Diana Rodgers FFNW

Sustainability > Dogma

Hey folks, you might have heard me say Sustainability > Abs, but now I’ve got a new message. Sustainability > Dogma. All too often, people with good intentions get caught up in the small differences between their version of the optimal human diet and miss the point. Large egos can erode well-intentioned groups. The fact… Continue Reading

Congresso Nut Func_Out_15

Second European Congress of Functional Nutrition

  Hey folks! Just wanted to let y’all know about an event organized by my good friend Pedro Bastos, the Second European Council on Functional Nutrition. The event is happening Oct 10, 2015 (little less than a month away!) at the Museu do Oriente, Avenida Brasília, Doca de Alcântara (Norte); 1350-352 Lisboa Most of the material… Continue Reading

Sleep Cocktail FAQ’s

Written by: Dr. Kirk Parsley Hey everyone! Last Tuesday, Robb and I released a podcast about the questions that we’ve been getting about the sleep formulation. This blog is for those that don’t want to listen to us prattle on for an hour, or those that want a little more information. First, let me say… Continue Reading


Free Coconut Oil!

Hey folks! Just wanted to let you know about a giveaway offered by Thrive Market: All first-time members get a FREE jar of Nutiva organic coconut oil + a $15 gift card towards a future purchase and a free one-month membership to Thrive Market. You cover $1.95 in shipping and all that coconut-oily-goodness can be… Continue Reading

Artisans of the Grasslands 2

Can grazing animals save the world?

We all know we feel better eating local, in-season, traditional foods, but what about the environmental impact of such a diet? Your friends and family might quote The China Study or Forks Over Knives when you mention your traditional diet rich in grass-fed animal protein. Questions of land degradation, climate change, methane emissions, and water… Continue Reading

Robb and Zoe

My Training at 43

Howdy! I hope you are all doing well. I started these training updates at the age of 39 as a bit of an accountability exercise. I was not sure how the initial post (or follow-ups) would be received, but I get a remarkable volume of questions inquiring what I’m up to currently. Someday I’ll get… Continue Reading


Completely Free! 60+ Real Food Recipes From Top Paleo Experts

Looking for some kitchen inspiration from the top tastemakers in the Paleo movement? The Thrive Market Communal Table Cookbook has you covered! This beautiful, informative, and completely FREE cookbook features more than 60 recipes from the country’s top names in health and wellness—and every incredible recipe is Paleo-friendly. The most trusted names in health—including Mark… Continue Reading