The Paleolithic Solution – Episode 15

Back with episode 15 – this the episode where Robb Wolf shares too much information (as per usual).  Audio levels seem pretty solid, but clearly I still need to move the mike further away from my mouth.

Download a transcript of Episode 15

Here is the paper regarding meat vs. meat plus dairy that Robb referenced.

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition – Cordain etc.

Here is the Willie Albert Crossfit Total workout and here is the link to news piece on Art DeVany

Show Topics:

  1. China Study Revisited
  2. Caffeine / Green Tea / Sweeteners
  3. Nutrition for CA WOD
  4. Paleo & Elite Athletes
  5. Wine
  6. Banana vs. Whole Wheat Bread
  7. Protein Amounts & IF
  8. Hair Loss
  9. Menopause
  10. 48 Hour Fasts?
  11. Vit D & Magnesium

Show Notes – The_Paleolithic_Solution_Episode_15

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Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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  1. DerekChaunessey says

    I’ve always fasted intermittently by default. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to go to the store or restaurant.

    Robb, are you going to do podcasts forever?

    Intriguing what you say about white rice. Starting in November 2009, I was thinking about why East and Southeast Asian countries always use white rice yet have minimal, if any, levels of pattern baldness. Before industrialization, I assume they ate brown rice, perhaps less. If at all. I also read that the upper classes ate white rice initially because milling rice was more expensive. Robb mentioned that white rice takes care of antinutrients. Would white rice rid of the gluten-like protein in it? Honestly, I’ve always liked white rice better, so would you recommend white rice over brown?

  2. Nathan Jeffries says

    Like the shout out for the movie Vision Quest. That was filmed in my hometown of Spokane, WA. The wrestling coach at my high school along with several other people I know had parts in the movie.

  3. DerekChaunessey says

    Before I came across Dr. Cordain and Robb, or Dr. Wolf I should say, I came across a guy on YouTube named Don Tolman who has a series of videos. He has a book called the Farmacist’s Desktop Reference, which I’ve browsed through, and conveys some great information on organic, local food being ideal. It’s pretty Paleo, actually. However, he does recommend milk, albeit raw milk, so that’s when I stopped listening to him. He also says that fasting up to about 40 days can completely reset the body and rid of cancer, for instance. I think there is truth to fasting and its benefits. But dude, I was 100% in on this, and I tried water fasting last fall on several occasions, aiming for as long as I could in order to rid myself of low thyroid symptom of slow speech. I did 4.5 days, then 5.5 days preceded by two days of juice fasting, and then three days. I also did a two-day fast in 2008. No change in my condition. Honestly, it was extremely difficult sometimes. I was all in, and I never lasted more than about 5.5 days water fasting.

  4. Michelle says

    Hi Robb,

    I have been eating mostly paleo for about 2 months now with 4 crossfit workouts a week ( I have been only eating meat for about a year) . I have celiac disease and eating paleo has simplefied my life. Instead of subsituting with rice products I just don’t eat them. I am slightly overweight but my body composition has been changing with the paleo diet. I am not really losing weight but clothes that were too tight are becoming too big.

    I just had a some blood work done and my doctor told me that my Iron levels were so low I was on the verge of being anemic. I have had a history of low iron levels since I was a child but I thought my switch to eating meat (I have only been eating meat for about a year) would solve my low iron issues as an adult. I especially thought that it would be resolved when I started eating paleo so I stopped taking a supplement. Now my doctor wants me to go back on the supplement. I would like to not have to be on iron supplements if I don’t have to. They are hard on my stomach. Is there anything that I can change in my diet to increase my iron absorbtion. I already eat lots of leafy greens and red meat.

    Also – another result from by blood test was that my arthritic blood inflammation was up. What does this mean? I don’t have any joint issues. What can I do to help with this?

    • says

      This is all counter to what we normally see. Are you 100% grain free? Might delete eggs and nuts for a while to se if that helps. Put up your food log for a week and let’s see what that looks like. Sleep? Hours, quality?

  5. says

    Robb – listened to the entire podcast – quality info as always!

    I was very excited to hear you mention what’s going on with Dr. Cordain and the Paleo Nutrition certs possibly being backed by Uni credits. I was hoping you would talk about it a bit more but know y’all have a ton of questions to answer for the show.

    Could you give us idea of when this might be rolled out and a bit more detailed info about the course(s) when you have a spare minute?

    Definitely looking forward to learning more about this and possibly earning another quality nutrition cert – even if it’s only in pseudo-science! :)

  6. Charley says

    I’ve never been much of a Tequila drinker or a drinker in general, and I’ve avoided the stuff since going paleo, but what brand would you recommend for your NorCal Margarita’s? I don’t have a clue other then going for a 100% agave tequila. Anyone can chime in on this if they please!

    Another fantastic show!

    • says

      I like CasaDores…pretty solid but I’m honestly not all that convinced of the supposed differences between a lot of booze. We burned a TON of time on the GCMS and HPLC trying to correlate cost, taste and impurities and it was not very favorable for the expensive stuff…

  7. JH says

    most of my hemorrhoid remedies derive more from the super-natural.

    What does that mean? Any remedy at all would be appreciated.

    • says

      Sorry, i thought the hemorrhoid question was pulling my leg!! honestly, I have little experience here. Fruits, veggies, fish oil…seems solid but I’m really out of my element on this. Sorry for the smart ass response originally!

  8. Rob says

    If you’re really concerned about your audio levels, might I suggest that you normalize the file that’s being formatted in a program such as Soundforge. There’s several free alternatives out there, however, if you search them out.

    Great stuff though; keep up the good work.

  9. joey says

    Hey Robb,

    Great podcast as always, just wanted to see what your take on Animal Pak was real quick. I’m sure you know what it is but if you dont, it is essentially a vitamin/mineral/ Amino Acid pack that contains tons of each, and in some cases, far more then the RDA. Would you say to stay away from it because it has such high doses of some of the above, or is it a good product for gaining strength/lean mass.

