!

  110. says

    Robb, I can understand your frustrations being a social anthropologist!. I often find myself wondering why we seem to be hermits, living in our dillusional worlds thinking cultural relativism and holistic theories of evolution. What we take for granted is often the facts of empiricism that somehow become either forgotten or laid out as somehow “out of date” subjectivity on topics that mainstream media/government agencies or “proper” voices of reason like Dr. Fcuking Oz can calm the masses down with…”Just stick to what our reductionist experts tell us and all will be fine” (although we might get quite sick…yikes!). Stick to your guns bro, it’s kind of invigorating anyway, knowing that you are seen to be part of a wierd cult!. I keep doing my Anthro, but find it easier to explain to people that I’m a barman…

  111. Nils says

    Hey Robb,

    Great post! Please don’t ever stop podcasting and blogging.
    It may not seem like the work is worth it but I have watched the paleo concept grow in my friends and family around me. It is growing through voices like yours, Whole 9 and Mark Sisson and for that I am grateful. The greatest thing is that evolution will guarantee it in the long run. Those that continue with SAD will be outlived and out-reproduced by those that eat Paleo. In that way, world domination will come. It just won’t happen overnight.

    Keep up the good fight!

  112. Eleanor says

    Back when I was studying Physical Chemistry at UNC I noticed that the people who cared the least about learning the chemistry and only cared about the grade that they were getting in the course were without exception the Pre-Med students. In fact, at the time, I was struck by how little of the chemistry they were learning. I will leave it to your imagination how they were achieving their “good grades”. I continue to be amazed at how little actual science most M.D.’s understand. They seem more like technicians following a predetermined prescription and for that reason the medical profession has so little to offer those of us who suffer from disease that is inflammatory in nature brought on by eating foods that we are not evolved to tolerate.
    Thank you for presenting the science, not only the biochemistry but also the evolutionary biology that underpins the Paleo diet. I, for one, deeply appreciate your generosity in doing so.

  113. says

    I’m not very religious, but went to Catholic schools that didn’t shy away from teaching evolution. Their perspective was that Creation was the Big Bang. I’m cool with that because it’s more a humility thing than a white-bearded ghost at a drawing board with some mechanical pencils.

    The more I learn about biochemistry the more humbled I feel about the delicacy, intricacy, and sheer chance it took to make life possible. Supernovas create elements, space clouds cool, planets form, water forms, and then on to amino acids, lipids, carbohydrate, and nucleotides oh my!

    In the vein of RATM: (which I love but they are idiots)



  114. Panagiotis says

    I just want to say that this was an amazing post and I am very happy that you decided not to pull the plug. You have helped so many people, including me. I found your blog though the CF forums and I decided to follow the diet. I lost 65 pounds and never looked back. I have listened to all the podcasts and bought your book. Recently I managed to convince my parents and a couple of their friends to give it a try after some rather bad blood exams. It is pretty hard to spread paleo here in Greece because everyone is raised to believe that the mediterranean diet is perfect but all the information you provide through your blog and book have helped me a lot when people ask me to explain, how the hell I lost so much fat! Keep up the good work!

  115. says


    I want you to know that for my English Composition: Creative Persuasion & Argument class paper I will be talking Paleo…. one because I believe in it 100% and I’ll be spreading some love or at least peak some interest to a class of 30 and the teacher :)

  116. William says

    The idea that you can be Christian and believe in evolution seems a bit odd to me. There’s no wiggle room when we’re talking about the word of God. The bible is pretty clear about how it all happened. If you start getting all metaphorical with that, where do you stop? Cafeteria-Christians, picking and choosing from the bible-buffet what they like and what they don’t like.

    Honestly, people, get your head out of the clouds. It would be nice if folks were as brave about coming out of the atheism closet as they were about deadlifts and eschewing gluten.

    • Steve says

      Agree William, more atheists should come out of the closet since they’re only religious because their family, friends, society expects them to be, but they don’t really buy it [describes several of my friends]. Oh wait, that wasn’t how you meant that…?
      WTF. Religious people aren’t in hiding as atheists, it’s the other way around.

  117. says

    Sorry for spelling your name wrong earlier Robb, what a doofus!

    This is as hackneyed as anything, but sometimes a cheesy story hits the spot:

    One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed
    a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean.

    Approaching the boy, he asked, “What are you doing?”

    The youth replied, “Throwing starfish back into the ocean.
    The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don’t throw them back, they’ll die.”

    “Son,” the man said, “don’t you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish? You can’t make a difference!”

    After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish,
    and threw it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said, ”
    I made a difference for that one.”

    After 4 years of hassling, berating, educating and generally going on at my Dad, last week he finally wrote to his Doctor and asked why he and his wife had been put on statins when the evidence doesn’t support it.

    That’s another two starfish, thanks to you and those like you.

  118. merm says

    Let’s see – a post extolling the virtues of the paleo diet, the foundational importance of evolution in biology AND a quote from RATM.
    Best. Post Ever.

    Keep fighting on Robb. You may not know it but you and the rest of the Paleo gang (Sisson, Cordain, et al.) are leading the rest of us in this war. (I hate the use of ‘war’ imagery but it is fitting.)

    And remember the lyrics shortly after ‘When ignorance reigns life is lost’ – “Why stand on a silent platform? Fight the war! F!#k the norm!”

  119. Stephanie says

    The paleo way is SO different from the CW on healthy eating that it really takes a lot to get your head wrapped around it and take it seriously. The only reason I tried it eventually is that I wanted to be able to honestly say it was stupid and crazy. I knew many people doing it but didn’t feel I could make fun of it unless I tried it myself. Now I’m hooked because, as others, it cured me of a lifelong ailment that I didn’t even realize was curable and that the Dr.’s only wanted to give me pills for (debilitating, laying on the floor screaming wishing someone would stab me in the uterus menstrual cramps, add that to your list of things paleo can fix).

    Paleo does kind of seem cult-like when you are on the outside. But once enough people change and enough other people see the effects it will continue to grow exponentially. If it really works, and it seems to work well for so many, and if wonderful, intelligent, diligent and patient people like you and others keep pushing this stuff so that new people keep trying it, this growth will eventually be enough that the media and maybe even someday the USDA can no longer ignore it. You just have to shake the idiots off and keep pushing through Robb!!!! You are making a difference in many lives. Now if I can just get my hubby and other family members to take it seriously and read your book…

  120. Ryan says

    I’m sure at your level of exposure it can be overwhelming with criticism and cynics. One by one I think people are taking responsibility for their health. For me the choice to go Paleo was easy.

    I had to fight my parents for 6 months to try it…now my mother is my nutrition guru. They have lost a combined 75lbs, look 10 years younger, arthritis free and healthy. They are never looking back.

    It took me betting my sister $500 she couldn’t do it for 60 days to get her started. She’s on her second week. She had high blood pressure and was on medication for it. I say ‘WAS’ because at work the other day she got dizzy due to her blood pressure falling to low. She stopped her medication and has been taking her blood pressure daily only to find it’s normal. I think she gets it and I’m 100% sure I’ll be out of $500.

    You and everyone else in this community continue to inspire. Maybe someday enough of us will buck the system.

    “Harness in the good energy, block out the bad. Harness. Energy. Block. Bad. It’s like a carousel. You put the quarter in, you get on the horse, it goes up and down, and around. Circular, circle. Feel it. Go with the flow.”

  121. Shaun H says

    Thank you for this Robb. I came up against the evolution/religion statement when trying to discuss the dangerous of gluten with coworkers just yesterday. I felt at a loss because I don’t feel comfortable going up against someone’s belief system. By maybe what you have laid out here is a great first step in providing some irrefutable evidence.

  122. Norman Pucillo says

    Thank you and your allies Mark Sisson and Gary Taubes,among others..Have lost 25 last four months, with your help..Gary Taubes had some problems with Dr.Oz when he was on his TV show.Oz told Gary that he was not entitled to an opinion on the subject(nutrition) as he was not an M.D.,you can read about it on Gary’s Web Site..Keep up the good work,you are an awesome young man..Norm Age71

  123. says

    Every single day I am committed to sharing this lifestyle with those I love and care about. I never want people to suffer from diabetes like my grandmother did. So far I am very proud to say that I have over 30 friends and family members switched over to a Paleo diet. They are talking to their friends and so on. We are rippling out and will continue to grow. You cannot save everyone; the Pareto Principle never fails. One at a time is good enough for me. At some point that “one” will be on a National scale and they will not put profits above the health of their followers. Keep up the good work. I have lost over 22 pounds because of The Paleo Diet and I will not get diabetes like my grandmother. For that I am eternally grateful.

  124. kberg says

    Robb, great post, and I’m sorry you’re frustrated. You can’t change the world by yourself. That being said, I made the conversion after reading your book 3 months ago and have since turned at least 4 others into Paleo eaters. My brother-in-law has MS and I am currently working on his wife to go Paleo. She bought your book. One of the 4 I introduced to your book is a medical doctor and she’s now convinced that her patients need to be made aware of Paleo living. For every one of us that your book and blog helped convert, we are passing this along to several others. It is a much slower process than being on Dr. Oz’s show, but effective nonetheless.

  125. Caroline says

    Robb, love this post (and will be re-tweeting it and posting it on FB as well!). There are 2 things that I firmly believe in… God and Paleo. Before I found you, I went to a nutritionist, did what they said, exercised more than anyone ever should, and was still overweight. I’m now almost 2 years strict paleo, SLEEPING well at night, a healthy weight, and a strong mama! More importantly when I first made the decision to try Paleo for 30 days, my supportive husband said he’d try it with me (he knew nothing of it). In 30 days, Paleo completely eliminated his acid reflux and migraine headaches. Prior to paleo he would awaken in the middle of the night at least once per month with a migraine so horrendous that he would spend the rest of the night vomiting in pain. That 30 day experiment turned into a permanent lifestyle change for us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

    My favorite quote from your post above… “I can’t even get too spun up about Dr. Melina’s abomination of a nutrition bar which could only be made worse if gluten and depleted uranium were added to the mix.” Thanks for keeping it real! Sending all my Paleo good vibes your way (and my vibes are strong because I’m strong – thanks to you!).

  126. Jared says

    Great post Robb. I got into this whole world of Paleo through your association with Crossfit and have spread it to quite a few people, and they have spread it along as well. One friend got her parents to try it. Her dad’s blood pressure normalized and both parents lost weight (If only my parents weren’t too stubborn to try it).

    Anyway, as far as evolution goes, if someone really examines the evidence and learns what’s out there, they will either believe one of two things, (1) all life on earth evolved from common ancestors over billions of years or (2) god created us BUT really made it look like all life on earth evolved from common ancestors over billions of years.

  127. says

    Gracias Robb for your honesty! You’ve done so much you deserve to say what ever the heck you want. I admire you as a person and you’re such an inspiration, just plain awesome! you deserve to apply this very fitting quote from W. Churchill

    “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing—after they’ve tried everything else.”

    at the end, like you said: it is remarkable to think about, but an awful long time to wait (I feel like this about the “raising kids” topic EVERY SINGLE F++ DAY). Keep up the great work! and thank you for supporting us! the annoying RSS Spanish ramble : )

  128. Renee F says

    ahhh no worries Robb – I’m pretty sure we all have your back you in a knife fight w. Oz 😉 …

    But seriously you prob saved my life… I started back in Jan at 270lb and now down to 230lbs by following this fad diet of “lean meats, veggies, some fruit and nuts/seeds” … seriously thats such as fad diet (insert eye roll). That’s how complicated my “diet” gets… I still have a long ways to go to get healthy but I’m doing it a meal at a time… oh and my negative celiac tests are crap and I have some kinda allergy you taught me that too!

    I do look forward to my weekly chat with you (ok you can’t hear me but we have a weekly heart to heart)… glad to hear you’ll be around to save a few more thousand lives :)

  129. JimR says


    Please keep up the great work! We all need what you have to offer. You are changing lives and the health of people around the world.

  130. Tane says

    It finally happened: Robb jumped the unicorn.

    Robb, keep up the good work but I’d prefer it if you didn’t spread the knowledge around too aggressively- you are interfering with evolution by a process of natural selection.
    In 100 years, I would like my Paleo great-grandchildren to be able to crush their enemies, see fat people driven before them and hear the lamentation of vegan women.

    Don’t forget: They can’t take away your birthday or make you pregnant.

  131. Maureen says

    Dear Rob…”Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn’t already have!” Keep in mind that the Tin Man had a heart and Oz was the fraud!…. I’m actually very happy that you/Paleo are not in Dr.Oz’s favor… That kind of media will work in your favor!!! I’m sure there’s more than 16% ot the population who understand that Dr.Oz is just a vessel for ratings…and that just because someone has an opinion doesn’t make them right! Keep doing your work…you’re the best!

  132. Sean says

    Robb, you have a unique way of delivering this message – it makes you able to break through to people where others fail. You changed my life. YATFM!

  133. Stacy W says

    Let me just say what TONS of others have already said…..The Paleo way of eating has made THE biggest difference in my life, EVER!! It is one of the best things I have ever done. Fighting against big business is never fun but I look at it this way……When everyone else is so highly physiologically inflamed that they can’t even function we’ll take over the world!! I jest, but even if it’s just one person at a time I will continue to spread the word and help change people’s lives for the better. One last thing, F&CK Dr Oz!

