The Paleo Solution – Episode 51

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Show Topics:

1. Training & Nutrition for Sweet Abs
2. Pre-workout supplements
3. Day Care Nutrition
4. Coconut Sap
5. Best Way to Drink
6. Krill Oil
7. Cortisol
8. Paleo Diet During Pregnancy
9. Grilling Meat
10. Seasonal Allergies
11. Lowered Insulin Use
12. Testosterone Supplementation

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Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation

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  1. Steve says

    I haven’t heard the podcast yet, but in reference to #9, I recommend charbroil’s current line-up of “infrared” grills. They cook (very) quickly, evenly and no flare-ups, so presumably less “cancery” charring. They aren’t too different than a regular gas grill, just w/ a perforated piece of stainless steel between the flame and the rack that the meat sits on. Sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but I’m pretty happy w/ it and I think it at least partially answers the mail on this concern.

  2. says

    Great Episode. Question about Nathan’s question about leaning out. I too have probably been dealing with cortisol release/issues. My head keeps telling me to workout 6 days a week for 20-30min each time doing tabata type movements, even with kettlebells and burpees. This may be too much for a person like myself, when you say take it easier, can you lead me to a direction of the type of training I would need to follow to lean up a bit? Book has been ordered. Thanks.

  3. Nathan says

    In the nursery at the church we attend they don’t think the kids can go 75 minutes without eating so they have a snack time near the end of the session … you guessed it, animal crackers, goldfish, and cheerios. We could bring something paleo for our 2-year old but he just ends up stealing other kids’ snacks.

  4. says

    Hi Robb and Andy,

    Love the podcasts, love the book. I really like the info regarding seasonal allergies. I’ve been a long time allergy sufferer (since I was 10/11 and received weekly allergy shots) and normally take anti-histamines April through August every year. I’m looking forward to this spring to see how eating paleo affects my seasonal allergies.

    My question is regarding weight loss. I’ve read many sources saying anything more than 1-2 lbs per week of weight loss is unhealthy. What do you say regarding that when considering a sudden change from SAD to strict Paleo?

    Some background:
    I started strict Paleo following the 30 day meal plan and supplement recommendations in your book 9 days ago. I’m 41, 128kg (before starting Paleo), been in good to athletic condition for most of my life (various team sports, taekwondo, competitive biking, running and a few triathlons and adventure races) before the last 3-4 years. I work in software development so I’m stuck in a desk 8-12 hours per day. I get 7-8.5 hours of sleep per night (still working on that) and I haven’t started the exercise plan. Somehow though I managed to lose 8kg in the first week of this plan.

    After reading the book I’m sure that I have an undiagnosed gluten intolerance. I had mystery stomach aches as a child and teenager, tonsils removed when I was 6, allergies starting when I was 10/11, gall bladder issues in my 20’s and 30’s leading to removal when I was 33 and testicular cancer when I was 29.

    Thanks again for the book, I feel like I’ve taken the first steps on the road back to good health.


    • says

      You can get a lot of fluid loss, linked to less carbs, which lowers both glycogen (glycogen needs fluid), less insulin (diuretic effect), and less salt with paleo – less fluid retention. Interesting graph here from Ned Kock:
      “The amounts of water, carbohydrates, fat, and protein lost during a 30-day fast”

      I know switching to paleo is not a fast but some things apply when you shift diets.

      • ehayes says

        Julianne is right about the fluid loss. It is kind of funny when people say, “well, it’s just fluid loss, so you are not really losing weight.” If you are holding on to a bunch of extra fluid, that is not a good thing, it is called high blood pressure. This is one of the main reasons peoples blood pressure drops so quickly going Paleo. Don’t pay attention to lbs/week. Ask yourself how do you feel. Give it time, everyone feels crappy during the adjustment period, don’t give up before you get to 30 days. And drink plenty of water, you know.., 8 glasses a day give or take, you don’t want to get dehydrated because your body is adjusting.

        • says

          I figured it was mostly water retention, and also thought if it came off so easily, it probably wasn’t a good thing in the first place. Overall I lost 11kg/24lbs in the first 2 weeks. I’m still going strong with only a couple small cheats (Doritos once, rice once). I plan to make this a permanent change in my diet. Once my body hits it’s natural weight (in 6 months maybe?) I may start to experiment with a few foods I miss, but I think I’ll remain at least 90% strict to the paleo solution.

  5. Kim says

    I have a 10 month old son in daycare. Soon, he will be old enough to eat the food the daycare provides. Luckily, our daycare does allow us to bring in food for him to eat, so he won’t have to. Hopefully, you can find a daycare that will do the same.

    My sister runs a daycare that also allows students to bring there own food in. Hopefully, you can find a daycare that will accommodate you.

    If allergies are an issue, perhaps you can assure them (even in writing) that you won’t bring in any meals with allergens.

