The Paleo Solution – Episode 59

Back with episode 59.  We hope everyone has a happy holiday season!  Be sure not to eat more than five fries.

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As mentioned in the episode you can check out Andy’s blog here.

Show Topics:

  1. PWO Nutrition for Mass Building
  2. Artificial Sweeteners / In Season Veggies / Ketogenic Diets
  3. Transition Time to Paleo / Crossfit Endurance
  4. How Much Post-Workout Carbs
  5. Failure Rate of Paleo Diet
  6. Evander’s 5 Fries
  7. Club Soda
  8. Sugar Binge
  9. Lean Gains / Strength for BJJ
  10. Current Supplements / What Supplements if All Meat was Grain-Fed
  11. The Return of Tane

Show Notes – The_Paleo_Solution_Episode_59

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Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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  1. paleoish tom says


    Thanks so much for your podcasts. I’ve been listening to them for a long time but the ‘suggestion’ Robb gave for the Italian hit home. I have been generally paleoish but haven’t really gone 100%. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and chronic laziness. I work out 2 to 3 times a week doing cross-fit-ish style workouts and have solved my back pain issues but that’s about it. I sit in front of a computer for 9 – 10 hours a day, have lots of stress, anxiety, etc. But my biggest hurdle is my brain. I’m not overweight and I generally look pretty good for 42 years old.

    I’m digging in however, enough is enough, I’m setting my goals and going 100%. Thanks for the kick in the a$$! even though it wasn’t meant for me…

    I feel like I’m standing in front of a group of Glutenholics Anonymous and have just confessed that I cheat. Maybe I’ll get my first Paleo coin in the next 30 days.

    Tom in Georgia

  2. says

    Show Topics:

    1. PWO Nutrition for Mass Building 6.11
    2a. Artificial Sweeteners 13.57
    2b. In Season Veggies 15.39
    2c. Ketogenic Diets 17.32
    3a. Transition Time to Paleo 20.04
    3b. Crossfit Endurance 25.05
    4. How Much Post-Workout Carbs 29.36
    5. Failure Rate of Paleo Diet 34.17
    6. Evander’s 5 Fries 44.35
    7. Club Soda 46.04
    8. Sugar Binge 46.51
    9a. Lean Gains 52.53
    9b. Strength for BJJ 54.30
    10a. Current Supplements 57.53
    10b. What Supplements if All Meat was Grain-Fed 58.16
    11. The Return of Tane 59.11

  3. Jake says

    In addition to supplementing with CLA could one increase egg consumption? Best not to pay for more supplements right? And should we stop supplementing fish oil if we don’t use industrial oils but we only eat non-grass-fed?

    • Squatchy says

      Do you mean increasing egg intake to increase CLA? Regular eggs have virtually no CLA in them (unless the hens are supplemented CLA or if they’re pastured)
      I would recommend taking some fish oil if eating grain fed meat.

  4. Ben Wheeler says


    Thanks for answering my questions<–notice I put the s in there this time Andy?? (#10). Regarding your answer to question 9, on your training schedule right now. It would be totally awesome if you could do a quick blog post sometime outlining a week on your training? Kind of like you did back in the day when you were doing the 5/3/1.

    • Luke says

      Would love to see more detail/suggestions on developing a 2 day split involving gymnastic work, especially around BJJ training.

      Thanks for all you do Robb and Andy.

  5. John Amore says

    My clients love doing gymnastics and bodyweight exercise and skill based lifts more than traditional weight lifting. They like mixing it up with basic barbell exercise but the carryover from their skill work is incredible and it drives them to come in and put effort in more than just getting through a workout. When I go extended periods of time without doing straight arm and balance work… I miss it terribly.

    If anyone out there is really bored with how they train, they should try to get into some skill based stuff.

    And I totally relate to that rant Robb. Thanks momentarily increasing your cortisol.

    I am excited for Matt being on the show and I hope you get Ido to join in too.

  6. says

    thanks for answering my question, guys!

    I’ve incorporated the advice and set up an 8 week training program which includes the magic word (periodization). I’ll let you know how it goes and what the results are.

    take care.

    • says

      Hey Tom,

      Where are you training in Amsterdam? I’m from Haarlem and doing Paleo for a year now. I also like to do some crossfit workouts. Trying to build a sort of paleo community in The Netherlands.


      • says


        I’m training at the USC (Sportcentrum van de UvA).
        Pretty cool stuff on your site! Are you guys starting your own gym?

        I just added you on FB, a bit more convenient instead of spamming Robb’s comment section 😉

  7. says

    “I do not care one way or the other…” (I call bullshit. You care, infuriated or not.)