  134. Dianne says

    I am Christian. I believe that life did not and could not come from mere chance. God created it and all of us. Life is way too complicated to have been randomly selected. That said, I see no reason that belief in the theory of evolution (macro-evolution, which is the theory of the beginning of life vs. micro-evolution, which is the theory of how changes occurred in different species to come to where we are today) is required to eat Paleo. I believe that God made our bodies to be very finely tuned awesome vessels for us, and that He is in the details of what we need to thrive and survive and heal and grow. The problem is that man, who believed himself to be equal to God (the Fall), thought that technology and processes were the way to improve on what God created. So if you compare what man has made for us to eat (processed junk) with what God has made for us to eat (meat, vegetables, natural fats to make it all very tasty and filling) it is a no-brainer that God’s diet is better. What you are seeing is the result of challenging the almighty man, suggesting that what man makes is somehow inferior to what God makes. Well, it is. It always has been. It always will be. So eat meat raised the way God intended; eat fat in the form that God created; eat vegetables and fruits and stay away from man-modified versions of all this, and you have a recipe for good health. Makes perfect sense to me!

    • Jared says

      Evolution is not random.

      The distinction between macro- and micro- evolution is one only made by creationists.

      Abiogenesis is the study of how life comes from non-life, not macroevolution.

      Your hypothesis that god created our bodies as is, is only a hypothesis, an apparently untestable, unfalsifiable hypothesis if you’re going to believe it over modern evolutionary theory.

  135. says

    Never pack it in! You are the best Robb, OZ is a sell out.

    I met you in Toronto at the Paleo Solution Seminar, and have followed every tweet, post and podcast since.

    If the big TV companies really wanted ratings they would have you on. You are easier to listen to, much more engaging, and in way better shape then DR OZ…don’t be surprised if you get offers soon!


  136. Naomi says

    Heya Robb,

    Had to tell you something! I’m studying to become a dietician in the netherlands, and since my very first introduction at the age of 17 into nutrition and diet was Loren Cordain’s book you can probably imagine the struggle.
    But, last monday we had a lecture by a new teacher about fats.. he was talking about the cholesterol theory (first time it’s mentioned in 3 years that it’s a theory and not facts), about omega3&6 imbalance, about how a high fat low carb diet improves your serum HDL etcetc.
    I was sitting there with tears in my eyes listening to this guy- i was certain that apart from my class who have to suffer from my ramblings from time to time 99% of the people in that room had never heard any of this stuff before. It was great.
    Without you and others like you that would never have happened.

    So ehm, there’s some good stuff going on. Hope that cheers you up just a little :)

  137. jeff leonard says

    You have done more to change peoples lives than Dr. Oz ever will. You are making a impact on peoples lives. Don’t let a profiteer discourage that……..

    Keep doing what you are doing

    Thank You


  138. CathyN says

    Robb, I actually appreciate that you are expressing your frustration. It’s kinda cathartic for me, since I work with a bunch of sick (literally) vegans who are part of the Chips program locally. They sit around and watch BS horror movies about eating meat, have their soy, wheat and corn lunches while praying for my enlightenment as I eat my absolutely delicious paleo lunch. I am healthier, fitter, leaner and happier than they are. It drives me crazy (there’s a huge hole in my office wall from me banging my head against it).

    Anyway, you are a crusader for good health. There are many, many people (my family included) who are grateful for your strength and staunch advocacy of healthy living. Please don’t change, don’t give up, and keep up the fight. A lot of people have your back.

    And really, Dr. Oz? Seriously? That he has any credibility shows the sad state of the crap food-dulled intellects of talk show watchers.

  139. chnola says

    Just want to say a sincere thank you for your work.

    Dr Oz also endorses the “HCG” and blood type diets. Frankly, I wouldn’t want you in his company because I have your back!

  140. Simon says


    Let evolution do its work. Let the morons who refute the evidence to be plagued by the ravages of the modern diet until they are taken out of the gene pool. Like Dorothy Parker said “You can lead a whore to culture, but you can’t make her think”. If people who should know better, such as academics, doctors etc. are too stupid to examine the evidence and ask themselves how our ancestors would have lived, how they would have exercised and how they would have fed then the issue is an article of faith with them: fat is bad, grains are good.

    What I can say for myself is when I first read the interview with Art De Vany in The Times the clarity of his argument had me shell-shocked. Removing grains from my diet and adopting Paleo gave me enormous amounts of energy, lifted my mood and led to a stone in weight loss. However, the crack-like addictiveness of the modern diet had it’s counter-attack: I ate grains and sweets and I experienced a massive slump (pretty much a Q.E.D. moment). People only need to try the Paleo diet to realise the changes, both mental and physical, will make them feel like they never have before.

    I found your book after reading your post on Tim Ferris’ blog and am back on the Paleo bandwagon thanks to your effervescent prose, your ineluctable logic, and your open-minded approach to evolution and how it impacts upon us: the modern human. Robb, the Paleo world would be a much poorer and less humourous place should you decide to pack it in, so all I can say is keep up the good work big man. I have realised that it is not only down to you, but also each and every one of us to step up and commit to the Paleo way so that others can see the evidence of it and slowly, but surely be persuaded by the results, and results alone. The Paleo community is not a place for dogma and your voice ensures that the Paleo lifestyle is explored not on opinion, but upon an examination of the facts.

    Forget about government, the professions and big business in helping get out the Paleo way. They are stuck both in a paradigm of their own schooling and by the entrenched interests of others. Look to the individual, the community, and small businesses to step in and sieze the opportunities that Paleo provides. Boal said “We are discovering that we can change ourselves, and change the world”: we are learning to take charge of ourselves, to examine our diet and health based upon evolution and the evidence of how our own bodies respond. The latin root for conspire means to whisper together. We in the Paleo community need to whisper together until those whispers get louder and louder so that they can no longer be ignored. Robb, anyone who quotes Al “Fucking” Swearengen has got me watching their back. Keep up the good work and don’t lose heart: you make a difference.


  141. stone temple paleo says

    1. Im Christian but can we all drop the God talk here.

    2. The mainstream is just going through the stages, albeit very slowly and right now its all about denial.

    3. I like that fact that the Paleo community is small, its like having your own little secret society, like the Freemasons 😉

    “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” T. Jefferson

  142. says

    As someone who found her life back using a Paleo-style diet (SCD, which is 95% Paleo), I say that it’s word of mouth that will explode Paleo’s popularity and make it more successful than it already is. I was thinking of death more often than not, since modern medicine could not alleviate my IBS-D symptoms. With the Paleo diet, not only alleviated the symptoms, but also the root cause of the disease.

    It’s people like us, who have found good from this natural diet who will spread the word. I don’t believe making a diet a religion in itself, but when something works, darn, you want people to know and help them out too!

  143. Kristen says

    I’m sorry you’re having such a bummer week. Once in a while things all come together to really weigh heavily on your heart. Maybe watch that video from Utah where a crowd of people worked together to lift a burning car off of the motorcyclist that was trapped underneath it. It’s one that should help restore your faith.

    Like many others have said, as someone who was raised Christian, I have never understood why it has to be faith in God or belief in evolution. Even as a little kid I wondered how people explained away the entire fossil record. I don’t know how it all works together but I believe that one day we’ll know. That’s why it’s called FAITH.

    As far as Dr. Oz goes, I never understood the appeal, and wrote him off years ago when I saw video of him literally telling men to tell their wives that if they aren’t having sex with them X times per week for the health of their prostates they they were killing them. Seriously. Sounds like a manipulative jerk to me and I don’t trust manipulative people.

    Chirk up. Take a break and take care of yourself. Go enjoy nature and life.

  144. JJ says

    Robb, NSW is on your side!

    FYI, I saw Melina’s idiotic response to the Paleo diet. It so inflamed me that I sent her a nice email explaining why people have lost faith in the letters, MD. I politely asked her why she paid all that money to an institution to become less intelligent than she was when she started. What a racket! Clearly she is a mainstream, CW hack who hasn’t done a stitch of research on any topic even closely resembling nutrition.

    Unfortunately, this is what the lazy masses of cattle watch on TV…CNN, what a joke.

    Stay strong, your momentum is gaining!

  145. says

    I don’t do religion. I think it needs to get kicked in the teeth, and to the curb. Don’t be discouraged by the nonthinkers who accept the irrational. You’re doing fantastic work – as long as it serves your happiness keep it up!

  146. Josh A. Kruschke says

    From a Libertarian point of view with liberty comes the possibility of failure. Without an inquisitive mind one will except false answers even in the face of negative results, because some authority figure said so.

    Remember you can’t save everyone, but you can save those you can. Just keep plugging away and those looking for an answer will find you. Those not ready will face reality until they are.

    Keep fighting the good fight,

  147. says

    Holy shit, great post. Being a chiropractor I’m constantly amazed at the sheep we’ve become. There are many days I want to chuck it and go live in the Bahamas and just hang. But someone’s got to give a crap about what’s going on so thanks. My nutrition advice is now read this (Paleo Solution) and tell your doctor he’s a jackass.

    Searching for the truth is easy, excepting the truth is hard.
    Jedi Quote?

    • says

      Wow, had a little sand in my crack that day. There are many good docs out there with good intentions who are using the wrong tools and refuse to change.

      Dr. Oz is more of a reality show then anything and most TV should be skipped except for Sponge Bob, he’s got it going on and I believe he mostly Paleo with an occasional cheat.

      Thanks again for all the hard work.

  148. Michelle J says


    Allow me to join in the fray and say THANK YOU. Your voice is one of the reasons Paleo is growing in popularity and pissing a bunch of people off. It works and it’s worth fighting for!

    I’m a personal trainer who has myself lost over 100 pounds. I’m constantly educating myself in the best way to find my own optimal health and to guide others to their best life, whatever that may be. You and Andy and now Greg have been constant companions in my quest and have answered so many questions for myself and my clients.

    We are all meant to be happy and healthy and passionately devoted to something. When we are in our zone we have the best chance of making an impact on others. I’ve been through three or four careers before I found personal training and coaching and it’s the most fun and the most challenge I’ve ever had going to work. I wouldn’t trade it.

    You are in your zone and you are making a HUGE impact! Look at the comments on this topic and add a zero or two to the numbers of those who read it and are talking about it. I read the Time article and thought ‘here we go’ the gloves are coming off and what’s Robb going to say? I thought the Paleo dig was total swagger and thank you for having the cajones to respond to it.

    I haven’t pissed off quite as many people as you but I’m working on it! Keep leading the charge I hope the amazing response to your post is reaffirming. I know about being in dark places and I’m glad you did not pull the plug. Have a great workout, take a break and know that you are making a difference. You might want to invest in a bigger flak jacket; I have a feeling this is only getting started.

    BTW, sign me up for your certification when it is up and running! One of my clients is one of the Oklahoma docs on the PPN and we are pumped about getting on board!

    Keep on keeping on,

  149. Jacob Egbert D.O. says

    Robb, I appreciate your efforts and this article’s topics have been in my thoughts for quite a while. I battle the current dogma in a daily basis. I am a physician that prescribes the paleo diet to nearly every patient. I feel like I’m talking to a wall most of the time. Its an uphill battle. But there are those of us fighting with you. Keep it up and thank you!

  150. Taz says


    The words that came to mind when I read this post aren’t mine, they’re from Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. Whatever you think about the tenets of Rand’s philosophy, I think these quotes are fitting and I hope they’ll reassure you and stick in your mind whenever you feel doubt or frustration.

    “The world you desired can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it’s yours. But to win it requires total dedication and a total break with the world of your past, with the doctrine that man is sacrificial animal who exists for the pleasure of others. Fight for the value of your person. Fight for the virtue of your pride. Fight for the essence, which is man, for his sovereign rational mind. Fight with the radiant certainty and the absolute rectitude of knowing that yours is the morality of life and yours is the battle for any achievement, any value, any grandeur, any goodness, any joy that has ever existed on this earth.”


    “Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone.”

    Focus on the MANY people you do and will help. And thank you for all that you do.

  151. PJ says

    another here who has your back.
    I am a Christian who has no problem with evolution.
    Keep using your god-given (!) talents, and spread the word!!

    Churchill has already been quoted above, and I offer you another of his quips to keep you going:
    “If you find yourself going through hell,
    just keep on going”.

  152. says

    This food business is downright loco. I cared not a jot about diet until I came across Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson’s material and then, couldn’t get enough. Changed my life. Personally, I’m not at all disappointed these hucksters and quacks are aligned against this common sense approach to health and longevity. When they keel over and die face first in their bowls of ColonBlow, there will be more room for the rest of us. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that people are sick and their lives are being damaged by ignorance and avarice, and that I can’t accept with equanimity. The harder the push back, the more clever we have to be. Science gives us the means for some Paleo-jitsu and knowledge-dropping on the stubborn ones who cling to bad studies, half-truths and just plain willful ignorance. Robb and others like him are the science guys we need. Now more than ever.

  153. Adrian says

    Robb, I cannot say anything that has not been said already in the above comments, except to give you an idea of the influence you’ve had in my life.

    When I first discovered your book (oddly enough, through Tim Ferriss’ blog), it was like a light bulb finally clicked on that helped me to see. I’ve never been unhealthy, but I knew there was something wrong with the way we lived. I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

    In the meantime, over the last 12 months I’ve finally discovered how I want to live my life – as a rancher / pastor in the mould of Joel Salatin. I could never have reached this point of clarity in my mind without your book.

    Don’t let the bastards grind you down. Keep going, your energy and enthusiasm is a beacon!

    In the words of another RATM lyric, Fight the War, F**k the Norm!

  154. Clive Staples says

    It took the comments for me to see you weren’t just bashing Christians but stating that Dr. Oz could use his time better to promotes stuff that actually works? Is that correct? Was that the main point of this article?

    The 16% stat as the only ones getting your back made me think it was all or nothing when it comes to accepting Evolutionary Biology. But then later said a firefighter doesn’t have to know everything about thermodynamics to fight a fire.

