Imagine a meal with three ingredients…that is one of the best meals you have ever eaten. Crack, heroin and Vodka do not count.

Nicki and I were shopping at Costco the other evening and we were both hungry and tired. What to do? She noticed a large bag of red, yellow and orange bell peppers. We had pork loin (one of the leanest cuts of meat available. Comparable to Chicken breast) and olive oil. She had an idea from her travels in Italy:Pepperonata.

I sliced 10 oz. of pork loin into long, very thin strips and started these cooking in a large amount of olive oil. The heat was on medium. I sliced about 9 large bell peppers into thin slices and added these to the pork. I cooked the whole concoction down until the peppers were melting and most of the water was removed. The sugars from the peppers were released and the dish was amazingly sweet and filling. 1/4 bottle of olive oil will do that I guess! Total cooking time was 30 minutes but most of that was just easy simmering that required little monitoring.

Give it a go!


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  1. says

    Sounds awesome Robb. I’ll be picking up some peppers at the farmer’s market this weekend and giving this a try. So there are no spices or anything other than peppers, pork, and olive oil?

    Scott Kustes

    That’s It! Easy as can be!

  2. says

    Although peppers are in the nightshade family, I still have to give this one a go. Looks too easy and tasty to pass up. Thanks for the recipe Robb.

    Right on Steve!
    I have never noticed a problem with night shades but I tend to cycle my intake. Loads in the summer, not so much in the rest of the year.

  3. Kim Dowse says

    Earlier today I stopped by TJ’s…they had organic red peppers 2 for $2.69; so I picked up 8 of them. Happened to read your post about an hour ago (how fortuitous) and decided to give the pepperonata a go. I made mine with turkey breast…holy crap it was awesome. The sauteed peppers were super sweet. Great recipe!

    Thanks Kim!
    Nicki Gets all the credit for this one!

  4. Dave Fobare says

    You cut the pork loin into “long, very thin strips”? From that picture it looks like more like chunks than strips. And long thin strips would mean you cut with the grain, rather than against, right?

    Looking forward to your exposition of El Pato. Grabbed my first two cans from local store yesterday.


    The pork loin cooked down a bunchand the original cuts were over an inch thick…they do look a little stubby!
    I will get on the El Pato post!

  5. Renae says


    Just wanted to let you know that I made this for myself for dinner tonight and it was (as expected) delicious! Though an equally good part is the easy clean up – cutting board, knife, pan, bowl, and spoon. I have come up with more and more easy meals like this since starting paleo. I’ll eat the leftovers before my first (on-ramp) crossfit session tomorrow.

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