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1. [4:25] Hyperthyroidism
2. [6:07] Diabetic belly fat
3. [12:26] Careers in paleo
4. [23:29] Holiday meals
5. [28:02] Coconut intolerance
6. [33:42] Starting position for oly lifts
7. [41:09] Gynocomastia
8. [44:21] Sugar alcohols
9. [47:10] Gastroparesis
10. [51:31] Speeding Joint Injury Healing



1. Hyperthyroidism

Jessica Says: I’ve heard you talk about hypothyroidism a few times, but have not heard you talk about hyperthyroidism. Does this respond well to Paleo eating?


2. Tell the truth– is it actually possible for a diabetic to lose the belly fat??

Sean says:

Hey Robb and Greg,

I’m a type 1 diabetic who’s been eating paleo for most of the year. To clarify: no wheat/gluten/grains, very little dairy (occasional cheese on a salad), no legumes. Almost all grass-fed beef and good sources of chicken and fish. Occasional sweet potato, yam, or white rice for starch.

I’ve always been lean except for the bit of belly flab I picked up in my mid-twenties (I’m 30). I’m 6′, 170, at about 14% body fat. I work out a couple times a week, ride my bike, eat well, and for the past few months, I’ve had my blood sugars in the best control of my life– I’ve been within 65-110 mg/dL 80% of the time, with average blood sugar at 85 mg/dL, and I’ve aggressively worked to make sure I’m not over 100mg/dL for more than an hour. Hoping to be down to a 5.2 on my next A1c (down from 6.1 pre-paleo diet). Additionally, I’m sleeping the best I have in memory–thanks to you, I discovered my cortisol levels were totally wacky and I’ve since normalized them. Adrenals are good too.

OK, so give me the hard facts. If I stay on this path, keep eating right, getting sleep, with some weights and cardio here and there, will the insulin-resistent belly flab go away?  I have little fat anywhere else. Or do I have to have it sucked out, god forbid? My endocrinologist seems to think it’s impossible to burn off naturally. Then again, she is totally confounded about my good health being almost entirely from diet alone.

Thanks man and keep atlatl’ing the haters,


3. Careers in Paleo

J-rod says:

Dear Greg and Robb,

First of all, thank you guys for the tremendous amount information and advice you provide and the hours you put in helping people and answering questions.  I have been paleo for about six months now and am loving it.  My brother and parents are also paleo believers and we’re all excited about the benefits of eating this way.  I have always been interested in nutrition and am considering becoming a dietician.  I know you (Robb) have answered a couple questions for prospective dieticians, so I was wondering what other possible careers are available for people who want their professional goals to further the cause and bring this uncomplicated and healthy lifestyle to the masses.  After listening to the podcast with Dr. Eaton, I’m sure other listeners were also inspired by the two of you talking about your individual roles in this movement and I was wondering what future careers there could be in the paleo movement.


P.S. One last question:  would it be better to caramelize, or subject the fats of leaner, lower quality proteins like ground turkey to oxidation, while keeping higher quality fats (85/15 organic, grass-fed beef) intact by poaching or simmering?  I know this is a really minute detail, but I have been working on a paleo chili recipe and want some browned meat flavor.


4. Holiday Meals

Patrick says:

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I was wondering about a menu based on the Paleo diet. Obviously, the turkey or ham is fairly straightforward, but how about all the other “traditional” dishes? Can you or your associates come up with some tasty alternatives that stay within the Paleo range of foods? We will have a number of guests and I don’t want them grumbling because their favorite side dish was left out. One of the guests will be under 2 years old. I need some appealing foods that even the younger set might enjoy. Help.


5. Intolerant to Coconut?

Charles says:

Robb, Andy,

I found you and Paleo by happenstance and have been extremely pleased and an advocate since I’ve noticed significant results.  I have lost over 20 lbs and my body fat has dropped significantly.  My wife has lost weight (although she didn’t have very much to lose), my mother has lost lbs and shocked her nutritionist after dropping several % points of body fat.  They were used to seeing 2-4% my mom lost 8% and they thought something was wrong… so the re-tested… And, my mother in law is seeing great results… All in all.. We’re converted believers.

All of that having been said, my doctor recommended an ALCAT food intolerance test… and so I took one.  It said that I am intolerant to coconut!  Is it possible that since, I have been “taking in” a good deal of coconut milk, raw coconut and coconut oil while eating Paleo… is it possible that my high intake of coconut and coconut bi-products might have skewed this test?  Is it really possible to be “intolerant to coconut?”  Am I the only person on the planet in this boat…?  What are my options here.. Or is this test tomfoolery and should I be going with what’s working so far?

Is there something better than an ALCAT blood test?

If you were to respond, I would greatly appreciate it!


6. Start position for oly lifts

Duey says:

Hi greg,

when i start with the arms straight down, i feel like that makes the bar drag across my shins during the first pull.

