Chocolate Almond Cups

Submitted by Kristen

Servings: Not enough once people taste them!

•100% Pure Almond Butter (You have to first make this yourself)
•100% Unsweetened Chocolate
•Coconut Sugar
•Grapeseed Oil

Instructions: You will need:

1.  Almond Butter – To make this, you need Almonds that have been through the food processor to a butter   consistency.
2. 100% Unsweetened Chocolate
3. Coconut Sugar
4. Grapeseed Oil – or your preference
5. A Mold to create the chocolates.
6. Double Boiler
7. A Pot

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler while melting the Oil and Coconut Sugar in another pot.  Continuously stir the sugar to dissolve.

Once chocolate is melted, add in the liquid and stir.  Remove from the stove and fill your mold partially.  Roll small ball size pieces of Almond Butter and place in the mold.  Cover the rest of the mold to the top with chocolate.  Place in refrigerator for about 20 mins.

The result:  Amazing!!

chocolate almond cups

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Happy Holidays!

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  1. W says

    +1 for the measurements. Thanks for the recipe! I’m gonna try this when I go home on R&R next week. :)

    Also, as an aside, your website (itsalifestylellc) needs a non-flash option. Frustrating waiting for it to load, especially when the progress bar just repeatedly fills up and starts over again, so you never know how much of it is actually loaded.

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