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Save Money, Eat Well

 Guest post written by: Mike Ritter Eating Paleo/Primal (grain, dairy, refined sugar, legume, processed food free) can be intimidating to onlookers who are thinking of taking the dive. Among some of the hang-ups, expensive top-shelf foods are a common deterrent. If this is your hang-up let me tell you, not as a health professional, but as a generally poor money… Continue Reading

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5 Rules To Foolproof Your Paleo Diet

Guest post by: Mike Sheridan If you’re already following a Paleo Diet, you know the drill: Eliminate grains, dairy, legumes and processed foods Only eat what runs, swims, flys, bleeds, and breathes If a caveman couldn’t eat it, you can’t Easy enough right? You’d be surprised. Regardless of the city, state, or country, it seems… Continue Reading


The Five Foundations of Health for Children

Guest post written by: Kathryn Kos At a recent conference I attended, Robb Wolf spoke of five foundations or pillars needed for optimal health: sleep, microbiome, nutrition, exercise, and community. How can we foster these foundations in our children, in the context of a modern culture? We fear dirt and bacteria, and tend to over-sanitize… Continue Reading

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The Struggle Is Real…

They say when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade – but what if you don’t have sugar or water?? And what if life isn’t ‘giving’ you lemons but it’s shooting them at you with a freaking potato gun? There you are bruised and thirsty. So you just pick up a damn lemon and… Continue Reading

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Surface Talk – What Are You Sleeping On?

As you’ve all probably noticed, we talk a lot about sleep. It’s one of the most important aspects of your health. Seriously. If you’ve been out of the loop and missing all the sleep related fun, take some time to check out these posts to catch up: There’s still one factor of sleep we… Continue Reading


The Origin (and future) of the Ketogenic Diet – Part 1

Travis Christofferson M.S.                                         Dominic D’Agostino Ph.D.   “Flip a Coin”   In the front yard, on an innocent spring morning in 1993, Hollywood movie producer, Jim Abrahams, rhythmically pushed his son Charlie in a swing. Behind him were the busy noises of his wife Nancy and Charlie’s two siblings as they prepared the house… Continue Reading