    I took it as we have to buy all of the tenants of evolutionary biology hook line and sinker or else, we are stupid. If that is true then I am going to have to re-brand Paleo and call it something else when I talk to people.


  155. says

    Robb, dude, there is no reason to piss off the creationists. You simply say, “I have faith in the scientists who, examining the evidence, have interpreted it in such a way as to support the theory of evolution and I have made a choice to believe them”. Period. Don’t be so dogmatic about your religion, evolutionism. Yes, a religion. You worship (or at least venerate) men like Charles Darwin, Stephen Jay Gould, Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins. You uphold their writings to be almost sacred, beyond reproach. You evangelize, by taking every opportunity to insist that evolution is “the way, the truth”. I could go on. How is this different than the Christian who worships (venerates) Jesus, upholds the Bible as sacred writing and evangelizes when they get the chance? It’s not. Creationism is just as much a religion as evolutionism. I’m getting tired of your evangelizing. Give it a rest. The efficacy of a Paleo diet to improve health does not stand or fall on evolutionism. It’s a good diet because it has been shown to work. In the final analysis, what’s evolution got to do with it? Nothing.
    I respect and understand your choice and the faith you have in the men who developed the theory of evolution. Respect other people’s choices. I too used to believe in evolution, but when I looked closely at the evidence with an open mind and compared how the same evidence was interpreted differently by different scientists I made a choice with my free will to believe the creation scientist’s interpretation. My choice is no less valid than yours. Neither you or I KNOW whether or not there is an after-life because neither one of us has died. Neither you or I were there to see the Big Bang. You have never seen an ape-like creature evolve into a man. I did not see the Noah’s flood. We, both of us, cannot KNOW for sure, can we? Be honest. When you lay your head on your pillow tonight, think about what you really KNOW for sure. If you’re honest, you’ll come to the same conclusion I did, not much. What we think we know about creation/evolution is based on our faith in some men who say it is so, right?
    By some estimates, almost 50% of scientists are Christian. Books like “On the Seventh Day: Forty Scientists and Academics Explain Why They Believe in God” by John F. Ashton, PhD, “In Six Days: Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation” by the same author, “Starlight and Time: Solving the Puzzle of Distant Starlight in a Young Universe” by D. Russell Humphreys, PhD, (you might really like this one as you claim to be so scientific. It’s written by a PhD in physics) and many others demonstrate this. Have you read ANY of these? How about “In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood” by Walter Brown, PhD. (oh look, another ignorant Christian), “Thousands…Not Billions” by Dr. Don DeYoung, PhD. (another PhD? This is not looking good), “The Big Bang Blasted” by Lyndon Ashmore, a physics teacher, “Evolution in Crisis” by Michael Denton, a molecular biologist! I read all these books and have examined both sides of the argument carefully. Do you claim to have examined both sides of this argument? Have you read ANY of these books? Are you familiar with alternate interpretations of the same evidence? Let me give you an example: Look at the Grand Canyon – same evidence; different interpretations. The evolutionist says that a little river flowed through a riverbed and over millions of years eroded the banks and formed the Grand Canyon. The creationist says that there was a world-wide flood and an enormous amount of water was trapped just north of the Grand Canyon and when that huge body of water breached its banks an unimaginable amount of water rushed southward carving a huge canyon in a matter of days, maybe hours. Do I know this to be true? Do you know that it is not?
    Other science books that I have read that you might be interested in, “Big Bang Blasted: The Story of the Expanding Universe and How it was Shown to Be Wrong” by Lyndon Ashmore, a physics teacher, “Evolution: A Theory in Crisis: New Developments in Science Are Challenging Orthodox Darwinism”.
    Okay, so you’re a busy dude. You have no interest in reading these because it’s all bullshit anyway. “I’ve made up my mind, man, don’t confuse me now with all that contrary science”. Okay, fine. All I ask is that you stop needlessly offending Bible-believing Christians with your evangelistic rants and raves about evolution. We, you, don’t need evolution to support the Paleo Diet. By the way, loved your book and haven’t missed an episode of the podcast. I’ve put a link to your book on my “Client Resources” page on my website. Keep up the good work! (Just keep your religion out of it).
    PS – For some quick scientific information on creation:,,

    • says

      Lordy…you did much more “telling how it should be” and dramatics than I ever have man. I’ve read virtually all the books listed BTW—have had dinner with two of the authors. I am well schooled on “both sides” of the debate. thanks for lisitng the book in your resources, but If I’m that big an asshole, I’d just as soon you not.

      • says

        C’mon, Robb, that’s not fair. I never said or even implied that you were an asshole. And just to make this crystal clear, I do not think you are an asshole. To summarize, I said you don’t know with certainty that the Big Bang/evolution is a fact – you did not witness it. I also conceded that I don’t know with certainty (using the same basis of judgment) that creationism is a fact. I did not witness it. So we make judgments based on who we believe – the creationist’s interpretation or the evolutionist’s interpretation of the evidence. I’ve been following you for a year and a half now. I think you’re a good guy, not an asshole. Just wanted to clear that up in case someone got the impression that I thought you were an asshole. Sorry I pissed you off. Play fair.

        • says

          I do not know with certainty that the sun will “come up” tomorrow but the EVIDENCE is pretty damn compelling. given that you posted about 10 other times in that thread this felt more like a grab for attention. let’s just call this done.

          • says

            Okay, done. Sorry, not looking for attention, just too much time on my hands…lol. I only posted one original comment and three, maybe four replies to other comments. It’s a good bet the sun will come up tomorrow. I’ve witnessed it about 20,922 times now…lol. Keep up the good work. See ya on the other side.

      • Harvey says

        Omfg how does anybody put up with these nutjobs. The idea that some people would tell you what to say on your on website. Unbelievable! Robb, your diplomacy inspires me!

    • Jared says


      Just wow.

      First evolution does not imply there is no god, or that there is no afterlife, only that all life on earth evolved from common ancestors over billions of years. Stop equivocating anything else.

      Second, no, these ideas are not equal. Evolution is supported independently by many different branches of science. Creationism is supported by ignoring historians and reading a book of mythology at face value. The fact that you believe in a global flood shows an incredible amount of credulity on your part to the point of naivety. It’s almost insane. You’ll believe in a global flood–an impossible event, where somehow all 5 million of species of animal on earth fit on a little wooden boat–from a story in a book. Yet, you have hundreds of years of science, exploring evolution, and you think there’s not enough evidence.

      You’re not interested in the most probable explanation of the diversity and complexity of life on earth. You’re only interested in holding onto the stories in your book (which are not supported by historical evidence, btw). There is no “scientific information” on creationism because creationism is not science.


    • says


      For what it’s worth I had the pleasure of attending Robb’s first Paleo Solution Seminar, and I can tell you from spending hours listening to him in person, as well as listening to every podcast, that my belief system has not once been ridiculed, challenged, maligned, or insulted by him.

      I have never asked him, but get the distinct impression that Robb does not share my belief. I don’t know for sure, but it is his choice to believe what he believes. I can say with certainty that he is as respectful of other’s choices as I am his.

      I hope you’ll re-read what you wrote and see how it could be considered condescending. You wrote things such as “you claim to be so scientific” and “another PhD? This is not looking good”, then followed those by deciding what Robb thinks with statements like “You have no interest in reading these because it’s all bullshit anyway.”

      It’s very presumptuous and offensive. There are ways to get your point across and genuinely ask your questions, without being rude. Perhaps that wasn’t your goal, I can’t know, but you do get more flies with honey.

      • says

        Yeah, Bill, you’re right. I owe Robb an apology. Robb, I hope you see this. Maybe someone will bring your attention to it. Looking back, I was kind of harsh and rude. Looking back on Robb’s original post, I realize I was reacting more to the quotes that Robb listed than I was to what Robb said. I regret my post. No excuse, but as an apology (an explanation/defense) I get wound up and suffer from periods of hypomania and get caught up in it when I start writing. I could have made my point with much less sarcasm and less challenging tactics. Since eating low/carb-paleo I’m much better but still, occasionally have the bouts of hypomania. Sorry, Robb.

  156. says

    Hi Robb,

    Don’t despair. You save lives, which is more than Dr Oz can say.

    In Tom Naughton’s AHS talk he said we can’t change the big organisations and their puppets, but what we can do is make them redundant. Change come from grassroots movements. This is how Paleo will take off.

    Most people on Paleo become much healthier and often recover from disease (such as MS). They become passionate about the thing that helped them and enthusiastically spread the word to friends, family, etc. More people learn, try it out and succeed. Those people tell more people, and the cycle continues. Ultimately Paleo will become mainstream because it’s right, or at least the closest thing to being right.

    All we have to do is to be a resource, continue to spread the word and not comprise the message. The full treatment of Paleo works. Paleo plus cake and getting wasted is not Paleo.

    The convention wisdom is based on faulty paradigms, which makes any message from it appear awkward and contradictory. I arrived at Paleo because the community knew what it was talking about, rather than saying ‘meat causes cancer’ without an explanation.

    From the perspective of an Australian it looks like America is in a bad state for change. As other people have suggested you could also try other countries who are less into creationism and more open to better health approaches. I don’t think there will be any near as much resistance in Australia/New Zealand and Europe.

    Or us Paleos could pool our money together and make our own country.

  157. Heidi says


    not sure what’s worse presidents and former presidents becoming vegan or Dr. Oz ?!

    The momentum of the paleo movement is growing and although it gets some negative press from dopes,it gets press.

    It will take those of who believe telling 1 person at a time, 1 person who will listen. I tell someone every day about paleo and specifically the evils of gluten (gluten is genocide).

    Yesterday 2 woman and 1 man (all separate parties) got the shpeel. All of them sick and looking for answers, wrote down your book title and your name.

    and to quote Al Swearengen “They butt into other people’s business; and make the business of other’s their own – these bought-out, no good cocksuckers.”

  158. Donna says

    First, let me say your site has helped me a lot. Also have your book on the way to get the aggregated picture.

    I grew up in a vegetarian home where the canned gluten products were dipped in flour and fried in some sort of veggie oil. I developed allergies early on and always had fibromyalgia type symptoms before that phrase was coined. Despite this I went on to engage in lots of outdoor activities including climbing mountains (think over-training, cardio-addict).

    Fast forward to now, I’m dealing with issues post-brain surgery from a few years ago and MS. Fortunately, I figured out the gluten-free thing a while ago and have been hardcore GF for over 3 years. I’ve only recently begun delving into Paleo (and it was *your* site that brought that on).

    While I’m not burning the cane or anything like that, my energy is much smoother and, I think, the migraines are less. Friends have noticed my ability to do things longer before wonking. So, thanks for the 30 day challenge. You are making a difference.

    About OZ: That dunderhead has tossed out completely incorrect info about MS on his show in the past. Caused a lot of fear in the MS community requiring the National Society to issue a correction about what he said. And, he’s trying to make whiny, juicer-boy Montel our spokesperson — horrifies more than a few. Besides, he and Dr Phil are the children of Oprah. Nuff said, at least for the thinking person.

    And, about Bastyr / Naturopaths: I followed this route for a long time in life. Even made my own plant tinctures. And, while I’m still into various holistic bodywork methods, the two docs who let me down the most when I became ill are loosely affiliated with Bastyr. And…well, don’t get me started on the body-mind “vending machine type thinking” folks.

    One the upside, the leader of an online MS FB group recently recommended the Dean Ornish diet. People revolted – was good to see. So, when asked what they do, there were lots of GFers, no diary, no soy, no legumes, some Paleos, etc. Good to see that folks are questioning the grains and such. Fat remains the Mt. Everest.

    It is discouraging all the BS tossed about by those who are considered authority figures. But I’d try not to get caught up in the evangelical need to save the world – most don’t want saving anyway as Harris notes. But you are here, and doing a great job, of helping those of us who are motivated to question, experiment and change.

    Sorry for the epistle but thanks. Keep the faith…in your science.

  159. Troy says

    Hey Robb,

    Hey, we met once at an Austin Seminar and talked about how it was the science that initially brought us to CF.. and a promise of a Space Shuttle Sim rise should you ever make it to Houston. As the science progresses you either have to change with it or get mired in dogma combined sadly with market-share.

    “As a scientist I am forced to constantly reevaluate my belief system.”

    So true. I am sometimes wrong, often due to “best information I had @ the time, yet I all have to do is change my mind to be right (again). PROBLEM SOLVED.

    I got your back on this.

    Fellow Paleo-Illuminatist …just kidding….well sorta…no, I am… or am I?…Darn now I don’t even know if I am or not!

  160. says

    Robb, I am so sorry that mainstream media got you so far down…glad the comments helped you bounce back. Honestly, though, mainstream is the word you should focus on as it reminds you that they’re funded the same way “conventional” wisdom is: by big business. Right there, you know that you are doing something right because they only go after those who they perceive as a threat and the paleo way of life is definitely a threat to big business.

    My husband brought the CNN article to my attention during a skype conversation…and that was when I realized how big this movement had become. It is not a fad…it is a threat…how cool is that?

    Oh, and why was the paleo way of life on his radar? Because his recent leave provided him three living examples of how well the paleo lifestyle works…our two younger children and I have embraced this lifestyle and it shows…clear skin, lean bodies, and even energy (not an easy thing with two in puberty and one racing headlong into menopause.). He took my copy of The Paleo Solution back with him, too. Living, breathing success stories did more than 3 months of conversations. As the word continues to spread, you see that you are so far from alone in this fight. Thank you so much! You truly have changed our future.

