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Erica’s post is a good one for information, a tragic one given what she and her family are going through. Thank you Erica for the post, here that is along with my response. This is from the Paleo Vs. Type 1 Diabetes post. I felt it was an important update and wanted to make sure folks saw it. I have a trick one; my daughter is a newly diagnosed Type 1, I have Crohn’s and my mother just died in horrible health with long term SJogren’s and RA. My daugter has celiac too and is currently due to intestinal inflammation of unknown origin which has been diagnosed as Eosinophilic Esophagitis, is on a diet restricted from Soy, dairy, eggs, nuts and fish and shellfish. She is back on soy, having some abdominal symptoms, but she always seems to. I wonder if you could suggest alternate good fat foods than nuts right now? I’m thinking avocadoes and coconuts, we do a lot of coconut for dairy replacement. Any suggestions? This has been a devastating year for her health, and now we are high on carbs, rice and corn, but I’m considering going paleo very soon. She is starting to have trouble concentrating in school which was not the case before, and b. glucose levels are out of control. I just finished Bernstein and think with my own Crohn’s issues, that there may be something to the diet issue. My dad will fight me on the ketosis versus DKA issue, but I’m willing to try it.

Do YOU,  as a type this, have any advice to offer? Should we put the eggs and nuts back in (she is severely allergic to peanuts and I suspect that allergy may make her intolerant to soy as well, as a legume)…?

Erika, Tucson (daugther aged 10, diagnosed Type 1 last year)

What I’d do.
1-I’d go straight paleo. Remove the soy, rice etc. Minimal to no fruit…if she is celiac she will have a hell of a time with fructose. Carbs are from well cooked yams, sweet potatoes and squash. Well cooked being easily mashed with a fork, baking or pressure cooking works great for this. Keep eggs, nuts and common allergens out for a while (month or longer). Use grassfed meat if you can get it. Coconut is great if it’s well tolerated.

2-Supplement with fish oil (this is a time for some kind of ultra pure variety like Nordic Naturals…they have some flavored versions she will likely handle well. 4-8g/day, again as tolerated.

3-Supplement with ox bile. Try to get 1-2 caps with each meal, make each meal have some coconut oil and fish oil if possible. Her GI tract will not absorb fats efficiently for while and this will help.

4-Make sure sleep is as good as it can be.




I’m going to drop this in on the front page so folks can see this more prominently. If you give this a shot please do keep in touch and let me know how it goes.

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  1. Ben Wheeler says

    Robb, you kick ass brother! Keep up the good work! Let’s hope they take your advice and her daughter gets better soon!

  2. says


    Erika, get as compliant as you possibly can and good luck! Keep us all posted as we’re rooting for you and your daughter.

    Robb, any word for us for 09 or early 2010????

    Great changes and looking forward to the book previews!! Nicki’s site is rocking as well!

    You two are great!

    I’ll double check that…pretty sure it’s this year!

  3. Justin says

    Good luck with the book and if this question is best answered in that forum, no worries:
    You’ve written a lot about post-wod nutrition, but what about pre-wod?
    1) from a performance perspective, what’s ideal?
    2) from an insulin sensitivity perspective, what, if anything, is ideal?

    Thanks, keep swinging for the fences

    1-Anything that allows FOR higher intensity training. This will vary from person to person and situation. This is really just something to tinker with…no solid rule here.
    2-Fasting is best for insulin sensitivity, short of that a bit of protein…say 20g is pretty good.

  4. Fate says

    Best of luck Erika, I really hope your daughter’s health improves.

    One question Robb. What’s the purpose of the ox bile?
    It aids in digestion/absorption.

  5. Clay says

    I went out and bought some Nordic Naturals fish oil after reading this. They recommend 1 tsp a day. Is this enough? If I need more can I take it all at once or does it haveto be spreadout? Thanks, and by the way I like the new site.

    Clay- If its fish oil you can take upwards of 20g/day. If it’s Cod Liver oil you need to stick at around 1-2 tablespoons. Spread those doses out a bit, not all at once!!

  6. Faith says

    Thanks Robb for the nutrition seminar last weekend in Montrose CO. Lots of awesome information! Coffee, bacon….. Looking forward to seeing you again in Ouray in August!

    I saw that nut flour is on the OK list but I don’t know what the heck to do with it. I tried to google some recipes but everything I found included some other banned substance. Does anyone have any recipes to share?

    Thanks again. Love the site and info, and Nicki’s blog, too.

    Faith! We had a great time, cannot wait to come back! Check out Scotty’s cook book, I’m pretty sure it has some goodies with nut flour.

  7. Adrienne says

    This is awesome stuff. I too have a 14 year old son diagnosed with Eosinophilia Eosoghagitis. Thru all the Gastrointestinal Specialist and Allergy Doctors, drugs, steroids and such…no luck. Since his diet has gone Paleo and we have removed most grains and legumes and added high dose fish oil per Dr. Sears protocol…what to you know.??? He is doing much better. I truely believe that diet is the basis for wellness and fitness. He can even pull off 10 kipping pull ups and hit home runs on the Babe Ruth Field. Keep the good info coming.

  8. Steve in Indiana says

    Steve in Indiana says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    February 16, 2012 at 2:10 am
    Yes, I have tried. Started in mid-November after terrible blood results. A1C was at 8% with a estimated average glucose of 183. Type II diabetic.

    Now, I want to preface all of this with going 85-95% raw food with tons of veggies and juicing. I had bad blood results two years prior and believed the whole raw thing was the answer. Problem was I didn’t track my glucose and ended up with the above.

    MY doctor wanted me on oral meds (mediphorm) immediately, as to which I refused. He also wanted me on cholesteral meds. which I also said no. I told him I wanted 90 days to try diet and exercise. It was at this point I stumbled on the Paleo diet. Read all I could, and finally bought the book.

    I have to admit I cheated a lot. But, I did stick reasonably close the first couple of months. But, that also entailed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Super bowl cheating as well as two weeks vacation with lots of cheating.

    I did however start weight lifting the first two months and then cardio for about three weeks before my blood work. Now the results, and you tell me if it works.

    November A1C 8% Ave. Glucose 183 February A1c7.3% Ave Glucose 163
    Cholesteral 249 Cholesteral 207
    LDL 149 LDL 124
    HDL 59 HDL 60
    Cholesteral/HDL ratio 4.22 Cholesteral/HDL ratio 3.45
    Triglycerides 204 Triglycerides 113

    As of today 2/15/12 my 7 day average glucose which includes fasting and two post meal (2 hours after) checks are 7-day 120, 14-day 125, and 30-day 132. This is outstanding. I do need my fasting to go down some, but many of my post meal checks fall under 100, and rarely do my fasting numbers exceed 115. They have dropped rapidly this past 3 weeks.

    Taco bell and chips will kill the diet. I know! I am convinced this works, and expect for a total turn around by my next three month check.

    By the way, the intern that came in before my doctor looked at my results and told me how good they were. The medications must be working. I said, “I’m not on meds. this is all diet and exercise. He lost his enthusiasm and said, well the doctor will probably want to start you on an oral to get this down. Hmm, was happy how well the drugs were working until he found out my drug of choice was food and exercise. My doctor however, was pretty pleased, and said you must have worked hard. I said, wait til the next check and see where my results will be.

    Oh well, chalk one up for Paleo and down to the big drug companies.

    I hope this inspires othe type II’s to try it. I’ll post again in the middle of May.


    You can contact me at

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