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Bringing Awareness to Your Breath

Guest post written by: Lucy Hendricks   We live in a society where our minds are going 100 mph, running through thousands of thoughts each day; most of which are completely useless and repetitive. We never have the chance to slow down and chill out. Although, stress is not necessarily a bad thing, you do… Continue Reading

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Grains – What’s the Upside?

Guest post written by: Mike Sheridan   One of the reasons I quit nutrition school is because class often consisted of discussing the benefits of foods that are clearly harmful, and learning tedious preparation methods for making them edible. After a considerable number of irritating debates with teachers and classmates (mostly vegetarians), it occurred to… Continue Reading


Guest post written by: Mike Ritter Paleo = Sustainability > Abs   There we were, 1500 or so people packed into a room ready to watch the rockstars of the Paleo movement- Abel James, Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson – give the “State of The Union” of the paleo movement. These people have been through… Continue Reading

Grandma we're gonna get the house back!

How Stress Causes Carb Cravings

Guest post written by: Mike Ritter   My boss is an asshole. Screw him. Wait, hold on I forgot, I need to text my wife back. Where was I? Ah yes, my manager here at the club. Maybe I was a little late yesterday, but it’s the first time my alarm hadn’t gone off in… Continue Reading


The JASSA Method

Guest post written by: Jason Seib   I have something that I need to share with you. There has been a slow evolution throughout my career as a fat loss coach – one that took me to a place where entirely different kinds of questions must be asked. Let’s start with the ‘why’ question that… Continue Reading

Primal Mayo

Avocado Mayo Contest Thrive Market!

Howdy Folks! I wanted to let y’all know about a project “The Sisson” has been working on for a long time which will change the world as we know it. The innovation??? COLD FUSION!!! Woo-hoo!                       Wait, no, it’s not cold fusion, it’s….COLD THERMOGENESIS!!!  … Continue Reading