  161. Joe Brancaleone says

    You know, for those who find a necessary conflict between their faith and the mass of data and findings in many branches of science, they ought to be pointed to this site as a great starting point:

    and sniff around in the Resources sections and Journal archives. It doesn’t have all the answers or a unanimous viewpoint, but there is PLENTY of food for thought, and great back and forths from thoughtful individuals of the Christian faith working in the sciences.

    Heck I even learned something new on that site today about the rising industrial demand for coconut husks:

  162. paleoslayer says

    Wow, this reminds me of Amazing Spiderman #50, where Peter decides to QUIT being spiderman

    Anywho, I have an answer to why cardiothoracic surgeons are more receptive to the paleo message than cardiologists are. Its not to do w money, as you said, both groups’ livelihoods would be affected. Both groups are also, I believe 99% of MDs are, well meaning and want the best for their patients. So why the difference? Bc if your message is true then it means that what the cardiologists are doing everyday – prescribing meds and advocating low fat diet – is suboptimal therapy or even harmful. But what surgeons are doing is not ‘wrong’ per se,but necessary bc of their pt’s wrong dietary choices.
    Humans do NOT like to admit they are wrong.

    Mass media and big business is a different animal. IMHO, they KNOW what they are telling us is wrong. They created this paradigm. Ancel Keyes was featured on Time’s cover. Don’t be disheartened Robb, but do not underestimate the stink and corruption of those in power. Im not religious but I do believe humans have great capacity to do good. Conversely, humans have great capacity to do evil as well.

    Btw, my mom is off her BP,diabetes,cholesterol meds and her joint aches and pains have almost completely dissappeared.

    Thank you Spiderman, we need you.

  163. Paleorose says

    Hey Robb

    So many great comments already, but I just wanted to put in a word of support from OZ – the one down under that is.

    The whole Christian anti-evolution thing is not much evident in Australia, although there is a very small minority that gets some publicity from time to time. So we don’t get much criticism from that perspective. Mainly get the ones about how our ancestors died young and all that fat will kill us!

    Please keep doing what you do. You have a gift for communication and I love it when you get angry!

  164. Alec says

    Robb (and all of you guys), just keep it up.

    Patience, patience, patience. Firm pressure, but patience.

    I’m getting everyone I know informed and encouraging the podcasts if they want to check it out. My friend has my copy of your book right now and books I ordered from Salatin, Taubes, William Davis, and some others just came yesterday (Reading Salatin first for a change of pace from the science stuff. I like it a lot so far, I might add.).

    People are all surprised about the all-encompassing guidance provided by the Paleo/Whole-foods framework. Almost regardless of their initial questions, my response back more often than not is, “Well what are your goals?” They are surprised yet appreciative of a “diet” that is finally not one-size-fits-all. I think I have a lot of luck as well since these are college students. The fact that the science from an evolutionary biology standpoint backs it so well and students minds seem to be prepared to learn makes it pretty easy. Unless they are flat-out wrong, I never say “You’re wrong.” I always say “I have stuff you should read,” and it seems to create the idea that we’re looking at something that’s still being developed, but we are on the same side here. Even more encouraging is that it backs people’s experience, especially in the realm of acne and “body sluggishness.” Sudden breakout? Maybe it was all those nuts you had yesterday. Feel achy and heavy in the morning? Maybe it was those candy bars. The puzzle of the body being a gigantic chemistry equation makes it more enjoyable for people, and while they might not be committed enough to go all the way (sleep+food+exercise) they find comfort in knowing they have all the puzzle pieces. I never tell anyone what their decision should be, I simply let them know (to the best of my abilities) what their decision will mean. Over time, the couple fiends I’ve talked to extensively get closer and closer to a paleo/whole-food diet. While immediate conversion might not happen, it allows them to commit and know why they are committing themselves to a proper diet (especially once they see the results).

    Now I just gotta get people to stop spending hours on those ellipticals and exercise bikes when they have no injuries that might necessitate it…

    But keep it up. I’m fighting your fight while maintaining my full-time job, training parkour, and finishing my computer engineering degree.

  165. Patrick says

    Rob, all I can say is I am extremely glad you did not fold up your tents and put up the “gone farming coconut” sign.

    Having read your book gave me what I think was a piece of the puzzle I was missing in regards to my nutrition. I had been on again/off again low carb for the last year or so, but it was never with the view of food quality being the primary driver. Having found that bit of information as well as the evolutionary biology framework for why it is important let me fit more of my n=1 history together. My story isn’t that different from anyone else’s here, so I’ll spare the details for now, though maybe it will make for a podcast question someday :)

    I see a hopeful sign in the experience I had with your book and my girlfriend. I bought my girlfriend the Spanish language version of your book, more so that she would understand why I am eating the way I do. My Spanish is getting better, but trying to explain LDL particle size or why saturated fat isn’t all that bad was pretty challenging.

    She read the book while she was here in the US and when she went back to Venezuela she went out and bought paleo food and continued eating this way. (She had been eating paleo (more or less) while she was here since that is what I cooked for her.) She has shared the book with her mother, who has cancer, and SHE wants her own copy and is wanting to try this way of life.

    If the message can spread that easily, surely there must be plenty of hope. I trust you will never completely lose the hope that you can make a difference with this “pseudo-science”. Your efforts are like a large rock being thrown in a pond, causing innumerable ripples. Each of us in this community take in and reflect that ripple back out into the world, maybe adding a bit of ourselves to it. Who can know what will come of all those ripples?


  166. gary says

    “Dr. Melina’s bars: Take two. If you live, call me in the morning.”
    LMFAO!!! hahaha

    Robb I know you’re a passionate guy and we all love what you’re doing, but unfortunately we can only help those who will listen. I worry that perhaps you’re getting too strung out from the ma$$ media nutrition propaganda.

  167. angelyne says

    Sorry if this has been said already, but being snubbed by Doctor Oz is probably a good thing. Appearing alongside “Faith healers, mediums and known hucksters” would just make the paleo diet look bad by association. Everything Doctor Oz touches is tainted.

    I don’t care what piece of paper he has hanging on his wall, he’s not a doctor, he just plays one on TV.

  168. Nick P says

    Robb….Thanks for the all of the support and encouragement!!! You are truly a HERO to many of us who are just trying to wade through all of the “established” nutrional bullshit, and lead a healthy lifestyle without drugs…..Rock on!

  169. Thalin says

    Robb, historically NO good idea has been immediately followed. And ALL good ideas have been fought by the existing establishment. You (and I) have to accept that you can’t be an exception…as in evolution, societies and ideas change along a punctuated pattern, and that takes time. Always. You can’t reasonably expect the 2000s to be much better than the 1600s in this respect. Galileo was first, but think about Einstein or Poincare!

    They too have been fought and they too had to be up against VERY powerful forces.
    However, science has a way of prevailing, over time. As Kuhn has shown, a scientific revolution only happens when the cost of ignoring the truth is simply too high. I know that this looks crazy, but the United States has not fully endured the costs, the real costs, of spreading un-healthiness. But you know better than me that this is unsustainable: one day the whole chain (oil-agricolture-nutrition-healthcare) will simply collapse and somebody will go around looking for a good answer. I know they will find you and Cordain.

    So until that moment comes, there’s nothing you can do except seed the seeds, let the answers be there when people will seriously look for them, and keep helping all the people who would listen to you. As I told you, I had lost more than 80 pounds before “meeting” you: and I thought that there simply was NOBODY who could tell me how and what to eat. When I heard you talking I had to recognize that what you were saying was founded on a strong paradigm, i listened and my life has changed. I will be forever grateful.


  170. Bevie says

    Dogma is a four letter word (no, don’t go count them, just trust me), and stands in the way of every meaningful accomplishment humans can make. Few things irritate me more than people who will not THINK. It is the truest difference between humans and animals, yet there are so many who discard this most precious of resources because it is not convenient (another four letter word, but don’t count that one either). I often feel the way you do about the unquestioning attitude of people on both the science and religion side of the equation. I respect your ability to do what you do in spite of detractors on all sides.

    And, as if you needed another success story for your million page collection, your book introduced me to the paleo concept and I have lost weight, beat depression, healed painful joints, and regained energy and enthusiasm for life that I thought were lost forever. Oh, and my depressed, overweight, diabetic, Crones-disease-diagnosed housemate is beginning to lead a more normal life, although he has a much longer road than I do.

    Don’t ever stop.

  171. Gaby A. says

    I basically live by one philosophy: optimize what you can, eliminate what you can’t. After you’ve set that as your base, then add back and see where negative effects are seen. For example, celiacs can’t really optimize their intake of wheat, so they eliminate. I myself love lentils, being middle eastern, and realizing from your discussions with Matt Lalonde for example, I can minimize the damage and probably keep some of it in my diet with little to no effect by sticking to canned beans or seriously soaking them before hand.

    Regarding the whole faith vs. evolution issue, life is too short on this earth whether you believe in god or not (I myself am an atheist). I think we can agree that both camps should make the most of their time on earth, bettering humanity. A healthy body should not be a goal in and of itself (unless you’re a professional athlete/trainer/bodybuilder). A healthy body should be the foundation for you to do everything else you want in life (look at the recent inspiration from Expedition Impossible with The Modern Gypsies for example). There, that’s my kumbaya moment. :-)

  172. says

    Ok, I read almost every comment on this thread…and I’ll put these “”DITTO”” under everything said above! A few things to add:
    1. Please, for Nikki’s sake, keep things in perspective. if you turn around and look behind you at the MASS of people waiting for you to make a move a la Forrest Gump running across the country, you’ll scare yourself shitless & she’ll be left w/ quite a mess to clean up. So just don’t take too long a glance behind you…you can hear our footsteps to know we’re right there behind you.
    2. It may seem ‘common sense’ the things you talk about…I’m sure you’re bored with answering so many health questions w/ “give LC paleo a try for 30 days, get your sleep right & get into some sunshine” but there are SO many people who will need to be smacked upside the head w/ the whole paleo lifestyle thing a dozen+ times before it sinks in. The volume of bullshit surrounding a person regarding “healthy” vs “unhealthy” is nuts, and while they’d like to believe you right off the bat, if they didn’t live in this field from early in school like many of us have, they’re going to need to hear this stuff over and over again while they turn it over in their head and figure out that you’re info is spot-on and what they’ve been fed before is utter trash. Hear it enough times though, they’ll start to sway toward the truth i.e. paleo.

    Go forth & prosper Robb!

  173. Karen says

    Robb, I am also one of those people whose life has been saved by the likes of you and Mark. As I read thru all of these posts from the grateful, I wonder how I can do my part to support you and the paleo movement. To “Dr.” (gag) Oz : Sucess is the Best Revenge. When people in the paleo-free zone in which I live (Rochester NY) see a hard core sugar addict like myself continue and succeed in my makeover, THAT will start yet another ripple effect of changing peoples lives for the better (it already has), when they ask me what happened. If there is anything else I can do to support you, please let me know!

  174. Chris says

    Hahahaha! Oh Coach, for some strange silly reason you really think we would LET you quit?? Boy you crazy!
    Youre in too deep home skillet. You know where you work and where you live. This is too big to walk away from. Too many people involved, LITERALLY too many lives on the line. You make youre bed, you lay in it. I hope 292 replies in a matter of hours gives you some idea. I think gyms would literally shut down if you abandoned ship, Captain my Captain. I dont care if you steer drunk off Nor Cal Margs youre going down with the ship, we all are.
    I want to buy you a shirt I saw yesterday:
    “If you aint being hated on – you aint doing shit.”
    People keep dropping quotes so I dont want to stop this loving feeling.
    “You were free to choose and you did. Now lie in it.”
    “If you really want to hurt them and their children not yet born tell them the truth always”.
    Henry Rollins, from the book See a Grown Man Cry
    “If I can change one, then I can change two. If I can change two, then I can change four. If I can change four, then I can change eight. If I can change eight, then I can change.”
    One Minute Silence, “If I Can Change”
    “Harden the fuck up.”

    Hugs and kisses coach.

  175. Cath says

    I like to think of your work as a ripple effect too. I found out from a friend – it changed my world. I’ve switched my family to Paleo, including my 4y.o daughter who has JRA. I’ve passed it on to my Mum and my sister and at least two of my friends – they’re passing it on.

    Most importantly – I can run, jump, skip, hop, wrestle and laugh with my kids because I’m not stiff and sore and exhausted. You have given me back my life, and made an immeasurable difference in my kids lives. and they are just 2 and 4 years old.

    I get that you had a momnet, and that you’re tired – hell, who wouldn’t be. But never give up, never give in, we’ve got your back, and if any one want’s proof – tell ’em to call ME!


  176. Melissa says

    Robb, I start Nursing school on Monday and I will be fighting the good fight for the next two years. Paleo has changed my life and I’m going to carry that in to my profession as a Nurse.

    Thank you for everything you do.

  177. Steve says

    After the treatment he gave Taubes, I wouldn’t even accept an invitation to Oz’s show anyhow. It’s not a level playing field whatsoever.
    “Living well is the best revenge”

  178. Andy says

    I applaud all that you are doing. This is revolutionary and you are changing lives.

    As my mom used to say: “the masses are asses.”

