The Paleolithic Solution – Episode 13

Alright so we both have headsets, the audio levels are solid, and no reverb – it is almost utopia (Food is also falling from trees in  30-30-40 ratios)!  There is a little clicking because Robb kept moving his laptop around, but he is now straight that getting excited about a topic with a laptop in his lap leads to all types of funny noises.  We will get this all figured out!

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Here is that link to the picture of the twin brothers that Art Devany originally highlighted.

Show Topics:

  1. Precision Nutrition Gluten Intolerance
  2. Training & Genetics
  3. Long MetCons
  4. Lack of Weight Loss on Paleo
  5. Too Much Weight Loss on Paleo / Vegetarian Can’t Stomach Meat
  6. Best Oils to Cook In / Is Nitrite Free Meat Worth It?
  7. Vinegar
  8. 1 Gram Of Protein Per Pound of Bodyweight
  9. Diverticulitis
  10. Lack of Vitamins/Minerals/Antioxidants on Paleo Low Carb
  11. Paleo Minus Meat & Headaches
  12. Women, Crossfit, & Estrogen

Show Notes – The_Paleolithic_Solution_Episode_13

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Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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  1. ben green says

    WHEN DO YOU GET THE BOOK!!! also, can I pay like a dollar or something and get a transcript of these? might be worth paying someone to do. i have some free time.

  2. Chris says


    In a previous podcast Andy mentioned that he switched from ZMA to Natural Calm. As I’m almost out of ZMA and was contemplating a switch myself, I’ve got a couple questions I was hoping one of you might be able to answer. Since ZMA is zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-6 and Natural Calm is just magnesium, are you supplementing the zinc and B-6 individually? If so, would you recommend just taking B-6 or going with a B-complex like Jarrow’s B-Right?

    If you would rather address this in the supplement podcast, that’s fine.

  3. Tim says

    Robb and Andy great pod cast! Love the new and improved no fidget sounds from Robb, but Andy could move the mic away from mouth or cover it to remove spiting sounds… Question, Robb you said around minute 50 in the cast that “fat in the mixed diet synergistically increased insulin response”.
    I must not have been listening correctly in the “cert.” that you did at Crossfit Oahu or some new info is out that i missed, what’s the scoop?
    Mahalo for the great info always
    Listener #9

  4. Madison says

    Love the podcasts. I guess I’m listener #7!
    I was wondering if it matters when (time of day) certain supplements are taken (Zinc, Magnesium, Vit D). There is a lot of contradicting info out there. Also if they can be taken together or if they should be spaced out.


  5. Josh says


    Love what you and Andy are doing with the Podcasts! Great stuff! I was wondering if you have any experience with or any knowledge pertaining to paleolic nutrition and IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My girlfriend suffers from IBS and has a very hard time with digesting a braud spectrum of foods. It seems as though the Doctors answers are just muscle relaxers. She is a very fit Division one college golfer who tends to eat fairly healthy and exercises regularly. Just wondering if there has been any research that could help us. Thanks for your time, and keep up the great work. Love the podcasts!


  6. Kari O. says

    Robb – Can you spell out the 2 supplements you recommended for Sarah regarding the Quad-oriented Fat deposition (due to Estrogen / liver detox)?

  7. Darren says

    Shweeeeet! Thanks for the answer Robb. Just an update, have been running now for a month on the schedule I described, Wendler and the 10-15 minute WODS 4x a week, never over 15 min, mostly 5-10 min domain. Lost around 8-10 pounds, from the looks of it all around the midsection. Clothes definetely looser. PR’d in a push jerk 1 RM test a week ago by 11lbs (255), look leaner, you could crash a 747 outside my bedroom window and I would sleep through it (8.5 hours a night avg over the past few weeks, generally wake up without an alarm, some naps here and there too), WOD times coming down, feel great in general. Been eating a “Mat Lalonde” style diet, just inhaling meat like a man possesed, green and cruciferous veggies, and tons of avocado, coconut ,coconut milk, 85% dark choc and olive/fish oil etc. Feel awesome on this. Really like the suggestion re: the 30 minutes of unstructured “cardio” ie weight vest hike, tire flip. Any more suggestions for this? Will sub one of the CF Football WOD’s with this and see how I go. Yeah, looking back, think I got sucked into the whole “work capacity across broad time….” definition and I was trying to get “EQUAL work capacity across EVERY time and EVERY modal domain” which is just not realistic. Had thoughts at one point of going the CF games route but if that route = me getting fatter, weaker and not playing to my strengths (power oriented stuff), got no interest. Got my sights on 600 dead, 500 squat and 250 strict press as my goals going forward, gonna work the “metcon” side of things around this. As you guys mentioned, I have figured out what animal I am and I am going to really push that as far as I can, with 1 longer WOD a month just to cover that angle. Hey, maybe we can do a CF Football Games some day so us gorillas can have our day in the sun! Thanks again Robb and Andy, will update again end of March on how I am going. Shake and bake!

