Darwinian Medicine Talk: SUNY New Paltz!


Just wanted to share a link for the talk I did recently at SUNY New Paltz. I had a little problem getting Silverlight to work on Chrome, so if that’s how you roll you might need to use Safari or a supported browser.

So, I’ve got to say this was not only an amazingly fun event but it was a HUGE honor to give this talk. The Evolutionary Studies  (EvoS)  program is part of a multi-university consortium promoting evolutionary studies in higher education.  SUNY New Paltz offers a minor in evolutionary studies, both at the campus and via an online version of the course over the summer. What was amazing to me was that over 500 people attended this event. Some folks traveled as much as 5 hours one way to attend the talk and after reception. I was floored. And other than the Ron Paul rally I attended, it has provided me with the greatest sense of hope I’ve had in a very long time. This idea of Ancestral Health is emerging from the fringe and people are EXCITED. Almost 15 years into this path and I’m simply amazed by the changes. Thank you to all the folks who attended, thank you to the EvoS program for bringing me out, thanks to Prof’s Hamilton Stapell and Glen Geher for offering to host my talk when I met them at the AHS 2011.

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  1. says

    Wow, that was a great turnout, and it bodes very well for the future.

    We need evolutionary thinking in medicine now more than ever – and it will be even more important going forward.

  2. Sonya says

    Glen Geher was my advisor for undergrad at SUNY NP! Wow! How fantastic that he’s involved in Ancestral Health stuff. I definitely feel that my undergrad education at New Paltz laid a foundation of wanting to ask hard questions and continue to push for answers.

  3. says

    It reminded me of Chico. Small school where the instructors are focussed on teaching and relationships. You folks have a good thing going!

    • Sonya says

      I originally started as a Bio major but switched to Psychology. It was definitely a great education. They laid a foundation for me to eventually get my MS and become a Physician Assistant. I work in GI now and struggle daily with the Ancestral Health knowledge I have and trying to survive in western medicine. Thinking of retooling to more of a Functional Medicine angle but we’ll see…I’m just grateful to have the wits to be able to look at the data and study objectively. Glen Geher was the first professor I had who was a statistics geek and I appreciate the early exposure to it and not be scared by it!

  4. Rebecca says

    Thank you so much for making this available. This was a great talk; very succinct and engaging. Keep up the good fight!

  5. Joe says

    Fantastic talk, I learn something new every time I hear you talk! I was very happy when you said you ate rice from time to time as I had some today haha. Is it a bit weird I send my time daydreaming not about beautiful women but by how best to explain the diet to my carb junkie friends? Keep doing what you do mate and you’ll change the world!

  6. Kevin says

    Great stuff Robb. Many thanks for all your efforts. One can only hope that presented with hard science, the academic and medical communities will actually consider this “caveman fad”.

  7. Ty Fyter says

    haha This was awesome brother! Thanks for making it available. I love the analogy of cheat meals to filandering but agree compltely about levels of tolerance (i.e. I can do endless amounts of organic, grass-fed butter and cream but get amazingly sick from a gluten grain epxposure) The excerpt of the study at the 59th minute mark was poignet and will be quoting it on facebook.
    Keep up the great work man.

    p.s. I heard the podcast topic about peeling sweet potatoes and your suggestion of sidestepping it by baking them….genius! Topped it with butter, cinnamon and an avacado&tomato salsa 😉

    • Ty Fyter says

      I heard about the Iowa State University controversy back in podcast 64; but it’s still incredible! I hope nothing like that happens here in Australia where we’re fortunate enough to mainly be grass-fed….

  8. says

    Great talk, is there anyway of getting the transcripts for this. You also mentioned that if we wanted the link between autoimmunity and GI issues you would send that. I would really appreciate that.

  9. Stephanie says

    Awesome talk. I love getting kinda the birds eye view of how the evolutionary perspective applied to medicine can really be a game-changer if we can just get the medical and nutrition “specialists” to take it seriously. Probably doesn’t help to be here in the US where so few people actually understand evolution enough to see that it is a really darn good model for how human life on earth came about. It would be interesting to see what percentage of Dr’s and RD’s actually buy into evolution? I don’t like to say believe because it’s not really a belief, but I can’t think of a better way to put it…

    Sorry but I have to correct you on one point. GPS corrections are due to general relativity (GR). I know the guy at NIST in Boulder that that did all those calculations so I just can’t let that one slide.

      • paleoslayer says

        Hi Robb, Im just into the first 10 minutes of the talk. “we know more about biology yet costs/disease rates going up…this is stupefying…”

        It is not astonishing to me, bc I think this mismatch bw our knowledge and our health outcomes is DELIBERATE. This is why we still have the cholesterol- hypothesis, why our docs prescribe statins, why you got no respect from DrOz and why paleo still gets no respect in the mainstream– and will not, unless there is MASS protest. Yeah, revolution baby. But when the majority of the population doesnt believe or cant even understand evolution it aint gonna happen. Unfortunately.

        I’ve read the rational optimist and currently going thru the ascent of money as per your recommendations. May I recommend one for you. It may help clear up not only how so many people can be wrong about something, but how those in power deliberately mislead and deceive. The motives go beyond just “making money”– it is about power and control. The book is “the new pearl harbor revisited” by David Ray Griffin.

  10. patrick poblocki says

    Wow, great work! Thanks for posting that. On the slide that mentions all the tangental ailments to gut permeability, I didn’t see osteoporosis. Is it not connected with this autoimmune list?

  11. Joe says

    I was fortunate to be in attendance and found the presentation to be fascinating. Thanks for coming out and hopefully we can get you back for a follow-up!

  12. paleoslayer says

    at 12:30 ‘Guiding Tennant’ I think it should be ‘Guiding Tenet’ A tenet being: one of the principles on which a belief or theory is based.

    (hate to be nitpicky and dont mean to detract from an otherwise awesome talk, but just in case you give another talk, you could edit that line).

  13. says

    Great talk. Really enjoyed it. It allowed me to take a walk down memory lane from when I was getting my master’s degree, my thesis was on drug metabolism and sepsis. While I knew the inflammatory cascade of sepsis, and had some knowledge of the inflammatory cascade of T2DM, I never connected the two. Interesting enough, at the time of grad studies, one of my papers I wrote for a cardiovascular pharmacology class was how TNF alpha modulated insulin receptor signaling in T2DM. Gliadin enhances TNF alpha, which potentially modulates insulin receptor sensitivity….
    how I miss all of this geek stuff!

      • Judah Boulet says

        I teach high school chemistry and bio, work as an adjunct at merrimack teaching nutrition, and coach HS rugby all while co-owning a crossfit gym where I do all the programming. Time is tight, but I will try to start piecing stuff together to see if I can come up with a coherent argument.

  14. linda s says

    So Robb,
    how do we get to a chance to hear the 8 hour version….
    plus I gotta tell you I loved the “fuctose” slide

  15. Isa Palstek says

    in your talk you mention this Harvard study “Secrets of ancient Chinese remedy revealed”. Since I really want to finish my MS episode: does it make any sense (besides being on the AIP of Paleo) to go for this “root extract, commonly known as chang shan, from a type of hydrangea that grows in Tibet and Nepal” to block once and for all “the development of a harmful class of immune cells, called Th17 cells, which have been implicated in many autoimmune disorders” ???
    Greetings, Isa

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