Evolutionary Medicine Talk Via Specialty Health

Hey folks!

Just wanted to let y’all know that I’ll be doing a talk with former US Navy SEAL Kirk Parsley MD. I’ll be covering a greatly expanded Evolutionary Medicine talk while Doc Parsley will cover his experience using EM in the SEAL population.

Date: Friday, June 7th

Time: 6:30 Pm

Place: Nevada Museum of Art


$20 Presentation only

$35 Presentation + meet and greet at Specialty Health starting at 5Pm, then a short walk to the Museum of Art

Specialty Health:

330 East Liberty Street, Suite 200. 
Reno, NV    775-398-3601

This is going to be a really fun event. Most of the players in the Risk Assessment program will be there and we usually figure out a way to fit in a few NorCal margaritas after the talks! Click the link below for full details, and don’t hesitate to phone or email Specialty Health for more information. PLEASE NOTE: The last event we did completely sold out and folks were NOT able to buy tickets at the door.

Robb Wolf Kirk Parsley – Invitation

Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 12.08.04 PM

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  1. Martin says

    Robb, will the talk be available for a download, either the full video or just the sound? I am sure lots of people would be willing to pay a reasonable fee to see/hear it, I would 😉

  2. says

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