    • says

      I like it. If you have access to a heavy bag some kicking an punching for a half hour is a nice, low-impact GPP as well. Wrap wrists! Break one of those and things will NOT move forward well.

      You have the potential to develop into a not bad strength athlete…I’d ride that till the wheels fall off! Keep us posted.

  8. says

    In regards to the 180 degrees site, my first question when they start complaining about how a low-carb diet is to ask “what did you all eat this week?” Post a day by day listing of everything you ate and drank during a week and then perhaps people can get an idea as to what could be causing issues for you. Posing any relevant medical conditions you have is also helpful.

  9. Jared says

    Rob, I was wondering if there was a way to measure if a certain meal spiked insulin? Maybe using the meters that diabetics use? like measuring ur blood sugar after a meal? For example if someone was trying to figure out if fruit in a meal was giving to much of an insulin response and was preventing fat loss….

    So basically, rather than following a diet for a period of time, and then making the discovery that the fruit in your meals is preventing fat loss ( and losing those months you could have been making progress) , you could possibly measure your insulin response to various meals??? I hope this makes sense…

  10. Listener #8 says

    Hey Robb,

    A friend of mine was diagnosed with a kind of thyroid cancer last year and has been following the ‘Gerson Method’ to fight it. She claims her tumor has shrunk from a golf ball size to about the size of a marble. I don’t believe there have been any actual studies on the Gerson Method, and it seems to involve some weird things like coffee enemas and a lot of juicing, but it does promote fruits and veggies and a more ‘natural’ diet for the most part. What’s your take on this and how it relates to the Paleo diet? Could drinking a shit ton of juice really concentrate the vitamins to help ‘fight the cancer’? Here’s atleast one link reference…


  11. Eric says

    I haven’t listened to the Podcast yet (I will Friday on a long car ride!), but I was wondering if Diverticulitis has similar issues to Crohn’s disease?

    Also, what are your thoughts on Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint? Got his book as a gift & just started in on it. Not quite Paleo, but close?

    Great job on the podcasts, I look forward to listenting to each one.

    • says

      Diverticulitis have similar pathologies and similar solutions. Decrease stress, and environmental irritants.

      Mark’s book is great, highly recommend it.

  12. says

    Loving the better audio, thanks! Now, at the risk of being really greedy, any chance we can get some timestamps added to the topic list? Benefit to us is that we can go directly to the topics we’re most interested in; benefit to you is that it’d work like a citation for folks who mention your podcast on their blogs or Twitter. Just a thought!

  13. says

    Dang, I wanted to be listener #13…

    31:00 – Cannot agree more about this section on the “outta body experience.” Being “front and center” has become one of the 5 pillars of what we do here. We call it “Knowledge: Development of strategic athletic movement (requires both a movement vocabulary and an understanding of the physiological constraints of athleticism).” We might have to wordsmith that but super glad you mentioned this in your podcast.

  14. Mark says

    Hey Robb,
    Just wondering about intake levels to lose body fat. I’m not looking for a calorie calculation, but more of a biological answer. Would it be a safe assumption that with a protein intake of at least 1 gram per pound of bodyweight and about 50g to 75 g of carbs to support brain functions, that the body would have what it needs to support it’s lean mass and general functions? I don’t include fats because there will be some with the protein sources and after getting EFAs from a supplement, I think anything extra would be counter-productive if fat loss is the goal. I workout at home, doing mostly bodyweight movements. Basically, not looking for a block prescription but more so what my body needs and then eating anything more than that would, in theory, go to fat or be used to build muscle. Does this make sense? I think it’s easier to plug food in online and see where I am, than to count blocks everyday. Thanks Robb.

