End of the year wrap-up!

Hey there! I wanted to take a minute and say some thank-you’s  and to give y’all an update on several important topics. The past year has been amazingly productive and I have a lot of folks to thank for that, so here goes:

Thank You’s:

All of our trainers and clients at NorCal Strength & Conditioning. We have continued to grow and thrive and I find that absolutely amazing. We have an awesome staff and that is the key to folks coming back to the gym day in, day out.

Amber, Andy, Mat, Julien, Diane, Julianne, Mark R (for doing the podcast breakdown) and all the other folks who have contributed to the blog the past year.

Listeners, commenter’s, crazy kids who bought the book. The blog and podcast have grown incredibly the past year…we may break 12 listeners on some days! Seriously, thank you everyone for spreading the word and just giving this stuff a shot. We are all changing (and saving?) lives.

Looking ahead:

Forum- We have a forum in the works.

Transcripts-We are working on a transcript for the podcast. Possibly some translating on that too.

Paleo Solution Seminar-This is getting a major overhaul. The whole presentation will go to a  power point/ mixed media format. The last vestiges of “at the chalkboard” will be cast away. I am also shifting the locations to conference centers to allow for inclusion of a broader audience. We have over 600 requests to host seminars and this will allow us to serve more folks. We have also received interest from hospitals to sponsor the event and provide CME’s to their staff. So, the expanded seminar will include more material, and we should have CME’s/CEU’s in addition to university accredited curriculum. There are a lot of moving parts to this but I’ll keep you posted as the story progresses.

Paleo Physician Network-The site is being built, the curriculum to offer a university accredited certification to health care providers is underway. The site SHOULD be available in January, first certification offerings likely mid-2011. We have some really interesting things cooking with this and I’m pretty damn excited.

Go easy on the hard stuff!

I think that’s it for now. Have a safe holidays season. I’ll try to keep Keystone out of the CatNip.

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  1. says

    Hi Robb,
    congratulations on the hard work and your dedication! You have made a lot of our clients happy campers and our lives as coaches easier. Looking forward at your first seminar on (South) African soil (whenever that will be 😉 ) – we’ll have the grass-fed ready for you!
    Warm regards

  2. says

    You are doing a great job Robb! I listened to all your podcasts, bought your book (will buy one for my Family Doctor)and learned a ton.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
    One of you six listeners – the one from Germany. :-)

  3. Jemima says

    Thank you so much for everything you do (and Andy et al for the podcast too). I’d be much less healthy if it wasn’t for paleo and it’s just so intuitive. I’m working on converting the family and going back to school to study nutrition so I can convert the world.
    Hope you come out to New Zealand some time. We’ve got delicious meat.
    Merry Christmas to Keystone, he looks like he’s on holiday already.

  4. michael says

    RE: the forum, what forum platform/software are you using?

    PLEASE tell me you’re not going to use something like PHPBB or vBulletin etc…

    by far the best forum platform out there is Vanilla:

    I have no affiliation with them, it’s just their interface, look+feel, etc… are the most user-friendly, and a lot of the other platforms are an eyesore and unpleasant to use.

    that said, any forum run under the auspices of RobbWolf.com would quickly become the go-to place and an invaluable resource, no matter what the platform.

    Anyways, thanks Robb so much for doing what you do. I am doing my best to spread the gospel.

  5. Rob says

    Robb, I was thinking that the Phs Paleo Network was going
    to be a network of current Physicians that practice or subscribe to
    the Paleo Diet? I need to find a doctor that understands that food
    is the medicine not something cooked up by big pharma? I recently
    went to the doctors for a yearly exam and he never even asked what
    type of food I was eating, but he was quick to point out I should
    be eating 5 vegatables a day and a lot of whole grain. :( Thanks

    • shiret singh says

      HI Robb,

      My husband and I have been crossfitters for 2 1/2 years, and he has been paleo for years, even before crossfit came into our lives. I started zoning this past June, and quickly evolved to paleo zone, and am very happy to have finally seen the light!

      The reason I am contacting you is because my husband is a physician, a cardiologist to be exact, and one who speaks to every single patient regarding the importance of proper nutrition. He has made it a goal to educate everyone who comes to see him about about grains and dairy. I am, and he will also be, curious about the physicians paleo network, what exactly is this and will it somehow be helpful to either him, or his patients. Any information would be great.

      Congratulations on the new book, this is quite an accomplishment, we wish you much success!

  6. says

    I came across your Blog via a post on the M&M
    boards mentioning your name. Although I do not agree with your
    crazily high dosing recommendations for fish oil, I must say that
    your podcasts with Andy are highly addictive. It provides real
    world answers to real world questions answered by someone who does
    not shy away from admitting if something is beyond his expertise.
    Continue the good work, but have a second look at how much fish oil
    people really need (do you know Ray Peat > http://www.raypeat.com;
    this guy is on the opposite extreme, maybe you two could meet
    half-way?). My personal feeling is that, if anything, it is the DHA
    you really need, not the EPA. Too high EPA:DHA ratio, I suppose,
    was also the reason why the following study failed
    and this is just a very recent example. Kind regards

    • Rob Is says

      Hi ProfDrAndro!

