Broccoli Basil Scramble


Sorry for the dearth of recipes lately. I have a pretty good back log of photos but I have really been hammering on the Thrifty Gene post and recently a post on cancer and ketosis…that should be done tomorrow.

The scramble has some interesting characteristics: 2lbs of broccoli, 8 eggs and a giant wad of basil. I think Nicki and i had more green vegetable matter in this one meal than most vegetarians have in a week. I added in some apple wood smoked bacon to avoid green food overload! The recipe was super simple:

Rinse the broccoli and dice finely. Head, stem, the whole works. Saute in a pan on high for ~5 min or until broccoli is al dente. While the broccoli cooks take a giant wad of fresh basil and chop it finely. Stem, leaves…again the whole works. throw this into a bowl with 8-12 scrambled eggs. Mix thoroughly and then add to the broccoli. Turn the concoction frequently and cook thoroughly. Serve with espresso and bacon.


This was a quick, delicious breakfast that provided loads of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, antioxidants etc. Low carb does not mean no vegetable matter and good food is NOT time intensive.

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  1. aaron says

    hey robb! we sat at the same table at scott and rochelle’s wedding. i stumbled across your blog and just made this recipe. i added:

    -diced onion
    -toasted pine nuts
    -diced bacon in the scramble

    super good. thanks for the recipe!


    Hey Aaron!
    Great to hear form you! If you snap a photo of the remake please shoot it my way:
    robb at

  2. says

    Robb, have you ever heard of the book Fiber Menace? Very interesting, you should check it out.

    I have not checked it out. Is this along the lines of Dr. Eades from a few weeks ago talking about gut irritation from excessive fiber? Interesting.

  3. RP says

    Robb, Found your place thru Coach Rut’s site. Great posts. I’m a food junkie and love broccoli w/ eggs, great new twist with basil. Thanks, RP

    thanks RP!

  4. Javier Gomez says

    I made a similar dish using fresh brussel sprouts and spinach in addition to the broccoli. I added a little garlic as well. Keep the recipes coming.

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