  10. MANNY C says

    Rob, Michelle’s question got me thinking about a recent change I made when tweaking my nutrition. I’m trying to have one day a week where I try to get more organ meat in. Usually due to how cheap it is and how readily available it is, I’ll roll with about 16 oz. of calf liver. My understanding is that the iron content in this in very high and equally important supposedly very bioavailable/highly absorbed. Would this help with increasing the heme content in blood? Might it help her? I know there’s a few companies that sell dessicated liver tabs too, but I prefer the real deal. Any thoughts? Would it be better to try and get it more regularly vs. a once weekly liver fest? Thanks for all you and your team do. And thanks to your wife for supporting you too.

  11. RGHALL says


    Love those podcasts! They have been a real help in keeping me on the paleo track. Whenever I feel like cheating I just listen to one of them and can’t eat anything non-paleo. You are making a difference for a bunch of us out here.

    In #15 you mention that Mat Lalonde is now doing 2 meals a day. Would you or maybe Mat give a bit more detail about that like times of day (how spead out the 2 meals are) and maybe how his daily food choices have changed since he wrote the post detailing his ddiet a while back. Maybe he could give some of the thinking behind switching to less feeding per day?


    • says

      I have split that up. I now do a Zinc aspartate with my last meal, about 50 mg. Then i do a Glass of Natural Calm before bed and that yields ~400mg magnesium. Much better for me than ZMA.

  12. Nicholas Black says

    Thanks for answering my question Robb! Hope things are going well with the book — I will definitely be purchasing it. I imagine that thing is going to be in a lot of bathrooms…

  13. miss spinach says

    Hey Robb,

    This question is more about programming than food. My food is pretty well dialed in; I’m lean, and most of the time I feel really good.

    I hunted around the site trying to find the best place to ask this and couldn’t find it, so here goes…..let’s talk about sport specific programming for dancers. Think, the kind of athletes you see on “so you think you can dance.”

    I’ve heard you talk quite a bit about different training approaches depending on the sport; i.e. your recommendations to a professional fighter vs the guys who want to go compete at the CrossFit games.

    I’m curious what you would hypothetically recommend to a professional dancer? (Forget for a moment that she is over the hill and now has a day job.) A dancer is an athlete who needs endurance for multiple short anaerobic bursts lasting about 5 minutes at a time, with moderate rest in between bursts. The movements are explosive, but don’t usually involve weight beyond that of one’s own body. Also need speed, agility, flexibility, and above all, an extremely lean, wiry, “fast-and-light” type of strength. Body composition is probably the number one concern; a dancer cannot afford to bulk up at all.

    It is a fine line for me with mainpage-style crossfit; it is good for improving endurance, but easy to reach that point of diminishing returns where I begin to put on too much muscle mass for dance, and start to have some cortisol issues from the crazy metcons.

    All else being equal (i.e., the food is dialed, getting 8 hours of sleep a night, etc.) what sort of programming approach would you recommend? Lighter weight and more reps? Heavier weight and fewer reps? Sprinting instead of AMRAP 20 minute type workouts?

    If this is too specific a question for someone who is not a client and is a relatively anonymous blog follower, I understand. I hope it is a novel question and interesting to you, and I look forward to ANY thoughts you might want to share….! Cheers and thanks…

  14. Kari O says

    Robb –
    Do you have any thoughts on what a low body temp indicates? more specifically, my ‘normal’ temp usually runs at about 96.5 degrees. last nite, I had a cold coming on and had body aches and chills (felt like I’d have a fever) so I checked my temp, and it was 95.2.
    I’ve been sick like once a month the past 4 or 5 mths, which is unusual for me. somethings hitting immune system – prob stress and sleep issues – despite being pretty hard-core Paleo. help.

    • says

      There is some variation in this but low thyroid or adrenal stress could be at issue. It’s tough to know if thsi si normal for you or if things are amis but you could look into an ASI test and also a thyroid panel along with full check on female hormones. Let me know if you tackle any of that or if you just hit up your doc for some insight.

  15. Dave says

    This is from an article by Bill Simmons ranking NBA players based on their trade value.

    “17. Steve Nash
    Better than ever, which really shouldn’t be the case because, you know, he just turned 36. We invited him to an ESPN dinner at Sundance, and he told us there were three reasons he’s not aging: a no-sugar diet, a sleep journal and a steady supply of undetectable PEDs from the revolutionary Suns training staff. (Fine, I made the last one up.) He said the no-sugar diet made him recover faster after games and especially for back-to-backs. In fact, half the Suns are watching their sugar intake now. Nash brought Jared Dudley with him to dinner; Jared was reading the menu and asking Nash, “Can I have this? What about this?” like he was eating with Harley Pasternak or something. It was high comedy. Not only does Nash make his teammates better, he orders for them. Anyway, I don’t see him going downhill anytime soon.”

    Imagine that…a 36 year old guy, playing at a very high level in the NBA moving as well as ever, and credits it mainly with getting sugar out of his life and sleeping well.

  16. Chris says

    Hey Coach Wolf!
    Two quick questions:
    1) whats the deal with “Mucoid plaque?”
    2) What happen to the comments from Seminar Hobken NJ?
    I posted a comment there and I cant find em. Dont know if anyone else is having this problem or maybe I have abused your website too much and it is rebelling.
    Thank so much. Hope all is well.

    • says

      1-Run Away…far away from the mucoid Plaque dealio. I can get pretty fired up about digestive issues but this si…out there.
      2-The event scheduling widget buggared posts… should have that fixed in the next update of that software.