    Great show. Great content. Had no idea your people were from the south. No excuses indeed. So am I. Even lived in “The Arkansas” for way to long.

    Thank you for the energy.

  8. Kyle Collins says

    This is just some feedback:

    I started taking some now foods super enzymes, and I’ve yet to get the burning feeling at 5 caps per meal, but since I started taking them I’ve been feeling more outgoing/more constant better mood. I guess this might be a result of more energy. Other things in my life have changed to so obviously not scientific. But it seemed to start when I started taking these. Thanks.

  9. Trevor says

    Thanks again Rob and Andy. I’ve been listened to all the podcasts and I’ve been following this podcast for a year.

    The big issues the Paleo Diet is solving are my autoimmune issues. Mainly, environmental allergies and it appeared I was starting to get arthritis at 37 years old. Grains seem to cause the arthritis. Something that is almost resolved. I’m also getting over my emotion eating with this diet to.

    I appreciate your input on Crossfit Endurance and I had wondered about periodization for it. I remember Rob that you mentioned how to periodize a Crossfit workout Helen and I believe you could use a similar model for CF Endurance. It only makes sense that if you periodize Strength/Power training, and Crossfit workouts than Endurance should also be periodized. Jack Daniels (that actually is his name) in Running Forumla does a periodized method for running. I’m also interested in reading the sections on running in the 4 Hour Body that I just received today. The one thing I see as a weakness for Endurance is not having a long slow run once a week. You can follow that site and never end up doing it.

    Oh, I’m listener 3.14 and Canadian listener 1.07.

  10. Kelly says

    As an orthopedically “fudged-up” individual, I’m interested in obtaining the optimal functional fitness level that I can achieve. My limitation is focused around flexibility (hamstring/lower-back). Can I expect to see any improvements in overall flexibility from a paleo diet? I see myself as the grizzled but experienced tribe member from a paleo-centric perspective 😀 and want to know what to anticipate from my improved diet.

    I am specifically limited in lower back flexibility (spinal fusion of L5-S1) but have still managed to complete a couple of 8 minute 5k’s since my surgeries. So, I have the will-power and drive to pursue an exercise and diet program, I just need to know what my expected limitations are so I don’t attempt to drive past them (I’m a bit bull-headed when it comes to pain and performance).


  11. CanadianArcticPaleo says

    Hey Robb,

    I remember mentioning in one of my past podcast questions that I was able to cut out one of my two asthma puffers – you proceeded to say you have seen people with asthma react quite positively on an paleo diet. Well….I kept going with the Paleo and the second puffer is gone and I’m completely off those bullshit meds. The past 2 months have been incredible and the six pack is finally comin’ in….nakedness has never been better. W00t (^_^)b thx dude you rock

  12. Rob Is says

    Oh, the five fries comment. Again.

    I actually watched that entire series in a vain attempt to learn something…. What’s ironic is that he could have told Evander to ditch the hamburger BUN and eat a sh!t-ton of sweet potato fries instead. Not only would it be tastier, but he would have been gluten free, gotten a hell of a lot more nutrients and no gut irritation. Oh, I’m stating the obvious, sorry!

    Mark R. deserves some kind of reward or something awesome. What a nice thing to do every week.

        • says

          WOW Rob and Andy, I just noticed that there is now a downloadable Topic Index – with Mark R.’s time stamps?!?

          I’m not sure if it’s based on my suggestion or whatnot, but this is TOTALLY AMAZING!

          Way to go you guys!! Now both of you AND Mark R. deserve some kind of reward or something awesome! 😉

  13. Guy says

    The ethnic/genetic arguement is moot. I’m Jewish and went paleo. I gave up challah bread on shabbat, on Passover I eat ONE piece of matza and then continue my normal paleo-way, on Hanukah I eat 1-2 latkas and that’s it, on Purim I eat one oznei haman. Point is, I eat paleo 99% of the time and then when a holiday comes around, having ONE treat is actually a treat and feels damn amazing. Many of my colleagues invite me to holiday parties and I always ask “meat or fish? salad?” if its crap, I eat before, and simply grab one piece from the ignored fruit salad in the corner when I get there. Its as simple as deciding what’s more important to you, not feeling like crap and working hard, or feeling like crap and working easy. Sorry to rant but I work as a physical therapist and kinesiologist and trying to get people with conditions and injuries to change their lifestyle to reduce their pain and return to normal function is my life and when someone with more or less no ‘serious’ problem at the moment whines that ‘its hard’ I look at this guy and want to show him what hard really is. Try getting run over by a bus and spending 9 months learning to put on your own clothes, wipe your own a** and walk to the bathroom again! Have a stroke on the left side of your brain and see what happens to your right side motor control! Get COPD and have such severely reduced lung capacity that you go hypoxic walking 25 meters! There are people out there who are faced with the live or die dilemma NOW! Why wait?

