Nutrition Seminar: Chico, CA

Hey folks.

A big thank-you to the many people who have sent messages of support. You REALLY have no idea how much that means to me.

I want to let the folks who were signed up to attend a CFNC know that I am offering a FREE 1 day seminar on Sunday January 31 at NorCal Strength & Conditioning.  The folks who are eligible to attend this event are those who have signed up for any of the currently scheduled CF Nutrition gigs. What you need to do is forward your registration conformation from crossfit using my contact form. We will then confirm your registration at our event. I know there were people coming from as far away as the UK and Denmark for the original combo of Kelly Starrett and myself. Hopefully this helps things a little. The serious stuff will likely run from 9am to 5pm with libations and shenanigans to follow.

The Courtyard Chico and the Residence Inn Chico are both within a mile of the gym.

The material will be a significant departure from what I covered in my CFNC. I have a ton of material I could not crack into previously due to time and political constraints.

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  1. Chris says


    I’m an avid follower and supporter of you, your site, and your ideas. I’m an undergraduate student in biochemistry and neuroscience and really enjoy all the information you present on the site – it reminds me how cool/pertinent all this stuff really is! Just wanted to make a post to express my support for you in this whole mess of a situation. Best of luck to you in all your future endeavours, although, I’m sure you won’t need it.

    Thanks for all the great work you do,


  2. says

    Hey bro hope all is well with you. This could be a great thing that’s happened to/with you. How or why I think you nor I can tell be we WILL see won’t we now?

    I dig the last point, “I have a ton of material I could not crack into previously due to time and political constraints.” Weelll political constraints be damned!

    Much love brother.

  3. says

    Hey Robb,

    I attended your nutrition cert in Boston a few months ago, though it was great. Didn’t know if you might be doing any additional seminars that would be similar to the one on Jan 31st? I would love to hear the additional material that you couldn’t previously discuss.

  4. Kristine says

    Hi Robb,

    I am so bummed that you won’t be leading the CF nutrition cert in NC this coming weekend. You are pretty much the reason I signed up, and unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the seminar you are offering @ NorCal, but I am really interested in the material you will be presenting there. Any chance the folks not able to attend can get their hands on it?:-)

    I like listening to the podcasts, everything you talk about make so much sense. I can’t wait till the book comes out I’m really looking forward to it.

    The whole Summit episode sounded like a nightmare. I truly believe that when one door closes, another opens. My best to you and hopefully our paths will cross at some point on the road to optimum health.

    Thanks for sharing all your knowledge,


  5. Jon Clarke says

    I am really happy to see that you are still going to be doing your cert’s Robb. I have to say that I have learned alot since taking you cert this past summer in Portland. What you covered was only the tip of the iceberg and it made me really delve into the finer details, mostly the endocrinology aspect of nutrition. It’s educational inertia thats happening to me: the more I learn the more I want to know more. Thank you.
    I am a bit disappointed that you couldn’t/wouldn’t teach the aspects that you wanted to with in CFNC.
    So,with this new ‘cert’ is it the same content that I might find in your book? And are you going to make this seminar a traveling one or just in and around Chico?

    • says

      it will be sometime before I’m on the road again. Book first! The seminar and book will be complimentary but the seminar will be something that is alive and changes with time reflecting new research and the ever evolving process of working with and helping people. We will go about everywhere for the seminar.

  6. ron murphy says

    It’s a great idea and I hope you have a great turn out at your Chico event.
    Crossfit HQ thought by firing you, they could silence you. It is going to back fire on them!!, I am putting my money on you.

  7. Dave durham says

    Hey Robb. When you get your nutrition seminars rolling, don’t forget us out here on the east coast!! You’ve got a huge following at our local box!

  8. Marie says

    Wow! Thanks so much for this offer Robb! I was so bummed when I received the email that you were not longer doing the nutrition cert. I was signed up for. Now it looks like I get to go after all! I am extra excited at the prospect of getting to hear some new material that has been uncovered due to politics.

    Thank you for everything you do. I love your site and the new paleo pod casts are awesome! The CF community is lucky to benefit from your knowledge and hard work. Heck, humanity is lucky, since the stuff you are teaching about is helping save lives.

    I just contacted you through your form to sign up for the Jan. 31st seminar. Your offer just made my day.

    I’m looking forward to meeting you!