    Count me in as part of the 16%

  179. Patty says

    Robb, I have been overweight for my entire life. I come from an obese family who put me on a zillion diets when I was a kid to try and help me stave off the family curse. Instead, I ended up an obese adult weight nearly 200lbs over my ideal weight. I did all kinds of extreme things to try and lose weight…finally ending up going under the knife for bariatric surgery. That worked…for a bit. Lost weight by drastically cutting portions and eating “healthy grains” like oatmeal and whole wheat bagels. But then I plateau’ed…and didn’t know what to do. $20K, scarred and confused. Was I never going to be free? Fast forward 2 years later, someone introduces me to Crossfit, XFit introduces me to paleo…and all roads paleo led to Robb Wolf. And the more I read, the more everything clicked. Wow…my mind was blown when I realized how much of what I’d been told about diet and nutrition was wrong and what the consequences of that wrong info were. My dad has high blood pressure and diabetes. My mom has high blood pressure and a host of other health issues. I don’t want to be them in 20 years and for the FIRST time in my life, I see a clear road on how I can NOT end up like them. I’m 40 and I’ve just gotten this news…makes me sad I didn’t learn this sooner and glad I learned it now. I’m on Day 22 of a Whole30 and it’s been hard, I’m battling my food addictions every minute but I’ve lost 10 lbs, I’ve cured a sleep problem that has plagued me for a year and was fueling my depression and I’ve never looked so pretty in my life. My total loss is up to 102lbs..with 80lbs left to go. Paleo can get me there as long as I stay the course.

    Whatever you do….DO NOT SHUT THIS DOWN. People need this…people need you. You are changing my life as I write this. My whole future will have a different trajectory than the one I was headed on before this. I see a path to happiness I have never seen before and didn’t think was possible for me. I can’t bear the thought of all of this disappearing tomorrow and not only do I lose access to it….but no other person struggling with obesity and illness will ever learn from you again. Sure, there are other people there talking about this stuff but your voice is so unique, so compelling, so necessary. Paleo would not be where it is right now without you. You’re right, there are probably a million ways that you can help people, but the people you are helping with this do NOT have a million ways to get this info. Please stay the course…you are helping tens, if not hundreds of thousands at this very moment. Thank you.

  180. says

    Hey Robb, who the hell is Dr Oz. I live in the UK and if it wasn’t for you and Angelo Coppola talking about him I wouldn’t have a clue! But I know your work, Art De Vany, Mark Sissons, etc.

    I think this is a question of strategy. If you go head to head with Oz its terratorial machismo. He’s OK with the faith healers because they are sufficiently different to him. They aren’t telling people what to eat. That’s his job. So he can’t accept you and paleo.

    In war the worst strategy is to go head to head. You need a Trojan horse or an outflanking manouvre. You’ve said this yourself; it won’t ultimatley be Paleo or Primal or New-Evolution Diet. It will just be ‘eating healthy’. Slowly people will absorb the message AKA Dr Kurt Harris’s 12 steps (or however many he’s got). Don’t eat seed oils. Oh, saturated fats not so bad. That celebrity is saying she uses coconut oil so I’ll give it a go. Gosh my stomach is bloated and everyone is talking about how bad wheat is I’ll see if I can give it up. With time the message will get through because so many people are coming at different parts of this from different angles and perspectives but the message will get through. Take seed oils. I’ve been asking my patients (I’m an acupuncturist) what oils they use at home and everyone uses olive oil. Period. I’ve had just one say they occasionally use sunflower oil. I’ve suggested to dozens of patients to try Paleo and the take up is surprisingly high. And none of them have heard of Dr Oz.

    Oh. And none of our Christians don’t believe in evolution; at least not that I’ve met.

    Robb you are doing a great job and your message is international. Truth spreads.

  181. says

    I agree, I’m from melbourne, australia & have only recently begun my paleo journey, which incidently was recommended by my local gym. Since then i have brought both robb & sarah’s books and also listen to robbs podcast. Robb you are an inspiration to many people in different countries, myself included. Don’t give up.

  182. Alexandra says

    Keep up the great work! I read the local news for my rural area every day and this week, for the first time ever, the word Paleo appeared in a press release for a public discussion by a dietician… I don’t know what she will say but here is the press release:

    “The final presentation, “Eat Like a Cave Man?”
    During that talk, she will discuss the Paleo Diet and whether eating a diet composed primarily of lean meats, healthy fats, vegetables and some fruit and nuts will actually reduce inflammation, stave off autoimmune illnesses, reduce fat and help a person feel better.”

    This is about the fattest and sickest area in all of New York State and the medical advice, well, I would say it’s very OZ-like.

    I will be there and I will stand up for Paleo (low carb for me) I enjoy vibrant health and am 120 lbs leaner thanks to this way of life.

    You are making inroads into pudunk..that is a major accomplishment!

  183. Cat Alberts says

    Dear Robb,

    from Europe we look in wonder at the clash between science and religion. And the clash between celebrity doctors and science. Ofcourse it would be nice to have your work accepted in broader circles and peers outside the existing Paleo-Primal-community, but that is hardly ever smooth sailing. I personally have no religious background and am not really convinced that our genetics have not changed since 10.000 years ago. I think changes in diet have driven changes in genes, but most of all I think that the diet has become too homogenous, and doesn’t match the digestive capacity of a lot of people. Science and self-experimentation leads to discovery of what fits a person best, and your work brings us a fantastic framework for just that.

    I have no idea what led to your break down in motivation, but please look at the stats for your site. How many individual IP adresses from how many different countries visit it every day? 99% are really interested in your work. I love books so please read Malcolm Gladwells ‘The Tipping Point’ and Seth Godin ‘The Dip’, because those may shed some light at the hurdle (emotional or practical) you are facing at the moment in your career as a scientist.

    Take care, don’t leave us alone just yet!

    • Cat Alberts says

      I have to add to my reply:
      I unfortunately am not one of those few people whose genes have adapted: I have trouble digesting milkproducts, grains, and I have good reason to suspect histamine-stuff as well. Since reading Robbs book and implementing paleo principles I have been feeling a million times better than I felt in the last 15-20 years.
      Thank you!

  184. says

    Biblical literalism is not just based on ignorance of science, but on ignorance of theology. At Augustine argued (in “The Literal Interpretation of Genesis”) that the interpretation of the bible must be consistent with scientific and other knowledge. This was a 1600 years ago and it was not even a controversial view at the time. Similar views can be found from many theologians from Origen to Aquinas.

    Please also realise that Christians churches other than American based or influenced evangelicals have no problem with evolution. They are a minority who cannot understand what any educated Christian would have in the late Roman Empire. I would not expect progress!

    Galileo did not really get into trouble for that view, and that the many other supporters of the heliocentric view did not get into trouble. It was more a matter of politics and the corrupting influence of the church having temporal power. Obviously this was very bad, but it was a different problem from the common perception.

    I have been moving towards a more natural, paleo-like, diet, and have been losing weight for the first time in a decade.

  185. Stephanie B says

    Your podcast is a bright spot in my week, don’t ever stop! I wish you’d do it twice a week! (That’s what she said).

    Seriously, your podcast changed my life (I found my way to you thru Jimmy Moore’s podcasts). I talked about you so much that my husband decided to listen to your podcast – and it changed his life too (and then he read your book and loved it – he never reads nutrition books). He passed it on to his 73 year old mother old listened to it and agreed with everything you said (it was the Wheat Belly podcast) – and said that her own doctor had told her to cut out all wheat and grains because she was pre-diabetic and has arthritis – and it made her better.

    We’re also raising our 11 year old son with Paleo and evolutionary principles. He’s spreading the word.

    My brother and SIL ask me about it and agree with it. When they recently saw Dr. Gupta (I think that’s his name) on CNN say don’t eat anything with a face and that veganism reverses heart disease, they came and asked me about it instead of blindly believing it. So, you are changing lives. You are having a ripple effect.

    I really think that more and more people will become disillusioned with the main stream media and turn to the internet and bloggers for their information. I think now more than ever you can change the world one man at a time. You can do it from your home, you don’t need to be accepted into an exclusive club called The Media to do it.

    Also – the Paleo lifestyle makes perfect logical sense. Most people aren’t logical. I figured that out in my 20’s when I started working full-time. You just hope that they know and love the 16% that are and will be influenced by their stories and successes.

  186. Walter Dean says

    Dr. Oz is on the rutterless lifeboat floating aimlessly down the money and fame river to Opraville.I am 58 and have been a carb addict since childhood.I am weening off thanks to your book and hope to go 100% paleo befor I hit 59, Thank’s and Good Work.
    Keep it up; Walt

  187. Kevin says

    Great article! Like Amy Kubal said…each person is a victory (although you’re reaching a hell of a lot more than that).

    Going off on a tangent now…. GREAT!!! Now I have one more thing to be annoyed about…forget about Dr. Oz and Dr. Melina Bars (I was already annoyed with them and now I’m past it)….THE FLAT EARTH SOCIETY?!!? Really?! Just goes to show you, you can’t argue with crazy!

  188. Jim C. says

    Robb, I am glad you are sticking with us. Since it was you and Mark Sisson that started me down this road to better health and fitness, because you now cannot leave. Period. You helped get me into this crazy food eating, exercising like a loon, high energy, Paleo cheerleader world, and dammit, you are staying right here!

    Okay, rant over.

    Well, as a longtime admirer of James “The Amazing” Randi, and having had the privilege of meeting him on more than one occasion, I can assure everyone that he does not just hand out Pigasus awards to just anyone. No, only the very finest quacks, frauds, hucksters, charlatans, confidence men (speaking of John Edwards) out there. And to have received two in a row? Dr. Oz is clearly the very essence of quackery to have reached this level. Just the sort of person that should be advising the people of the US on how to reach excellent health and fitness. The problem with all of this is these fools cause more damage in one article (thanks to the assistance of the mass media) than we “little people” can repair in a month of Sundays. I am not saying give up either, but it would be nice to get just one of this mass market morons to take an honest look at Paleo. To engage in critical thinking on the nutrition issue, instead of just going with the herd, making a pile of cash, and oh by the way, train wrecking millions of peoples health along the way.

    Okay, so my rant was not quite finished. Sorry bout that…

    Anywho, Robb, I for one am glad you are sticking around.

  189. Hans says

    I just love what you are doing! Your book (Paleo Solution) leaves no question unanswered. I just can’t believe how anyone with commonsense could say that “evolution is bunk“. When I tell people about paleo eating in fact my best and most convincing arguments are those dealing with evolution (hunter gatherers tall, muscled, strong bones and teeth, lean etc etc etc..). I wonder if making money makes Dr Melina so horny that she’d sell those “nutrition bars“ to her own kids? And I wonder what would happen here in Germany if somebody promoted paleo eating in public.

    And thanks for changing my life, too. Fortunately I learned through Ido Portal, Art De Vany, Loren Cordain and you about paleo before I got sick from grains and too much carbs. I never had more energie, better skin was leaner and felt better in my entire life!

    All the best,
    Hans from Germany

  190. Steve S says

    Robb, thanks for all you do. What is that quote from Gandhi (I think)? “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    As a devout Christian I want to point out that you should know (and maybe you do) that there are many of us who have no quarrel with the scientific explanations of our universe and our species. Many have posted in this thread. I can imagine you have learned to be reluctant to get too far into it with Christian evolution-deniers, but to the extent you DO feel the need, I second the vote above for Francis Collins’ work. His book “The Language of God” presents a convincing (to me anyway) reconciliation of science with mainstream Christian faith. Just tell ’em you haven’t read it, but you have it on good authority that it walks through tons of evidence from biology, physics, and genomics to reach the conclusion that science not only doesn’t conflict with, but actually supports, the Christian understanding of God.

    Haters gonna hate, but right now this is the most coherent and accessible argument I’ve seen offered.

    • says

      Thanks Steve. I think this was just kind of a personal crucible I had to go through. Be willing to burn it all down, walk away and just be done but there is a lot of good work that needs doing. So, chop wood, carry water.

  191. Sandy says

    I admit I thought “Paleo Diet” was another weird fad when it first came out and didn’t bother reading it. Fast forward 10 years later. I have CFS/Fibro and it was getting worse. I came across some people on the internet who talked about the Paleo way of eating with is actually was based on science:)

    I am a biologist so I decided to read the Paleo book plus other related articles. I thought what the heck..I can do 30 days. The book made since. I knew that primitive man was in better in health then the agricultural man. All I can say is that it almost a year on the Paleo way of eating. I am 95% pain free! Now I am ready to start working out.

    I gave up on Dr Oz after the first year. I couldn’t believe some the BS he promoting. I stopped watching The Doctors too. They went from interesting info to “prevention magazine” style of promotion.

    DON’T give up..please! We eventually listen:)

  192. says

    Hmmmm. I wonder if we took away all the ‘labels’, peeled back the brain a little, slug down a shot and looked at the ‘naked’ truth, who would be able to see it ;). Seems about that 16% ;). Likely more, however, who WANTS to see it might be the bigger question.

    Keeping people sick is big dirty business. Sustainability is not our primary option though it should be. Marketing runs a wild with the ego. Who is really willing to take off the rose colored glasses and look? Then take some personal responsibility. Simple isn’t always easy and we are back to the road less traveled.

    But we do have free will, all discussion regarding belief systems aside, we always have a choice.

    Thanks Robb for keeping it real. Providing information that at the very least gives an option for consideration to those who come across it. It is VERY valuable. Your efforts and voice are greatly appreciated ;).