  17. says

    Hi Robb/Andy. I’m one of your 11 or 12 fabled listeners, although not in a retirement home, but roaming the plains hunting for low hanging grassfed beef over here in the Manchester, in UK, where there are a few of us who are avid listeners to the podcast … at the Primal Fitness gym anyway.
    I follow a Paleo diet – with occasional protein shakes and weekend cheat meals thrown in – and will shortly be competing in a couple of competitions – a cross-country/fell run and a sprint triathlon. I was wondering if there is any recommended race day food that will not screw up the changes that I’ve made to my diet – i.e. I don really eat fruit any more, just nuts and berries, and if I do would be apple/pear/nectarine/peach etc rather than bananas and citrus, and of course no processed or refined carbs and sugars. Back in the day I used to have pre-race pasta and porridge and then snack on jelly babies and powergels on half marathons. I’m wondering if there are any handy quick energy release snacks I can take on prior to a race and on the run to boost my performance without throwing my metabolism out of whack? Do I need to start making seed and honey bars or something?
    Looking forward to the next podcast,

  18. Tad says

    I’m really grateful for conversation guys… Andy, could you move the mic further from your mouth please? You’re causing the recording to clip and it doesn’t sound so hot. If you listen to podcast 14 or 15 in external speakers you’ll here what I’m talking about.

    The real solution is setting up your input levels before you begin (if that’s possible). Try laughing or speaking loudly and insure that your are not red-lining in the level meters. If you can’t do this or don’t know how… I guess you’ll just have to avoid using words with the letter P 😉

  19. Nick says


    I Got your RAD DVD. Almost bought Andy the Pray For the Roller Boys DVD while I was there too, but I ran out of time and funds. Shoot me your mailing address and Ill get this to you stat!


  20. says

    Preston was from Dundurn which is near Saskatoon but not too far from Moose Jaw. I was at that cert and the guy was incredibe! I know Paul from Moose Jaw too, and Robb you have tons of fans up here in Saskatchewan. After hearing you speak at that cert we were all hooked and then a bunch of our freinds went down to Bozeman to catch one of your last nutrition certs. Keep up the good work and I love the Podcasts.

  21. Will says

    As a follow-up to the sweetener question in the podcast, where does Agave fit into the sweetener spectrum? After paleo eating for so long I don’t often crave sweet stuff and a little fruit is enough to satisfy the occasional cravings, but I was recently introduced to ice creams made with coconut milk and Agave as the sweetener and now I’m hooked. Buying a pint at the store seems easier than trying to make my own coconut milk ice cream without a sweetener. On the other hand, I remember a couple podcasts ago Andy cautioning folks to look out for sweeteners in some coconut milks.

    Great podcast again. Thank you so much!

  22. DerekChaunessey says

    Robb, are you 100% sure male pattern baldness is a side effect of insulin or, like 95% or 80% sure or so? I read reports about how, for example, resveratrol reduces inflammation, how turmeric reduces inflammation, how broccoli reduces DHT, and so forth. So is hair loss related to purely low insulin levels, low insulin levels plus those healthy foods, for instance, I just mentioned, or purely healthy foods regardless of insulin levels. For the third scenario, I like to think of Asians who eat a lot of white rice or Italians who eat a lot of wheat.

    I dig all of the health effects the Paleo diet brings with it, but I care foremost about keeping my hair. I came onto Paleo after still having acne and dandruff on a MediterrAsian diet. But I used to drink a TON of juice, like Naked Juice, Odwalla, Welch’s, and OceanSpray, not realizing that might be affecting my insulin levels.

    I was watching a few clips of you on YouTube and I have to ask. It looks like you might have some receding hairlines in the corners. Like in the video where your hair is buzzed. If the Paleo diet controls insulin and insulin controls hair loss, how do you explain this? Either you had more hair loss before and it’s growing in, Paleo doesn’t work for hair loss, or it’s hard to see in the video and you do actually have no hair loss — it is a bit hard to tell.

    • says

      100% on that. hyperinsulinism is at hand here, some dietary interventions can alter this to some degree by changing DHT metabolism, acting as competitive inhibitors or reducing inflammation.

      I have a video of me in HS going up when I get a chance and we can compare that hairline with current but I do not think I have anything going on there. My teeth and hairline appear to be the only things NOT broken on me!

  23. Cheryl M says

    More support for a lower carbohydrate diet, from one of the reseearchers who who worked on the “A to Z” diet at Stanford. Dr. Gardner has been a vegetarian for 25 years. He also differentiates the weight loss achieved by people who are insulin resistant versus those who are not. Quite interesting:

  24. Jeff says

    Hey Robb,
    Fantastic podcast, thanks for making it happen so we can all nerd-out on the nutritional science…I have questions on two themes, if they make sense for the podcast or what have you.
    So my vegetarian friend (I know, I know) is trying to get a bit more paleo – she is grain-free and sugar-free but relies heavily on beans. Could you talk more about lectins in beans vs gluten grains? How important is it to remove beans?
    On the same topic – for committed vegetarians who want to at least improve their diet, but still need protein – am I right in thinking they should prioritise things this way: eggs-high-fat dairy -nuts – beans as a last resort?
    Also same topic – is peanut butter okay, or bad because it is a bean?
    I have read that the leaky gut theory is controversial and not accepted by many gastroenterologists, etc. Could you comment on how much evidence there is for leaky gut, to what degree it is well studied, etc?

    Thanks, keep up the great work,
    Jeff (Montreal)

  25. miss spinach says

    Robb, you’re the best. Capoiera is a pretty damn good analogue! I will do the happy Snoopy dance when this comes up in the podcast.

  26. Mathieu Lalonde says

    For the non-nerds, GCMS is Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrommetry. Essentially a machine that will vaporize a sample and run the resulting gas through a column of adsorbent that will allow the different compounds in the gas to separate. The mass spectrometer then ionizes the gas, runs through a magnetic field, which separates the compounds by weight. This give the user a pretty good guess at the composition of the original sample.
    HPLC is High Pressure Liquid Chromatography. Dissolve a sample in a solvent, inject it into the machine, which will pass the solution through a column of tightly packed adsorbent. This allows you to separate the compounds depending on polarity, weight, size etc… You then get a trace at the end that shows you how many different components were in the original sample. None of the techniques give any information with regard to structure. For that, one has to resort to proton nuclear magnetic resonance (1H NMR), carbon nuclear magnetic resonance (13C NMR), and infrared spectroscopy (IR). All that information should allow someone skilled in the art to determine the structure of the molecule. It’s fun…really.

