I Had No Idea That A Transformation Of This Kind Was Even Possible (Update From Robert)

Here’s an update from our friend Robert, featured in a previous testimonial here: http://robbwolf.com/2012/12/10/8-months-paleo-lost-70-pounds-people-recognize-me/


Written by: Robert

I started the Paleo program after being encouraged by my son, reading Robb’s book, listening to some pod casts and listening to several of Gary Taubes lectures on You Tube.  I began about the second week in May, 2012 and was 278lbs at that time.  It is now the end of the first week in July 2013 (so a year and two months later) and this morning my weight was 189lbs.  My ultimate goal is still four pounds away and I am still seeing my weight decrease.  But I don’t think my appearance will change significantly so here are the comparison pictures.  The 1st three are before the diet and the second four are within the last couple of weeks (last two this morning ).

Before pics:

going hiking bBeforeDSCN2588B

After Pics:

IMG-20130621-01051B IMG-20130706-01095

Our exercise routine never really changed.  We are both over 60.   We still try to walk 6 miles each morning at 4mph and do whatever manual labor is required to keep up two houses, lawns and woodpiles.  We have remained as Paleo as possible given the necessity to occasionally eat at someone’s home.  I would estimate that in general we are about 95% Paleo and when we are home, near 100%.  We have no symptoms or arthritis at all any more and intend to continue this type of diet as long as we can cook for ourselves.  We also have been herbalists for some time and often scavenge edible plants when we walk.  They have enabled us to try more truly (non-store bought) fruits and veggies and varied our diet.

About a year and a half ago, I was driving somewhere and counting my blessings.  The only thing I could think of that might be a welcome improvement in life was to lose a few pounds.  I had no idea that a transformation of this kind was even possible.  Thanks for all you folks have done with your web site and pod casts to help me!  I now take no medication at all for anything.  I was on blood pressure meds for over 30 years but have been taken entirely off them by my doctor and have not felt this able and healthy since I was about 30.

Good luck and best wishes,

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  1. says

    Congrats Robert! This is a great testimonial. It’s not easy to convert to paleo diet. I’ve tried it once but I failed to maintain the right diet. After the setback, I realized I need a professional help so I bought Robb’s book. :-)

  2. Rose says

    I remember your first post. Nice to see you finally bought some clothes that fit! Yours is–without a doubt–one of the most remarkable testimonials. Valuable too, because many of the testimonials are from much younger people. I’m 50. Almost 2 years of Paleo has dialed back my biological age by decades. I’ve lost 17 pounds, going from a size 10 to a size 4. I have the lipid panel of a teen: Total 158, HDL 67, LDL 80, Trig 53. In June I ran a 4 mile M.O.B.–joyfully, without pain, without ANY obstacle stopping me. It’s AWESOME! We are proof that it’s never too late to start. At any age–50, 60, 70, etc–paleo works! Keep at it! You look GREAT!

  3. Stacy says

    What an awesome story. Congrats to you Robert on making such a great change in your life. I love hearing about things like this.

  4. pat white says

    great work Robert I am an aussie aged 54 and have had similar results 300 pounds to 210 but at 6foot 2 inches carry it pretty well the last few pounds are always the hardest I don’t sweat it, when my wife and I travel and fall off the wagon abit I know I can just eat clean and aviod beer for afew weeks and 5/10 pounds just disappears I love it. robb wolf, mark sisson and gary taubes saved my life and gave me my youth back.it amazes me that they attract so much flak in the media and on line(vested interests I think) they all deserve a medal ,good luck and cheers from auss

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