  14. Squatchy says

    Here’s some more interesting stuff regarding artificial sweeteners, gut flora, and weight gain (in rats, but still interesting). (pubmed link for above study)
    If you’re still eating artificially sweet stuff all the time, you just need to man (or woman) up and get used to not eating sweet stuff all the time. The cravings go away after you get used to it.

    I wholeheartedly agree that people should definitely be going after more skills and technical elements than just beating the piss out of themselves. Another great piece of advice, like you said, it’s a lot better to do as little as you need for your fitness goals than trying to do as much as you possibly can. Make sure you are actually progressing and not just going in and working till you physically cant do anymore and calling it a day all the time.
    Starting to do gymnastics was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m not killing myself all the time, and I’m actually learning and progressing with some cool and fun skills, feeling better, having fun, and gaining muscle.

    Glad to hear you’re going to have Ido as a guest on the show, I look forward to hearing that.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now Andy, good stuff!

    Now for a question.
    Robb/Andy, what are your thoughts on this article
    A similar protocol is recommended in “The 4 Hour Body” in the Occam’s protocol for mass gain. Is there any need to alternate heavy and light days and all that jazz, or would it be more prudent to just increase weight or reps every time and add more rest days in between workouts if unable. What are your thoughts on this?

    Hope you guys have a great holiday

    Much love,
    Your friendly neighborhood Sasquatch

  15. says

    Hi Kelly,

    You *may* see some gains in flexibility after implementing the paleo diet due to reduced systemic inflammation. Really, most of your increased flexibility is going to come from stretching/mobilising your muscles and joints. Check out KStarr’s MWOD ( for some stuff to do each day that shouldn’t overwhelm you.

    I assume you had the fusion due to some stability issues there? Your lumbar flexion will be decreased (talk about midline stability – it’s FUSED!), but hip flexion and rotation should be intact. The hammies attach to the pelvis so you should be able to work them out over time.

    Hammy search on KStarr’s blog (

    Hope that helps!

    p.s. badass 5k times.

    • Bob Crason says

      I saw gains in flexibility once switching fully to The Paleo Solution™. (That’s a plug!)

      Seriously, though, I really did.

      • KobeTony says

        I too found I can touch my toes all of a sudden. Not sure if it is due to my mostly-Paleo eating or the 4-5g fish oil daily, but it is nice.

        • Marcy says

          I can touch my toes for the first time in my life, including a horrible experience with the sit & reach in 2nd grade (little kids are supposed to be flexible right)?

          I have seriously been like a foot away as long as I can remember.

          I figured it must be due to the mobility stuff we do to warm up at the gym, but I’ve only been there a month so these comments make me think it had more to do with reducing inflammation.

  16. Tom R. says

    How do you look, feel, perform? I’ve been dinking around with the Paleo diet for about a year or so, mostly at a 75/25 to 80/20 level of strict Paleo (TOTALLY guessing about that…but close). In the last month and a half, I have been getting the sugar out and relying more on canned pumpkin for carbs and hitting some extra coconut milk in place of any dairy. I do still have a beer here and there. Look? I’m no specimen, but I swear an extra ab or two has been popping out lately. Feel? Awesome. Perform? I tend to use the CF “Helen” as a benchmark. July 16- 11:40 (first time rx’d); Sept. 1- 10:45; Oct. 25- 10:18; Dec. 21- 10:03. These are CFGames times, but for the average guy like me, I’ll take it. Thanks Robb and Andy.

  17. Norm says

    Hey Robb,

    Would you happen to have that authors/publisher name or title of that journal? the one dealing with post-workout carbohydrate refuels? I checked the show notes and didnt see a link on the show notes and I tried searching around on google scholar but no dice, a link or any pointers would be great


  18. says

    Gary –
    I think the supplement podcast is like “5 fries” or “6 listeners”…cited in pretty much every podcast, you can figure it out from the gluten-free crumbs Robb leaves out for us, but mostly it’s just to wind Andy up!

    Merry Christmas one and all. Andy, Robb- thanks for all the work and making it through the book deadline and the one-year mark.

