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30 Challenges In 30 Days – Day 27

Day 27 Challenge: Tonight, 1 hour before bed – turn off the TV, computer, tablet, phone and any other form of artificial light. Instead, relax by reading a real book with pages (yes, they still make these…), do a crossword puzzle, journal, talk to your family or just zone out. Read more…

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The ‘F’ Word…

“One of these days that mouth is gonna get you in trouble.” To say that this phrase is one that I’m familiar with would be the understatement of the century.  Yeah, let’s just say that I can tell you what flavor and type of soap tastes the best (yes, I Read more…

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Why Am I STILL Broken???

We’re gonna start this mini-novel with a story about someone that I know very well (total nutcase, seriously).  This individual has been Paleo for about 3-4 years now.  She’s definitely not ‘militant paleo’ – but with the exception of an occasional, sane, off-road – pretty darn close.  Her training – Read more…

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It’s a Big Ol’ Pile of ‘Shift’ Work

It’s 7 pm, most people are winding down after a full day’s work and are looking forward to hitting the sack in a few hours.  These folks have been up since 6 am, when they woke from a full night’s sleep.  While this is likely the story for most of Read more…

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Rest Faster

Written by: Adam Ticknor A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Robb and hearing him speak. Of course it was awesome. I sent him an email about a rest recovery method I use for clients and he asked me to write up a blogpost on the subject. Read more…

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The Real Deal on Adrenal Fatigue

Hey guys! Diane from Balanced Bites here to talk a bit about a really, really common topic in our stressed-out world. We’ve covered this a bunch in TWO Balanced Bites podcast episodes, which you can listen to for free via iTunes – Adrenal Fatigue – Part 1 (Episode #15) and Read more…

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How a Paleo Diet helped Kymberly kick her Hashimoto’s Thyroid symptoms

My husband & I married in 1994.  We immediately began trying to have a baby.  After a year of being unsuccessful, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism during routine testing.  We headed off to the fertility doctor for help.  We spent the next four and a half years trying to conceive a child.  Finally in 1999, my Read more…

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Sleep, Sleep, Sleep! How artificial lighting and cortisol impact zzz’s

Hey there, been getting a lot of questions about the recent BBC piece on sleep. If you have not read that yet please do and then skeedadle back here. So, the thrust of the piece is that “normal” human sleep (both from a research perspective and anthropological observations) is NOT a solid, Read more…

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PolyPhasic Sleep-Part Deux

If you missed part one, here ya go. SLEEP 101 (probably more like 102) “If sleep does not serve an absolutely vital function, then it is the biggest mistake the evolutionary process has ever made” Allan Rechtschaffen University of Chicago Sleep Laboratory Smithsonian, November 1978 Why do we sleep? The Read more…

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PolyPhasic Sleep- Part 1

This is a submission from my good friend Dr. Dan Pardi. I’ve received questions about polyphasic sleep for years. Well, here is a sleep experts  thoughts on the topic. Enjoy! Also Dan is a PhD candidate at Leiden University working with the departments of Neurology and Endocrinology. He lives and Read more…

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