  15. Mark says

    I just wanted to clarify that performance is not the goal here. Just getting lean without losing all of my muscle is. I realize that performance will most likely suffer. Like everyone says, once lean, then food intake and PWO fueling can be adjusted to increase performance and mass if desired. I think it is a different way to look at things when counting food intake that might make more sense. Thanks again Robb.

  16. says

    More detail on the estrogen stuff please! Also wondering why you’d recommend those supplements (whatever they are) over a bit of bioidentical progesterone (or herbs, but we won’t go there).

    • says

      Those products just help with normal estrogen detox. tough to screw up. If the individual has estrogen excess hammering more progesterone is only going to cover the problem IMO AND most folks do not know how to monitor bioidentical hormones.

  17. Jared says

    One more question:

    Was the liquid post workout meal off limits for somoene that having trouble leaning out?? ( Referencing the whey protein + coconut milk +cocoa powder shake you’ve described in earlier posts)

  18. says

    This is way off the topic of training, but Paleo-related (and this seems like a reasonable way of letting Paleo-minded folks know): if any of you listeners are in the Boston area, there is a potentially interesting/infuriating (but certainly free) lecture being held next Thursday, 2/11, 6pm, at the Harvard Museum of Natural History: “Where Our Food Comes From: The Origins of Agriculture.” From the link, click “Lectures, classes + events” from the site’s menu bar.

  19. Jad says

    Regarding IBS, there are many things about a Paleo diet that are helpful (grain free, high omega 3, wholefoods etc) but the thing that is getting most attention lately in IBS circles is Fructose Malabsorption.
    Avoiding foods high in free fructose (not necessarily sucrose) and Fructans (longer chains of fructose) has brought about dramatic relief in many people researched in both IBS symptoms and mood.
    Sue Shephard (shepherd?) a dietician in my city (Melbourne) has done lots of research into this. Google her name and fructose and you will get some great links. Some foods restricted are paleo, and some certainly arent e.g. high fructose corn syrup and wheat (contains fructans).
    Wikipedia has a great entry on it too.

    Breath testing is the only way to medically diagnose it, but there is no harm trying the dietary avoidance for a few weeks and seeing how you feel.
    Some foods may surprise you – onions, honey, asparagus, pears and apples are all big no no’s. But other fruits like citrus, ripe bananas and berries are ok in small amounts.
    I really urge any sufferers of IBS to read up on it. Sue’s latest research shows up to 30% of the caucasion population studied has fructose malabsorption and half of those will present with symptoms of IBS.
    Free fructose in the gut and resultant bacterial overgrowth inhibits absporption of zinc, tryptophan and messes with your folate levels increasing risk of depression which is common amongst IBS sufferers (a chicken and egg scenario here too though)
    Hope this post not too long.
    cheers, Jad

  20. says

    In your Podcast and subsequent posting, you outlined an approach whereby one consumes 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight and 13-21 cals total
    per pound of body weight filled in with calories from fat sources , with the total caloric intake range being determined by what phase of loss, gain or maintenance you are in.

    Based on this I have a couple of questions. I am 160 lbs and in a leaning out phase of a completely paleo, ketogenic diet that consists of grass fed beef, other pasture raised meat, loads of greens and that’s about it. I and taking 30-45 grams of Carlson Cod Liver Oil a day. Do you count the calories/fat in fish oil towards daily intake?

    My next question is based on a piece of information I received regarding Coconut Oil and more specifically Medium Chain Triglycerides.
    It was suggested that since MCTs are prioritized as fuel over stored fat (keytones) then they are ideally to be avoided in a leaning out, ketogenic phase.
    I found this hard to swallow because I have long been advised of the great benefits of coconut oil for cooking, thyroid regulation and
    seemingly every other desirable health benefit. So I was wondering if you could help clarify this issue for me; is coconut oil better suited for a maintenance/gain phase,
    or is it ideal in any phase based on the net balance of metabolic regulating properties it seems to contain.

    Thank you for the incredible resources that you provide to the community.

  21. says

    Robb, did you happen to see the Colbert Report last night? There was a guy named John Durant as guest. I’ve never heard of him but maybe you have. He was pushing a paleo-esque diet called “The Caveman Diet”. Had a lot of statements virtually word for word from Cordain (and you).

    View it here:–john-durant the interview starts @ 14:39.

    And he was wearing Vibram five fingers! My personal favorite footwear.

