Paleolithic Solution Seminar: Team CrossFit Academy-Monrovia, CA!!

Thank you so much to the folks who attended the PSS wing-ding this weekend! Also a huge thank you to the folks at Team CrossFit Academy. They run an outstanding program that includes Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, competitive endurance teams and a remarkable number of community outreach programs. They are true strength & conditioning professionals…this is what they do for a living and it shows in their programs.

Next stop:

Brooklyn, NY!!

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Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation

Have you heard about the Paleo diet and were curious about how to get started? Or maybe you’ve been trying Paleo for a while but have questions or aren’t sure what the right exercise program is for you? Or maybe you just want a 30-day meal plan and shopping list to make things easier? Then Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Paleo Transformation is for you.


  1. says

    Hey, one of they guys from our box was there…he’s right behind you and off to your left. Way to go Mark! He has really embraced the Paleo way. We had other people who were bummed because they wanted to go but didn’t know about it in time. I said no worries, cause we were going to get you in to do a seminar at our box.

    Thanks for all the good things you do Robb.

  2. says

    Robb, This weekend was fantastic! Those of us who were at the cert last year all agreed that the amount of new information and you’ve added was invaluable. Just hearing so much about cortisol and our community was worth the price of admission. Thank you again for everything!

    And as for Nicki, she truly is brilliant as well as kind and generous, with both her time and knowledge. You make an excellent team!

  3. Sean R says

    Thanks for the amazing seminar. I’ve go the book on pre-order- doing my part to make it a week 1 best-seller.

    If you get a chance, I meant to ask you your opinion on adding a liquid protein (either whey of egg) to a real meal. John Sheaffer was recommending it for people who were having problems meeting their protein need for growing. Will the solid food diffuse the nastiness of it being a liquid, or is the increased surface-are still going to be detrimental? I get that it will depend on the specific goals- if you have a second to respond here or on the podcast, it would be appreciated.

    Thanks again. Hope to see you back at Team CrossFit Academy soon.

  4. Shannon Franklin says

    Hey Robb,

    Thanks so much for your brilliant talk Saturday. I am poring through your book, laughing and studying. I am very excited to bring this news back to my clients.

    Marc, the lady in the center is my client, Rosa. She is not terrified. Rather, she just had hip surgery a few days earlier, and was in a little bit of pain.

  5. says

    Hey Robb!

    The seminar was fantastic and I loved the new material. It was most definitely worth the trip to come and see you. As I mentioned, you’ve been an inspiration in my life and I’m sure to so many others. I have a sneaking suspicion you’re going to be pretty famous soon, so I feel fortunate to be a part of the movement. I pimped your book on my blog and asked reader’s to write reviews on the canadian sites:
    Make sure you include a Toronto date on your book tour and hopefully I’ll see you again soon!

    • says

      You are too kind. I’m glad I’ve played a small part in all this…very excited for where it will all go and to see you hooligans in Toronto.

  6. Sean R says

    I’ll take that as “man up and attack the mastodon worth of meat.” I’m on top of it. Thanks again!

  7. Shannon Franklin says

    Hey Robb,

    I’ve been promoting your book like mad to my clients too–fully expect many day one sales. Is it okay if I quote a few sections from your lecture on my blog, so long as I give you the well-deserved credit? Please let me know.

  8. says

    My notes from your great presentation in Monrovia are sketchy for fear I’d miss something you were saying. Regarding “no liquid meals,” I asked about drinking a fruit smoothie rather than eating the whole fruit prior to blending. Please elaborate on the reasoning for not blending fruit, I’m unclear what’s being lost by adding ice and protein powder to “liquid” fruit.

    • says

      Bob! No liquid foods if fat loss is the goal. Increased surface area(liquids) play he’ll with insulin. Remember the sawmill analogy?

      Eat your fruit, ditch the protein powder.

  9. Shannon says

    I used the fish oil calculator and found myself needing .75/lb of BW = 19 fish oil capsules of my el cheapo brand.

    Embarrassing to admit, but most “came out” as went in. Normal, or am I taking too much?

    I just got over a cold and have some gut inflammation–docs hunch is diverticulitis, but tests haven’t come back.

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