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Top Ten Signs You Could Be Suffering From Autoimmunity

Guest post written by Tara Grant: You’ve been Paleo for a couple years and things are great. Your weight is down, your energy’s up, your hormones are balanced—diet and exercise are locked down tight. You’re PAF 90% of the time and feel like a rock star most days. Things are Read more…

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Matarese, G., Procaccini, C., & De Rosa, V. (2012). At the crossroad of T cells, adipose tissue, and diabetes. Immunological reviews, 249(1), 116–34. doi:10.1111/j.1600-065X.2012.01154.x

The Impact of Nutrition on Autoimmune Disease – Part 3

Written by: Matt Baran-Mickle Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 Metabolism and Immunity The obesity epidemic is widely recognized, and while the precise causes are not entirely clear, the presence of excessive nutrient intake and subsequent systemic metabolic dysfunction is not controversial. Obesity is frequently accompanied Read more…

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The Impact of Nutrition on Autoimmune Disease – Part 2

Written by: Matt Baran-Mickle If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part 1. The Intestinal Barrier: Where the Rubber Meets the Road The mucosal immune system[1] is the largest interface between our internal and external environments – the small intestine alone has an approximate surface area of 400 Read more…

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The Impact of Nutrition on Autoimmune Disease – Intro

Written by: Matt Baran-Mickle   Interactions between our immune system and the environment are one of the most foundational, and, unfortunately, one of the most poorly understood aspects of an evolutionary perspective on health and disease. During my undergraduate studies I had the opportunity to complete a literature review investigating Read more…

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The Shelves Overfloweth With New Paleo Reading (and Cooking) Material…

Remember when the only paleo books on the market were “The Paleo Diet” and “The Paleo Solution”? It was a time before iPads and smart phones, back when we still had to read books with pages… Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how we survived… Well, lucky for us we are Read more…

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Paleo Craziness: What’s With This Carbofastcycliccoffeeloading Thing??

You’re in the market for a new car – you find an awesome deal on a really sweet brand spanking new ride and you jump on it.  You drive the car home and you like it a lot – it rides smooth, looks great and is, yeah, pretty much perfect.  Read more…

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Introducing: FREE Paleo Diet Troubleshooting Guides

Having trouble with the Paleo diet? Tried the basic Paleo diet but aren’t seeing the progress you think you should be? Maybe you’re not losing fat, or you’re an endurance athlete who wants to fuel optimally for game day. Or maybe you’re on the autoimmune protocol and have run into Read more…

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Paleo Helps Suzanne Get Off Thyroid Medication

  People always ask me “why do you eat Paleo?” – I see why, “Your diet isn’t based on the strong foundation of 7-10 daily servings of grain!?”. No, quite the opposite. But my reasoning behind going the way of the caveman was a long time coming; as it turns Read more…

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Paleo for Autoimmune Illness

Written by: Ann Wendel I have always been interested in holistic medicine. Even as a teenager, I read and studied many different healing modalities. Given my love of medicine and my participation in competitive sports, it was no surprise to anyone that I became a Certified Athletic Trainer and physical Read more…

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Paleo Diet: Am I losing enough weight?

Hey folks! Just quick one here. I’ve received about 50 private messages, twitter pings and other reach-outs this morning with the general theme being: “Hey Robb, I think I’m stalled on my WEIGHT LOSS…should I go ketogenic? Cut out nuts? Join an Ashram?” Folks are forgetting or ignoring the protocol Read more…

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