    Steve, CrossFit Denver (listener #3)

    P.S. love the podcasts! I listen to them over and over again in my car to reinforce why I do paleo (reverb and all). We just finished a paleo challenge at my gym. The results were phenomenal. Huge weight loss / body comp changes with amazing gains in benchmark metrics. And we all agreed that level 1 paleo with three cheats was EASY to follow. Virtually everyone is going to continue paleo now (why wouldn’t we). Its almost like there’s something to your pseudoscience. Thanks and keep it up!

  22. Sung says

    Any good sources to buy grass fed meats. Everywhere around here is averaging $20/lb for regular sirloin. I guess I could go ground and that will bring it down to about $8/lb. Thanks.

  23. Sarah says

    Hi Robb and Andy,

    Thank you for touching on the estrogen issues. I hope that some of what you said and suggested may be the answer to why my body comp is so stubborn. Lowering body fat % has been an extreme struggle, despite constant improvements in diet, performance, overall wellbeing, etc. I know starting CrossFit in October 2009 has made a huge impact so far on me and I am sure there has been resulting changes in hormonal levels that have helped with some of my previous problems. I don’t think I’ll be satisfied until I’m able to lean down to where I feel I should be (goodbye estrogen and therefore body fat% and ovarian cysts). I’m looking forward to a sort of plan about the two supplements that you mentioned (which I’ve already ordered). I have been eating Paleo and more recently have gone out to Zoning to see if that would help me finally lose the body fat. I’m trying a 2nd strict set of 3-4 weeks in which I have cut down on my blocks (14 to 12) and am trying my best to keep my fruit/carb intake lower than in January. My first 3 weeks at the Zone were not as beneficial for me as I would have liked. Hopefully watching fruit-carbs combined with the supplements can get things shaking. If anyone has any info on places to check out regarding these types of things, I’m all ears!

    Thank you for constantly providing me with good comebacks to all of my friends/family who THINK they’re eating “well.”


  24. says

    Holy F-balls Robb!

    Good timing on the estrogen issues topic. I’m running 47 folks through a “Paleo Challenge” for 37 days. We’re in week 3, and I’ve got 5 gals who have lost a little mid-section fat, but still have a lot of bodyfat in the hips and thighs.

    My baseline knowledge of this stuff led me to “I think it’s a hormonal thing” (pretty deep huh?), but I didn’t really know where to go from there.

    So thanks for mentioning calcium d-glucerate and Di Indole Methane (and you didn’t put it in your show notes! You know how hard that stuff is to sound out?)

    Unless otherwise directed, I’m ordering some now for my five gals, and I will just follow the directions on the bottles unless you give me some mg/day guidance.

    Also, thanks for answering my questions about the weight loss for the skinny gal and the vegetarian.

    For some more details on the skinny gal, she was not looking/feeling/performing better, and was noticeably below a healthy body weight. She’s been focusing on eating some more and put on a few more pounds, but the guidance to do more fruit and starchy carbs makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks again for great info!

  25. says

    Also, to tie in with my previous comment, I’ve got two guys that haven’t lost weight during the challenge too – and they have a disproportional amount of weight around the guy.

    So a cortisol management guide on top of your estrogen detox guide would be very much appreciated.

  26. Donna says

    Off topic from this particular podcast but podcast-related… I’m not sure where the best place to post this question is…

    Love the podcast. Been doing some catch up so I’m not quite up to speed so please bear with me.
    Bit of background: been crossfitting for 6 months or so now and been moderately paleo (unmeasured) for a while too. I take fish oil but clearly not enough so I am ramping up to approx 0.5g/lb a day. Started to take Vit D and Magnesium as well. 3 weeks ago, got hip flexor pain and I can’t even do regular squat now. Finally saw the doctor, who diagnosed me with bursitis. I also have a ganglion cyst in my wrist that comes and goes.

    Considering that my diet is fairly anti-inflammatory, would taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin help? Should I start taking nightshades out of my diet (since nightshades are supposedly cause an inflammatory response)?

    I did some google searches and no one seems to know the reason for bursitis other than overuse and the cure is always to lay off it…


  27. Kevin Burns says

    Question on the 1lb/bw. How is anyone doing this w/out eating a ridiculous amount of calories. I have been on a low carb diet and just the last few weeks started increasing my protien to try to get near the 1lb/bw. And i’ve been gaining weight !! wtf !! thermic effect ?? I’m starting to doubt that excess protein can make you gain weight.

