What rhymes with “Cave Dweller?”

How about “BEST SELLER”!!!!!!!

Yep, we did it folks! I received word yesterday that we made the New York Times best seller list!! From here on I’ll be a “NY Times Best Selling author.” AWESOME!

You guys made this happen…I cannot thank you enough for the support, well wishes and most importantly, buying the book. The details on the best seller list will be available on Monday. The Times notifies authors and publishers prior to release of the list so we can ramp up printing and deal with other considerations of the list. I’m going to go work out and try to keep my feet on the ground while I do it!

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Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation

Have you heard about the Paleo diet and were curious about how to get started? Or maybe you’ve been trying Paleo for a while but have questions or aren’t sure what the right exercise program is for you? Or maybe you just want a 30-day meal plan and shopping list to make things easier? Then Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation is for you.


  1. adrian says

    Congratulations Robb. Still waiting for amazon to get mine out to Sydney, Australia – but hopefully soon. Look forward to getting it signed when you’re down this way.

    Again, well done!

  2. amyp says


    Robb, how does this affect my future purchases? Will they count toward your placement level on the site I purchase from still? (Amazon/borders/b and n) or has that window passed?

  3. SD_Mikey says

    That is frickin’ awesome! Congratulations!

    I recommend this book as a healthcare reform to anyone I meat (pun intended).

  4. Cody B says


    Congrats on best seller!! I received my copy yesterday and I just completed the “Sleep,” chapter. I have been doing 100% Paleo since April. Before I was through the first two chapters I ordered two more copies of the book for my parents and sister. (Of course, using multiple transactions from amazon as you prescribed)

    I have been doing weighed and measured Paleo since June. I don’t know why as I have always been really lean(Crossfit shenanigans). Last night reading your book I decided to get rid of the scale. The stress relieved from my shoulders was tremendous. Now I can eat when I am hungry and not worry about getting my “block allotment” in for a day. This stress relief is big to me and even more important now since I finished the sleep chapter.

    Thanks for all your hard work on the book and I wish you continued success.

    Thanks again,
    Cody B

  5. Jules says

    Hells yeah.

    You. Are. Changing. (& Saving). Lives.

    One bestseller at a time!

    Much love and appreciation to you and Nicki for all you do for the masses.

  6. Kyle S. says

    I’m excited for you. I ran into you at your signing in Arlington Va and can say this couldn’t happen to a nicer/humbler person. You deserve this!

  7. says

    Well done Robb! Just finished the book, very solid. I enjoyed your scientific breakdown of the benefits of a Norcal Margarita and the justification for my drunken porterhouse steak binges. Having been paleo for a while, I am now following your recommendations for autoimmune folks–I am guessing Celiacs would fall into that bucket pretty solidly. Meat for breakfast instead of eggs has been an entertaining way to start the day. I thought the discussion on lectins was really useful. It might be helpful to hear about rice on one of your podcasts. I feel like gluten grains get a lot of focus in the Paleo community, but rice gets glossed over which might give people the wrong impression. I know you tell veg heads in the book that rice and beans basically suck from a nutrient/protein stance but is there more? Tell me why sushi and gluten-free pancakes are also evil!

  8. Alex says

    Awesome work Robb!

    It’s that “cave dweller” “best seller” humor/wit that keeps us coming back for more! (Honestly, how long have you been working on that one?)

  9. says


    Dude, your book has been the motivating factor that has woke my sorry sobb ass up to do what I knew I needed to be doing all along. I’ve been following your blogs forever and this book rivals Dr. Cordain’s book on my number 1 spot for informative and motivating publications relevant to the topics of Paleolithic living, exercise, and general entertaining/mentally stimulating reads.

    Thank you brother. Keep up the amazing work man!

    Be well.

    – Anthony Militello

  10. Robbie says

    COngrats, Just sent out an email to ALL my friends and clients who have EVER learned from me (from what I’ve learned from YOU) in regards to nutrition. You deserve some margaritas tonight! THanks for all your hard work in getting this book out, now I can just hand it to people instead of arguing with them all night.

  11. michele says

    AMRAP FOR TIME: write a bestseller.


    Robb Wolf, 2010.


    (note the curious lack of other finishers of this WOD.)

    now that THAT is out of the way: congratulations from south brooklyn. today i thanked my lucky stars (and ANOTHER PR) for 21 days of paleo.

  12. says

    Congrats Rob!! We bought two because we each couldn’t wait to read the book and now will be buying more books for friends and family to keep you on the NY Times Bestseller list and to open the curtains and let some nutritional light in. Enjoy your success.

  13. Morgan says

    Congrats! Almost done w/the book and loving it.

    I’ve spotted a few typos and want to know who you’d like me (and others who’ve spotted any) to submit those to?



  14. Sean R says

    Congratulations! My copy finally arrived yesterday, so I’m only a couple chapters in so far, but it is great stuff. Thank you.

  15. Steve says


    I just posted my review at amazon and there were already 67 reviews. Well you get back the love you give out. Thanks for everything Robb.

  16. says

    I’m just so stoked for you Robb! I can’t wait for my book! Somewhere in transit between USA and NZ. In the meantime I’ll keep spreading the word! Best seller – WOW! That should get you few interviews in NZ! They love bestseller visitors here.

