Tracy Tried A Paleo Diet For 30 Days, And She’s Sticking With It!

Hi Robb( & whoever else may read this),

At the end of February I had had enough. I was feeling awful- no motivation to move my body at all, a general sluggishness and talking crap to myself about how I was having a hard time getting back ”on track”. I am not sure what ”track” I was talking about since a couple of years had gone by since my last weight loss effort. And yes, I had gained back all but 10 or 12 pounds of the 40 I had lost.

I had re-joined weight watchers a few times and never got back in the swing with the program- I really did not want to keep track of food and my eating that way. The only thing that was positive was that I was moving my body regularly- just not enjoying it as much as I had. I am an avid hiker and found myself needing to push myself out the door for a hike. At the end of February I knew I needed to do something… and the something had to be about health and not some stupid number on the scale.

At the same time, I connected with a group of women online and one of them kept talking about the Paleo way of eating and Crossfit. I finally got up the nerve to ask her about this Paleo stuff and she recommended your book. Then I was in our local outfitters store and the gal who helped me mentioned the Paleo way of eating. I was intrigued and bought your book… and read it all in one sitting. And then I thought about what you had written and about the recommendations you had made- cleaning out the kitchen, photos of myself (this was a frightening thought!), and at first I said things to myself like- well, I can just do the food part and skip the rest. Then I sort of hit myself over the head and said ”suck it up cupcake”, if you are really going to do this then do what the man says.

That weekend I prepped my kitchen and my family to start eating Paleo. It did not occur to me to try to convince them- I just let them know what I was doing, and when I was cooking for us it would be Paleo meals only. I did offer to let them read your book though. I am grateful that my husband pretty much said ”I’ll do whatever you decide to do” no questions asked- pretty cool!!

The first two weeks were hard- I felt weak at times and tired. I was grateful to have a coach who said to me ”I love Robb Wolf” and so had fantastic support from her. In many ways I think of her as a female version of Robb- she is right there to help me out, but does not look favorably on whining or pathetic excuses. It was what I needed- I had a choice and I decided to make choices that would support my health.

When I decided to eat a Paleo diet I followed the plan strictly… well, I will admit that I did weigh myself on day one. However, I did not get caught up in what I weighed or if I would lose weight. This change was for life (if all worked well at the end of 30 days) and it was about health, not weight loss. I really wanted to have a feeling of health and after I finished my 30 day challenge I had that feeling.

The funny thing was that I actually forgot about the 30 days and just kept going with it. I felt so much better eating Paleo- that it felt quite natural to continue. At the start I remember thinking about what I would eat or drink on day 31- but when day 31 arrived I did not really want those things.

Then I made an exception and had a bit of something. Things were ok for a week. But this past week I have made more exceptions and now feel the yuck starting to creep back in. I actually think this is great! Why? Because it affirms that eating in a Paleo manner is what my body needs to thrive. So, my two weeks of non-Paleo explorations are OVER!

I am going to do another strict 30 days and when I reach the end, well, it will not be the end because Paleo will be just how I eat. I am also going to be much, much more careful when I make a choice to eat something non-Paleo. I feel so much better physically and mentally eating this way and that ROCKS!!

Thank you Robb… you have helped me to change my life in a very profound way. I am beyond grateful.


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Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation

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  1. says

    I love this! Paleo can totally become “just the way you eat.” There’s no way calorie restriction can become just the way you eat.

  2. Rella says

    Hi Tracy, great story! Congratulations on finding a way of living that nourishes your body and mind. I wish my husband was as easy to get on board as yours was. We’re still in the debate and denial stage….

  3. says

    I already save this as a bookmark and send it to my husband. I hope that your story will give impact to his life. He’s so lazy to discipline himself when it comes to eating and diet. I tried convincing him to join me in my diet plan (lemonade diet max) but he said its not his passion. With this article, I think it will start as an eye opener for him. Thanks for this helpful article.

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