  27. Matt says

    I have seen a few people who developed this issue and every time it was some sort of dietary inflammation. In almost every case dairy was the offending item. A couple of them were getting “70’s big” so they were doing gmod. The other two just had occasional dairy but if one week they had a little too much they became an issue. Once they removed the dairy the problem cleared up. I have no idea what your diet is like but you may want to take a look at that.

  28. Mathieu Lalonde says

    With regards to my meal plan,

    I switched to eating twice a day because I typically get up at 9 am. If I eat breakfast, I’m not hungry by noon. I don’t have to eat at noon but everybody else in lab does and the smell drives me nuts so I would prefer to eat at noon. So I just skip breakfast, sleep more, and eat more for lunch. Here is what I ate last week (I typically workout at 7:30pm):

    Lunch (noon): pork shoulder (~1.3 pounds) with all the accompanying fat, pearl onions, mixed greens, carrots, 1 avocado.
    Dinner 9:30pm): can of sardines in olive oil, Sauerkraut (the real deal, fermented with no vinegar added), pemmican from US wellness meats

    Lunch: More pork shoulder (got a 4.5 pound pork shoulder in my CSA) with all the accompanying fat, mixed greens, pearl onions, red bell pepper, coconut flakes
    Dinner: pemmican and some real fermented pickles (trying to take advantage of the small amount of acetic acid for glycogen replenishment)

    Lunch: Last chunk of pork shoulder with all the accompanying fat, 1 avocado, mixed greens
    Dinner: Salmon patty from TJs with some carrots

    Lunch: Beef heart with zucchini and mushrooms, coconut flakes
    Dinner: can of sardines in olive oil, sauerkraut (the whole jar has 7 servings at 2 calories per serving. I could eat the whole thing in one sitting)

    Lunch: Two chicken legs with mixed greens, orange bell peppers, piece of chorizo, mixed olives, an entire 100% chocolate bar. I eat as much as physically possible because I won’t eat until breakfast on Saturday.

    breakfast (8:00am): 1 pound of lamb sausage (these contain a few pieces of dried apricot and they are darn yummy), 4 duck eggs (these are about twice the size of chicken eggs), 1 pint of blueberries. Go back to bed and sleep until noon.
    Dinner: I’ll have a small snack if I’m hungry latter in the day. typically pemmican or a can of sardines with pickles or sauerkraut

    Breakfast: 1 pound of bacon with 4 duck eggs
    Dinner: I get a plate of baby back and memphis ribs from Red Bones in Cambridge. I eat the whole thing with two orders of collard greens while watching the Barry Sears video where he states that a human being just can’t handle a plate of ribs because it will be turned into fat.

  29. Kari O. says

    Robb – yeah, I was thinking thyroid or adrenals too. I have had adrenal issues in the past, but I don’t feel nearly as ‘struck by a bus’ as I did then.

    That was back in 2006- and my ASI levels were:
    7am Depressed (a ‘9’ with normal range of 13-24nM)
    12n Depressed (a ‘4’ with normal range of 5-10nM)
    4-5pm Depressed (a ‘1’ with normal range of 3-8)
    11pm-12mid Elevated (a ‘5’ with normal range of 1-4nM)

    I couldn’t get off the couch…And at the same time, some other tests showed (via saliva) fT4 = .16ng/dl (LOW with normal range .17-.42);
    SIgA was Depressed (7mg/dl with normal range 25-60mg/dl)
    Fasting Insulin was <3 with normal range 3-12uIU/mL
    Post-prandial Insulin was <3 with normal range 5-20

    Gut was checked then too- and I had excessive yeast/candida overgrowth as well as basically ZERO good bacteria.
    And allergies to like 96 foods via the US BioTek Standard Food panel IgG/IgE.
    I was a mess.
    But these 3yr-old tests might not mean a thing now, except that I think once the Adrenals are shot, they can fatigue easily. And if I do CF WODs more than 2 days in a row, I'm exhausted for days.

    I did have my Dr run some tests last month, because I've had water retention in legs, cold hands/feet, and general lack of motivation or energy.
    It seems Drs don't like when you go in asking for specific tests, so this is what she pulled and the results:

    1) T3, free = 264 pg/dL (‘normal’ range 230-420) ** I feel like I should be higher in this range – and I’ve been taking 150mcg Iodine daily for about 3 months

    2) TSH = 1.54 mIU/L (‘normal’ range 0.40 – 4.50)

    3) BU/Creatinine = 26.4 (‘normal’ is 6-22) ** so this was flagged as High, although BUN individually was 19 MG/DL (7-25 normal) and Creatinine was 0.72 mg/dL (0.58-1.06 normal)

    Overall, I'm a ton better than I was in 2006 – but still have these lingering issues. Mainly the water retention, fatigue, and frequent colds.
    The enzymes and Paleo eating solved a lot of my digestive and bloating issues. Although I'm wondering if I need to get back on some Probiotics.

    And I did have a Thyroid test in 2007 that showed Free T3 as low (2.29pg/mL with normal range 2.30-4.20).
    So maybe I tend towards low thyroid. The Drs have never felt it needed to be addressed, but I tend to disagree.

    I also started the Calcium D-Glucarate, at your suggestion as I store bodyfat in thighs.