  193. says

    I found the Oz piece disheartening as well, for similar reasons. But science is/is not the problem. You are right in that the science will eventually prevail (no matter how much money you throw at it, human physiology will work as it always has–even the Catholic Church, with God on their side, couldn’t get the sun to go around the earth). If we want to make this happen in our lifetime (or maybe yours–I’m a bit older), we must move beyond our individual stories, successes and even scientific studies and work to change national nutrition policy. Specifically, we must remove the Dietary Guidelines from the USDA, as this if the foundation of all nutritional guidance in America (if not the world)—and what industry and consumers follow. It won’t be easy, but it is actually a reasonable goal. Their placement there is more of an historical artifact rather than a powerful statutory creation. Will that allow immediately allow good science to prevail? Maybe not, but a shake-up of this sort is in our favor.
    We don’t have the financial power to frame the media debate or perform large, well-designed clinical trials to prove our point (at least not yet), but we do have the power that the people have always had which is the opportunity to engage our political system to do our will. Yes, the corporate powers are at play here too, but we can see from the wild swings from the populace in recent elections that we still have the ability to influence national dialogue as we see fit. In order to do this, we must bring together the disparate arms of this movement: paleo, low-carb, Weston Price, slow food, local food, sustainable ag, etc. And to do this, we need the help of people like you, and those who read your blog to get engaged in the fight. I’m in DC right now, working on this issue. Feel free to publish my email or help out in some other way. We can win this.

  194. Sean says

    Robb, you made me give up: bread, cupcakes, pizza, sugar…. damn, son. To give you up too is cruel & unusual. What’s next Castro Calisthenics?

  195. Stevie Scott says


    I am relatively new to Paleo, but I am already seeing the changes in my body and I feel great. I just finished your book. It completely goes against everything I learned pursuing my degree in nutrition in the 90’s. After reading it, I absolutely cannot see how anyone with a background in nutrition or science could dispute the basis of Paleo…except for the huge piles of money at stake from the big food companies. Also, you’re right about Al Swearengen having a special name for these doctors and lobbyists making money off of people getting and staying sick from eating toxins disguised as food…

    Keep this quote in mind: “Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.”

  196. Bill Duffy says


    As a true believer in your diet and positive results observer, one does not have to go back in time more than a thousand years to see how mankind has digressed from properly ingesting food. The words ‘Paleo’ and ‘evolution’ invoke a religious challenge for many. You are spot on about how the agricultural and industrial revolutions, and commercialism have turned the world’s diets upside down. You profess clean, unprocessed, as back to basics as humanly possible, and it really does improve ones well being without question. I think alot of opposition has merely to do with those two quoted words, as crazy as it sounds. Hey, even Geico stopped using the caveman in their commercials ! Keep up the good work !!

  197. says

    Another 16 percenter – thank you for all you do to help people. Your work/book/podcast has inspired me to change so many things that weren’t working in my life (not just diet!) I am on a better path because you chose to put yourself out there and follow your moral imperative to share what you know. So, for that, thanks :)

  198. says

    Wow. Sharing this post.
    All I know is that my husband had severe narcolepsy. The worst case his doctor specialized in sleep disorders had ever seen. A good joke would make him fall over (cataplexy). He had to take multiple naps a day and was on tons of meds.
    Since stumbling along and figuring out on our own that diet affected it he is now paleo/primal. He does some dairy. He is a new man. He lost 30 pounds. His cataplexy episodes are rare, maybe once or twice a year compared to almost daily before. His need to nap is once a week or so instead of multiple times daily. He is functioning at a level we never believed possible. In fact he is taking about half the meds he was before!
    Mainstream media can think and say what it wants. It never has reflected the truth well.

    • says

      We helped a navy pilot who developed narcolepsy after a severe GI infection. It’s an autoimmune disease. Kerri-I’d love a write up of your experience for the blog.

  199. Jamie says

    Fantastic post Robb! You’re impacting many, many lives in a very positive way every day. Keep your head up and keep up the great work!


  200. says

    I read your blog for both the science and the inspiration. I am glad you didn’t shut it down. I am a practicing Diabetic Educator/Nurse and have Type 1 Diabetes. I also have 2 type 1 children. Your research and perserverance has, and will continue to improve my families health! I have read your book, and many others(The Paleo Diet, Primal BluePrint) but you, Robb, have this amazing ability to explain complex science in an undertandable way. That my friend is a gift. I do agree that the obstacles and adversity is out there, as I have been verbally repramanded for suggesting to my patients a paleo way of eating. It is sad that people don’t see the truth. As for religion, evolution, well, I don’t think I’ll ever figure that canundrum out, but I know the Paleo lifestyle works for us!
    Thank-you, and PLEASE do not stop.

  201. Mike L says

    Robb, I feel your pain. As a PT working in private practice I am constantly being asked for health/nutrition/exercise advice. But when I give responses and relate them to evolution (“your back hurts because you sit hunched over a computer for 8 hours a day, when we evolved to spend our time standing upright, hunting and gathering”) I get quizzical looks and statements about “intelligent” design. And despite wanting to bang my head into a wall, I persist. Because we do possess a certain degree of knowledge, and we do have a genuine desire to help others, we have to persist. So don’t let the haters (or uninformed) get you down, and keep spreading the paleo gospel!

  202. says

    Excellent as usual Robb!! Paleo/Primal has saved my life from T2 Diabetes, and I’ll never eat any other way for the rest of my life. I posted on Dr. Melina’s wall too, and she basically told me the same thing, she said, though it has some good points and things that seem to work well, she can’t see how eliminating whole food groups such as grains is beneficial in any way.

    When I mentioned my story of curing my T2, she didn’t even comment, and promptly removed my post from her wall so her “sheep” wouldn’t read it. Fortunately Karen Pendergrass put up some valuable info and it is still on Dr. Melina’s page, but all of the testimonials that a few of us Paleo folk put up there were all removed. Very SAD!!


  203. says

    Dont forget how many people you DO have on your team Robb! Think about how many people you had on your team 10 years ago (Team Paleo of course!), then think about how many people you have on your team now. Even though the % of the population on your team is small, it is growing rapidly! As a fitness pro I have seen amazing results in myself as well as my clients since promoting paleo. I won’t stop because results, feeling and function dont lie. I will challenge people to 30 days that will change their lives until the day I die! You have more in you that you dont even know and you dont even know that you dont know!!

    “Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.”

    Keep it up Robb, you are FRACKIN’ awesome

  204. says

    Great write up Robb, I’m forwarding it everywhere. I am a Natural Nutritionist, and hold the designation of RHN. I am currently trying to establish a weight loss/nutrition business in Edmonton, AB based on paleo/primal metrics.

    I face scorn, indignation and get ignored for the most part. I watch good friends suffer with RA, DMT2, migraines, MS and others. They basically roll their eyes at me as they limp by on their way to the pharmacy to fill their prescriptions. That is, if they feel well enough to go out that day…

    If I was selling soy based weight loss shakes or a boot camp promising that people could lose 10 pounds in a week, I have a feeling that my business would be doing a lot better.

    As for now, I am still clinging to the belief that there are people out there who are astute enough to see that our pharmaceutical, agri controlled lifestyles are killing us as a society, DESPITE what the Dr. Oz’s out there are saying.

    You can’t reach out and help people who do not want to be helped. I have learned that to try to do so is an exercise in frustration. All you can do is provide a quiet example and hope that their light bulb will eventually come on. Please don’t give up on what you have started!

    As for me, if anyone needs me, I will be sitting and waiting for my business phone to ring…

  205. says

    Dr Oz is three characters in one…no brain, no heart, no courage…and for a new twist on the classic…no moral compass or conscience.

    I am very angry that this physician shares my lineage or my credentials. When you put corporate sponsors needs over the needs of patients or your audience you need to be called on it.

    As Robb eloquently said at AHS regarding Denise Minger’s talk……….I think the same advice is ideally suited to this situation and this physician.

  206. Kam says

    I’ve never commented here before but I had to cause that was an epic post! Maybe I’m unreasonably optimistic but… despite the Dr’s Oz’s & Melinas’ of the world, I’d like to think it will take much less than 200 to 300 years for nutritional science to pull its head out of its butt. Information travels a lot faster these days than in Galileo’s & Newton’s time. More and more people are getting turned on to the paleo/primal/ancestral thing every day, and sticking with it, and continuing to spread the word… because it just *works*. The tide will turn! Keep fighting the good fight, & keep on being awesome!!!

  207. mike karmire says

    Great piece Robb…doesn’t it feel good to vent! You have made changes in the lives of thousands of people over the past several years. And when those changes were made, people tell at least ten other people about their great new lives due to Paleo. Not all of those ten new people will get on board, but in my own experience, at least 20 percent of them do. I’ve heard you tell people before who are upset because it is taking forever to lose that last 10 to 20 pounds that it is “consistency” that matters. People didn’t get into the shape they’re in over night, just like the US wasn’t brainwashed by the Dr Oz’s out there over night. Change takes time…stick with it. Baby steps…

  208. says

    Keep up the great work Robb, and don’t let the turkeys get you down. Just the other day a friend mentioned how helpful your site has been in her recovery from cancer. You’re making a huge difference.

  209. Darin says


    I too am a devout christian who has seen great improvements in health and performance by following the “paleo” lifestyle. However, I am one who also does not accept every aspect of current evolutionary theory. For me the arguments I found persuasive were those that included biochemical mechanisms to explain why this diet is superior for health and longevity; arguments which I feel can be made without a dependance on an evolutionary framework. In fact I have seen a shift in your own approach as you have realized that the argument, “cavemen didnt eat X so I shouldn’t” isn’t sufficient reason to abandon certain foods.

    I feel if you are really trying to help people(and I believe wholeheartedly that you are) it would be beneficial to cast as wide a net as possible, and for me I think I can make just as convincing an argument to the circles that I have influence in by saying “we were designed by God to eat X and here are the biochemical mechanisms that demonstrate that fact. We were not designed to eat Y and here are the biochemical mechanisms that demonstrate that.”

    You need to realize that from what I have been able to determine from listening to you, you have a great ally in the christian community as we share many of your views as it regards the stewardship of the planet, including sustainable agriculture, free markets, small unintrusive government, freedom of choice in food production/consumption etc. In fact so far I have agreed with you pretty much down the line with the exception of the evolutionary framework.

    But keep your head up and keep fighting. I do believe in the natural selection/survival of the fittest component of the evolutionary model and as such I believe if we wait long enough all the western diet folks will die off and we will be the only ones left!


  210. says

    Wow, I guess Time is getting desperate for content. He is a surgeon who has never reported to study nutrition and what causes heart disease only how to fix it after the fact as a surgeon. Doctors get very little training in what we should do to prevent disease and only a few, many you have featured on your podcast, bother to do the research after they are practicing medicine.

    I think its great you get so fired up about this stuff. I think the tide is turning thanks to you and a whole bunch of other primal, paleo, caveman enthusiasts and researchers.

  211. Marcos says

    Robb I understand your frustration, as things do not change at the rate we would like. I hope you haven’t read Atlas Shrugged. I know this is working because it is spreading. The Paleo movement is catching on DESPITE the efforts to prevent it from doing so. I myself have drank the cook-aid, and passed it on to others close to me. I’ve given up on trying to turn people who insist I NEED this or NEED that. Show me the science! I don’t have the medical steeping, I just point them to websites and studies that I stumble on. Any science a layman like myself can understand. “You think that’s AIR you’re breathing?” When the light kicks on, it’s a great feeling. When it doesn’t, I’ve learned to move on. As desperate as things seem, in reality, we’re one TV Evangelist or Documentary from turning this mutha around.

  212. Bennett says

    Hey, Robb,

    Just wanted to let you know that I don’t think you should stop believin’. This is, of course, coming from someone who recently went back to Christ after years of committed agnosticism and later atheism. It was a real bad time in my life, and I had to face up to some big nasties, and the road back to faith was fraught with conflict, mostly internal. The biggest issue to resolve was that of the paradigm that you can either think, or believe in God, but not do either one very well if you try to do both.

    It suits charlatans and dogmatic tyrants on BOTH sides–Dawkins as much as Peter Popoff, Hitchens as much as Jim Jones–to instill that paradigm in people. Faith is no more the enemy of reason than green light is the enemy of red light, when taken as parts of the whole spectrum of visible light (and for that matter, what we consider ‘visible’ light is an apallingly small amount of the full spectrum).

    Our minds should lead us to God, not away from Him. But our faith should lead us to science, not away from it, for one of the tenets of my faith is that God is reasonable and intelligible and logical. If I find something in my reasoning that leads me away from ANY truth, then the problem is with my reasoning, not with God, and not with science. If I cannot reconcile suffering, or the absence of obvious miracles, or evolution, or the Big Bang, or why cats meow but dogs bark, into my paradigm, then I have to look at a real simple fact. All that stuff happens. I can see it. So either I can’t trust my current paradigm, or I can’t trust my eyes. The latter is the route to madness, so you gotta reshuffle the paradigm and figure out “What is it that I assume to be true, which must be incorrect, in order to resolve this paradox?”

    The answers to everything aren’t in the Bible. God doesn’t take any joy in giving us answers that we’re perfectly equipped to find for ourselves. Why would a perfect and loving deity deprive us of freedom, or discovery? People who argue against God, I find frequently, are proving something very much correct–that *their* idea of God is contradictory or incorrect. If the basis of your faith is that some naturalistic process proves or disproves The Meaning of Everything, then you need to hit the drawing board. Proof, as the old saw goes, is for mathematics and alcohol. Science is to religion as faith is to a court of law. Examine evidence, use logic, if your faith is irrational then you have to realize that you’re irrational. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t mysteries or paradoxes, only that you have to be able to deal with that. If the Lord didn’t love a mystery, he sure wouldn’t have created us not only with so many of them, but with such a thirst to investigate them.

