Chili Contest Results: Announcing The Winners!

I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath, but you can now relax, because it’s time to announce the winners!GFT-001-2T


For the People’s Choice, you guys voted, and the winner was the Exotic Paleo Chili sent in by Sascha Spaeth. Sascha will receive one Primal Gift Basket courtesy of Evolve Foods, which includes:

  • 6 Paleo Cookies – Almond Raisin
  • 2 Beef Jerky – BBQ
  • 2 Steak Sticks – Original
  • 1 Paleo Seminar DVD


For the Judges Choice portion, we gathered an expert team of judges:
Our very own Robb and Nicki.
Charles and Julie Mayfield of Paleo Comfort foods.
Greg Everett of Oly lifting and podcast fame, and his wife Aimee.
The mountain of a man that is John Welbourn of Crossfit Football.
Yours truly, Squatchy (and his girlfriend Megan).
And our resident RD Amy Kubal as a tie breaker.

We took the top 5 recipes that you guys voted for from the poll:
Exotic Paleo Chili
Anne’s Awesome Texas Chili
Three C’s – Cocoa, Coffee, Chili
The Chili Solution
Ultimate Paleo Chili
cooked, tasted, judged, and ranked them, and came up with a winner.

welbourn chili

The Welbourn feast. If only there was enough for everyone else too.


John starting his first “bowl”

Charles Mayfield getting ready to chow down

Charles Mayfield getting ready to chow down

Hmm, what do we have here?

Squatchy, excited to test out the creation

It was a VERY close contest, and incredibly hard to judge (in regards to making a decision, and on our insides, haha, sorry Robb). After having to call in Amy as a tie-breaker, the overall “Souper Bowl” chili contest winner is: again, for the double win

Exotic Paleo Chili


Yes, there are shrimp in there, and they’re delicious

You may be surprised when you see a chili recipe that includes things like shrimp, coconut water, coffee, chocolate, and banana, but it works, and surprisingly well!

(Three C’s – Cocoa, Coffee, Chili by Victoria Wren (of came in a very close second, and definitely deserves an honorable mention)

Sascha will receive a bundle of Paleo books courtesy of Victory Belt Publishing. The books include:

      • Eat Like a Dinosaur
      • Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook
      • Make It Paleo
      • Paleo Slow Cooking
      • Paleo Comfort Foods
      • The Paleo Solution


You guys have a week to get ready and make your chili in time for the big game. With these great recipes, now you have no excuses, so get to it!

Thank you to everyone who sent in their recipes, and to those who voted in the poll. A very big thank you to all of our judges, and also to Evolve Foods and Victory Belt Publishing for supplying the great prizes.


And now, it’s time to recuperate


Judging is hard work


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  1. Meg says

    This looks fan-freaking tastic. But I’m worried about the shrimp getting overcooked, if in the pot for several hours. Please advise!

    • Sascha says

      Hi Meg,

      The shrimps will not be overcooked and yes they are chewy. However if you are still worried you can cook them separately and add them later at the end.

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