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The Road Forager: Dish of Seattle

Dave Werner took us to the cafe next to his gym called Dish. I used to live about a mile from here and loved walking down from Phinney Ridge. Pictured is an amazing 4 egg Greek omlette with fetta cheese, red onions, kalamatta olives…damn it was good! The fruit was great as well: blood orange,… Continue Reading

Paleo Vs. Type 1 Diabetes 2

Erica’s post is a good one for information, a tragic one given what she and her family are going through. Thank you Erica for the post, here that is along with my response. This is from the Paleo Vs. Type 1 Diabetes post. I felt it was an important update and wanted to make sure… Continue Reading

Ulcerative Colitis

There are host of digestive ailments which benefit enormously from a gluten free Paleo diet: IBS, Crohns, Celiac, diverticulitis…and ulcerative colitis. This was the condition that I was developing when I was eating my way to oblivion via grains, legumes and the like. The options presneted to me included bowel resection and mega-doses of corticosteroids…all… Continue Reading

Celiac Updates

I received two great comments from some old posts that I thought were valuable enough to drag to the front page. The first is from Celiac and Legumes and the second is from Celiac and Elevated Liver Enzymes. Thanks to the folks who submitted these, and really, for just giving the gluten free thing a… Continue Reading

Celiac and Elevated Liver Enzymes

I’ve had a slew of questions regarding elevated Liver enzymes, the Zone, Paleo, CrossFit etc. We have two clients, both pharmacists, who had stunningly high liver enzymes, particularly ALK (alkaline phosphatase). Frequently AST and ALT are also elevated, occasionally even bilirubin. Both clients have seen a dramatic reduction in liver enzyme levels with the adoption… Continue Reading

Celiac and Legumes

If you peruse some of the gluten free websites you will notice folks who are still struggling with significant GI problems despite strict adherence to a gluten free diet. It’s a really unfortunate situation as these folks are typically quite sick and they have been put through the mill of modern medicine to finally receive… Continue Reading

Porphyria Cutanea Tarda

First time you have heard of this? Me too. One of our clients rolled in and explained she can have only very limited sun exposure without suffering some serious blisters…that apparently can extend all the way to the BONE! You can geek out on the topic by checking out thus Wiki entry. I found that… Continue Reading


Sweet Potato-Apple Compote With Pork Loin!

So this one is NOT low-carb but it does work for paleo-diet/gluten free cooking. I absolutely LOVE this meal and it is the perfect answer to the endurance athlete (or anyone) who asks “how do I get carbs on Paleo?” Gee-whizz, lets think here…fruit, tubers such as yams, sweet potatoes, turnips. For the compote, peel… Continue Reading