    Any insight or suggestions you can offer are greatly appreciated. Sorry to dump all this data on you – but I figured since I had it handy maybe it would help.
    thx, Kari

    • says

      I would def tackle the probiotics. I agree on the adrenal fatigue…once it;s beat up easy to do again. The multiple food sens+wacky gut bacteria can alter cortisol too. It’s a nasty problem. i will talk about this more in a podcast, thanks for the info.

  30. Scott L says

    Another great show guys, slightly more humorous than usual (although probably not to my wife either). Not sure if you are taking requests but I vote for more shows with Robb on drugs. Also thanks to the whipped cream advice from before I am now hooked on 100% whipped cream lattes, not messing around with a few tablespoons of cream.

  31. Robert says

    Hey Rob and everyone else. What are your thoughts on cyclic lowcarb diets? I fins that when I use the NHE plan instead of the Anabbolic/metabolic Diet there’s less risk of me derailing and living of ice-cream for the entire weekend. Is there any advantage to one over the other?

  32. says

    I have a few questions I hope you might cover in a podcast. I have come across the occasional client that tends to store really resistant fat in odd places. One particular client that I currently train has extremely persistant fat on her arms. She has always had trouble with weight loss, even when it seems like her diet is dead on. Prior to her wedding, she lost about 25 pounds and looked great everywhere, although not super lean, down to about 5′ 7″ and 140 lbs, except her arms which budged maybe a quarter inch. I know this is probably getting into Bio Signature territory, but I feel like there must be a hormone problem here. Your thoughts?

    Maybe you could touch a little more on those REALLY resistant weight loss cases? It certainly seems like some people can do everything right and still struggle. Do you have a checklist of things you check first?

    Also, how do you feel about kelp drops? As cheap as they are, I feel like they might be worth a shot. Of course, 5 bucks is more than I want my clients to spend on snake oil.

  33. Mrs. Dalton says

    Dear Mr. Wolf,
    Ok, I’m in. All in. And the thing that did it was the vasectomy reversal. Seriously, that proves something about you…mainly that you are someone who it thoughtful and real. Not just the surfer-language and self-effacing psudo-humble bs you spout. And…I’m sure your wife is much more the ‘flowers in the foot print’ type, and less the ‘grouchy, angry at the world type.’ All us wives are. Really.

    I’ve listened to every podcast several times, and I’m very very busy, but I am working through all the reading you have suggested. I used to be quite the athlete (in fact, I met Mr. Dalton in marital arts training, love at first fight, we like to joke) and I’d like very much to exemplify the ‘fall off the horse, get back on’ mentality to my offspring.

    My commitment is to go gluten-free (whole family), raw milk (children) and just start small with a couch-to-5k and whatever else you recommend for a homeschooling mother of 4, just as to not cause mutiny. I’m vastly out numbered, so all I have going is that I have the chocolate bars hidden.

    I have so many questions. I won’t ask any just now, I just want you and Andy to know that you have reached listeners who you may have never dreamed of. Thank you. Blessings upon you both.

    • says

      Mrs. Dalton-
      I am flattered beyond description by your kind words. It is hugely satisfying to help people and the fact our inane prattle does some good is honestly amazing. I truly am blessed.

      I’d really lean on Sarah over at
      Mother of 3, two dogs (chiuwawa and a Jack Russel…mellow?) Take it a day at a time, know that the transition will be a bit of a challenge, control those variable you can (the house). Keep us posted and please know that as I sat down here to work on the book I was very tired, very flat (not much sun in Chico of late) but your comment was more energizing and inspiring than a quad espresso mixed with Butte County Meth! Thank you!

  34. DerekChaunessey says

    If the Paleo diet encompasses unlimited fruit and vegetables, wouldn’t unlimited broccoli or other brassica vegetables mean thyroid problems?

  35. Eric says

    Robb–the other day at our local Fred Meyer store I found 2 types of coconut ice cream. Coconut Bliss & Turtle Mountain. Both use “low-glycemic agave syrup” as sweetener & the Coconut Bliss lists all organic ingredients. Both taste fantastic, & the Coconut Bliss Naked Coconut has coconut flakes in it–mmmmmmm!!

    So, paleo or not?

    I’m on day 3 of full paleo after a few weeks of weaning myself into it. I feel great, energy is fine, workouts are good though I’m limited by recent minor wrist surgery. The Dr. was stunned with how fast my scar had healed up–may have something to do with my diet??

    Thanks for keeping up the blog & I love the podcasts.

  36. john says

    I realize this may be a disgusting occurence to some but it has bothered me for far too long and i am seeking some insight. After i eat, and usually only then, i develop a large amount of extremely viscous saliva in my throat (it would be described as where the neck meets the chest cavity). I will cough to loosen it and then spit, and repeat this process over and over spanning about 30 minutes post meal. Are you aware of anything that could cause this?

  37. DerekChaunessey says

    I read thyroid hormone controls sex hormone-binding globulin levels, by the way.

    Robb, I found this link on the Wikipedia page for sex hormone-binding globulin. It says sugar, fructose, I think, and not insulin are to blame for the metabolic syndrome:

    I don’t understand. Doesn’t sugar increase insulin, thereby rendering it one-in-the-same? This may touch on the same things Dr. Richard Johnson talks about.

    Aside from that, this whole starch deal is throwing me off. Bananas have starch and they’re found in the Paleo diet. And Kitavans apparently consume yams that are rich in starch. And Stephan Guyenet says he doesn’t think starch is the problem for high insulin levels and the metabolic syndrome. And legumes are pretty low-glycemic. What the funk do you make of starch, ’cause it’s killing me not being able to eat my usual Middle Eastern, Asian, and Mexican plates. I can do without wheat, but I feel like I need some rice and corn.

  38. DerekChaunessey says

    Shouldn’t a real Paleo diet contain more organ meats like liver, heart, brain, kidney and not so much seeds and nuts?

  39. Sue says

    Robb, what do you think of vegan athletes? Do you think its possible for some to be at their best athletically whilst a vegan.