I always get cut around my tibial tuberosity area and i have to stop my session so i don’t leak a bunch of blood on the school platform

Do you think that i should just tape that area of the skin? or is there a technique change I can implement to prevent this “shin dragging”


7. Gynocomastia

Vikas says:

Dear Robb, I am an 18 year old college student suffering from gyno. I have been following paleo for 5 or 6 months, lost around 30 pounds and my bf% is definitely sub 15%. I’m in very good shape and love paleo, but really down about the fact that I can’t get rid of this puffyness in my chest no matter what I do. I eat very clean and lift heavy things regularly. I think my testosterone levels may be low and that this fat has accumulated I’ve time and I just can’t seem to be able to get rid of it. I would really appreciate any advice or help you could provide. I have a six pack and a great physique but it all goes to waste when you see my chest. Please help.

8. Sugar alcohols

Frank says:

Hi Robb,

Thank you for your book.  It was very enlightening and so logical that I jumped in with both feet.  I have been following a Paleo Diet the past 10 months and have lost 97 pounds, going from a bodyweight of 280 pounds down to 183 and I am still losing.  I exercise regularly now and feel much better.  Going from a 44 inch waist to a 33 inch waist has definitely had its rewards.  Thanks for all of your help!
I wanted to get your opinion on protein bars and sugar alcohols.  I work a lot and travel frequently and sometimes can’t get to a decent meal.  I often eat Detour or other whey protein bars that don’t have much sugar but instead have sugar alcohols and a lot of whey protein.  They clearly havn’t been detrimental to my weight loss efforts, but I would love to get your view on these types of products and whether consuming sugar alcohols is at all better for you than other sugars.  I realize chicken and veggies is better, but I feel like in a pinch these might not be bad but I wanted to get your professional opinion on whey protein and sugar alcohols.


9. Gastroparesis

Lynnes says:

Hello, I was finally diagnosed with idiopathic gastroparesis earlier this year, after abdominal distention, horrible nausea, acid reflux and out of whack blood sugar for 5+ years (sugars would sky rocket then drop in a short period of time, only after I ate, always “passed” glucose tolerance tests, and fasting sugar was always normal). I had a gastric emptying scan which revealed my stomach only emptied 30% in 2 hours. I am 25, 115 pounds and have been attempting paleo for the last 2-3 months (approx. 90% now) My husband started to eat paleo and got me on board shortly after. I really only exercise once a week at gymnastics class. I have lost a few pounds (I was 122), but now only get any symptoms of nausea or bloating after I eat grains. I am feeling much better. One symptom that I can’t shake is the lack of appetite. I typically can eat 2 meals and a small snack (any variation of beef jerky, organic apple sauce, handful of mixed raw nuts, etc) and feel satisfied for the day. My husband is deeply concerned with me getting enough to eat, I am concerned about “forcing” myself to eat more and getting any symptoms back. I take a multi-vitamin and a fish oil daily.  Any info I find suggests low fiber/low fat diet/no nuts or seeds and drinking plenty of fluids with meals. Haven’t found any help in avoiding those foods. Only drink water and occasionally some organic vegetable juice. Any suggestions to make sure I am getting enough to eat? Any foods I should avoid? Thanks for your help!


10. Repair

Kem says:

Kia ora Robb and Greg

I have a question about tendon repair and thought that both of you would have some valuable suggestions.  There isn’t much change from 60 in my age and recently came afoul of the evil peloton.  I am told that a rider a few bikes ahead of me went down and I became rather a piece of the action.  Can’t remember a thing, but an ultrasound inspection of my right shoulder shows a complete rupture and retraction of the supraspinatus, full depth tear in the infraspinatus and a wee rip in the subscapularis.  A mouthful, sorry.

I guess I will have to keep my right arm in a sling for 6 weeks and my lovely physio will be excellent at the shoulder exercise end of things, but what can I eat to maximise healing, and Greg, what can I do to keep my upper body strength without compromising the repair?  I’m just 65kg but can happily bench press sets of my body weight, dead lift half again that, do weighted chinups… the regular stuff and my VO2max hovers about my age… until last week.

We eat well here on the farm, every vegetable we can grow here gets grown organically and eaten with gusto.  Grass fed beef is growing happily in our paddocks (and residing quietly in local freezers) as I write.  We don’t (grow or) eat grains, seed oils or sugar so I think it’s pretty healthy here… but I want an edge. Can you help?

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Have you heard about the Paleo diet and were curious about how to get started? Or maybe you’ve been trying Paleo for a while but have questions or aren’t sure what the right exercise program is for you? Or maybe you just want a 30-day meal plan and shopping list to make things easier? Then Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation is for you.


  1. says

    Dude, stop harping on the IT folks, we’re not all introverts 😉 For some reason nutrition/fitness is big amongst IT folks (I know b/c I am a software dev in an IT consulting company in an IT town), not sure exactly what it is that draws us in. For me I find the fitness side a relaxing change from sitting in front in front of a PC all day (and some of us do enjoy socializing), and the nutrition/sciency end appeals to my “I need to know WHY I should be doing this” side.

  2. Corey says

    Hi guys. Heard you mention the paleo “business” shoes and wearing toe shoes to work. I’ve been doing that for a year now. I wear vibram five fingers. I wear leather ones to work and other models at night or on the weekend. They are the only shoes I wear!

