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Paleo Book Review: Teach Your Kids to “Eat Like A Dinosaur”

One of the most common questions/complaints that I get from paleo parents is, “but my kids won’t eat this way”.  This results in said parents bringing less than paleo fair into their homes and often times eating it themselves.  These often too familiar actions are not benefitting anyone involved from Read more…

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Paleo grocery shopping on a budget – what do you want to know?

We’ve been teasing you for a while now about a new multimedia, interactive eBook guide that would be released soon – and… drumroll please… we’re proud to announce that in the next several weeks we’ll be rolling out The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide. It’s going to be pretty freakin’ Read more…

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National Nutrition Month – A Great Time to Tune-up Your Paleo Plate

These days it seems there’s a day, week or month for EVERYTHING, from donuts to Diabetes, all the bases are covered.  Well, March marks Nutrition’s time to shine.  This year the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), formerly known as the American Dietetic Association (ADA); has selected the theme “Get Read more…

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Paleo Diet Is The Prescription – A Physician Gets It Right!

I am a rehabbed 50 year old ex ole fat, unhealthy guy that had a life changing expirience in December of 2009 during a weight loss challenge at a global gym. Paleo and crossfit are a part of my everyday life. Recently a highschool girl friend of mine, in St. Read more…

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Paleo is Printed on the Label but…

  (Cartoon by Mike Lynch. Used with permission) The Paleo lifestyle is getting BIG and so is the market for ‘’Paleo” convenience foods and snacks.  There are paleo bars, paleo treats, paleo cookies, paleo granola – you name it.  Now granted, I wasn’t around to know for sure but I’m Read more…

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A Walk on the Wild Side: Your Guide to ‘Exotic’ Meats

Remember that totally awesome scene from I-CaveMan?  You know, the one where that dude hits the elk with his atlatl and saves the village.  Epic.  Well, I don’t know about you but that meat looked pretty darn tasty to me.  I’ve also been lucky enough to have enjoyed some elk Read more…

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Sleep, Sleep, Sleep! How artificial lighting and cortisol impact zzz’s

Hey there, been getting a lot of questions about the recent BBC piece on sleep. If you have not read that yet please do and then skeedadle back here. So, the thrust of the piece is that “normal” human sleep (both from a research perspective and anthropological observations) is NOT a solid, Read more…

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Paleo Summit

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to let you know about a phenomenal upcoming event, the Paleo Summit. This online event will kick off on Feb 26th and will feature some of the top folks from the Ancestral Helath scene. Stay tuned here for more details.

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Paleo Diet: Am I losing enough weight?

Hey folks! Just quick one here. I’ve received about 50 private messages, twitter pings and other reach-outs this morning with the general theme being: “Hey Robb, I think I’m stalled on my WEIGHT LOSS…should I go ketogenic? Cut out nuts? Join an Ashram?” Folks are forgetting or ignoring the protocol Read more…

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Day 31

Life After Day 30…

You made it!  Thirty days – Paleo with no exceptions, no cheats – not even one M&M from the bowl on your coworkers desk.  You were hardcore and you’ve definitely reaped the benefits.  You feel good, you aren’t craving ‘junk’, your workouts are awesome, and damn – you’re looking pretty Read more…

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