    Robb makes a great point that there are MANY meals that you are in control of that will hopefully make up for the few he gets at daycare. You can make breakfast before he heads to daycare, too, and maybe feed him a high calorie breakfast, so he’s not too hungry for lunch.

    I’m sorry I don’t have more advice. I consider myself lucky to have a daycare where I am allowed to bring in food for my youngster. Granted, I’m paying for that crappy lunch for him, I’ll still pass on it, though.

    Best of luck!

  6. M@ says

    I just want to clarify Robb’s comment on advanced glycation end products. For one, I do not boil any of my meat. I slow cook everything at low temperatures in a crock pot or the oven. Boiling meat does not appeal to me in any way.
    Now onto the AGEs. The medical and nutrition community have the bad habit of always looking toward exogenous sources when they identify something bad. In this case, it has been shown that AGEs within the body, as a result of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia, increases the rate of aging and the risk of diseases such as heart disease. The medical community then identifies food sources of AGEs and recommends that we do not consume them. Interestingly the consumption of foods containing AGEs has not been shown to be all that problematic (maybe a little bit of arterial dysfunction but even that study is questionable). The real problem is often endogenous production, as opposed to exogenous sources.
    AGEs result when blood sugars are elevated. AGE formation is rampant when blood sugar levels reach 180 mg/dL or higher. But high blood sugar levels are the result of insulin resistance, which is the result of excess carbohydrate, specifically fructose, consumption. AGEs are problematic when they result from excess blodd sugar levels, not so much when they are consumed from food. That being said, it is wise to try to minimize AGE consumption and slow cooking at low temperatures is one way to do that.

  7. Norcal Mike says

    Jim, on Day Care Nutrition: look into the in-house nanny option a bit further. We’ve had a handful of different students from the local university come in over the past couple years and it’s not (quite) cost prohibitive. Nutrition for the little one is solid (just look in the fridge), and we’ve been able to get word-of-mouth applicants all along.

    Another thought is to go with a day care who will feed your child the food you send with the kid in the morning. If you want something done right…

    Good luck.

  8. SpaceMonkey says

    Hey Robb and Andy, loving the blog, looking forward to your Friday NASA presentation (and have some questions pre-prepped for you – yeah!), but also noticed that the audio on this podcast cuts out after question 6 (roughly half the audio seems to be missing), around the 51 minute mark. Fyi – and hope to hear the rest as questions 9-12 sound really interesting. Thanks!!!

  9. Tane says

    Dear Robb & Andy,

    I must insist on a correction: Chuck Norris’ Tears are not the only substance that cures cancer. I draw your attention to the research done by Professor Mark Rippetoe, Dean at the Wichita Falls Oncology Centre and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medecine for his work in the field of ferrobiology. He has proved that heavy back squats also cure cancer.

  10. says

    I rarely drink, but when I do, I prefer cold, high-quality, sake. Is there a Paleo downside to sake?

    Regarding the day care thing: IMO, the best option is not to use it at all. Yes, that means a financial and/or career hit since someone has to stay home, but life is full of hard choices like that. Part-time pre-school is cool, but I really don’t like the all-day care situation. Crappy food is just a part of the overall suck.

  11. ColoradoSteve says

    Kids and daycare food –

    Get use to not having complete control of them all the time. If you choose to put the kiddos in daycare, then you can’t micromanage their upbringing during those times. THe same will said be at school (although you can send a lunch with them) and friend’s houses.

    This concern doesn’t change as they get older and start eating at friend’s houses/restaurants after the game/ movie night at a friends and sleepovers. Control their food while they are eating at home (that should be most of the meals) and don’t worry about the things that you really can’t change.

    It’s a hard pill to swallow (believe me – I struggle with it with my 12/14 year olds).

    • says

      I struggle with this too. But unless kids have an adverse reaction to foods, they can’t see the fuss you make about grains etc. And if you remove stuff at home there is a tendency to go overboard and stuff themselves with junk or crave what they can’t have. My two are 12 and 14, my 14 girl is interested in eating well, but caves frequently when out with friends. She is incredibly healthy, strong and sporty, and admits that my healthy eating helps her stay this way. Education helps but others contradict this. My 12 year old son has no qualms about eating junk.
      I do what I can and give them decent food at home and in their school lunches, and teach them about healthy options.

    • says

      Honestly, this probably sounds really bad, but I suggest doing what Robb tells us to do with Gluten at a restaurant: LIE YOUR A** OFF! There is nothing that strikes fear in the hearts of a day care provider than an allergic reaction, so just say your kid is on a restricted diet and can only eat foods from an approved list. Eventually it will get much harder to control your kid’s diet, which is when you just control what you can control, but while somebody else is commanding your kids’ dietary intake, tell them a little white lie for your kids’ sake.