    • says

      there are outliers…folks who will be good no matter what they eat. that said, i have no doubt the vast majority of peeps benefit greatly from a paleo-esque approach. Control inflammation and performance MUST improve.

  40. Mike says

    Hey Robb,

    I thought you may have discussed this at some point, but couldn’t find it in the archives. Is constipation common on a Paleo diet? I’ve been eating strict paleo, supplementing with vit D, Mg, and fish oil, and I’ve recently started taking the Now Foods Super Enzymes. However, I only go 1 to 2 times a week. Not sure if this is unhealthy or if there is a way to remedy it?

  41. says

    Re colds and viruses;
    I have this regime I do when I feel one coming on and it completely hits it on the head – every time. Don’t know if it will help anyone else – but thought I’d post it just in case it might.
    Quercetin 500mg
    Olive leaf extract complex (+ astragulus, beta 1-3 glucan and Pau d’arco)
    Curcumin and ginger extract
    garlic pill sometimes
    Extra vitamin D

    I take this combo about twice a day for 2 days, and then the early cold symptoms disappear.

    I haven’t had a cold in 3 years since doing this, even though people around me are sniffling away.

  42. says

    Just to clarify, Willie has a Silver Medal at World Championships done in Russia with all the strong guys there. He also holds two world records, 252.5kg (555lbs) Back Squat and 325kg (716lbs) Deadlift at 81.4kg (179lbs), his Bench is only 160kg (352lbs). 737.5kg total in a belt, no knee sleeves.

    2 months later he broke that Back Squat record again in Montreal with 256kg (563lbs) his bench still sucks.

    The guy who beat him Squatted 250kg, Deadlift 290kg, and benched a HUGE 210kg. I sent you the pic via email, freak out dude. 750kg total

    I didn’t see any serious technical flaws. Although I see Andy’s point about being able to get away with shit at 70%. Every lift was set at about 70% of 1RM the only exception there is Willie hasn’t done a conventional deadlift in about 2 years so we guestimated his conventional deadlift at 270kg because we wanted to play it safe, particularly since he was in his weightlifting shoes. As soon as he started we both realized his conventional is probably a great deal closer to 300kg and that deadlift was way too light compared to the back squat.

    Give me a couple of months I think Willie could do that workout with the same weight but do it with a 400lbs clean instead of a deadlift.

    Cheers boys keep up the good work.

  43. Geoff says

    Hi Robb

    Is the Natural Calm significantly better than taking a few almonds before bed for magnesium supplementation?



  44. Warren says

    just want to clarify. avoiding dairy would mean milk, cheese, yogurt, 1/2 1/2 but butter and cream would be ok? is it because they are mostly pure fat but the others have casien and lactose? going to do the “pull it (dairy) out for a month” to see but butter and raw cream have to go too?
    also you give small amounts of booze and dry red wine a pass but no mention of beer (i know i asked about this before in terms of gluten but not carb count/metabolic effect) some light beers carry about 3.5 to 5 g carb.
    pure stevia ok in small amounts?
    most importantly why no mention of “Thrashing”?

  45. Kevin Burns says

    Hey Robb,

    A bit off topic but…

    Would you happen to know of any sites which have references to studies done on dogs and gluten, wheat, corn issues. Possibly some sort of side by side studies of dogs feed an ancestral diet vs the conventional PetSmart garbage ?

    So far I’ve found that our vet is pretty clueless about the dangers of corn, gluten, wheats, etc for dogs. The dog has already gone through a several day bout with allergies because of this Purina crap food she recommended (with corn gluten meal).

    The results of feeding Evo seem to be speaking for themselves but I would love to find some solid studies on this.


  46. Tony says

    Hi Robb. Enjoyed last podcasts and you have my vote for the logic tree you mentioned…Definitely would make some things easier…and now for the question: Since going strict paleo on a 40-40-20 ration of protein/fat(meats/fish/coconuts/avocodes/oils)/carb(veggies and fruit), my appetite has gone through the roof. It is nothing for me to sit down and be able to put down an entire chicken with some veggies and be hungry one hour later; and this is not an exageration. I generally eat 5 meals a day (not inlcuding pwo shake of whey and coconut milk). I am trying to add sweet potoates to my PWO and pre nutrition (couple of bites just before WOD) in an effort to increaese some calories and improve performance. I don’t measure so can’t give you exact numbers on calories or quantites but I weight 220 and I am around 10% or less bodyfat. Also, I do about 5 WODS a week with some strenght work (CF Total is 1100). So, any ideas why I have no appetite supression or feeling of fullness? Could it be a function of the elmination of gut irritants/dairy and body is able to handle more food? but I would have figured that since I eliminated these irritants, my body would be able to absorb food more readily and have less of a need? So, should I continue to “stuff my pie hole” as you put it? should I look to add even more fat(mostly avacodes, coconut, coconut milk, oils) or something else? I was also considering trying NOW super enzymes but not sure due to above? My goal is performance and health.

    PS, Happy you guys survived for episdoe 15 after the female hormone discussion in 14. I figured it was touch and go on a mysterious accident taking you both out prior to taping 15.

  47. Vinnie says

    I have an issue that I think would be a good discussion for the podcast. I have been an on and off primal eater for about eight months now. My original motivations were to acheive the all encompassing “look good naked” status, but as I read more and find more research, my motives are also pointing me towards some serious health benefits I may receive as a result of eating primal. Heres my question:

    I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when I was seventeen. The disease has been a constant struggle for me, and up until that point I had always been overweight and my diet was ridiculously poor. Even now, fat loss is a struggle (constantly yo-yoing and getting derailed for weeks after even the slightest deterrence from a strict paleo routine). As far as my colitis goes, my symptoms practically disappear when eating a gluten-free paleo diet, while extra fat also seems to melt away within a month or so of good eating habits and crossfit WOD’s 5 times a week. Recently, Ive also been displaying symptoms of Hidradenitis Suppurativa, a skin disorder resulting in big pustules, around my inner thigh and pubic area. After much reading on the subject, Ive found that this skin disease can also be traced back to a gluten-laden diet. In my constant reading, Ive also found that Celiac disease can closely mimic the symptoms of UC, and is often misdiagnosed as such. I was hoping that your science background could help shed some light on this… It all adds up too easily- its hard for me to lose weight unless I cut out the gluten, my UC symptoms disappear when I do, and I now show signs of a skin disorder when I eat gluten-rich foods. I’d like to hear some of the physiology behind these occurrences and hear whether you think I may have been mis-diagnosed (my UC is actually celiac?) and why or why not this would be possible.
    Also, you get this a lot, but I’d like to also thank you for all the work you do. Keep it up, and thanks again.