  28. Brian says

    Love your work Robb and have been following Paleo since hearing you speak at the San Diego Paleobrands seminar. One question regarding Coconut Milk. What are your thoughts on it’s inflammation factor? The only data I could find came from and it shows Coconut Milk as having a very high IF score. I know you’ve mentioned Mat Lalonde would down a can of it a day, not sure if it was the full or lite kind, but does either promote inflammation that we should be concerned about? Any insight would be appreciated as I’m beginning to experiment with it’s inclusion in my diet as another fat source (decided to cut out most raw nut consumption as I felt it was making me a bit bloated.)

  29. says


    IBS is, in my view, one of the most reliably cured disorders. If wheat elimination and sugar reduction don’t do it, you may have to really watch the paleo starches as well – this may require going more VLC paleo like me – in the 5-10% carbs range.


    Thanks for the ultimate endorsement. I need to catch up on the rest of your podcasts.


    I share Robb’s skepticism of Matt Stone’s pseudo-contrarian ideas. I am being polite.

    • says

      I agree on the IBS. In another thread we were just talking the Kitavans but I certainly have better digestion on VLC paloe vs much in the way of yams, squash etc. I honestly think i could eat aobut 4lbs of meat a day and be happy as can be….

  30. Anton Emery says

    Great podcast, as i usual. From a training perspective, i thought point 3 “Long Metcons”, and the discussion around it was spot on. I am currently working out of Joel Jamieson’s Ultimate MMA Conditioning, in conjunction with my jits practice. Its very much like like block periodization you talked about, take an 8 week block, focus on one fitness aspect, in this case aerobic capcity, with a secondary focus on strength work. Then the next 8 week block dovetails into something else. Seems to be working well so far, i can roll jits hard 3 days a week, do my S&C work 3 days a week, and not feel overworked. The aerobic capacity stuff is like you mentioned, longer walks with a weighed vest, rowing, getting on the Airdyne, basically anything where i can keep the heart rate in the 130-150 range. Its actually quite relaxing.


  31. Yakashev says

    Just wondering if anyone has recently been to the zone diet website and looked at their 2 week challenge. Take a gander at the food that comes with. Processed garbo that Searsy should be ashamed of. If I had to choose between pseudo science and pseudo food I’m staying with the Wolf. Stay paleo my friends…..

  32. Lauren says

    On the note of Estrogen, I am currently taking oral contraceptive pills called Necon to be specific. As far as I know an oral contraceptive pills contain high estrogen. Im currently trying to lean out. I have been eating paleo from about 8 months and have had some amazing results. Feeling a lot better in the box and in clothes! What’s your take on oral contraceptive pills? How is this effecting my body? Is this going to hold me back from losing body fat? Should I stop taking it?

    • says

      Only you can make the choice on that but OC’s do make it tough to lean out AND offer some health concerns that are not insignificant. then again, we have 10 people in our gym pregnant…

  33. Ari says

    Hi Robb,

    Love the podcast. I was listening to ep 13 today and then just stumbled across this on conditioning research:

    Sounds exactly like what you and Andy were talking about in reference to a poster with a big and heavy frame, wondering why he couldn’t hack deathcons… anyway…just wanted to point it out…maybe in the future you can develop a costly test to genotype people, that way you can charge people for the free advice you are giving now that people still have trouble with (i.e. How do you look/feel/perform?)…in addition, by charging people, it will only further legitimize your claims!

    I’ll gladly take 5% for generating the idea…

  34. says

    Re bursitis and ganglion cyst.
    I had a bursitis – outer hip area a while back after doing some lunges. My amazing physiotherapist sorted it out. He found muscles imbalances and a tight illeo tibial band contributed to it. Once he’d worked on it all (4 sessions) I have never had a recurrence.

    I had a really large ganglion cyst that had been on my wrist for about 10 years, gradually getting larger and more knobbly – not a nice look. After I went paleo it shrank away completely. Due to thyroid anti-bodies I am also egg and nightshade free.

