The Seasonal Phenomenon that is ‘The Elastic Waistband’…

Less than two months – like seriously; this is not a joke.  We’ve got under two months until Christmas.  We all know what this means.  Sure there’s the shopping, decorating and never ending, often annoying holiday music here; nope, it’s the beginning of the seasonal food fest.  You know what I’m talking about here, it starts at around Halloween with all the candy, in November there’s Thanksgiving, and from then on it’s a food free-for-all until after the first of January when the “Oh crap, what have I done?” reality sets in and the repentance begins.  The elastic on your sweats can officially strech no further and your jeans?  Well, let’s just say those bad boys haven’t seen the light of day since mid-November.  It’s definitely time to panic – just like you do EVERY YEAR!!!

Wait a second – BACK UP!!  Guess what?  It’s still early and NONE of this has happened yet!  That means there’s still time to prevent becoming a slave to all things stretchy and baggy.  This year, stop things before they start and keep jeans in your wardrobe through January.  I know, it’s tough when you’re surrounded by cookies, candy, pie, stuffing, marshmallow topped yams, wine, egg nog… Stop drooling! I mean it. Wipe your chin and get your head back in the game.  Let’s talk strategy here.

I know what you’re thinking.  Every year you go into this holiday thing with the same plan – you vow to exercise religiously, avoid the buffet table and limit the ‘treats’ to major events only – but, it always ends the same.  After turkey day it’s a smooth ride into a season filled with sweets and sweat pants.  I’m telling you, it doesn’t have to be this way!  Let Robb’s Angels – Amy (yeah, that’s me) and Steph help you stay on track through the holidays and kick start the new year too!  How?  Well, we’ve got this handy little program called “The Gatekeeper” (scroll down to see the details!) that sets you up for 3-months of success.  You get your own personal coach, motivator and accountability officer.  The coaching can be set up either with weekly phone conversations or email food logs and question answering sessions – it’s tailored to fit you and what works best with your busy life.  It’s perfect for those that have a paleo plan in place and just need someone to ‘keep them honest’, troubleshoot, and/or dial-in their nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.  If you’re new to paleo or are looking to tighten up your current plan combine the “Gatekeeper” coaching program with the “Road Map” meal plan ”(see details in program descriptions on Steph’s and my pages) and you’ll get a solid base plan and have support to get you started, tweak things as needed, and keep you on track.  Now, through January 1, 2013; sign up for the 3-month “Gatekeeper” coaching program you can get the “Road Map” meal plan at a $100 discount when you combine the two.

So, what’s holding you back? Do you really want to revisit the same New Year’s resolution as last year?  This year give yourself (or your sweat pant wearing friend/family member) a gift that will last a lifetime.  Ring in 2013 looking good, feeling great, and equipped with the tools and skills to avoid the plague that is “The Seasonal Elastic Waistband”.


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  1. Elenor says

    I’ve found the way to make it through Halloween, at least, is — if you HAVE to give out poison (sugar) to children — at least buy candy you DON’T like to hand out! Makes it easy to chuck any leftovers, and there’s no snacking… Won’t help for T-giving and xmas, but any help is help!

  2. Ryan says

    Amy – great article. Run an article about avoidance techniques…or rather coping mechanisms for those of us that don’t want to field the questions or get the looks at the family gatherings and holiday parties. It’s easier to eat the piece of cheesecake or drink the occasional beer than being asked why we’re not or getting the looks for the 2-3 days we’re around our non-paleo family and friends.

  3. Jeannine Cheever says

    That’s a great suggestion, Ryan. And thanks, Amy, for being willing to write it! I can use any and all help I can get. I’m stronger and more knowledgeable than I used to be, but I’m not immune to peer pressure, apparently!

  4. Donna says

    UGHH! it already happened to me! I did really well then Halloween! I ate so much crap, it went on for days. However it only took a few days before I felt so sick and exhausted, that I even went to the doctor. Duh! Back on track now and starting to feel more revived and alert. But what a good reminder of what happens when you treat your body badly..

    • Beth says

      Donna, you’re not alone! I was able to resist the Halloween candy for all of 3 days before I ended up bingeing on it. I wasn’t the one that bought the candy to give out at my house, so I wasn’t able to utilize the tip to buy candy that you wouldn’t want to eat – and it ended up being all things that I (used to!) love.
      It only took one night for me to get over it. I felt awful that night and am still have 1 pound to go before I’m back to the weight I was before I binged (I gained FOUR pounds from one night!).
      The candy is still sitting in the same spot, but it has NO appeal for me anymore. I’d still better get rid of it soon, just in case!

  5. Annick says

    I’ve survived halloween pretty well… I’ve bought the candies that my kids had accumulate at Halloween and put them in the garbage. They still had candies (15) for 5 days (3 per day). And now they have money (20$) to buy Christmas present. They had the choice to do it or not so they don’t even feel deprived. Nice day to everybody!

  6. Linda says

    I started a weight loss program very similar to this in September after I went to a wedding and saw the pictures of me and couldn’t believe how I looked. I had never weighed that much in my life and needed to lose 25-30 pounds. Luckily I don’t have kids at home (in college), so my husband could fend for himself. In terms of holidays and gatherings, all I can say is that it takes a tremendous amount of willpower with your goal always in the front of your mind to get through these things. I would say “no thank you” and get the stares, or “just one bite won’t hurt”. I would think about those pictures and repeat, “no thank you, I am watching what I eat”. I also made a poster board with pictures of myself at my target weight (when I was younger), from the wedding, along with cutouts from magazines of women with lean bodies, clothing I wanted to fit into, etc. I called it my motivational board. I never had a bite or had “bad” foods around. I knew it was all about willpower, which comes from within. Then, once the weight started to come off, it wasn’t as hard to say no! I’m proud to say I have lost nearly 30 pounds. Be strong, eat good foods and you’ll get through it. It may be uncomfortable at times, but it won’t last forever. The comments and stares will be a shorter time than losing the added weight will be. Hungry? Have a large glass of water, or do something to distract yourself. Good luck. I got through Thanksgiving. Cooked the meal but was careful about what I put on my plate. My husband and kids were happy and so was I. Thank goodness they have been so supportive of my efforts. It’s really hard work.

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