    Keep me posted on when you’ll be coming.

  17. andrew says

    Congrats Robb! i forgot to mention, the day of your books release and your signing, your book was the best selling book of that day! your competition? Bill O’Reilly and Nicolas Sparks! That is huge!

  18. says

    So proud of you Robb – words cannot express how great this is!! You have inspired me from the minute I met you and what I have learned from you has truly been life changing – and obviously I am not alone with that sentiment!! Rock on Robb!!! : )

  19. Danny says

    Robb, you are a stand up dude and totally deserve this. I think character goes a long way in success, and you certainly have tons of it. I have to admit, I’m not entirely on board with paleo (yet), but I’ve listened to your podcast since the beginning, and on top of being informative, you and Andy present the information in a very appealing manner, the antithesis of dogmatic. Good luck to you and all your future endeavors.

  20. says

    Congrats! My wife wants to be a reseller of the book in her yoga studio. I’m always happy to poke a Paleo stick at vegans/vegetarians, so I fully support it! Can you let us know how we could purchase quantity for resell?


  21. Antti Eilola says

    Big gratz! What amazes me the most so far is that there is not a single one or two star ratings made by angry raging vegans. I guess it is just a matter of time. 😉

  22. says

    Great News Robb! I’m happy – despite the rain outside.

    At least a small victory over conventional wisdom and medical idiocy. Mike Eades’ new blogpost about “The Pitiful State of Medical Ignorance” gives some good examples why your book, podcasts and website is so helpful. You are right – don’t expect the government or the medical disease management industry to help with your health problems. You will learn that you are on your own. I learned this lesson the hard way – in despair about the ignorance and indifference of the medical establishment. Btw: Dr. Mike wrote he will write a review about your book ASAP.

    I got the book this week and read it in two days. I pre-ordered in May because I suspected there will be a stampede towards the booksellers when the thing finally is released. :-)

    I am sans grains, sugar,legumes for about 1,5 years. Only high quality food. I hate legumes anyway. It looks like starvation food, it tastes like starvation food and it digests like cowboy boots. :-(

    After reading the book I cutted out my beloved almonds and walnuts because of the antinutritients and calories. They make you fat if you eat them as a bread substitute. Too bad…..Cutting back on fruits and dark chocolate cheats is the next step (cringe…)
    I try to get the sleep, cortisol/stress and training parts in order which for me is much more difficult than the food part of the whole concept and which may be the reason that I didn’t see a change in health problems despite good nutrition. Well – at least the dermatophyte and eczema disappeared (leaky gut healing?) and HDL went from 81 to 91. Trigs from 70 to 64. I want them back to 50 where they used to be until 2006.

  23. Mike B says

    Very Cool! You deserve it! I wonder how many people are going to live a longer life because you took the time and to learn all this stuff and then pass it on. You should be proud. I know I’ll be walking around a lot longer because of you. I’m off all my meds and feel great!

    • says

      Very kind and I do feel a lot of pride in completing this project and getting it out. Every seminar we do we hear first hand the stories of remarkable, life changing events. It’s pretty damn cool!

  24. Trent says


    Absolutely stellar book. A great resource for actually living the lifestyle in every facet. Your seminar last August in Edmonton was a game changer for me and I have been preaching the gospel ever since (although I feel like Galileo, at times, arguing against those adamant the Earth is the centre of the universe, and I work at a supposed “health care” centre!). Hope you are able to bring your Paleo Solution seminars up our way in Alberta soon; a possible team up with Lalonde or OPT perhaps?

    So say we all!

  25. Tom R. says

    Congratulations, Robb. I got my copy in the mail today from Amazon. I will start tomorrow as I have had too many NorCal M’s to even spell the word much less read the book. Also spent some time today at BJs Brewhouse. For those who have them in their area, gluten free thin crust pizza and Redbridge on the menu. Not bad for gameday.

    • Tom R. says


      I know you’ve got it on the radar, but what do we need to do to get a NY Times best-selling author out to the Midwest and OKC?

  26. Tracey says

    Big fan..first time posting! I think my favorite part of the book was the 30 day meal plan. I know what to eat, but sometimes not sure how to lay out a days meals, thought that was super helpful! Maybe a cookbook next?? BTW: Bummed the Paleo Jerky is out of stock:(

    • says

      I’m really interested in your feedback on this: what makes it easier to tackle paleo? What resources do you need?

      I doubt if I will do a cook book as I have several friends doing fantastic CB’s and I want to support them…I don’t want to just do a “me too” product. I want it to be unique, for it to matter and for it to help.

  27. Tracey says

    Thanks for taking an interest in what I have to say. For me, I pretty much know what foods to eat..it comes down to convenience. I love 3 ingredient recipes or making something semi-homemade. For example I made some ratatouille myself then put some pre-cooked grass-fed roast on top from Us Wellness. Maybe if you can make it easier for people in that way. I just think the meal plan really was a great template for how to structure a days meals. I think that would set you aside from doing a regular cookbook. I mean even something as simple as a breakfast of your Paleo Brands Jerky, and apple and 1oz of macadamia nuts. Just some of my thoughts:)BTW: The Chiptotle clip was super helpful,real world application!

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