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The Road Forager video series

TRF: Home Cooking-Salmon in Seattle

Happy New Year! Nothing says new beginnings like a Salmon dinner with good friends. Well, now that I think about it, I doubt if the concepts are related at all, but you have to keep this stuff interesting! On our recent trip to Seattle we got to hang out with our good friends Dave Werner,… Continue Reading

The Road Forager video series

TRF: Home Cooking in Florence, Italy!

OKAEY!! This was a fun and delicious meal I put together after stomped the streets of Florence, Italy for a day. The soup was grass fed ground beef browned with carrots and onions. I then added the tomato sauce (pomodoro), an the rest of my veggies. The pork ribs started of in a pan on high heat… Continue Reading

The Road Forager video series

The Road Forager: Chipotle in Trenton NJ

This was shot about an hour before the September 14th Paleo Solution book release. The audio is a little goofy, but we get the point across. You CAN do gluten free Paleo on the road. Chipotle, although “corporate” offers a great option of good quality food, reasonable prices and numerous locations. For those of you… Continue Reading