  9. says

    Hello from Kingman, AZ! I feel a little jipped knowing that you had to hold back knowledge do to “political” goings on. I was at the CrossFit Marina Cert a month ago. The zone stuff at the cert did seem useless. That time could’ve been spent learning more Robb Wolf style Paleo. I will definitely buy your book, dvd or go to a “Robb Wolf Seminar” over any useless “Barry Sears Cert” (if that is the case). If I wanted to learn useless information I could go to the USDA website and download the food pyramid. Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Coach David Alexander

  10. says

    I have a 15 month old son. Is this too young to start giving him some fish oil? I am planning on giving him about 700mg Omega 3’s once a day with food. Just cutting the pill open and pouring it over something he likes.

    Do any foods hinder absorption of omega 3’s?


    • says

      You want to stick with a baby- formula DHA. Little ones an not metabolize EPA properly and it can actually be bad for them. Track down a kids formula. This is where breast feeding is tops as DHA is the only form transferred in the breast milk.

  11. says

    I would love to have you host a cert in Phoenix.. I support you and would love to have you come down for a gig.. When you get back on the road let me know and I would be happy to have you

  12. CFCMatt says

    Lets get you down here to TX for a Nutrition Cert. I guarantee you we will pack the place.
    CrossFit Champions

  13. Lauren says


    A dvd of that day would be great! I was signed up with my BF for the NC cert this weekend and we will be in Austin on vacay the 31st…. :( Otherwise we would have loved to go there.

  14. Johnnycarbs says

    Hello Rob , I asked my wife for the ‘NUTRITION CERT” for my christmas present this year (she was going to put a deposit on the cert held in chico 1/29/10) thank goodness she dident . Can she just send you the money . . . . . . . . . so i can still get my christmas wish granted ?

  15. Tamra says

    Was at the Crossfit Nutrition Seminar in Monrovia and my life has changed so much for the better just from the beginnings of the Paleo Concepts and nutritional/workout balance you were able to share in the time we all had together. My partner was going to attend the nutrition seminar in Las Vegas until the nonsense happened. Can’t tell you how glad we are we hadn’t paid for it yet. I took that money and put it towards Coach Rut’s Seminar in Orange, CA., and we will wait as patiently as out eager minds will allow us until you are back on tour and sharing the wealth. Hope you can keep Vegas on the future itinerary as so many people here who have seen the changes in me ask how I did it and I send them to your site and share as much of the seminar as I can, well at least until they glaze over. As you like to say, I can really “geek” out on all this info. In the meantime, please keep the podcast coming and have a wonderful holiday season.

  16. Danny says

    Hi Robb,

    I’m a relatively new-comer to your blog, only reading for the past two or three months. I had fully planned on registering for your CF Cert in Chico, but was delaying until my schedule firmed up, then was glad to not have since you were not going to be presenting! I think I know the answer already, but I imagine you’re planning to limit attendance of your seminar in Chico to those who were registered already? Is there any space for someone who hadn’t yet registered but intended to??

    Best of luck in your future endeavours. I’m sure you’ll be fine, your expertise speaks for itself.

    • says

      Shoot an email explaining your situation. I need to hold off allowing other folks into this as that event was effectively sold out AND we are likely to get folks from other locations that we had on the books.

  17. says

    Awesome you’re doing this for those that signed up for the nutrition cert to see you, Rob!
    Love to hear the ‘no holds barred’ version of your nutrition seminar (after attending the cert back in August in Edmonton) when you’re traveling again.

  18. Vaughan says

    Yes, please, a DVD! I so value everything you have so generously shared for free on the web site, but recognizing that value, I’m happy to pay for any medium that delves deeper into the material. My credit card is standing by for any combo of DVD/book, whenever either one is ready for publication.

  19. Bill says

    This is on the cf mainsite today I don’t know if it gets constantly rotated or if its new:

    I have been an avid martial artist for years and was a former state champion PL’r. On my own I had devised a combination of OL’ing, gymnastics, and sprints with good results…but nothing compared to crossfit. I have been studying Capoeira and within the last two weeks I have done for the first time: a back flip, back hand spring, a planche, and a few other odds and ends. On the last work out of the day in which I did a heavy single dead lift I pulled 365 like it was nothing! I am about 165 6-8% BF. My sleep has improved and I generally enjoy my workout much more than I have in years. I could go on and on but this is enough for now.

    – Robb Wolf

    Just thought I’d pass that on… BTW – love the podcasts and blog. If you ever do a seminar in SE VA I’m there.