  19. Best Traits Procreate says

    Dear Grand High Masters of the Pseudo Science Paleo Cult,

    Could you go into more detail regarding fat around the belly button = liver damage mentioned in the podcast? I’m a type 1 Diabetic that drank alot in college. Stopped since but having trouble getting the belly button fat off. I’ve leaned from 185lbs in March to 145 lbs now. Any protocols to fix it or just 100% compliance, Smart training, and lots of sleep? Also a preferred brands list of supplements and or foods would be great. Creatine but is there one that works best and does not cause much inflammation? Is it in the FAQ’s?


    Cult Member #19

      • Best Traits Procreate says


        For a second there I thought I was going crazy. Hearing Robb and Andy in my head as alternate personality. I also listened to Mat on Jimmy’s podcast on the same day so it was possible that I was on the wrong podcast, but I re-listen to 59, its there. Maybe my translation is off though.

        • says

          Best traits, I listened to the podcast on my walk home from work tonight. At 13mins Robb was talking about consciously trying to gain weight and watching where the body fat was being stored – if it was all being stored around the mid-section it would suggest some liver dysfunction. Sound about right?

          I’m guessing that’s either because glucose metabolism is fragged (enzyme synthesis issues?) or there’s a problem with bile production. I’m just having a wild swing at that though, frankly I come here to learn more about this stuff!! I need to get my copy of the book back, pretty sure there was a treatment of the liver’s role in there…

          Hope that’s a starting point for your research or for somebody to wade in and tidy up after me!

  20. CanadianArcticPaleo says

    Most relevant information ever provided to Robb and Andy leading to a question – “I watch little TV and prefer books or puzzles instead.”

    Oh wow…good for you Jennifer!!!! (^_^)b

  21. adam says

    hey guys,

    quick question:

    i have read starting strength, and olympic lifting: a complete guide for athletes & coaches is on my next-to-read list, but i’m wondering if you know of a good one for an intro to the gymnastics stuff robb is often mentioning?


  22. John says

    I second a brief summary of your current straight arm/ bent arm gymnastic skill training days? Luv me my gymnastics and have coach Sommer’s book but inspiration(for a solo trainer) is always welcome.


  23. says


    I’m reading your book and I have a question.
    I’ve read a book from Peter D’Adamo about the Blood Type Diet.

    My question is : you say we are the same than 10 000 years ago but the agricultural revolution has change us because the Blood Type A has appeared as an adaptation of this change in the food.

    I’m Type A and I’d love to follow the Paleo Solution but according to Peter D’Adamo, eating a lot of meat is bad for Type A.

    Have you digg into this ? Do you know Type A people feeling great with the Paleo Solution ?

    • says

      The ABO-blood types occur in ALL PRIMATES. All of them. I am an A-, I feel like absolute shit on that plan. If you look at the blood type website it is full of “O” types. Hmmm…is it that he figured out something nifty, or is it that the O diet is what we ALL should eat?

      As an aside: the Eades tried the blood type diet in their clinical practice, same findings as I’ve had.

  24. says


    Am sure you’ll get some great suggestions out of this community but I’d try Christopher Sommer

    His book “Building the gymnastic body” has some great progressions in it. I’m not convinced that some of the layers of dysfunction I’ve built up over the years will let me hit some the bendier heights !!! but it does make it pretty accessible.

    Website is

  25. says

    I’d like to moderate my own comment… about the layers of dysfunction…

    with the progression and the right training and time, I think the bednier heights are more accessible than ever before BUT I think the variety of physcial and mental things out there that I’d like to try (yes, I’m a dabbler) mean that I’m not convinced that I’ll commit the time necessary to hit those bendier heights! That said, I’d still recommend the book!

  26. Bill says

    Personally Robb, I was very happy to hear you get worked up over that question. I feel we have probably all experienced that frustration trying to get someone who we care about to try eating better, and they have the worst excuses. Honestly, it’s lead to me just keeping my mouth shut, because like you said, when people can change their lives for the better if they just give a fuck, and they don’t, it aggravates me.
    I think I’ve identified the problem too, it’s the same thing that Jennifer was looking for; outliers. In science outliers can tell you something, but if 99% of the time the results are the same, all they tell you is those outliers had something else going on entirely. In the general population though, outliers are almost all we react too. People latch onto outliers that allow them to continue living the way they want.
    Like smoking? Well some people smoke all their lives and never get cancer, so have it! Like sitting on the couch? Well some people exercise religiously and still die of heart attacks, so keep clicking through the channels! Like bread and grains? Well your parents ate them all their lives and even though they have Alzheimers, dementia, arthritis and have to be cared for 24 hours a day they are still alive at 80 years old, so chow down my friend!
    It doesn’t matter that smoking kills thousands, and exercise and diet have saved thousands; if there is one case to the contrary, that’s what gets publicity, and everyone thinks they are like that one case. I’m all for letting people know they’re special and unique, but the truth of the matter is, they’re really not.

