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  1. [4:34] Myostatin Inhibitors
  2. [9:08] Cold Shower Timing and Sleep
  3. [11:38] Elevation Training Masks
  4. [14:56] Low Body Fat, Low Carb, and Depression
  5. [19:59] NAET Allergy Elimination Technique
  6. [23:06] Half Assing a Paleo Diet
  7. [28:52] Deep Frying with Coconut Oil
  8. [32:51] Rare Meat During Pregnancy
  9. [39:02] C-Section Birth Effects on Gut Flora




1. Myostatin Inhibitors

Nick says:
Hey! your podcast is amazing and hope you guys keep doing this for a very long time!
My question is more for you to just open up a discussion and talk about Myostatin Inhibitors and Follistatin specifically. Is this the end of nutrition and health clubs and everything? It seems too good to be true.

“That carb nite guy” who was amazing by the way, talks super briefly in his book about the possibility that creatine in high doses can be an inhibitor.

If this is as good as it sounds, where do i buy it? and what potential problems do you see with it?

Thank you!



2. Cold shower timing for testosterone

Justin says:
Hey guys,

In past podcasts you’ve mentioned cold showers as a way to optimize hormone levels. Would I be correct in assuming we should avoid doing this very late in the day so we don’t disturb our sleep, or ability to get to sleep in the first place? Thanks for any help,


3. Elevation Training Mask

Boxer says:
Elevation training masks (see http://www.trainingmask.com/) – useful like a squat rack or as useful as shake weights?



4. Depression, please help me.

Cesar says:
Hi Robb and Greg, lets get the ass kissing out of the way. Love the podcast, love the information, you both would make a great couple if you weren’t straight. Ok, I had been doing paleo basically without knowing what paleo was ever since I started working out seven years ago. It just seemed to make sense for me to take out dairy and processed foods, along with a very low carb on training days to a no carbs on off days. Then I heard you on the joe rogan experience and I began to do my homework and now I know even more thanks to you. My question is, does having such a low carb based diet increase the chances of depression? I feel great when I work out, but when I’m not, I get anxiety like you couldn’t believe, basically because my social life isn’t that great, all my friends drink too much so I stay in, and drinking seems to be the only thing they wanna do these days. I started supplementing vitamin d recently and I hope it helps. But I feel that I’m missing something, I’m 26, 168lbs, 7% body fat. Have been in this shape consistently for almost three years now. I get great compliments and have gotten a few friends to change their lives just by seeing my results which is flattering. But for some reason I don’t feel good, I’m losing the fire i used to have for it. Could it be that being at such low body fat numbers hurts your brain by any chance? I get over 200g of protein a day with plenty of fat, mainly from eggs,meats, and nuts. I got into this to become a fitness model, but some unfortunate events and financial issues have gotten in the way of things. I don’t even like weekends anymore because I’m stuck at home and feel like an elephant is laying on my back. Is there anything I can do to fix this ? And another thing, have you heard of a guy named Greg plitt? He eats paleo and has an army ranger, wrestler, and boxing background. He’d be interesting on the podcast :)



5. NAET allergy elimination technique

Josh says:
I am so skeptical of things, but NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) seems to be somewhat legit. I first saw something about it from Anthony Colpo saying he eliminated his dairy and egg allergies/sensitivities. He is usually not the voodoo medicine kinda person so I looked into it a little. Using the NAET protocols people are undergoing pretty big changes in their health from what I have heard. It seems especially helpful in the case of Autism. I believe there has been one study on Autism using NAET and it was pretty promising. I just really want to be able to eat Ghee, Butter, and whey protein without all the inflammatory issues that come later, heavy cream and raw milk would just be icing on the cake. I thought Robb could talk to some of his colleagues and see if they have heard anything, or if he already new some stuff about it.


6. Half-assing a paleo diet

Rebecca says:
Hi Robb and Greg,

My question is two-fold:

I have been following a paleo diet since March and the results have been so convincing that I have been recommending it to my patients (I’m an acupuncturist).  While my husband is totally respectful of my decision to eat this way, he isn’t exactly on board himself.  I tried getting him to read “The Paleo Solution” and he agreed to try and do it for 30 days with me when I was first starting out.  He got about 1/4 way through your book and didn’t pick it up again and during that 30 day challenge he totally half-assed it using the fact that he travels to NY for work every week as the excuse as to why he couldn’t stick to it.  When he’s home he eats the way I eat and eats what I cook happily.  When he’s on his own or if we go out to eat he doesn’t restrict anything from his diet.  Bread every day, other grains in various forms, and beer.  Lots and lots of beer.  If you analyzed his blood you will find equal parts of red blood cells, white blood cells, and Bud Light.  I do worry about his health.  He has gained a significant amount of weight in the past couple of years, mostly in his belly, and hasn’t gone to the gym in two years (he still refuses to cancel his gym membership though).  I’m not fighting with him about it.  I tried that already.  At this point I’ve decided that the best I can do is to just live by example and hope he gets motivated to make changes, and maybe drop some suggestions here and there.  I know that heart disease is a symptom of systemic inflammation and not alone due to a diet high in fat and cholesterol.  It’s my understanding that the inflammation in the arterial walls creates a rough surface for the passing blood cholesterol to stick causing atherosclerosis.  My first question is, if he’s eating the way I eat (a diet relatively rich in saturated fats and  cholesterol) while also eating a high inflammatory diet is it really bad for him?  In my head it makes sense that half-assing a paleo diet could be a fast track to heart disease and other health problems.  Or is eating paleo some of the time better than none of the time?