  35. Donna says

    Robb – I am pretty tight when it comes to cutting out pasta (cut this completely as it never made me feel good before I had even heard of the paleo diet), rice, potatoes, bread (I will take a bite or two when eating out). I have some dairy intake like the occasional latte or (whole) milk in my coffee but I’m no longer drinking glasses of milk. Primary diet is mainly meat/fish/seafood with some veggies (root veggies, peppers, eggplants, squash). Snacks are homemade paleo kits (beef/elk/venison jerky, walnuts/almonds/pistachios/pine nuts, dried cranberries/blueberries/etc. I think I’m not as strict when I eat out since I love trying new foods food and I do eat things for taste… like one piece of a maki roll, beer once in a while,… though I feel it is minimal compared to what I used to do obviously.
    You did touch on sleep… does lack of sleep cause cysts/bursitis? Interesting since my ganglion cyst came back same time of year when I am busiest at work (and using the keyboard intensively at work). Perhaps crossfitting during this time with lack of sleep is contributing to bursitis in other areas?

    • says

      Not to turn this into an Orthorexia deal, but the amount of exposure to some foods is VERY low for certain folks. I’m a prime example of that. you did however flesh some stuff out…more work, some stress, less sleep. All of this impacts insulin sensitivity and can make a sub acute bout of inflammation (bursitis) much worse. More fish oil, Some Natural calm magnesium, vit-d3 and SLEEP will help a ton. Shore up the food to really get as much mileage from that as you can.

      Keep me posted.

  36. Jared says

    Alright, so be wary of the liquid post workout shake while leaning out, thats all I need to hear..

    So now I went back to the first podcast, and you mentioned something about glutamine PWO?? So would I take this by itself, and then wait a half hour to hour to eat a good solid meal like steak and veggies? and then all my bases are covered? I’m not spiking insulin and I have a great start to recovery? Could creatine be mixed in there to? Cant wait to hear ur view on this

  37. Thomas says

    Robb & Andy,

    I’m really getting a ton of great stuff from the podcasts and website. It’s a really a tremendous resource… totally improved the way I train and live in a really short time.

    My fiancée is really stuggling with some GI problems. She *had been* diagnosed with a hiatal hernia by naturopaths, chiropractors, and other quacks for quite some time. Yesterday she was scoped and the doctor said he couldn’t find the problem. We had hoped doing the hiatal operation would fix it, but that’s not an option now. The doctor’s solution was some pill that evidentally can cause permanent Parkinson’s disease. Joy. I guess she’s stuck with the gird diagosis for now. Stress, wine, sweets, spicy food set her off pretty bad for a few days where she experiences pressure and burning just below the sternum. Her diet is close to Paleo, probably could use more protein and less dairy (goat milk and yogurt). She uses kefir products and bio-k (acidophilus) to remedy gird symptoms, and I wonder if that’s putting a band-aid on the problem.

    Have you had any experience with relief or a cure from the gird due to the Paleo diet?

    I’m really sleuthing for some science and magic tricks to sway her to the dark side… My real concern about this is that the “current” food-based gird treatments all try to reduce bile production through very low-fat, no meat, carb diets… essentially quick death. I know that Dr. Cordain lists the gird as disease which the Paleo diet can heal directly, I just don’t see anyone commenting on this topic. I suspect the Paleo line has something to do with carnitine and omega-3’s.

    Many, many thanks,


  38. Kim says

    Hi Robb,

    In regards to estrogen detoxing, is this something beneficial for most people/women or is it pretty dependent on your estrogen levels?

  39. Donna says

    Robb – awesome, thanks very much for your input. I imagine once the work/stress comes back down, I’ll be able to sleep more and all this stuff will hopefully go away. In the meantime, will exercise more will power in the food dept and amp up the fish oil and sleep.

    Julianne – just noticed your post. Thanks for that too. I’m starting my PT next week as prescribed. Hopefully, they’ll be able to fix my muscle imbalance, if that is something I have.

  40. says


    +1 for Paleo solving GERD. I had it BAD in my last few years in the USMC. Lots of coffee and carbs on deployment. When I got out, I would randomly throw up the heartburn was so bad.

    Saw tons of docs, nothing worked.

    Switched to low carb/Paleo, completely symptom free now. I have several folks at my box with the same results.

  41. says

    Robb – have gone through Eades/Cordain/Wiley/etc on estrogen and all I’ve come up with is “decrease insulinimia and you’ll have a better estrogen profile”, which we’ve been doing with my client for several months now.

    There’s some brief discussion in “The 6 Week Cure” by Eades on proper estrogen and progesterone balance, but not a lot of specifics.

    Can you point me in the right direction here as far as further research?