    • says

      Amen! I guess I’ve interacted with so many people about this stuff that it’s like radar, folks are saying one thing but I know there is an ulterior motive. In this case it was looking for the POTENTIAL that eating healthy would not work. Then hubby can justify an early grave. Well, folks can obviously do what they want but I’m not going to sign off on it. Hopefully some change occurs.

      • Squatchy says

        Being sick, ending up in the hospital with huge medical bills, having poor health, even having things like gastric bypass, lyposuction, taking dangerous drugs and/or injections, going on crazy diets, are all sane options. As soon as you tell someone to stop eating bread, now that’s just crazy!

    • Amy B. says

      Add me to the list of people who *loved* the mini-rant. Because, really, it wasn’t a rant at all, but simply the hard truth. And I have to thank you, Robb, for saying it so bluntly. I’ve made huge strides in my diet and exercise, but I’ve been nowhere near as disciplined in other areas of my life. (Specifically as an aspiring novelist…I have a completed novel languishing on my laptop because I’ve been lazy about polishing it up and sending out some queries to agents and publishers.)

      I needed to hear this kind of tough love from someone I respect. Whether it’s about diet and lifestyle, career ambition, or personal goals, we all have excuses coming out the wazoo, and ultimately, we just need to get real. If I heard the excuses I make for myself coming from someone else, I would so want to call them out on it. Your no-BS, tell-it-like-it-is statement of the facts really hit home for me, Robb. Thanks!

  27. says

    Love the podcast. Listened to several hours of Robb
    & Andy on the way to and from Mississippi from Georgia last
    weekend (11 hour drive). I get so stoked about geeking out on
    nutrition. My wife thinks it’s funny. Anyways, just wanted to share
    that and this “funny” string of consecutive statements I just heard
    from a non-paleo family member: “I have had such problems with
    indigestion lately. Let me eat this bagel.” Sometimes it’s hard to
    have shared the primal/paleo wisdom with folks and then hear
    statements like that from them (especially when they are overweight
    and have lots of ailments)…but I guess what you mentioned about
    family being the tough crowd in a recent podcast rings so true. I
    just bit my tongue.

  28. paul says

    Robb, Finished you book in two sittings and have some
    questions. 1. High carbs = high VLDL = small particles. Do statins
    prevent small particle formation, hence statins = good? 2. You talk
    about lectins being nasty but you omit discussion on gluten. How is
    it nasty? 3. You mention glucagon on p207. What is its role? 4. You
    talk about over feeding of proteins and carbs. What are effects of
    over feeding fats? Thanks and happy holidays. Paul P.S Started Paul
    Nison’s “daylight diet” (not eating after dark) 2 months ago. Made
    a big improvement in fat loss, sleep and meal pattern
    stabilization. I’m 67, 5’10”, 155, work out 3time/wk doing lifting
    and Mercola’s “peak 8” which I am impressed with.

  29. Katie says

    Hi, I’ve been following paleo eating now for a couple of months. I’ve been trying all year but in the last few months have really started getting it dialed in. But, now after I eat I often feel nauseous. Do you know what’s up with that? Also, what’s the process on questions submitted through your site? I submitted one about 2 weeks ago and never heard anything. I fully understand that you are busy but I am wondering how I would know if you are going to respond some day or if there’s a timeframe after which I can assume not. Not complaining! Just wondering…Thanks.

    • says

      We get a few thousand ??’s per week, one thing that helps is to make your question unique! I’d try the NowFoods Super Enzymes with meals. Look for the podcasts that describe how to use them.

  30. Alex says

    Hey Robb,

    You mentioned a test that showed you have elevated cortisol levels. What was the name of that test?

    Also, what brand of whey protein have you been using? Ever tried the goat whey from Tropical Traditions? Thanks.

  31. TomC says

    Both the download linked above and the embedded player seem to cut off around 1:06:30. Anyone else notice that?

    • Marcy says

      Had the same thing happen. Some of Robb & Andy’s precious knowledge may be lost forever, although according to the topic listing it was just Tane’s hilarious comments.

  32. KobeTony says

    After hearing about the 5 fries so much I really wanted to see the video, but I was bummed to see it requires a $25 subscription to Crossfit journal.

    Anyone know of a free link for this gem?

    >Download Video-This article is only available to subscribers. Please login or subscribe to download.

  33. Stephanie says

    If you want to have sun in the winter you should move to Colorado. It is a wonderful place to live. However, the growing season is short so local produce isn’t available for much of the year :(

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