  20. Hmmm says

    Hey Robb I don’t know if you’ve noticed but since the whole fiasco in Austin, they have put pictures and video of Dave Castro being a nice guy. Like the video where he has leaning over OPT and the picture of the Level 1 where he has his arms around the people. I have never like that prick. He is arrogant and I think it is bad for CF. Keep doing what your doing and only good things will come.

    • says

      HQ sent a pretty solid message with that. We are not going to do anything besides hunker in and hope people quit talking about this. Their business so they can run it how they like but it does not send a very good message.

  21. Chris says

    If the DVD of the seminar materializes please let us know! There is a group of a 7-8 from British Columbia who were all planning on attending your Vancouver CFNC and have asked for their money back.
    Can’t wait for the book!

  22. Scott Lindsay says

    Hey Robb,

    Further to Tommy’s question. I have a 2 yr old and have been giving him DHA from a kids formulation. What should the dosage be? The .5 g per pound of body weight or something less. I have been giving him a gummy type thing with only 15 mcg of DHA, so unless he eats them like candy…Looking for maybe a better option.


  23. says

    Just another voice to say “Yes” to a DVD if logistics allow – it’d be worth every penny.

    Also, putting on this free seminar is a great thing; muchos respect!!

  24. Mike says

    I hope New York City or somewhere nearby is on you list of places for when you get back on the road for seminars.
    Even though I attended one with Matt & Bobbi a few months ago and they were great, I was planning to attend another one the next time you came around.
    Would love to be able to attend in NorCal, as I’m sure it will be even better now, but a DVD or a download of the day’s seminar would be the next best thing.
    Thanks again!

    • says

      Matt and Bobbi are legit. Both are damn good at what they do, glad you could make it for that. We will certainly make our way to NY. Love that south Brooklyn area.

  25. Susan says


    Just some more encouragement… Absolutely love what you have to say and consider your knowledge on nutrition great insight into what is working great for me and many others of this community. Please keep up the good work, don’t lose the faith, and hurry up with the book/seminars!! 😉

  26. Tracy says

    OMG Nate – that made me laugh so hard!! Robb, sorry to hear you were treated so poorly, it saddens me when good people are stomped on by mean people. Santa is watching – I hope Dave likes coal!

  27. Dan says

    Hi Robb,
    Everyone here is talking about your seminars etc in the states, but dont forget, you have a following here in Australia!!!

  28. says

    Hi Robb,
    Just wondered if you’d done any research on triglyceride vs ethyl ester (EE) or even phospholipid (found in Krill) forms of fish oil omega 3, seems to be debate as to which one should take. Which absorbs best, which is more natural etc…

    Most clinical studies I believe have used the EE form.

    Any thoughts?
    Both Tg and EE seem to work just fine for people in my experience.

    • says

      I have not seen convincing evidence of one varieties superiority. if there is a difference is it 10%? 50%? Enough to justify a price difference?

  29. Fresno Scott says

    Another vote for the DVD if you can make it happen. BTW, thanks for all the outstanding, free info you share. You’ve made a big difference for me, my training, and my family.

  30. Steve says

    I think I got CFHQ pissed off at me. I am being told all my replies and post need to be approve by moderate from now on. I kept make new threads and posting replies about the Black Box thingie. I think this is the post I made that finally got me in trouble:

    “BTW I have no problem with CFHQ hiring Barry Sears to be the Nutrition Guru, but I do think they need to make a public announcement and publicly offer money back w/o any questions to those who do not want to pay to see Sears. That would be the honest and fair thing to do. It is the pretending nothing happen last weekend by CFHQ that troubles many of us in this community. It is the firing of Robb Wolf with no justification that troubles many of us in this community. It is the reported unprofessional behavior of Dave Castro that troubles many of us in this community. If CFHQ would make a public statement with the offer of refunds w/o question that would help many understand CFHQ cares about this community and not just about profits.”

    Oh well if they end up banning me I am in good company.

    • says

      Yea, it;s usually the innovative thinkers who have been kicked to the curb. Often this was over label claims that never really panned out (500-700lb DL’s) and when people asked about this they were shut down instead of the issue being addressed head-on. That tends to piss people off. I;ve been wrong about some stuff on here. If someone proves you wrong you just need to take your lumps, evolve your position and suddenly you are “right”. Easy process if ego is not an overwhelming factor.

