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Type 3 Diabetes, The Next Epidemic?

Written by: Kevin Cann Most people reading this have heard of the term insulin resistance. For those of you that are new to the paleo diet and the site, insulin resistance is when our muscle, liver, and fat cells become desensitized to the hormone insulin. This leads the pancreas to have to produce more insulin… Continue Reading

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Is Gluten Sensitivity Real?

Written By: Kevin Cann In recent weeks my Facebook feed has been inundated with articles claiming that gluten sensitivity is not a real thing. This has led to many questions and left a lot of people out there unsure of what to believe. Hopefully this article can help clear up a few of the questions… Continue Reading

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Do Calories Even Matter?

Written by: Kevin Cann The great calorie debate is and has been quite a controversial topic for some time. I am not going to lie, I have changed my stance on this topic probably more than once. To quickly answer the question “Do calories matter?” the answer is yes. However, I want to take this… Continue Reading