My second question is: If he does commit to eating paleo, but continues to consume alcohol at the same rate, will the drinking make the benefits of a paleo diet negligible?  He drinks on average about 5 diet Buds a night with minimal effort.  On the weekends he could go through double that easily each night, plus have a couple of scotches, and not show any signs of being drunk.  He admits that he probably has an alcohol problem (ya think?), but it doesn’t negatively effect his relationships or his work and he enjoys it so his motivation to change that behavior is low.  I think getting him to commit to a paleo diet would be a huge win, even if he still is drinking the same amount.

Thanks guys.  Love the podcast.


7. Slow death by coconut oil

Mike says:
There’s a big part of me that doesn’t even want to ask this question because I fear the answer.  But in the interest of relentless pursuit of the truth, I will put it out there.

I recently purchased a deep fryer and filled it with a couple jugs of that Nutiva virgin coconut oil they sell at Costco.  As of now, my family of 8 eats sweet potato fries several times a week.  Just oil and some salt.  They are incredible.  My question: by deep frying sweet potatoes in coconut oil, am I turning two things that are normally quite good for you into junk food?  I’m going to dismiss concerns about hyperpalatability because they are, if anything, superhyperpalatable.  I realize I can overeat them.  That said, I typically don’t.  And after you eat them, you don’t feel sick like in the case of McDonald’s fries.  You feel great, not weighed down, satiated, and ready to roll.  I never cook anything but sweet potatoes and plantains in the oil, so it stays very fresh.  However, I do cook the oil to 350 degrees, so I’m worried about oxidative damage or other bad chemical-type stuff that I may be doing.  Basically, it just seems like they taste too good to be good for me.  It seems like a quasi-paleo “free lunch” and there’s no such thing as a free lunch right?



8. Rare Meat & Pregnancy “Myth”

Mo says:
First off, you guys kick so much frickin’ ass!!! & thank you for not letting up on that!

My girlfriend & I just found out she’s pregnant. Her & I, both, follow the paleo regimen. But she keeps telling me that she needs to avoid eating rare meat (we both prefer MR) based on what other doctors have told her in the past (she was married, once, before & had a miscarriage 2-3 months into it).

I’ve looked all over Robb’s & Chris Kresser’s website, but can’t find anything pertaining to, hopefully, debunking this protocol.  I’ll also be getting Kresser’s HEALTHY BABY CODE, soon, to cover more of my bases that I may have missed.

In the mean time, may I please trouble ya’ll for help with proving or disproving this?  My gut says she’ll be fine, but I’ve sent her so many of your podcasts & other blog posts that I’ve seen to enlighten her (& other friends who’ve inquired) of non-mainstream health benefits from what I’ve read, heard, &/or implemented, myself, from you guys, LaLonde, Cordain, Taubbs, Masterjohn, etc.



9. Vagina and gut flora….kittens and puppies, oh my

Niki says:
I was born via c-section and ate a standard American diet all of my life. I was always skinny and could eat anything I wanted. That combined with the fact that I loved veggies, made me think that I was a walking ball of health. Then it came time for me to pass my veggie lovin’ genes to the next generation. I had two babies both natural vaginal births. I and my whole family are now strict paleo (except for chocolate, potato chips and coconut ice cream on occasion) and have been for a glorious year now. After a hellish stint in vegan land, some of it while pregant no less. Please don’t tar and feather me. We are all gluten intolerant, in a bad way. Shocker!

My sons are now 3 and 5 years old. They aren’t into veggies yet but love em’ some bacon. In paleo land aka heaven (just kidding for you athesist out there its just a figure of speech) gut flora is a big deal, as it should be. I am wondering since I was born via c-section and wasn’t exposed to my mums bacteria filled vagaina (I mean that in a good way) am I and now my childern deficient in the proper gut flora? Can this be corrected with some probiotics and sauerkraut? Because honestly, I don’t think I could get my hubby (also born via c-section) to submitt to a fecal transplant (as fun as that sounds). Plus, I think I would get CPS called on me if my 5 yr old mentioned that mommy had somebody put poop up his butt.

as promised kitty and puppy: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/telegraph/multimedia/archive/01250/kitten-puppies_1250035i.jpg

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  1. J says

    Can you please post the link about the 80 year old woman who fell ill due to the tenderizing practices of a restaurant?

  2. Katie says

    After hearing Robb’s response to question 9 about the gut flora, I’m confused as to whether it’s beneficial to be taking probiotics at all. I’m generally healthy and eat a paleo diet but do have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I have taken antibiotics several times in my life although not in the past few years. I haven’t gotten around to making my own fermented foods. I have been taking a probiotic pill once a day but now not sure whether it’s making a difference in my health.

    The product I’m taking is Genestra’s HMF Forte which is a 50 billion CFU consortium of lactobacillus acidophilus (CUL-60 and CUL-21), bifidobacterium bifidum (CUL-20), and bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis(CUL-34)

  3. Luke Baxter says

    Hi Robb,

    Curious as to whether you have any insight or experience with this:

    Have been drinking coffee for years, using full bells n whistles grinder espresso machine.
    It had to be put out to pasture.
    Temporarily using french press with some pre ground coffee, same brand etc. The stuff makes me feel awful, foggy head jittery etc.
    How come espresso usually makes me feel like batman but the french press stuff on the other hand makes me feel like Ive been hit by a car.
    Is there some significant difference in the coffee produced by these two techniques?

    If you or anybody else have any insight, it would be sweet as.



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