    • Darren says

      Unfortunately that isn’t really an option for those of us who wear a suit to work everyday. Hooray for colossal law school loans. Rob I would love some paleo business shoes. I know Vivo makes some shoes that are almost acceptable, but nothing I could really get away with at the office. Looking forward to checking out the brand you mentioned.

  3. humberto says

    a very good graphical explanation of why and how not to flay your chins and knees when lifting that I consider fool proof, is by tommy kono. I had that problem for ever, along with problems of form and after applying what he explains , never again. power cleans, DL, RDL, etc.

    is what Greg says, but very well explained and simple as hell. shoulders higher than hips, hips higher than knees, “stay over the bar” and only think about pressing your lower back up.

    starts about 3:30:

  4. Stephanie says

    As Robb said, if any of you have questions about the dietitian path please feel free to contact me! I do not just distribute jello to sick people in a hospital :) There are a lot of options for you to choose from as an RD outside of the hospital.

    • Amy Kubal says

      Ditto! I have distributed jell-o to sick people in the hospital – but have since reformed! Being a dietitian is a great career***.
      ***Disclaimer: It will not make you rich though…

  5. Cara says

    I’m new to the Paleo/Primal lifestyle and absolutely loving it! I recently discovered your podcast, and I am so grateful for today’s in particular! My 4 year old son has idiopathic gastroparesis, and I’ve been wondering how exactly I could make my son’s diet more Paleo in nature without making his stomach emptying even worse than it already is. Thanks so much for the advice!

  6. kem says

    Kia ora is gidday in te Reo (the Maori language). A greeting that has become more common here in the last few years. I like it. And you don’t have to hongi (rub noses) in an email.

    I think the underlying advice of patience and focus on range of motion is excellent. I’ll do my best. A chance to enjoy the pleasures of flat walking.

    I never considered bicycle racing to be as hazarous as other of my pursuits. I’d hate to sit down and make a list of all my collegues and mates that didn’t come home from a trip in the mountains, skiing or climbing.

  7. ian says

    with regard to the normalising testosterone and or getting it up to higher normal levels, how to do this, via endocrinologist or some other natural way etc, or just good diet and excercise

  8. says

    In regards to the diabetes question, I have seen some positive results in weight loss with CoQ10 supplementation (120mg/day). In a study of 120 diabetic patients, 8.3% were deficient in CoQ10 compared to 1.9% in controls. 39 stable patients were given 120mg of CoQ10 for periods ranging from 2-18 weeks and it reduced fasting blood glucose in 36%. Ketone bodies fell by 30% as well. The weight loss studies have not been done, but I have seen people drop weight on it. Maybe it is due the increased fat metabolism from the supplement, maybe it was from continued exercise and proper diet I am not sure. Seems like a viable option though.

    In regards to the careers; I have my degree in nutrition and because of ethical reasons I did not want to go the RD route. The National Association of Nutritional Professionals is a certifying agency for holistic nutritionists. It still requires at least an undergrad that meets certain educational requirements, but it allows you to focus on nutritional therapy if that is what you are interested in.

  9. Stephanie says

    In response to ‘tell the truth- diabetic belly fat’:
    I recently asked my holistic endocrinologist (night and day experience compared to all the other endos I’ve seen over 20+ years!) about what seems to be scar tissue/lumps of fat particularly near my insulin injection sites on belly, thighs, etc. and what her thoughts were on how that effects insulin absorption and what approach to take to make it go away. I was surprised to hear- although I shouldn’t have been- that it happens not due to the needle injection itself creating scar tissue, rather, from the preservatives and additive chemicals they put into synthetic insulin. The endo’s recommendation, in sum, reduce the amount of insulin you need to take. (You mean I shouldn’t just eat what I want and take any amount of insulin to cover it???!!) Following the Paleo diet seems like a good approach in more ways than one. Now if only we could get more endos to tell the truth and help us diabetics achieve the “impossible”, as your endo puts it.

    • Bill says

      Could you tell me (us!) where you’re located? I am in the Philadelphia suburbs, looking for a holistic endo, and can’t seem to find out. My traditional endo leaves me depressed when I leave his office! Hoping to discover some sort of holistic network of endocrinologists! thanks

  10. says

    I just wanted to comment about the hyperthyroid/paleo question. I am a naturopathic doctor and I have several hyperthyroid/Grave’s disease patients who have done extremely well eating a paleo diet. The most important part being that feel so much better. Some of them still have the racing heart and/or high blood pressure, which needs to be addressed. But getting them on a paleo diet had shown huge improvement in how they feel overall.
    Dr. Julieanne Neal, ND

  11. Matt says

    Hey, just looking for that link to the minimalist dress shoes Robb said he would put in the show notes. He doesn’t actually mention the company name in the podcast and I don’t see a link anywhere. Am I missing something?


  12. glace says

    Man, I can down 2 cans of coconut milk in ice cream form, with additional coconut flakes on top…hyperpalatability is not good.

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