  12. Shebie says

    Re: seasonal allergies

    I have not had allergies since I cleaned up my diet about ten years ago, so it is possible, it just might take some time.

    While I still suffered with allergies I got incredible relief from quercetin and freeze-dried stinging nettle capsules. These were both recommendations from a Dr. Andrew Weil book. I took the quercetin daily and the stinging nettle as needed when symptoms arose. Nasal irrigation also seemed to help. It seemed important that the only effective nettle was the freeze-dried kind which I got from Eclectic Institute. Hope this helps.

  13. says


    As many times as you’ve talked about sleep, you’ve never mentioned f.lux. It’s a free app that changes the color distribution of your monitor and PCs and Macs so that as the sunsets the blue colors are removed. It happens gradually and isn’t really noticeable at the time.

    Once I started using it, I found I fell asleep much more easily. And since it’s free, you’re not out much if you don’t like it. I swear by it!

    Give it a shot! Once you’ve used it, you’ll want it on every computer you use.

  14. IvanK says

    Too much protein?

    I didn’t want to throw this question for the podcasts because this is just my second week of Paleo.
    I am wondering why I didn’t get any of the symptoms of ketosis. In fact how would I know I am in ketosis? I mostly eat lean meat and so I am wondering whether I eat too much protein. I do eat nuts, guac, shrimp, fish like salmon etc and so probably I am at 50:50 ratio of protein:fat or slightly better. I also have a bad case of cortisol, because I feel extremely drowsy during the day and fresh in the evening and I have accumulated a lot of fat all in the abdomen. I am wondering whether the protein is broken down by the cortisol. Initially I was extremely low on the carbs but I have lost quite a bit of muscle (and fat). So have started adding some carbs now. Any input on this rabbit malaise will be appreciated. Thanks!

  15. Ian says

    Hey Robb, if someone’s rollin straight paleo, low carb, how many cals/day do you typically see most people consume to lean out?
    I’m 185 lookin to drop about 5 lbs of fat and really hate eating 1800-2200 cals/day.

    I remember reading in your book a caloric deficit is not necessary so that’s why I’m asking.

    Thanks my friend…..

    • says

      You DO need a cal
      Deficit, but you do not typically need to focus on it to get to respectable levels of leanness. Physique athletes may need to get into the 15 vals or less per lb to get very lean.

      • Ian says

        wow! ok, so I need to add some fat in then. I’m at 1g/lb bw protein (185), 70-120 g carbs (depending on if it’s a training day or not) and about 100 g fat spread out over 3 meals. I’ll try bumping it up to 15 cals/lb bw. feeling a little run down on the lower cals and would love to bump them up, but would like to lean out (calipers say 8is % bf, but I suspect I am closer to 12. Just wanna get to a legit 10%). I’ll give it a shot. thanks Robb…..

      • SnapIntoASlimGym says

        This is very helpful, since most cal / lb formulas are on the lower-end (8-13). If we eat paleo, 15 / lb is a leaning formula? That would mean a big bump in my calories and potentially my mood.

  16. Christian W says

    Hey Robb,

    I’ve been a non-responder to Now Foods Super Enzymes capsules for several months now. Taking 7/meal and no burning sensation.

    Two weeks ago, I went on a trip and forgot to bring my bottle, so I bought some Betaine HCl capsules (Vitamin Shoppe’s) .

    Not looking too carefully on the new bottle (and, well, not thinking very carefully either) I proceeded to take the same number of tablets per meal as I did with the Now Foods capsules.

    I know realize that I’ve been recklessly taking 4200 mg/meal of Vitamin Shoppe betaine HCl vs. 1400 mg/meal of Now Foods’ for a week or so.

    Still no burning sensation whatsoever.

    I wonder what’s going on with this stuff. Do you have any ideas? Should I just throw in the towel on the whole stomach acid thing. I don’t feel comfy with chronically taking high doses of a supplement with no way of monitoring progress or knowing if I even need the stuff in the first place.

    I don’t have any apparent digestive issues, but I do register as zinc deficient on a tally test.

      • Christian says

        Thanks. I’ve no overt symptoms of any gastro problems. I’ll restore zinc, and continue on 5 Now caps/meal for a while. Then I might check with Dr. Smith.

  17. Sot says

    Hey Robb,
    Got a copy of your book and its great reading awesome information.
    Question..some health regiments say that mushrooms should not be consumed as they are from the fungal family which they believe creates disease such as cancer. What is your take on this, can mushrooms be eaten as part of a paleo diet? Are there mushroom types we should avoid besides the canned variety?

  18. Chelsea says

    Robb, as usual an awesome and informative podcast. Reading your book right now, and I can think of so many people I want to give a copy to! First and foremost on my list is my boss – I know he’d love it because he loves science AND would appreciate your sense of humor. However, he never reads! He works long hours and has two small children, and the only “reading” he squeezes in is via books on cd in his car. Any chance you’ll make an audio version of The Paleo Solution? Thanks!