  48. Matt says

    So, I’m guessing agave isn’t considered paleo from this comment?

    thought we have hit the agave dealio. it is 100% fructose…

    • says

      It’s not a matter of paleo or not paleo, concentrated fructose appears to be BAD! THAT is the important piece here. If you want to use a sweetener just use honey or sugar.

  49. kim says

    Hey Rob,

    I’ve just started listening but I’m already a huge fan. Thanks. This podcast you mentioned sleep quite a bit. I am just starting to really dial in my food and have progressively been getting better at going totally strict. This last week I have done strict Paleo and cut out fruits and nuts, getting my carbs to about 30 g from veggies. But now I’ve been sleeping quite a bit more (going on about 10 hours a night) and still feeling pretty exhausted at different points throughout the day. Is this typical? When you talk about sleeping enough what is the range you’re thinking of because 10 hours is kinda cutting into my schedule. Thanks.

    • says

      if you were really fatigued it can take weeks to get back to a baseline. We are also in a tough time of year for SAD. If you are in a low-sun environment that can add to the problem.

  50. David says

    Rob –

    I’ve recently been doing a mass gain and have essentially been running with Paleo + Milk. I’ve noticed a slew of sinus issues and congestion taking in so much milk so I am wondering if switching to Paleo plus a Whey Shake (water + whey) may be of benefit (I’ve read that you get less issues with just Whey). Can you comment on that?

  51. Mike says

    @ Mathieu –

    Do you make your own sauerkraut and pickles or do you buy it somewhere? I see that you live in the Boston area, I do as well and am trying finding a place where these can be purchased . Thanks so much.

  52. Ian says

    question for Robb or Mat: Mat is doing the crossfit football WODs and I know you are a fan of them too Robb. Do you guys do the sprints when they are called out for the WOD? it’s pretty cold here in michigan and I’m just wondering if some of the guys in colder parts of the country sub something for them, or just get out and do them.


    • says

      I have made very good use of the short and long shuttles as well as the change of direction drill used for the combine. Essentially basketball suicides. VERY effective in a small space.

  53. Ed says


    Been reading some of Cordain’s papers. In the one on Hyperinsulinemia (More than syndrome X?) he did with Dr Eades, they say hyperinsulinemia causes increased growth.
    Yet, in the paleo diet he states at the advent of agriculture people got shorter. What’s going on here?


  54. Alicia says

    Hi Robb, I’ve got some questions about BCAAs. A couple of people have recommended sipping on BCAA mixed with water during stressful times to help curb cortisol levels. How do BCAAs do that? And is sipping BCAA water more effective at that than eating some meat?

  55. Jay says

    Hey Robb,
    I don’t want to be a nag but I had asked earlier about training for health/longevity vs. sport/performance and never got a reply so I just wanted to ask again in a way that doesn’t require a detailed answer unless you want to give me one.

    My goal with fitness is very much about health and longevity and maintining a high quality of life (i.e no nursing homes). I have no desire to compete in the CF games or have a sub 3min Fran. Given this I have the impression that training for my goals may be different than most in the CrossFit world. My inkling is that training for my goals might look more like 2-3 times/week lifting heavy and 2-3 times week doing short but intense metcons or sprints. Is this a correct assumption and if not could you point me in the right direction?

  56. Chris says

    Coach Wolf!
    3 questions:
    1) Got into an argument with some1 over waxy maize vs. apple sauce and sweet potatoes. Argument was that the waxy maize ( for example) restores muscle glycogen faster and better than Apple/SP (debating that the apple/sp restored only liver glycogen) any thoughts? Oh wise pseudo one!
    2) can you possibly, amongst your busyness, do an article or podcast on waste. I get a lot of client questions and have seen a lot of questions on the blog about how many times a day is normal, what to do if you’re backed up, what if its too loose or runny. Not the greatest talk but still seems to be really damn important.
    3) Outside nutrition: I have a client who has this issue with the back of her left leg. It’s on the outside (IT band side) close to the back of the knee and it’s some kind of pop (visually) but feels like a funny bone being hit. It only happens in depth with weighted squats (basically going low enough the leg will pop and give out). Feels like a twinge, popping, not painful. Induced with fatigue as well. (Possible tendon??) It happens just with squats – if knee is turned out WIDE no problem but if she deviates tracking of feet just a little it pops, gives out and fails….What the funk?
    A 1000 thank yous and bless yous

  57. miss spinach says

    RE: Tony:
    “Since going strict paleo on a 40-40-20 ration of protein/fat(meats/fish/coconuts/avocodes/oils)/carb(veggies and fruit), my appetite has gone through the roof. It is nothing for me to sit down and be able to put down an entire chicken with some veggies and be hungry one hour later; and this is not an exageration.”

    I know you’re not exaggerating. I’m chiming in because I really, really recognize this. This was my first strict paleo experience too. It went away when I dropped coconut, nuts, and most fruit, allowed myself some high-quality dairy, and TOOK THE DAMN DIGESTIVE ENZYMES…Usually 2 of the combined formulas like the Now, plus 2 of just plain Betaine HCL. If I don’t take them, I am less likely to feel full after eating. I think somehow the pancreatic enzymes affect leptin signaling. If I get lazy and have a week when the nuts go up and the enzymes go down, I start to have all kinds of funny symptoms again.