  31. Will J says

    Shut the F*%k up!… is Sears going to be teaching the nutrition certs now? Is the hearsay, speculation, or documented fact? I think that things have gone wrong here, but I don’t think that is the way to go.

    • says

      Yep, and no one let Sears in on the fact that my 42 Ways to skin the Zone dramatically improves the results. Barry, when questioned about the practice of deleting carbs and adding fat said “It would not work”. Apparently no one told him about Pat Sherwood (comment 29) or the other couple thousand people who have done this? Oh well.

  32. Eric says

    I started digging through your old posts in the process of putting together a nutrition seminar for my gym and just reread the one from August 12 of this year.

    Yep, it’s clear you hate the Zone, Sears, and anyone else who supports it.

    I guess it’s just more convenient for HQ to ignore your previous words and actions and overreact to opinions such as “You know, the Zone would be more effective if you did it with good food rather than Big Macs.”

    • says

      Yea…there was a ton of spin up-to and prior to that date. the initail deal was that Glassman, when asked about the paleo concept: Paleo is pseudo science and those who pro-port it;s methods are pseudo-scientists…” They felt like they were losing “market share” to Welbourn and I. The spin has been that that whole Barry Sears post was a “media” grab on my part to promote Paleo Brands! Hmm…do I get more “Market Share” being “in” the fitness Juggernaut or out? Doesn’t really make sense.

      So then then wheeled out Barry Sears and Barry was pretty clear that food quality matters, that Paleo concepts are at the heart of the Zone. So, HQ lost that attempt at spinning reality. If people jsut get in and try all this stuff it;s pretty obvious what works, regardless of spin or bullying.

  33. Will J says

    I love 42 ways to skin the zone…and I know that cutting carbs throughout the day and doing 1/2 daily intake post workout works…besides “Eat meat and veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar” sounds more paleo then zone, so is that a continuity issue…i think so.

  34. says

    Hi Robb,

    To cheer you up and further show how far paleo is from the Zone, check out the zonediet website (“Official Site of Dr. Barry Sears’ Zone Diet”). It made me want to vomit. This link in particular is both hilarious and infinitely depressing:

    The fact that there is NO change to dietary quality, instead just a dependency on this Zone brand junk food is sickening. I guess he is really talking to the people inflammation made stupider. The “next generation of the Zone Diet”? Fail.

    Lastly, where are the CF journal videos on Cordain?

  35. says

    The direction the Zone is going with molecular baking etc, I find depressing! I can see the rationale in getting people who may never have tried the zone on board. But so many people get such great results with the original zone diet, I believe because they inadvertantly cut out or at least cut down on grains (as per the Zone Pyramid) I think there will be many who will go backwards if they swap their fruit and veggie carbs for Molecular baking not realising its the reduction in grains that have benefitted them enourmously.
    In my experience I have seen a number of clients who over the years who I am sure in retrospect were gluten sensitive, and their results were classic in terms of coming off gluten / grains. (gut issues, foggy brain, fatigue etc) And not just as a result of the Zone ratio / portion control.

    The Zone diet has been my life in terms of work for the last 10 years. I am always looking for ways to make it more effective for people, and have experimented with a number of things myself before trying it out on clients, like changing carb / fat amounts and restricting types of foods – especially gluten grains, maybe starches, maybe fruit for a number of years. When I added paleo into the mix and took the strict zone ratio less seriously – I thought I’d found a great answer for clients. Adding vitamin D too – which Sears seems to place little emphasis on, is critical.

    However Zone in the purest sense is very paleo, if too religious on the 30:40:30 (although the ratio food amount does work well for some people).

    • says

      Well…The Zoen is good when it circles the paleo concept. it tends to fail miserably when it involves Zone bars and now, Molecular Baked foods. It makes BIG money. Margins on that stuff is huge. But you never have credibility after stuff like this.

  36. Maggie says

    Hey Robb-
    I’m really excited about the Nutrition Seminar. I’m a little concerned, I sent you an email about the time my travel companions sent theirs (I’m coming from Portland, OR) and they have received confirmation emails while I have not. Just wondering when I might expect to see that.

  37. pmt says

    Do I — a non XF-nutrition cert registrant — have a snowball’s chance at this seminar in January or are all spots spoken for by erstwhile XF-nutrition cert registrants? I went to your cert in Portland earlier this year and need a refresher and also want to have a gear-head friend of mine attend as well. Many thanks!

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