  19. says

    Hi Robb! I’ve been following a strict paleo diet for almost 3 weeks (after eating an “almost paleo” diet for a year+) but haven’t seen any fat loss yet. Am I being silly to hope for some change so soon? Should I take a sledgehammer to my scale? :-)

    I’ve been focusing on sleep (8+ hours in a pitch dark room, Natural Calm pre-bed), Omega-3s (getting 7800mg DHA/EPA total from 2 doses), and food quality and variety. I took a 2-week break from CrossFit and weightlifting to fine tune these habits and have brought them back in as of a few days ago (and feeling better for it). My husband and I decided to embark on a paleo lifestyle because we believe in being our best selves and wanted more energy although we had no *obvious* side effects from the bit of bread, cottage cheese or fake sugar we ate before.

    On paleo I keep carbs very low on weekdays, having a 1/2 apple with my egg whites at breakfast and otherwise just from non-starchy veg and a tbsp of nut butter. Calories are about 1300-1400 INCLUDING fish oil. (I’m 45, 5’4″, currently a love-handle-y 150lbs.) On weekends however I’ll have one day of considerably higher carbs with more fruit at all meals – melon at breakfast, some fresh young coconut water post-workout, berries on paleo “pancakes”. Does having a higher carb day seem like a good strategy? I certainly enjoy it.

    I have about 15lbs fat to lose to get to 15% bf – I’m a former type 2 diabetic (self-cured) and apple shape with obvious lifelong cortisol issues. Am I being unreasonably impatient regarding fat loss? No chance I’ll fall off the wagon but it does make me wonder if I might be doing something wrong. Thanks Robb! Love what you do so much. Come to Montreal!!!

  20. Marshall says

    On cooking temperatures and AGEs: sous vide (pronounced: soo veed) is a great cooking technique that involves holding meats in a bath at tightly controlled temperatures, 140 degrees or example. That way the meat never overcooks. Dr. Eades sells a machine that controls temperature this way. But you can make your own for about $100. Here are directions:

    Here’s a vid of it:

  21. CanadianArcticPaleo says

    Hey Robb and Andy! I HAVE A QUESTION….I tried to phone into the radio show tonight but Canadian residents were restricted from using the number provided…..YOU OWE ME! jj :)

    Since moving out of my parents home and getting my own place, dropping the carbs and the dairy has been the easy part.

    Being a coffee bean affictionado, I am finding it SO SO hard to get the same ‘java’ experience I used to when I was drinking it with milk. I know coffee is ok while eating Paleo but I’m wondering if there is any product out there that I can add to my coffee that mimics the consistency of a nice ‘Café Con Leche

    Pleaseeeeee – I need coffee to live ~_~

    Additionally, I have been eating Paleo for 3 months now and my Asthma has improved exponetially – I’m fully off one of my puffers (I no longer take 2 puffs twice daily of Flouticasone Prop 125MCG ‘FloVent HFA’). Have you heard from any Paleo Outlaws having their Asthma improve?

  22. Scott says

    Re: #11 Lowered Insulin Use – There is a simple test, C-peptide, to determine how much insulin the pancreas is producing. It’s usually taken right when a diabetic is diagnosed to determine how long their “honeymoon” period is (how much help the pancreas is going to provide by providing small amounts of insulin which will help manage glucose).

  23. DamnDirtyApe says

    Robb, major props to you for your rational views on testosterone usage.

    There is just so much fear-mongering, hypocrisy, misinformation, and junk science floating around it drives me crazy.

    But what else is new coming from the same media/experts who pushed “healthy” grains, low-fat, and high vegetable oil diets for 30+ years now.

    While “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” is an excellent documentary, it only just scratches the surface on how insane the hypocritical hysteria concerning performance-enhancing / life extension drug use has become in America.

    Don’t ever be pressured to tow the PC line on controversial subjects. If you have a libertarian streak, don’t hide it! Just lay out the facts and your own experiences, and people will either accept it or they wont.

    • says

      Thanks man, I appreciate it. The puritanical approach to drugs in the US is baffling to me. I was really pulling for prop 19 in california. Because I’m a stoner? No, because I’d rather collect taxes on the stuff vs fund drug dealers.

  24. DayshineOT says

    Hi there,

    I am a pediatric occupational therapist and my bachelors was in child and family development. I do visits in many types of facilities that let or even request that families bring their child’s lunch/snack. For sure you can’t control everything but there are a lot of good places out there.

    Every state has a child care resource and referral agency the one for IL is:

    Also, the National Association for the Education of young children sets child care standards. A child care center that attains certification is of good quality overall for infant and toddler development. You can find more information here:

    I hope this is able to round out your search for daycare information. DayshineOT

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