2011 Paleo solution Seminar Schedule!

Howdy folks!

We’ve had a lot of questions about where and when we will be on the road this year and I think we are finally getting that nailed down. Before we get to the schedule though, I want to tell folks about some changes to the seminar it’self and venues.


I’m completely scrapping the white-board format of the seminar and going with a power-point/mixed media presentation. This will unfortunately cut down on my jokes about my “Serial Killer” handwriting, but I’ve always wanted this to be in a different format and now it’s time to do it. I’ll be able to get through much more material, do it faster, and use some nifty learning aids. I have thought about an advanced topics seminar but what I want (ideally) to do is provide all the material I want to cover in one day instead of separate gigs. This helps minimize travel for me and maximizes the amount of material y’all get at a given event. I WILL expect that attendees have read my book and looked at some pre-seminar reading. If you have not, and if you do not have a science background, you will be learning this stuff like it’s coming out of a fire-hose. Just saying. This is also getting the seminar into a format to be University accredited and offer CME/CEU/University credits. I wanted to wait until all that stuff was hammered out but it is a laborious process so I’ll just keep you posted as things develop.


We will be heading out of the gym and into larger conference centers, university lecture halls and hospital educational centers. There are several reasons for this:

-We have over 600 requests to host a seminar. Although that is awesome, I will need to be cryogenically frozen between gigs to live long enough to get them done. Now that we will be at larger venues we can have several local entities be sponsors. In Chico for example, we have the local hospital, California State University Chico and NorCal Strength & Conditioning as sponsors.

-To upgrade the presentation we need AV system, projectors and all that jazz. I just do not want to schlep that gear all around the planet. So, we will hit locations that have those items plus wacky things like heat, AC, lots of bathrooms, good access to food etc.


Ok, here is the partial schedule we will do for 2011, I will have the rest up in a few days. We will only be doing 5 locations. If you want to get in on it, that’s it! In addition to the PSS I’ll also be helping Loren Cordain with the Physician/health care provide certification program, but I’m NOT going to be on the road 34 weeks again this year like I’ve been the last three years! Keystone does not recognize me anymore and it’s heartbreaking.

Chico, CA -March 5th

Toronto, Ontario Canada-March 26

Kansas City, KS-June


I am JAZZED about this change. I have so much material I want to cover and this new format should let me do it. If you want to sign up for either Chico or Toronto, you can find that info here. Kansas and the other locations will be up soon.

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  1. angela pierce says

    Robb & Co,

    I am so excited about the events! The format transition into CEU eligibility is going to take things to a whole new level. Both my spouse and I want to attend and hold a spot in KC before seats sell out but $400 is not an option until March at least. Will there be a deposit or payment option?


  2. Viktor says

    Hey Robb!

    Any plans for any European seminars? I’m happy to say that the “paleo” movement is getting pretty big here in Sweden with several “domestic” proponents of a similar diet.


  3. brandon says

    Hey Robb,
    How big is the venue in toronto going to be? I want to make sure i have lots of time to purchase one, if not a few spots.

  4. Evan says

    Hey Robb,

    Just gonna drop a properness bomb on you for a hot second.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to view a seminar via webcast, similar to Mat Lalonde’s approach with the Academy of Lions. Its not feasible for someone like myself to travel long distances due to lack of means; I live out on the east coast of Canada. Cutting out the ridiculous cost of travel would allow more students of the paleo way access to great teaching. I am not suggesting this be the case for every seminar because one or two would surely suffice. I understand its a lot to ask but I believe it would be monumentally helpful.

    Anddd back to reality. Love everything you do man. Actually wishing to open my own gym some day; currently trying to turn myself into some weird Robb Wolf/Kelly Starrett love child. Sorry, baddd mental imagine.

    Again, thanks for everything you do!


  5. Nancy Taylor says

    Are you coming to Chico two times? Your web site says March 5th and the Enloe Hospital flyer I received from The Chamber of Commerce today says Februay 15th.

  6. Drey says

    I second Dallas, Texas! Good on you for planing to be home more. There’s something special about home. Think to previous generations when the general population hardly went 10 miles away from the home. “Home” has changed meaning for the current generation to: the place I go to sleep at night.

  7. Chris says

    Robb come out to SF!! Or LA/SD… that’s an easy flight. Whole9 is doing a workshop on March 6 in Santa Rosa, so making it down to Chico and back is going to be tough!

  8. Nanette says

    I completely agree with the idea of coming to Norfolk/VA Beach VA area. There are many followers here. It is also a great area because this is the the home of the largest concentration of military might! Seems most of the seminars are all west and way north, the east coast needs some great Paleo advise, VA is in the middle. Love the book and have recommended it to many.

  9. Bjorn says

    Yo Robb, you gotta head out to New Zealand! Forget Australia, we need you more! Seriously though, do it. All the Grass Fed Beef you could imagine plus the most Supreme Lamb in the world. Shazaaaam!

    Loved your book, buying a copy for a friend of mine who is pretty much about to be diagnosed with Crohns disease. Hopefully gonna turn his life around too. CHUR CHUR

    • Bjorn says

      As a side note, when I first was listening to your podcast you and Andy kept going on about getting grass fed meat and how it was worth the extra money. I was like “Where the heck am I gonna find some of that? I’ve Never seen it advertised anywhere.” Then I realised I’ve been eating it my entire life without even knowing. Very pleasant surprise indeed.

  10. GSNelson says

    I second that. Denver would be great, but anywhere in the state is fine.

    Thanks for the podcasts and helping me get my s&*t together!

  11. Alix says

    I’m trying to get a car together to drive to the Chico seminar from Portland, OR. Anyone in the surrounding area want to carpool?
    E-mail me at mysecretlysweet at gmail dot com.

  12. Sam Thomas says

    Robb, please come to Indiana we need you bad here! Our state is super fat and lazy and you and Lauren’s insights on paleo nutrition is unbelievable and much needed here. They say there is nothing but corn in Indiana so maybe that is why we are so fat haha, boo corn! You have convinced me beyond any other nutritionist and dietician i have studied under that paleo is the way to go for the ultimate lifestyle nutrition program. I am passing this on to my clients I train at Anytime Fitness. If you come to Indiana, I will work for you for free even if I have to take vacation time to do it!

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