Paleo talk with Whole Foods Market and Paleo Comfort Foods!!

Howdy folks!

Just wanted to let folks know that I’m doing a talk and food tasting co-sponsored by Whole Foods Market, Reno and the world renowned paleo power couple, Charles and Julie Mayfield, Authors of the national bestseller, Paleo Comfort Foods. I’m doing a short (45-60 min) talk on paleo, sustainability and the risk assessment program. The WFM prepared foods depart is working with Charles and Jules to provide some tasty treats from the new book  Quick and Easy Paleo Comfort Foods.

When: Friday, October 25th at 6pm

Where: Super 8 Meadow Wood Mall Courtyard

5851 South Virginia Street

Reno, NV 89502

Cost: $15/person

Contact: Please call Whole Foods Market of Reno to buy tickets (ask for Customer Service) or just stop by the store. (775) 852-8023

Hope to see you there!

WFM/Paleo talk

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  1. FoolishCop says

    I would like to see the prepared foods department at Whole Foods do more paleo-oriented cooking. I was just there the other day and actually found it difficult to locate any paleo prepared foods because virtually all the food is cooked with canola oil.

    While there seems to be some debate over the paleo-ness of canola oil, the dealbreaker for me is that virtually all canola is GMO. While I know a lot of people aren’t as worked up about GM foods as I might be, I’ve been doing my best to eliminate them where I find them.

    For canola, my limited research found that it comes from the rapeseed, which in its original form is inedible but geneticists modified it to take out the harmful stuff. Canola, which I understand means “Canadian oil low acid,” was actually used by the U.S. government as a lubricant before the genetic engineering, and was not sold as a food in the U.S. until the mid-1970’s I think (maybe later). It probably really shouldn’t be consumed, and as I said, virtually all of Whole Food’s prepared foods are made with it. Additionally, there are a lot of cream sauces that seem to be applied to their foods. When I was there, I ended up eating a salad.

    Perhaps Robb’s appearance can make their prepared foods more paleo-friendly. Good luck with your talk regardless!


    • says

      Rich – I’ve found that what WFM stores do on their hot bars is pretty individualized. There’s one in our Atlanta area that labels things on the hot bar as “Perfect for Paleo” (NO canola oil, etc.), but then for the other 3 area stores, nothing like that. As that one market is in an area with a LOT of Paleo followers, I know that people requested such things on the hot bar.

      I say the squeaky wheel gets the grease – ask ask ask. Get others to ask. If customers ask, they often times have no choice but to listen.

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