Black Box Summit Part Deux!!!

The site is up, all the logistics have been hammered out! The second incarnation of the Black Box Summit will go down at Catalyst Athletics on April 24 & 25.

The Speakers

Michael Rutherford, Greg & Aimee Everett, James Fitzgerald, Dutch Lowy, Nicki Violetti and they even let me in there again on an Affirmative Action clause (Sarcopenic biochemist with a predilection for Thai food).

Who Should Go?

Well…anyone who takes coaching, effective nutrition, or running a gym seriously. You can read the CV’s on these folks at the Black Box site but here are some thoughts I have:

Michael Rutherford has worked in strength & conditioning for…several presidential terms in capacities ranging from cardiac rehab in an urban hospital setting to running a gargantuan Boot Camp program. Interested in coaching large groupd functional fitness classes better? Rut “might” have some insights on that as well as effective periodized strength training in a mixed modal setting.

Greg and Aimee, in addition to being competitive Olympic Weightlifters, have distinguished themselves as being some of the most sought after S&C coaches in northern California. If you peruse their site you might see a few notable athletes training at their place. Why do these athletes train with Greg & Aimee? Two reasons: 1-Greg’s ubiquitous Family Guy and News Radio references. 2-Greg & Aimee’s ability to help good athletes become great.

James Fitzgerald. Winner of the first CrossFit Games, national Level Soccer player, owner of SEVERAL highly successful gyms. Want to improve everything from business systems to nutrition to client retention? James has rems of information on these and many other topics. I think I have also noticed that Lotus Blossoms spring up where James treads. THAT is cool, but WEIRD.

Nicki Violetti. About 7 years ago Nicki Violetti hung a shingle in Chico California and founded the 4th CrossFit affiliate. She developed outstanding business systems as well as trainer and client training protocols which have not only grown NorCal Strength & Conditioning to the point it will expand to perhaps 2 new cities in 2010 (stay tuned for that) her gym has also ben recognized as one of the Top 30 Gyms in America. Nicki also developed the highly popular On Ramp curriculum many gyms have found to be very helpful in developing clients as well as forming the basis of business systems.

Me. Well, I just pull stuff out of my fanny and spew pseudo-science.

The attendees of the first Black Box Summit seemed to be unanimous in the sentiment that the information was HIGHLY valuable,  that they could go home and enact changes that would benefit them immediately. The coolest thing for me at the first BBS was that when I was not presenting, I was taking notes on the other presenters. I took material home that we put into our curriculum immediately after the event.


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  1. Christina says

    Nikki got NorCal going? For some reason, I thought it was a joint venture. That you guys just appeared from Seattle and decided to open one in Chico. That’s freakin awesome!!! She tells you how to lift without killing yourself and you offer the nutrition part. That’s pretty good team work. On Ramp save my life. Seriously!!! Without it, I probably would have already injured myself and quit because of lost motivation while trying to heal. It’s taught me to calm down, take my time and do it right. The funny part is that it’s also made me more critical of watching other peoples lifting forms. :o)

  2. says

    Hellsss Yessss!!!

    Can’t wait to attend again. I took so much information home from the first one and implemented amazing changes at One World. The gym is a better place because of the BBS.

    Really want to pick Rut’s brain about boot camp this time around. We are starting that at our gym too.

    • says

      It’s going to be AWESOME!! I think between RUT’s bootcamp experience and Nicki’s ON-Ramp curriculum you have some amazing options for dedicated points of entry, and a means of stratifying the skill/fitness levels of a class. That extra organization REALLY helps the client experience and simplifies the management of the gym.

      Can’t wait!!

  3. luis says

    I know a really good thai place in downtown sunnyvale about 5-10 minutes from catalyst. Its called thai basil. Go check it out.

  4. Christina says

    She must have thought you had a great head of hair. LOL. Jkg. Gosh, well how come she doesn’t do her own book too? Maybe some monthly talks or seminars on lifting, etc….BTW, when is your book due to release? Last I heard you also said something about your birthday/book release shindig.

    • says

      We are looking at 3-4 per year, on west coast, one central, 1 east coast. Just rotating on that schedule. So after the April gig it will be time for the East coast.

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