  42. says

    Re joint – bursitis, ganglion cyst.
    The biggest difference for me was being really strict on cutting the grains and legumes. The Zone diet and insulin control and fish oil and vitamin D all made a big difference, but cutting grains was the icing on the cake. I have now had no joint issues for 9 months.

    And – this menstrual cycle I went without painkillers for the first time in 37 years! Totally WOW!

    Oh and cutting eggs which I have recently as a trial (for thyroid antibodies) on top of grains and legumes – constipation completely gone – must have had some reaction to them.

  43. says

    RE Gerd, reflux.
    A nutritionist who posts on another group – for whom I have a lot of respect wrote this – I haven’t checked out these products, but she gets a lot of success for her clients with them.
    ‘For adults, the Natrol Acidophilus biobeads (available in the natrol section
    separate from other probiotics) to be amazing for reflux. They were recommended
    to me by our former Chief of Pharmacy, and i have had great results with
    patients. They are also more reasonably priced than culturelle, and they are
    enteric coated.

    GERD/reflux I have found the combination of the ground seeds (chia or flax) and some kind of
    probiotic beverage to be EXCELLENT for reflux as well.”


  44. miss spinach says

    Robb & Andy

    Thanks for the tip on the DIM and the calcium d-glucarate. I use a little bioidentical progesterone cream for about one week out of the month and it is helpful. But no reason why I should be on this…I’m only 31…

  45. Miss spinach says

    more questions regarding estrogen issues…..

    Robb: what is the dosage for the calcium d-glucarate for estrogen detox?

    Can you direct me to any papers, articles about effects of the synthetic estrogen DES, prescribed to many women in the old days to prevent miscarriage? I’m curious about effects on female grandchildren of women who took this drug. I read something where the eatrogenic effects of soy were almost as bad as DES in the effect on the brain neurotransmitters. Wondering if DES is one of the causes of the so-called “genetic” depression in the women in my family. If soy can do it, I would imagine DES would be worse. Maybe this is also why weight training is like a happy pill for many women….

  46. says

    Did I hear “light at the end of the puked filled tunnel” at the 42:00 mark? Wow. Good luck, Brian. Perhaps, a deal in which you lay out the reasoning of giving up grains and adding seafood would be something a vegetarian could also accept as an introduction to getting more protein.

    Great podcast as always Andy and Robb. I’m listener #9.

  47. Cameron says

    re: sound quality

    I miss the “we’re recording this in a truck stop bathroom” effect that was present in the early shows. So, FWIW, some of us like the rough sound quality.

  48. Rob (not wolf) says

    Sex and alcohol –

    Is there a better time than others to consummate relationships in relation to workouts? I know there is some hormonal release involved somewhere.

    Does gluten free alcohol induce an insulin release? Why can’t responsible drinking be incorporated into a paleo-ish diet. And what macronutrient would you apply the calories to?

  49. Brenna says

    What was that little back and forth about women not being to do pull-ups and Robb saying it’s diet related and Andy disagreeing? So curious.

  50. says

    Robb, Darren from Q3 here. Quick “gee whiz” update
    In last 2 months
    Power Clean PR by 33lb
    Push Jerk PR by 20lb
    HSPU from basically none to sets of 2-3 at a time
    KILLING the power oriented stuff at the gym (top time in the short power oriented stuff most days), have done a few long metcons (2-3 in the past 2-3 months) and to be honest, I dont think I have lost anything in these, if I have its 4-5%. Not a big difference at all.

    Take away for me? EXECUTE ON YOUR DNA!


  51. DayshineOT says

    Hello all,

    One other option for the vegetarian who is throwing up could be some sensory processing issues. I’m a pediatric occupational therapist and I work with a lot of kids that have oral motor and oral sensory issues with foods, often times meats. It is a mixture of strength and motor control of the mouth for chewing, tactile/touch sensitivities or extreme lack of awareness of food in the mouth, and parent desires to get something, anything! in them. (A lot of these kiddos subsist on goldfish, fries, and chicken nuggets. NOT Kidding! Surprisingly, (ok, not to me and others who will read this here;) one of the strategies for sensory regulation is MOVEMENT and HEAVY WORK! 😉

    Anyway, I say all that to get to the fact that, as these kids mature they develop behaviors around eating, or food refusals of some textures (i.e. meat). Along with addressing the psychological aspect she may want to look for an OT who works with sensory processing issues to help her.

    Just a thought. D

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