The Paleo Holiday Recipe Contest – over 130 new, festive paleo recipes for you!

paleo holiday recipe contest

The submissions are in for our Paleo Holiday Recipe Contest, and the results look totally and utterly scrumptious. There were over 130 recipes submitted for the contest – and now’s your chance to check them out. Voting commences at 1pm Eastern time on Monday and lasts 24 hours, and we’ll have another special post telling you how to vote for your favorite, but for now, browse and decide on your favorite recipe for each category.

Just as a reminder, the top 3 popular votes from each category will be given to our celebrity judges for a final test-tasting and to pick a winner for each category. Our 5 winners will be up for a “reader’s choice” award as well (another round of voting will happen for that one).

The prizes

Paleo Comfort FoodsThe winner for each category will receive:

  • A $25 gift certificate to Paleo Brands
  • A $25 gift card
  • A copy of Paleo Comfort Foods

And one overall Reader’s Choice winner will receive:

Le awesome, le infamous, LE CREUSET enameled cast iron French oven!

Le Creuset

So here’s your chance – look these over and get your voting fingers ready to go. A post will go up Monday explaining what to do to vote. Shameless self-promotion is strongly encouraged. Thank you to all our participants, and I would like to come to your house for dinner, please and thanks!

Without further ado, here are our contestants for the Paleo Holiday Recipe Contest! Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

Best Main Dish

[catlist id=912 numberposts=-1]

Best Side Dish

[catlist id=913 numberposts=-1]

Best Party Dish

[catlist id=914 numberposts=-1]

Best Dessert

[catlist id=915 numberposts=-1]

Best Festive Beverage

[catlist id=916 numberposts=-1]

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  1. says

    I am curious as to where the photos went. I submitted my photos with the recipe but one has it one does not. Please let me know if you would like me to email you the photo for my pumpkin cranberry scones

  2. Stephanie says

    This is the perfect post for this time of year!! Thanks everyone for submitting your best recipes :) Can’t wait to try them ALL and vote.

  3. Andrew says

    Nice prize, but Le Creuset is not infamous. I’ve noticed this word being misused a lot lately. May the best man win.

    [in-fuh-muhs]   Origin
       [in-fuh-muhs] Show IPA
    having an extremely bad reputation: an infamous city.
    deserving of or causing an evil reputation; shamefully malign; detestable: an infamous deed.

  4. says

    I submitted a recipe for raw hot chocolate (may be under PJF Mudd– can’t remember what I called it) to the best beverage category, but it’s not there. Help?

  5. Erin Mackin says

    I want to vote but don’t see how. . .

    I want to vote for:
    pumpkin pie stuffed chocolate cupcakes AND
    Country Terrine with Drunken Figs
    AND Brussels Sprout Bacon and Hazelnut
    AND Banska kapama

  6. says

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