    The greatest things about humanity, that make us better than animals or computers alike (that is, either deterministic biological processes or cognitive devices devoid of soul) are things like the Bohemian values of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love, things that attempting to quantity is simply futile. A trend in the social sciences of late is attempting to quantify everything, to put humans and society onto a spreadsheet, because we worship numbers and facts nowadays. They’re small. We can make them fit. They don’t judge us, or make us bend the knee. They don’t make us stretch. They aren’t enlightening, or challenging. Interpreting them, on the other hand…

    Anyway, Robb, keep going. Do what you do. As you said, you don’t have to believe in God for God to help you. He made you as you are, and someday you may reconsider. It takes a multifaceted effort to come to Christ, one based on desire, faith, reason, and a quest for purpose and meaning. One that, contrary to the opinion of those educated beyond their wisdom, requires a thirst for hard truths over easy lies. If you don’t want it, then no sane believer will try to force the Water of Life down your throat–forced love is no love at all. That’s why we have mysteries and faith, instead of a tyrant-God who gives a State of the Universe address on C-Span.

    You’ve helped me out in the past–I was that goober a couple months back who wrote in trying to gain muscle to impress a chick. Turns out, you and Greg gave good advice then. It’s worked out pretty nicely so far. So, I’d like to return the favor–keep faith in yourself, and do what you love. And if you ever do feel a call to investigate the stuff that’s too big to fit under a microscope, there’s a lot of us (me especially) who’d be happy to communicate privately with you and offer some resources that are suited better to earnest questioners with a functional brain, rather than lemmings of some stripe or another, which seems to be where a lot of evangelical atheists and theists focus their message.


    PS – A good Primal Prayer. “Thank you God for making me a bitchin’ awesome top-level predator-omnivore, with this huge sexy brain and opposable thumbs and self-healing technology installed. Thank you for the ongoing upgrades. This is a pretty neat biological machine you’ve given me to drive around for a while. Also, thank you for not making me a pig, as I eat this sausage.”

      • Bennett says

        Anytime, man. Just remember, you aren’t fighting the faithful–ultimately you’re fighting the faith*less*. Hardcore creationists need some sort of objective, unshakeable ‘proof’ or they can’t believe. In a way, their irrational grasping at a disproven theory just goes to show how little they really love or respect God. They’d like a God who is small and easily comprehensible, one who fits into their tendentious worldview. In other words, they’re little different than people who believe nothing at all.

        And you, my friend, do believe in something. Even if it’s not the divine, you’ve got an inspiration to help others, not because it helps you, but because of a sense of moral obligation. A knowledge that because you can, you must. You won’t just swallow lies, or accept futility. You might not like living with the uphill slog to save people from themselves, but I suspect you’d like it a lot less, living with yourself if you copped out.

        So on both the scientific and religious angle, you’re not fighting people, or ideas. You’re fighting tyrants. You’re fighting charlatans, who spread filth and lies to enrich themselves. But those who have faith are empowered in a way that those who don’t simply can’t be. Because you’ll keep marching when they give up. You’ve got a pillar that can’t be knocked down by any earthly power.

        Give ’em hell.

  213. Bennett says

    “Science is to religion as faith is to a court of law”

    Oops, meant “as forensics is” not “as faith is”–that’d be quite a distinction.

  214. Kiki B says

    Hi Robb, just wanted to say thanks for this great article and all the hard work you do! My little brother got me looking into paleo about a month ago and I picked up a copy of The Paleo Solution (I read half a dozen book excerpts in my quest for the right paleo book for me; yours spoke to me in a way no others did). It’s been about 4 weeks and I’ve lost almost 8 pounds and have not had to take a single one of my medications for arthritis, asthma, or ADHD since. NOT ONCE. To get out of bed in the morning without the aches and stiffness that have plagued me since I was a child is amazing (I’m only 30). I started this with the mindset that I just wanted to lose weight and that it probably wouldn’t be a permanent lifestyle change for me – now I know that I’ll never go back to eating all that grain-spiked poison again!

  215. Patty S says

    A small ray of hope in Issaquah, Wa, at the new Swedish Hosp Med Center the books, Everyday Paleo and Cordain’s Paleo Cookbook, on the gift shop display table out in front.

    • says

      and that top rated diets link with US News. how did they get over 23,000 people to say it “didn’t work for them” …. that blows my mind!! they probably didn’t even try the diet – I’m not 100% strict myself…but I’ve lost 30 pounds in just a matter of months! I almost feel like there’s a conspiracy out there to bash Primal.

  216. Trent says


    I have been preaching Paleo in a workers compensation rehab clinic for two years since attending your old CF Nutrition seminar two years ago in Edmonton, AB(an eye-opening experience I will never forget, as well as an opportunity to geek-out a bit about paleo on the Battlestar Galactica finale). Many clients, of course, are surprised, but open, to what I tell them. The nurses we get are the most close-minded and argumentative, but clients who have embraced the concept have lost 30-60 pounds within months and have found recovery greatly improved. I will continue to preach the word you, Cordain, Taubes, Sisson, De Vany, Fragosso, and now many others have spread. It is enlightening to see the number of paleo books being published now and more open source through the internet as you indicate above. The new book “Wheat Belly” also seems very promising for the movement, but has also already been attacked in the media (infernal government and subsidization!).

    On a personal note, my mother was recently diagnosed with carcinoid cancer of the liver and small intestine. She is doing nutriopathic methods and attempting organic as best as possible, but her nutriopath only seems to only eat beans and broccoli, having told her meat is contraindicative to her dietary needs. Concerns from the family of lack of protein are high and I have discussed paleo with her, however, get the same Dr. Oz-like demonishment. It is tough being a paleo advocate being the son of a grain farmer! Any advice for this type of cancer or other resources I can utilize?

    • says

      I’m not familiar with that specific variety. A ketogenic diet (low protein & carbs) is usually the best option, but depending upon liver involvement it can make fat metabolism dodgy. This should NOT be a tough thing for an oncologist to synthesize the pertinent dietary info and integrate it with conventional treatments. Sorry for your situation Trent. Keep me posted.

  217. says

    Hey Robb – Great work and keep up the fight! As a wellness consultant with a major health insurance company, your passion and the passions and information of the other ususal suspects have helped me fight the battle in small ways at work (and not get fired…a wife and three kids, one a sixteen yo ‘paleo girl’ to feed grass feed beef!)

    Also, as a Catholic Christian I have never had a problem with evolution. As others have written, the official church stance is quite accepting and sees evoltion as part of “the great chain of being.” And as St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the giants of Western thought whose shoulders we all stand on said, “If it is True it is of God” Works for me! Anyway I appreciate your passion, humor, libetarianism and your intelligence. One question though: not being religious or spiritual, where do you think your moral imperative to help people comes from? Just sayin :)

    • paleoslayer says

      in humanity’s past, altruistic traits carried a selective advantage in certain populations- esp in those groups inhabiting harsh environments.
      Were there selfish humans in harsh climates? Of course there were…they just weren’t able to reproduce as much and hence those traits were diminished in the population.

      the Church Lady might have said: hmmm.. an atheist, darwin loving, non christian w high morals? isn’t that SPECIAL!

  218. Jackson H. says

    Hear, hear! All I can say is, “we’ve got your back, bro!” Keep fighting the good fight and we, all those people whose lives you have changed for the better, will keep on fighting too!

  219. Sue says

    Robb, please do not stop what you are doing. The world needs you and more people like you. You rock. Thank you for all the information you provide. :)

  220. Ann Wendel says

    Don’t lose heart. I think it is very normal for all of us who work in healthcare to go through periods of deep questioning, burnout, anger at the “system”, frustration with our clients/patients not listening to what we are saying, doubts about whether or not we are really making a difference, etc. I go through this all the time; but, I’ve been doing it long enough (working as a physical therapist) that I have seen it goes in cycles. I’ve learned to just sort of accept that I am in “that phase” of the cycle when it happens, and then eventually I come back around again. One of my yoga therapy teachers once told me that “all great healers have no attachment to their work” and that thought helps me in those low times. I am there to evaluate patients and make recommendations based on my knowledge and training in order to bring about a good result for the patient. People have free will, and often make very bad choices and that is out of my control. But – there are also lots of people who do listen to what I suggest, and they get well, and they thank me, and then I get warm and fuzzy inside (while trying not to get attached to that feeling!). Your message will reach those people who are open to it, and they will each help someone else who is open (or desperate, in most cases), and the info will get passed along. Don’t “go fishin'” just yet! We must all support each other as we journey along!

  221. m2mathew says

    God, I love this site. Robb, you rock. Keep it up.

    I am a Christian who prefers REAL people (like the crew I go to church with) instead of people who are fake and wannabes. Evolution can go into a Christian worldview. I so like this site even more now that I know you are a libertarian, too. It is like looking in a mirror sometimes (except you are a little older and in way better shape).

  222. TK says

    Thanks, Robb.

    Please don’t give up. The world needs you, even if not everyone agrees about that yet.
    You’re really changing lives, as the comments on this article show!

    Your advice is way better than those “nutrition” bars.

  223. Dave says

    Robb…it’s clear by the sheer number of comments that your following is a little bigger than the 6-8 listeners you and Andy used to joke about. It’s not just the hundreds/possibly thousands of people who seek your knowledge/advice, but it’s all of the people who we pass this information along to who are being helped every day….because of you. I get emails every day from people thanking ME for helping them get healthy through YOUR prescriptions. These are the things you don’t see, but important for you to know. You mentioned in your last podcast something to the effect that you aren’t going to go to the mat with the people who are resistant to change, instead you will focus on helping people who are willing to be helped. That seems like a wise path to follow.

    As far as religion/morality, I thought you would enjoy this clip of Christopher Hitchens talking on this subject.

    Also, I’m not sure why this debate should be about creationism vs evolution. Regardless of the fact that carbon dating has settled this debate, there are plenty of unhealthy people on both sides of this spectrum. Why would an unhealthy “believer” with an autoimmune issue NOT try to eliminate grains for 90 days just to see if they feel better? I don’t see the connection….but what can you do?

    Regarding your podcasts, they are more valuable than you know. Without them I would never know who Chris Kesser is, or who Chris Masterjohn is etc…. These are incredible sources of information that I pass along to everytbody in my life. Your reach is bigger than you know.

    Keep fightin the fight Robb. Good luck!!!!

  224. Judy says

    Consider that it might be a GOOD thing that you were not on the Dr. Oz (or similar) show–it’s HIS show with his sponsors and his audience and fans so he would be able to direct the interview/outcome in whatever direction he chooses. Ouch. Doubt if you would get an honest debate or opportunity to present something contrary to his opinions–it would be too threatening. A more neutral venue would allow an honest opportunity to share your message or debate. Find a truth-seeker (stop laughing–they are out there). I don’t watch daytime TV so can’t suggest anyone–maybe “Anderson” since he’s new and trying new stuff? Whatever, as all the other posts have confirmed, you are needed and appreciated for what you and your team do. Love your rants, so human and honest–sorry for the frustration that creates them.

  225. says

    Robb you are awesome! I recently read your book…twice! And I just got an Amazon gift card for my birthday so I am about to order it and read it a few more times.
    You are right that people are so frustrating! They can’t even believe something they see! My husband works in a restaurant so customers and co-workers notice that he has lost 65lbs. And he tries to convince them to try paleo, but they all have excuses and say that really can’t work. One overweight co-worker scolds him all the time for eating eggs every day while he continues to eat lots of fruit and oatmeal trying to lose weight. (He has not lost any weight in the 2 years my husband has worked with him!) My husband comes home so frustrated sometimes because he is living, breathing, visible proof and people still discount it. He recently had to get a physical and the doctor also scolded him for eating eggs every day and made him get a cholesterol test! Results are pending, but I am quite sure his cholesterol levels will be great!
    And on another note, it is not more expensive to eat paleo. We were just commenting last night when we were unloading groceries on how much money we are saving. We’re on a tight budget right now so we only buy a couple of organic items and I can’t find any grass-fed beef at the grocery stores so unfortunately we eat “factory” meat. But, it’s better than the alternative. I just purchase whatever meats, fruits and veggies are on sale that particular week. I recently found a great farm (grass-finished beef, pasture-raised hogs & chickens) in our area who does a “meat share” with a payment plan so we are looking forward to ordering that—which I think will turn out to be even cheaper than “factory” meat.
    Anyhow Robb, we appreciate you. When my husband learned that you are a libertarian, his “like-meter” for you increased a few hundred points! He works for Also, Francis Collins wrote a great book, The Language of God, that talks about how faith and science need not be (and are not) so far removed from each other. I am a person of faith and even the Bible says that the world could not contain all the books if all the good Jesus did was written down. Similarly, I believe that God has done more things and is more things than could possibly be contained in one book. That’s why he gave us science! :)

  226. says

    My first instinct is to say “Fuck ’em”. It’s not the first and won’t be the last time I’m going against the grain.

    But I guess I’m not as misanthropic as I thought and like you I genuinely can’t hold this information to myself when it can help people.

    And it’s even harder to hold back when you know how strongly connected paleo (and the underlying philosophy) is with other things in our societies.

    Have you ever been to Europe in connection to Paleo? Maybe you could build some momentum over here since we don’t have the religious baggage?

  227. Michellen says

    The thought of you hanging it up has me weeping into my bacon almost as much as the thought of 60 (?) % of Americans “not believing” in evolution, as if it were Santa Claus… You can add me and my family and my parents and in-laws to the long list of people you have helped. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A thousand times. For all that you do. And since we’re collecting quotes, here’s another: “Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks.” -Phillips Brooks

  228. Ashley says

    I don’t know if anyone will continue reading the comments down this far, but may I respectfully suggest that you (generic you, whomever may be reading this) check out for a thought provoking, scientific discussion of creation. I am sincerely not trying to start anything, just wanted to pass along the info. Most Christians brought up in the “institutional” church are never exposed to the scientific “counter-evidence” to evolution.
    All that being said, I still believe in the paleo way of life. I just believe that it is beneficial because God created us to eat/live that way (paleo), not because we evolved that way. I hope I’m not excommunicated from the paleo church for this! :)

    • says

      If we start kicking people for disagreement, then we really are lost. That said, it is THIS debate, overlaid with just trying to get these food policies changed, that really bums me out.Bbut such is life.

