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Just wanted to share the links to our recent TV appearance on Wylde on Health. A huge thank you to Dr. Bryce Wylde for having me back on the show and thank you to Greg Carver of Strength Box for allowing us to film a segment in his Toronto facility. Dr. Wylde did a great job drawing out the salient points of the Paleo Diet and Evolutionary Fitness/MovNat type exercise. A cool bonus was a Skyped in segment with Gary Taubes! It looks like we will have Gary on the podcast in the near future (also Kurt Harris and some other interesting folks).

Here are the show links:

Wylde on Health Mar 25 Part 1 — Robb Wolf

Wylde on Health Mar 25 Part 2 — Gary Taubes

Wylde on Health Mar 25 Part 3 — StrengthBox (Paleo Fitness)

Wylde on Health Mar 25 Part 4 — Robb Wolf & Greg Carver discussion

In segment 3 you actually get a cameo from my Wife. Man that girl is hot!

So, we have some fun stuff planned for the podcast, transcripts are rolling out, we are working on flowcharts for problem solving, more Liberty Garden pieces and fun how-to’s. I will have the Paleo Solution Seminar schedule for the remainder of 2011 ready in a few days and on that note I’ll close with a photo from our last gig in Toronto:


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  1. CanadianArcticPaleo says

    Awesome job Robb! This made the Nightline piece ABC slacked on look meager…CTV pwns Canardia. Can’t wait to see you on Opera!

  2. says

    Great post!

    I’m going to share this with all my friends who still haven’t gone paleo. May be the best “in a nutshell” presentation of the paleo lifestyle concept I’ve seen.

  3. stone temple paleo says

    Seeing Rob on this show months ago is what really got me into the Paleo world. Wylde on Health is a show I try to watch regularly and last weeks featuring Wolf and Taubes was a highlight.

  4. JoelG says

    The difference between U.S. and Canadian TV is just so stark. This guy’s actually drilling into the science and asking intelligent questions about leaky gut, anti-nutrients and so forth. Where are the Fred Flintstone clips? The terrible puns? Anyway, great job, Robb!

  5. says

    I really enjoyed the entire show…saw it over the weekend. Very well done, from start to finish. My favorite part was Nicki “cracking the coconuts”!

  6. says

    Good job with the TV segment! Now I can point people to it and say: “See I’m not the only one doing this…”

    Sorry I didn’t look my best for the picture at the Toronto gig, luckily you can only see the back of my head!

  7. stone temple paleo says

    Its done right because Bryce Wylde is a very well informed individual and his show is open to many different idea when it comes to health

  8. Patrick says

    Great Job Robb!

    Do you have any info about the exercises you guys were doing in the video? I know it’s a MovNat inspried deal, but I’d be great to get a breakdown on the moves you guys were doing–especially the “tree branch climbs”(not sure what to call them); also, maybe some info on how those beams were created. I have a home/garage gym and would love to set something like that up. Any info/links would be great.


    • says

      Bryce is a really a good dude, to bad we could not make the schedule with you and Loren work. I know Bryce would be game for another go-around, his producer felt this was the best show they have done. It would be amazing to have you and loren on a show too.

  9. says

    Hello Rob. Great work and thank you for all you do. I have your book, listen to your podcast each week, and look forward to your lecture at the Ancestral Health Symposium. My question is about Multiple Sclerosis. I am looking forward to the MRI scans of the patient you helped put it into remission. When will that video footage be available? Thank you sincerely, Sheryl B.

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by but these products are only marginally better than the gluten filled items they replace. For folks with systemic inflammation or autoimmunity, I;d put them in the “contraindicated” category.

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