Dr. Kirk Parsley – Episode 181

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Features guest Dr. Kirk Parsley

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  1. tiramisu says

    Dr. Parsley was one of the most interesting guest speakers you have had in any of your podcasts. I really enjoyed hearing how both how complex specific diagnosis can be and more how practical life style, diet, exercise modalities can decrease the confounding factors and often potentially resolve the underlying issues.

    It would be fantastic to hear him talk about other case studies beyond sleep issues that he deals with. That he has a population of extremely fit, genetically gifted men to work with makes it all the more fascinating as we generally read studies on the aged/sick/obese applying one legged leg curls to test hypertrophy, etc and fantasize that we can extrapolate the results.

    thanks for a really interesting podcast.

  2. Melanie says

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the fascinating podcast- I felt like you were talking to me about the way I’ve lived my life (there HAS to be a harder way!). I’m 40 now, and I’m paying, but I’m trying to follow Robb’s advice (and example) and scrape myself up off the pavement.

    I’m looking forward to more from Dr. Parsley.

    • Sarah says

      That’s great news. Many thanks for the fantastic interview – and also for dragging him onto the interwebs, I’ll admit to a disappointing google experience when I tried to find more(stalker!).

      Awesome podcast. Love you guys :)

    • Craig Tankersley says

      Great! Was hoping that some cert from your camp was coming soon. Had a patient come in and they want to remove his thyroid “cause it’s not working right”. Shot him some links to read, hope it works.

  3. says

    Great episode. I sit in the “have the diet dialled, have the exercise sorted…wtf is wrong with me!” Never been a consistent good sleeper and at 38 it’s beginning to catch up with me. A little disappointed that there was no info from Kirk on how to improve sleep quality. Will await the website with interest.

  4. Andrea says

    Wonderful guest, indeed! Thanks for bringing him on and all the SLEEP talk that ensued.

    I do still think there is a range of optimal sleep hours for humans, and the bell curve is mostly 7-9 hours. So I raise an eyebrow at studies that talk about “this thing will happen to you if you get 6 hours per night” – for some folks that might be an hour short, for other that could be 3 hours short!

    Maybe it’s better to say something like this: “on average if a person receives 2 hours less sleep or 15% less sleep than is optimal for them, this thing will happen…”

  5. Ken Lawler says

    When people talk about not losing weight on the Paleo Diet I will now point them to this podcast specifically. I knew all of what you guys discussed as it is not new info but it was great to have a guy like Dr. Parsely reintroduce the concepts and use the Teams as a backdrop for the info.

    I’m going to have to put this right up there as number 1 of 181 my friend. Great job and thank you for doing this. I guess I have to order some wellfood or something now eh?


  6. Sentinel says

    Robb, is this the guy you spoke about in Podcast episode 85 who created a sleep cocktail (using vitamin D3 in the evening) in conjunction with naval warfare?

  7. Sentinel says

    Thanks Robb! I have chronic insomnia. Though “Vitamin D3 in the evening” was counterintuitive to me, I tried the Podcast 85 cocktail (4k-5k sublingual vitamin D3 + 1mg-2mg sublingual melatonin + 400mg GABA) once – I was up all night! Has he tweaked the cocktail since then, or did he provide any other details or specs or context on it? I and others are very curious. Regards,,,,….

    • says

      Hmm. That’s a pretty recent Formulation. Shoot your history to Chris at Robb wolf dot com and we can run it by the doc when we have him on again.

  8. Tracy says

    I listened to this podcast on my way to and from work today. I took a much needed nap as soon as I got home instead of going to the gym.

  9. august says

    Robb, is this also the doctor you mentioned in episode 160 (Kiefer & Carb Backloading) who has 5-day cortisol reset that is supposed to help correct the circadian rhythms of cortisol release? If so, might you have him back to discuss that and also the Vitamin D/Sleep cocktail that Sentinel asked about above?

  10. Matt says

    Hey Robb, I love Doctor Parsleys ideas on Cortisol and PTSD. I would be interested to know additional steps taken to help those with such a disorder after nutrition and sleep are in check. Any more information on Dr. Parsleys anxiety protocols would be much appreciated.

    • Matt says

      Also, I am a first year medical student myself and am looking for ways to get more involved in this type of medicine! any information would be great!

  11. Phil says

    Concur – this was one of the best podcasts I have ever listen too Robb.

    Similar path as Kirk – interested in health BS BME via NROTC> surface warfare> USUHS med school> internship SD> and so on…

    I a retired navy doc (Eye MD) and have worked with SEALs throughout my career.

    I’m spreading the message to those who want to listen…


  12. Charles says

    Does Doctor Parsley do any kind of distant work? I feel like I am one of those seals he mentioned that is 28 going on 58, and I have not been able to find a doc in my area that seems to have a clue.

  13. amy says

    I’ve been having sleep problems for the last three months along with other health issues. Does Dr. Parsley accept patients in the San Diego area or has a recommendation for a functional medicine doctor in the San Diego area?

  14. Sentinel says

    Robb, Thanks for your great podcasts, but are we EVER gonna get Dr. Parsley’s update on the “Vitamin D3 in the evening” Podcast 85 cocktail? I’m crying organic tears over here! :)

  15. says

    you asked in this Podcast are we still interested or bored with your podcast because you are afraid you sound like a broken record
    eat paleo, get plenty of sleep , exercise smart yada yada yada ?? definitely NOT
    I look forward to downloading the newest episode every tue.
    we really need yo here I am in Birmingham Alabama we are the second most obese state in the nation THANK GOD FOR MISSIPPI!!!
    so please keep up the good work it has done alot of good for my health and the health of my clients.
    loved this Podcast with Doc Parsley I really liked his approach to functional medicine. I would put him somewhere on a scale between that dirt worshiping Hippy Chris Kresser and Cenegenics just kidding ;-)Im a big fan of Chris. I’m 51 now and have been on Paleo for about 5 years, scaled back my training to a sustainable level and get as much sleep as possible yada yada yada but think I now may need to start to replace some of the hormones time has taken and I am thinking that DHEA and Pregnenalone is a good place to start.
    my last blood test my DHEA was at the very bottom of the scale at 99. Ive heard that its much better to do those hormones transdermally because if you take them orally that they could possibly get broken down in the gut into something totally different? what do you think? and any suggestion where to start as far as dosing for DHEA and Pregnenalone and once you get started how long should you wait before testing levels again?
    thanks again for all you do guys Im really looking forward to your new cert Im super interested in learning more

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