PCOS Study: Does ADA or Paleo work better?

Hey folks!

Lots of exciting things going on and I’ll do my best to update y’all on that soon. For now I want to let folks know that a study looking at the effects of the ADA diet and Paleo diet on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is about to get under way. That’s fantastic and here is an exciting wrinkle to that story: We need to help fund this study. As you might imagine, non-drug studies, particularly silly things like “dietary interventions” do not easily win NIH or similar funding. I’ll be donating to this cause, I hope you will too. Many folks ask of the paleo diet “Where is the evidence?” Well, this is where those answers at least partially come from. Please read about and make your donations HERE.

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  1. Rose says

    I recognized Dr. Frassetto immediately. She’s doing great work. This is a tremendous opportunity to prove that the Paleo diet is far superior the ADA diet. I sent in a donation. Send any amount if you can. Every little bit helps in a crowd-funding campaign. Plus, it is exciting and empowering to be a part of this.

  2. John Snyder says

    trying to donate to PCOS studyand having trouble with the site. any suggestions or alternate sites to donate?

  3. says

    I’m excited that this type of study is being done! I’ve had PCOS my entire life, and conventional medicine doesn’t have much to offer for it. We absolutely need more scientific research done about the effectiveness of the Paleo diet in helping to heal various chronic health conditions. I sent in a donation, and I encourage other folks to do it, too.

  4. says

    I’ve had several patients with PCOS see tremendous results with a change to a pale diet/lifestyle. I’m excited to see the results of the study. Will definitely be donating some funding!

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