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Kelp is the New Kale

I have to share with you how much I love eating kelp. You can buy it in the dehydrated form in many health food stores, but recently I got to try some raw kelp in a slaw and it was so much better. Kelp has been a staple for thousands Read more…

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5 Reasons to Switch to Pastured Pork

Robb and I have become great friends over the last few years, bonding over nutrition, sustainability, and sometimes, moonshine. I recently asked him what was going on with the Liberty Gardens section of the website and he admitted that he needed “someone” to take it on. Well, I’m going to Read more…

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Farm to Gym Challenge: Liberation from the Industrial Food System

Hey folks! I’m really excited to try to charge you all up about this idea I’ve got at the end of this post. As part of the Ancestral Health Symposium for 2013, nutritionist, farmer, and author Diana Rodgers and I did a presentation called, “Liberation from the Industrial Food System”. Read more…

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top 10 list 2010-resized-600

Top 10 In Paleo 2012 – The Top Buzz From the Year that Was

It’s been another exciting and groundbreaking year in the paleo world, and like last year, we’ve rounded-up the top 10 paleo highlights from the past 365 days.  If you’ve been a hardcore paleo follower all year, reminisce on all the paleo goodness that was; and if you’re relatively new to Read more…

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Locally-grown cherry tomatoes at the Charlottesville, Va. farmers market

Help protect our right to clean, safe food

What we are facing is a governmental structure that says it is here to “protect us” (in this case the USDA inspection of food) but is in fact concerned only with expanding it’s power and cutting us off from any hope of self sufficiency or a food network that is not under the thumb of the FDA, USDA and affiliated stooges. This is not conspiracy theory, tin-foil hat stuff. This is federal agents with body-armor and weaponry appropriate for room clearing in Afghanistan, taking down family farms offering raw milk and fresh vegetables.

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Reconnect with your “Ecological Umbilical” at Polyface Farm

At the Ancestral Health Symposium at Harvard University this past weekend, Joel Salatin gave an inspirational keynote speech that encouraged us all to reconnect with our ecological umbilicals. Joel wants to re-establish historical normalcy in our food supply, as well as in our greater culture, by making use of innovative Read more…

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Meal Management Theory

I had a boss once who used to drive me nuts. One day he gave me three tasks. My response was, “What is the priority of these tasks? Which one should I do first?” He would say, “Matt, they’re all important.” Even though I hounded him about it, he wouldn’t Read more…

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Buck Deer

My Strategy for Dealing with Deer on the Farm

Post Written by Tim Huntley Where we live, deer are as common as dogs, so keeping them out of the vegetables is an issue that every local farmer or gardener must address.  After doing a lot of research and talking to other farmers, I decided to tackle the problem from Read more…

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A Flock of Fowl: Keeping Backyard Chickens

For the past six years, my family and I have owned a few backyard chickens, and by a few, I mean anywhere from 6 to over 100.  We primarily keep them because we eat a lot of eggs; however we have also raised and butchered some for meat.  If you Read more…

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Daisy and Penny

The Grass is Greener, but the Weeds are Taller

Often, as visitors come to the farm for the first time, they make a comment about how beautiful things are, and in general, I agree.  A dairy cow with her calf, fifty or so chickens scratching in the dirt, a few hives of honeybees, and a bounty of garden produce Read more…

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