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These Little Bugs Decide If You Get Fat

Guest post written by: Dr. Amy Shah   Those little critters that live deep in your bowels — i.e. gut microbiota — are all the rage in medicine right now. In fact, fecal transplants (yes, it is what it sounds like) have been PROVEN to cure certain diseases that antibiotics can’t even touch. But recently… Continue Reading

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Do You Deep Squat Daily?

Guest post written by: Mike Sheridan   With the convenience that a toilet brings, it’s hard to argue that it’s even the least bit detrimental to our well-being. What used to occur in an unsheltered forest, for all of mother nature to witness, now happens in a private room in the convenience of your own… Continue Reading

Sleep Cocktail FAQ’s

Written by: Dr. Kirk Parsley Hey everyone! Last Tuesday, Robb and I released a podcast about the questions that we’ve been getting about the sleep formulation. This blog is for those that don’t want to listen to us prattle on for an hour, or those that want a little more information. First, let me say… Continue Reading

An Antidote for Alzheimer’s

Guest post written by: Amy Berger   The idea of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) as “diabetes of the brain” or “type 3 diabetes” is gaining traction. Posts about it have appeared on this site, and Robb was kind enough to let me write one of my own a while back, in response to a podcast interview… Continue Reading

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My Training at 43

Howdy! I hope you are all doing well. I started these training updates at the age of 39 as a bit of an accountability exercise. I was not sure how the initial post (or follow-ups) would be received, but I get a remarkable volume of questions inquiring what I’m up to currently. Someday I’ll get… Continue Reading


Breathing, it’s For Everyone!

Guest post written by: Lucy Hendricks   If you read my last post, you already know that I’m a huge fan of breathing. In Bringing Awareness to Your Breath I discussed how important it is to notice your breathing, not only at the gym, but also throughout your daily life. People don’t only come to… Continue Reading

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Bringing Awareness to Your Breath

Guest post written by: Lucy Hendricks   We live in a society where our minds are going 100 mph, running through thousands of thoughts each day; most of which are completely useless and repetitive. We never have the chance to slow down and chill out. Although, stress is not necessarily a bad thing, you do… Continue Reading

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Grains – What’s the Upside?

Guest post written by: Mike Sheridan   One of the reasons I quit nutrition school is because class often consisted of discussing the benefits of foods that are clearly harmful, and learning tedious preparation methods for making them edible. After a considerable number of irritating debates with teachers and classmates (mostly vegetarians), it occurred to… Continue Reading


Guest post written by: Mike Ritter Paleo = Sustainability > Abs   There we were, 1500 or so people packed into a room ready to watch the rockstars of the Paleo movement- Abel James, Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson – give the “State of The Union” of the paleo movement. These people have been through… Continue Reading