  58. Paul Manfre says

    I just heard about a study where Dolphins are in a diabetic state before the eat a meal. Then after they eat there system is normal again. The have many of the human symtoms regarding sugar, insulin etc. The report went on to say that there is research being done to see how the Dolphins system achieves going from Diabetic to normal state. I herd this on CBS radio in New York on Feb 21, 2010 so I am sorry I do not have more information. It seems reasonable to me that the Dolphins will eat a meal of FISH without GRAINS or DAIRY and this is how balance is restored but I would like your thoughts on this?

  59. Browny says

    Hi Robb,
    I am trying to increase my dark green vege intake (tend to rely on broccoli and cauliflower). A raw foods guy told me about a green smoothie that he makes daily. My version is fresh coconut water and pulp, fill blender up with green vege mix (silverbeet, baby spinich, rocket, kale etc) 1/4 fresh pineapple and ice. Would this make an ok post wod shake (rather than my usual coconut milk/banana/whey protein shake)? Should I add the whey protein to this mix? This is the only fruit I consume in the day, all else as per low carb paleo.

    Thanks and hope to see you is Aust. soon.

  60. David Wood says

    I don’t know if Miss Spinach (with the question about training a dancer) is still watching this thread, but Lincoln Brigham over at CrossFit Sedona ( is a serious competitive ballroom dancer (as well as a pretty good weightlifter for his lanky build), and may be willing to share some insight.

  61. Andrew Carroll says

    Hey Guys

    I notice how many times you refer to your “7” listeners and wanted to say that despite your beliefs I am listening every week!!

    I am in Melbourne Australia and have been listening for a couple of weeks now. I am new to paleo but in the last 2 weeks I have had more benefit than the last 2 weeks.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  62. AmyP says

    Nothing to do with the podcast…but I’ve signed up for the seminar at One World in March. I think I heard that before there were some documents to read in preparation for the seminar previously. Is that still the case? If so where can I access it and if not, how should I prepare otherwise for the plethora of knowledge I am to be schooled on?


  63. Donny says

    That milk study… check out the the +/- for insulin in the various groups, in table 3. The plus and minus for insulin for milk after seven days is enormous, suggesting huge variability in the reaction to the skim milk compared to the reaction to the meat. Suggesting extreme variation in tolerance to the milk in at least some of the subjects.

  64. says

    Really enjoy your weekly POD casts.

    Your relaxed manner and your rare
    background of bio-chemistry and athletic
    pursuits gives a real crediability to your
    comments –
    WE ARE LISTENING out there –

    from High Desert of Northern Nevada

    Josh san

  65. Donny says

    Whoops. Bigger number, bigger range. Maybe not so much. It would be nice to see a scatter-graph of the individual results, though.

  66. Jeremy says

    My name is Jeremy. I have a client who would like to start strength training in preparation for a fitness test conducted by her employer. She is a police officer who has been diagnosed with degenerative bone disorder. I’m waiting for a list of parameters from her doctor as far as exercise goes but wanted to address her nutrition in the meantime. Any advice? Would this be considered an autoimmunity? Do think it is possible to reverse this condition or just prevent further degeneration through proper coaching of strength training and nutrition?


  67. Mathieu Lalonde says


    I get the sauerkraut and pickles from Whole Foods Market on River street in Cambridge. The sauerkraut is made by Bubbies and the pickles are just called “Real Pickles” and it says “supporting North East Farms” at the bottom of the label.

  68. Mathieu Lalonde says


    The gym where I workout has a basketball court on the top floor. I just go up there to sprint and I will occasionally jump on the beams that hold the backboards to do some pull-ups. The basketball players really, really love it when I do that.

  69. Dan Potter says

    Hey Robb- I had a couple questions about Vitamin D3 supplementation…
    Right now I am taking the Costco Kirkland brand for my omega 3 fish oil (as you suggested it was a solid, “work horse” fish oil for a good price). So I thought the same would be true about the Kirkland Vitamin D3 capsules… However, when I looked at the ingredients, the first thing I noticed was Cod Liver Oil, which you said at the Chico seminar was NOT a good thing to take. (I can’t completely remember why, but it had something to do with one vitamin competing with another)… Is the kirkland brand OK even though it has cod liver oil in it, or would you suggest something else?
    Also, you suggest about 5,000 IU’s a day, and on the bottle it says one tiny little capsule is 2,000.. Is that correct? Because I am slamming about 30 fish oil capsules a day and those are about 3 times the size of the vitamin D3 pills…
    Thanks for your help!
    Also, just wanted to say that the Paleolithic Solution seminar in Chico was flippin awesome. Keep up the good work!


  70. says

    Bump on Kari O.’s question. I’ve got several ladies like this that are not seeing significant progress (or none) on the Paleo Diet and the only consistency that they share is significant levels of fat (or water, who knows) in the hips and thighs.

    I know at least one of them (there are 5 in the 63 that just did 37 days of Paleo) also has the cold hands issue.

    UNODIR (Unless Otherwise Directed) I’m going to go ahead and start my worst case on Calcium D-Glucurate (500mg x 2 at each meal – 3 meals per day) and Di-Indole Methane (50mg x 2 per day).

  71. Emily Ruell says

    Do you have a reference for what you mentioned in the podcast about caffeine in coffee and the interaction with whole whipping cream? I can’t find anything about this searching on my own.

    • says

      Although caffeine has some polar properties, it dissolves almost 9-1 in non-polar solvents such as dichloro-methane vs water. At first I simply observed that as I added more heavy cream to expresso the caffeine effect seemed to be more potent. I did a little digging and remembered the polar characteristics of caffeine. So, little observation and remembering my basic chemistry. Pseudo-science at it’s best!

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