  229. Keltie says

    I was just introduced to the paleo diet this past summer and I’ll never turn back. My husband is fully on board, his family is following (mother, father, aunts, uncles, and cousins) as well. The difference I have seen is awesome! I just wanted to post this to let you know that there are health professionals that do agree, the Chiropractor that I’m mentoring under told me about the paleo solution/diet books. He advises every single one of his patients to eat this way and does public talks on a regular basis too on paleo eating. I intend to do the same when I graduate. I’ve been working toward slowly educating my classmates as well and hope to get more doctors spreading the message! At least you know there are a few doctors on the right path, please don’t think we’re all in it for the money!

  230. Bennett says

    Pre-human evolution seems to be a bit of a red herring anyway. If we did find a proto-ancestor that branched out into humans, apes, etc., what would it change? I wouldn’t become more positively disposed towards apes. My faith in God wouldn’t lose an eyelash over it. And since even committed special Creationists admit to micro-evolution and adaptation, and it’s those factors that tell us what ancestral health diets should look like, it’s a non-issue. That we should lift heavy stuff, get sun, not eat grain, and so on, is equally clear regardless. God didn’t make us to be slothful, ignorant, industrially-fed, flourescent-lit, sugar-chugging degenerates. Whether He didn’t make us that way via evolution or He didn’t make us that way via creation, is hardly germane to the point.

  231. Sue Twyford says

    Robb, when are you coming Down Under? We need you to kick the unhealthy people here in the bum and knock some sense into them. :) We also have tequila here! :)

  232. says

    Robb – I appreciate what you do for all of us. I wish I could do more for you.

    It sounds to me like you’re ready for the RED PILL, my friend. (Better take it soon before you get badly burned banging into the force fields you’re currently not seeing!)

    Check out “Escaping the Matrix” (the article alone, which appeared in one of the spin offs of Co-Evolution Quarterly, was enough to change my life forever) at

    You may find the social/philosophical work of Richard C. Moore very helpful in designing your future direction, as well.

    • says

      The link you posted is to an anti-capitalist screed which regurgitates a well-known line of thinking posited by the “anti-corporate” types. While it does observe very important aspects of our society, its narrative of the development of western society and its impact on the world neglects to note the amazing benefits of liberty and free markets. Most eye-opening for most people will be the author’s correct observation that our rulers (including Progressives, Marxists and Conservatives) all share a belief that the “elite” must “run” society and that the democracy we speak of so lovingly is much less real than we believe. However, the part of the narrative missing is the idea of “inalienable rights” how that one idea has transformed the world utterly, even as incompletely as we’ve realized them. Like so many critics of our modern world, they miss what is truly amazing and great, only seeing boogie men and lies.

      The “Matrix” metaphor is interesting but he misuses it as so many ‘free thinkers’ do to hint at grand conspiracies and intentions when there is little evidence of such collusion. While I’m no apologist for the sins of the West (or the East), there is a much larger context available that doesn’t necessitate the notion of vicious cabals of elites feeding off our carcasses.

  233. Chris B says


    You are an absolutely wonderful blogger and great all round guy, a critical part of our paleo health world. I read your book and gave it to my brother to pass on the good word.

    And in this case, you are a true frackin idiot. A passionate, sincere, wanting-the-right-thing frackin idiot. I forgive you. If you had shut down your blog, the idiocy would have overwhelmed the other good qualities.

    As others rightly pointed out, at least 50% of the people believe in evolution, whether or not it is guided by a higher power. You said you weren’t out to attack those who are religious but by ignoring such a major component that are religious and belive in evolution you did exactly that.

    Did you know that the Catholic church, representing over a quarter of the world’s population, believes “faith and scientific findings regarding human evolution are not in conflict”? Yes, the church that went after Galileo has essentially learned (for the most part) from its past mistakes regarding science and religion.

    Thats but one faith denomination in this country much less the world, there are others similarly out there.

    You nearly lost hope on a faulty premise regarding people of faith. The paleo blogosphere has too much to lose if you become an idiot again. Please don’t do it.

    • says

      I appreciate it! What I was…was tired. tired of trying to help folks, only to have the effort undermined by the folks who’d been helped! I’m over it, and frankly shocked by the support.

      • clive staples says

        Undermined? Because they don’t believe in Evolution? Ok, please tell me. This is not snarky nor am wanting to get a snarky answer. Completely honest question from a supporter.

        If someone doesn’t believe in Evolution, can they call the diet Paleo?


  234. says

    Robb – You are up against a much bigger obstacle than you seem to realize. Rationality itself is poorly understood. Human cognition is poorly understood. We are at the effect of many cognitive distortions at any given time (biases, heuristics etc) that are interesting to look at from an evolutionary perspective. I’ve seen papers state that these “reason shortcuts” exist due to their success in many settings. Most decisions people make all day long are not in any way “rational” but are in fact driven by these kind of shortcuts. It seems to be more efficient and a successful strategy for life, hence their preponderance.

    The problem is when we apply the same kind of thinking to complex and/or new information and exceptional situations. But even when the most trained minds in the world attempt to “reason” their way through something, they are often wrong. Think of the “peer review” process in science – how often is something caught that should have been obvious from the outset, based on reason? How many fallacious arguments do you hear in just a single day from people who seem smart?

    I have adopted a couple of strategies in my life to cope (and profit) from these observations. First, realize that using emotion to communicate with and to affect people is a very effective strategy. Of course, one must do so in a moral way, in service to advancing reason and truth. Reason cannot be the only club in your bag if you are trying to change people’s minds. Second, I try to laugh a lot, take the long view and be philosophical about it all. I know, people are really suffering, but even after they all eat Paleo, they’ll still be suffering, just from other nonsense. As for the long view, I mean the really long view. How long have we even been out of the woods? 13,000 years or so? Humans as such even existing, 250,000 – 500,000 years? This moment is but a speck of sand on an endless beach, and you are just a little crab scrabbling along on that beach, for a very short stretch in fact. But we are advancing – we live longer, healthier lives than our ancestors in very meaningful ways. The long term trend is in a good direction, it’s just that we have to travel down lots of blind alleys, just like any evolutionary change does.

    I hope I’m not being too preachy, I just can so relate to your anger and keeping the above front and center helps me stay in a happy, productive place in which I can make gains, however small, or at least ameliorate my setbacks. Take a deep breath, realize that in some way, we are all truly stupid, forgive the offenders and get back in the game of influencing people with your optimism, love and boundless energy.

    I am in your debt, you make a huge difference – THANKS!!!!

  235. Ruth S. says

    Hi Robb,
    I’m pleased to see that you have had so many positive responses to your upset state of mind. Selfishly, I hope that your podcast and website will be available to me for a loooong time! I count on the podcast every Tuesday and check in for other information regularly. I’ve been a fan of yours since just before your book came out. You signed mine via a card at Sin of Cortez when the book hadn’t arrived yet, tho I had it on Kindle.

    I’m sad that you’ve left Chico, but such things happen. I somehow missed the unhappy details on that. I’ve been a fan of “hunter gatherer” since about l998 when I was searching for a way to help my client who wanted to get off his diabetic routine. He did, but I couldn’t tell his doctor how I did it! That was when I first read Bernstein. If you haven’t read Bernstein’s bio, or if you have, please do again. His frustrations with the medical community, especially in the USA, led him into medical school. I imagine you are well acquainted with Vilhjalmur Stefansson, especially his articles “Adventures in Diet” re his life with and after living with Inuit. My most recent related mentor is Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. She is supposed to be touring the USA about now, bringing her experiences to us from UK.

    We need Paleo and the possibilities for its tweaking. I do hope you will find the power to share with us, preferably into your old age! Your insights are our best hope for a healthy population!

    (And I’m one who loves to learn about the discoveries regarding our human and pre-human ancestry!)

  236. says

    Hi Robb,

    Maybe this will help, part of the soldier’s creed:

    I will always place the mission first.

    I will never accept defeat.

    I will never quit.

    I will never leave a fallen comrade.

    Please don’t leave us!

    Hey, doesn’t Roseann Barr have a coconut farm? haha!

  237. Alex says

    Yes, evolution is bunk , chemistry is a fairy tale and physics is just the bad dream of a madman . oh and mathematics is pure horse-shit and did I mention that medicine was revealed to us on the third day.

    You’re probably wondering about anthropology and geology, just comforting stories for the weak ,sick and dying.

    I mean I love my Imac and all but… computer science? really..? do you thing I was born again yesterday!?

    This building I’m in is truly lovely keeps me warm and safe keeps all my things dry , but architecture and engineering is just bunk people.

    • says

      Then there is dealing with the relativistic effects of the gravity well created by the earth…which must be accounted for when using GPS satellites. Science only works when we are lobbing missiles at folks, all else is null and void ;0)

  238. Mike B says


    Thank you, I am 40 and I look, feel and perform better than I did when I was in my 30’s.
    Your book and all the free info you and others have graciously put on the net was a huge help in getting my family of 5 on the right track to health. I am glad that you are here for all of us that do believe and well the others that live in the disneyland reality of day time tv can go jump off a bridge and take all their lemming freinds with them.
    There is a saying that the meek will inherit the earth but really it should be the heathly instead of the meek.
    We can try and save them but once they choose to close their eyes to the truth than we have to move on to the next person.

    Thank you for everything
    Mike B

  239. Adora Buecher says

    I love your show of emotion. I hear your frustration, and I feal your pain, truly. But, you aren’t anywhere near giving up; I am happy to say, I don’t believe it. I don’t want you to either. Just b/c tons of rotten crap exists doesn’t make you, what you do, the paleo diet, or the path to health any less wonderful. You do it for you and those others don’t count, they don’t want to be counted. You have better stuff to do then to let them poision you. Weed your metaphorical garden of the pests. It is all just a story that your bright mind perceived at that moment. I bet if you felt different you could see things much differently. The golden nuget is how you felt at that time, your suffering, and loss of hope/trust. You work so hard and help so many; see the truth of that and everything that really matters to Robb. You FEELINGS about the “crappy people story” are the part that is you. The part that holds value and when met with love and tended to, yeild awesome strength. — I believe you already know this, it reminded me to remind you ha,ha that’s always the way PS. You help me, I found you, and I’m a wonderful person that you would probably like. Thank you.

  240. says

    I feel so helpless when trying to explain this way of eating to people, Robb you must feel it even more. I came up with an idea for a site that is dedicated to success stories from this way of eating. I know that there are lots of testimonials here, on Marks site and Dr. Cordains site, but thought a 3rd party site that is not selling a book may help.

    If there are huge amounts of anecdotal data you can’t ignore it, the proof is in the pudding.

  241. Jon Schell says


    I started “Crossfitting” and “Paleoing” on August 5th, 2011. I’m 6’2 and went from 278lbs and a 44 inch waist to 251lbs and a 38 inch waist.
    My acid reflux and other gastric issues are completely gone. The work you and your colleagues are doing is adding years, and quality, to my life.

  242. says

    If you ever get a feeling like that again, shoot me an email or give me a call and I’ll remind you of the incredible amount of good you’ve done and vast amount of people you’ve helped. Even the impact you’ve had just on me and my friends and family is amazing (and that’s not counting all the other people I’ve talked to and helped with info I’ve learned from you). There are literally more people than I can count that owe you their lives. Not even just simply keeping people alive though, it’s so much more than that. So many people are able to actually LIVE their lives because of the freedom they have from the information and help you’ve given them, or to the others that learned from you and helped them. People able to go day to day without being in pain, or unable to move, or hold their kids, or walk, or just not be miserable, etc. That’s pretty damn amazing. Keep fighting the good fight.

    Re: the “Dr.” Oz deal
    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe”

    It still baffles me how people go about all this nutrition stuff blindly without even remotely thinking of human history and evolution (or even basic human metabolism in some cases). Just gotta do what you know is best, and screw the rest I guess.

    and another Einstein quote for you for good measure
    “Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.”

    Like I said before, we’ve got your back (even if that means farming coconuts)

  243. Stefan says


    We’ve had some dialogue back and forth over Twitter in regards to my Grandfather being put on a Paleo Ketogenic diet to try and alleviate his Alzheimer’s symptoms. As you probably remember, I was only able to fight off my family for about 2 weeks, after which I was over-ruled and he was put back on his anything-goes-diet of processed neolithic shit.

    The reason for the backlash from my family was not because they disagreed with the science I presented, but rather, because they felt sorry for my Grandfather not being able to eat whatever he wants to at 89 years old. I guess keeping him pacified with pie and ice cream is more important to them than maintaining his dignity.

    After just 7 days on a strict Paleo Ketogenic diet, his faculties returned with such vengeance that he was able to express his disdain for the new diet, constantly complaining about not being able to eat bread and pie etc – I even caught him one morning making his own hot cereal, after finding it out in the garage along with all the other foods I had boxed up – and hidden- after cleaning out this cupboards. This, done by a man who just days before could not remember what he’d eaten for breakfast if you had asked him at lunch.

    His personality returned, he became logical, his short-term memory came back, and most notably, his sense of pride and need for independence skyrocketed – a number of times when I arrived to make him breakfast, he’d tell me that he should “be able to eat whatever the hell he wanted to” and that the new diet was “ruining his life.”

    As you can imagine, this tugged on everyone’s heart strings, and rather than acknowledging it as a huge improvement of his mental state, everyone simply saw it as