Paleologix is Live!

Hey folks!

I wanted to let y’all know that Paleologix is now LIVE.  This project has been more than a year of planning and development and both Chris Kresser and I are pretty excited about it.

Brief History

In working with clients both Chris and I noticed that some folks experienced certain, predictable challenges when switching to paleo. Some people had pretty gnarly sugar cravings, others just did not seem to do well with regards to fat digestion and absorption, while others seemed to have what I’d call “digestive malaise.” I’d put myself in that last camp. I felt MUCH better after switching to paleo as my ulcerative colitis seemed to go away in a matter of days. BUT, I still seemed to have incomplete digestion of things like veggies. If I did not cook them thoroughly, veggies seemed to “reappear” about the same way they went in. It was not until I started tinkering with digestive support that my digestion really took off and I felt a lot better. BUT! IF I was traveling, sleep deprived or really pushing my training, I still noticed that I did better with some digestive support.

Chris noticed similar things with his clients, and one day while chatting, we compared notes on some of the problems we saw with folks and noticed these same patterns. We also noticed we were recommending similar solutions to these problems with specific supplementation. This is how the idea for Paleologix was born.

The Products



I’ll be honest…I tend to get a little heeby-geebied when I hear the term “detoxification.” It usually conjures images up of coffee-enemas, green smoothies, and chakra balancing. That’s unfortunate, as “detoxification” is a real issue and a critical piece of health for just about any critter you can think of. One of the earliest SANE descriptions of science based detox support was in Dr. Mike Eade’s book Protein Power: LifePlan (still one of my all time faves, and it was published in 2001). In the book Dr. Eades described how adequate protein intake, coupled with specific antioxidant pre-cursors could enhance things like glutathione production. This is the approach Chris and I have taken with Adaptaclear. Supporting endogenous antioxidant production while also supporting various methylation pathways to help the liver do it’s job of managing nutrient metabolism. Adapataclear is based on a lot of solid evidence based science and clinical experience. That said, it will not do much to balance your chakras.



As I’ve mentioned here and many, many times on the podcast, digestive support can make a huge difference for a lot of people, myself included. I’ve recommended a number of products over the years and still like all of them, but what Chris and I tried to do with Adaptagest is make the dosage therapeutic (It’d be nice if the product actually “works”) and comprehensive: ie- Address as many of the common issues that we see as possible. Problems like hypochloridia (low stomach acid) can cause a host of digestive problems including dysfunctional peristalsis and inadequate pancreatic signaling (the pancreas is critical for digestion as it releases enzymes involved in protein, carb and fat digestion). If folks have eaten a low protein diet (typically vegetarian) they may notice that stomach acid production is not as robust as they’d like, and they subsequently suffer from poor digestion. Hard training athletes often notice that one of the first signs of over-training is a drop in digestive efficiency. It’s been our experience that digestive support can help a number of folks with a range of digestive issues.



I do not remember having blood sugar problems when I started eating paleo, quite the opposite. I had suffered from blood sugars swings for years and had somewhat resigned myself that this was “normal.” With the adoption of paleo I experienced the best, most stable blood sugar and mental clarity I’d ever had in my life. Unfortunately, my experience is not everyone’s experience. Some people describe a “brain fog” and craving for sweets that is pretty intense. For some people it takes time to reverse inflammation and restore normal insulin signaling and blood glucose levels. This is where insulin sensitizers like those found in Adaptaboost can be so valuable to help folks get over the initial stages of blood sugar swings.

Is Paleologix right for you?

When we did the pre-launch for Paleologix we received a number of questions from folks wondering if one or all of the supplements might be helpful for them. In an effort to help people answer this question Chris wrote a 5 part series, Paleo Diet Challenges and Solutions: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (This last part is likely the most important if you want to start with that). Give those articles a read and if you have questions make sure to come over to the Paleologix Facebook page or shoot your well constructed question to our twitter account. Chris and I are excited to help you dial in your eating, lifestyle and training to live the life you want to live.




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  1. Robby says

    Hi Robb,

    Thanks for all the great info. I preordered Paleologix back in December and I’m looking to trying it. One thing I was wondering is if the products will be available individually at some point. It seems like it’s only possible to buy the set at this point. I’m more like you where I only have the digestive issues, but I don’t really have the energy or detox issues. So, in the future it would be nice of order adaptagest on its own for example.



  2. Bargey says

    Hi Robb!

    I live in the Maldives (Yes, it is a hard life).

    Would I be able to get these delivered out?

    You could always bring them yourself if you fancied a holiday here :)

  3. RobPhoboS says

    Hey Rob,

    This looks like a great product, something I’d like to try out as I’m having similar-ish issues as you did with ulcerative colitis.

    So as usual, a few questions for you:

    Shipping to the UK – is this available (?), and is it possible to have a supplier over here to save on shipping costs ?

    I presume this something that you’d need to use as and when you require it, ie you don’t need to do several months of the full course repeatedly ?

    Best Regards,

    • says

      We are close on the international shipping, quite a few hoops to jump through on that. We have received a LOT of wholesale inquiries, so it seems reasonable that someone in the UK will run with that.

      And yes, this should be used on an “as needed” basis. We are not suggesting that everyone in paleoland use the products.

      • RobPhoboS says

        Excellent news.
        I really do hope we get a fair reseller over here, or I’ll offer to do it via amazon for you guys 😉

        Best Regards,

  4. Joe K says

    Another raised hand for hoping the line becomes available in the UK at not too an expensive price! Finding Now super enzymes in capsule form here can be hard enough.

    Would be interesting if the range expanded to a general adrenal support supplement in the future, i’m sure a lot of people would benefit, and it would be a quality product if these are anything to go by.

  5. Doug Merriott says

    I’m not trying to say my version of Paleo is better than anyone else’s, but seriously Robb? What is wrong with lots of lean meat and fresh veggies? You recommend abstaining from fruits in your book for Chrissakes. Now you are pimping supplements? This is quite the blow to my confidence level.

    • Lisa says

      Did you read the article(s)? This isn’t for everyone. It’s for people who have trouble transitioning to Paleo. Thank your lucky stars you aren’t one of us.

  6. Susie says

    Thanks so much for all the information. I would like to try all 3 of the products, but have a great deal of trouble swallowing pills of any sort. Can I empty the capsules onto food or into a drink and take that way?

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