      If I may take a stab at this…

      Robb has been toning down his Fish Oil recommendations for a while now and has flat out stated that the big dose is for cleaning out, (detox if you will) for someone who is sick, injured and that should only need to last about 3 months. Also, he has repeatedly (including in the book) stated that DHA is more important and for folks to try to get higher-DHA to EPA ratio fish oil.

      After the initial cleaning out, once inflammation is reduced and the subject is healthy and *eating clean*, the fish oil doses should come way down. Depending on the individual and their diet (grass-fed vs. not, lots of nuts vs. less, for example) the fish oil supplement can be small or even completely removed provided that the omega3 to 6/9 balance and health are both restored. The recommendation for Omega fat ratios are about 1 to 1 or 1 to 2. Neolithic diets (and therefore the need for these mega-doses of Omega3) are frequently 1 to 10.

      • says

        funnily, I am currently listening “through” all the episodes of the podcast and notice that he flatted out his initial advice from podcast to podcast.
        There is yet another aspect of interest, which intrigues me: Are fish oils for athletes? I mean aren’t we more susceptible to the suffering from “fish oil oxidation” (after ingestion) and if athletes supplement with fish oil should they
        a) time their fish oil intake away from strenuous exercise (i.e. times where ROS will degrade the fish oil)
        b) supplement with high doses of vitamin E (e.g. 400IU per 3g of fish oil) to prevent the O3s from being oxidized?

  7. Phillip Q says

    Hey Robb, I have recently bought your book, and cannot
    believe the difference in just a few days! Merry Christmas to you
    and your family, and I look forward to getting touch in 2011. Keep
    up the great work!

  8. says

    Rob, I am a Chiropractor that is has done 100s of hours of
    research and study in the paleo diet. I would love to be a part of
    your Physician’s Paleo Network. Please let me know what I need to
    do. Merry Christmas!

  9. josh says

    I am one of the SIX listeners to your POD CASTS!!! age is
    66, active and eager to improve in all ways I enjoy your out of the
    box explorations – I appreciate your in depth understanding of the
    human body and metabolism – I respect you Rob for your focus and
    clarity Josh near Carson City NEVADA

  10. Kim says

    Hi Robb, My mom has lost 44 pounds on the paleo diet, with
    great changes in several markers, including blood pressure and
    triglycerides. In January, we are going to start the protocol you
    mention in your book for auto-immune diseases to see if we can
    improve her rheumatoid arthritis. She has been suffering with it
    for over 15 years! Thank you for all your work, Kim

  11. Marty says

    Robb – You’ve done it! It looks like 2010 was a great year
    for you (and in turn 4 us)! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate
    your book and all the great resources you have out there 4 us. I
    picked up a nutrition text book last night to see what the
    prevailing beliefs are in terms of what most people are hearing
    about. At any rate, the word ‘inflammation’ wasn’t even included in
    the glossary. And there were so many problems with their analysis
    and scientific basis – it just really boggles my mind. I’ve been
    searching 4 the answer re: health 4 far too many years. I do wish I
    had heard about Paleo twenty years ago. Things would have been
    dramatically different. But! We have it now… and are the better 4
    it. Keep up the great work. 2011 is going to be fantastic!

  12. Matt B says

    Robb wanted to suggest instead of “Paleo Physician Network”
    that you go with “Paleo Provider Network”. This verbage will
    minimize ostracizing mid level providers etc.

  13. says

    Hi Robb

    I have tremendously enjoyed coming across your book and your approach. Thanks for that, could be a live safer/changer :)

    I suppose that especially with the blog post that Tim Ferriss wrote about your book you were also exposed to a big international readership who’s interested in your book. My question is: are there any plans for 2011 to offer your book in other languages? My particular interest would be German.

    Since you are in contact with Mr. Mastermind Tim Ferriss himself I guess you’d have a great knowledge base you can leverage when it comes to setting this up in an ideal way and beat the Guiness Book of records :)

    Thanks in advance for your answer!

    Best regards,

  14. Tatyana Grottker says

    Wow! Thanks from me in cold, cloudy London, Ontario! Love the new look for 2011! I’ve been Paleo for 2 months now. Still tweaking annoying sleep issues & the 3 cup-a-day coffee addiction but everything else is great (hmmm…that looks like an oxymoron!) I tasted a piece of chocolate (the standard stuff) over the holidays & promptly spit it out b/c it tasted too sweet!
    Sent your book to each of my sisters & their families. Miraculously, my older sister (63) & brother-in-law (68) are now eating Paleo for health reasons (pre-diabetes, high b.p., overweight etc…). Just spent the holidays with older sis & her hubby & delighted in my role as their food nazi. Loved her reaction when I whipped up their first Paleo breakfast!!! But since going Paleo (but not hardcore Paleo just yet – she needs to eat more veggies) my sis has already lost 18 pounds (I’d like her to stop obsessing over her scale). I’m encouraging them to try X-Fit, but know that might be a stretch at this point…baby steps. Now I just have to convince my younger sister to get rid of her bread-maker (she has thyroid cancer & is overweight).
    It’s finally all starting to come together for me health & fitness-wise, at the better late than never age of 50 . I started by cleaning out my kitchen, getting rid of my rice cooker & saying hasta la vista baby to grains & dairy forever! Love the podcast, your work, your team. You guys rock :o) ! ! !

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